Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photgrapher Em Larsson Presents at Born Museum of Fine Arts

Em Larsson Photographs from Egypt

On Tuesday evening, photographer Em Larsson presented a collection of photographs taken during her recent Egypt adventure. Ms Larsson appeared at the Museum of Fine Arts -- Toward Beauty -- in Born. An accomplished photographer in both her first and second life, she discussed her recent work by explaining, "Typically most of the pictures I have made were from the area around my home. I have tended to concentrate on natural subjects like snow or trees or flowers. But in the past year I have done a fair bit more travelling than usual. And consequently, my subjects have changed and my work this year has been rather different from the work I’ve done in the past."

During her discussion she covered the major "differences I’ve experienced in photographing when travelling, as opposed to photographing from home". Through out her presentation she high lighted the challenges of taking the photographs, the equipment she used and special circumstances of her journey. She concluded in saying, "I ended up shooting almost 4 000 pictures in 12 days. I won’t be keeping them all. I usually took several shots where one might do, as insurance, especially since I didn’t have enough time to really think about what I was doing."

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