Friday, December 11, 2009

AM RADIO Seminar: Effective use of HTML on a prim Part 2

What: AM RADIO Seminar: Effective use of HTML on a prim Part 2

When: December 13th, 2009 at 2PM SLT

Where: Burning Life, Deep Hole

AM RADIO presents

Effective use of HTML on a prim Part 2!

This second seminar is brought to you by popular request. The seminar will cover deeper scripting concepts. PHP knowledge is helpful.

This is a seminar for Second life content creators. This seminar will cover using PHPFLICKR to connect with the Flickr API and display Flickr images in Second Life.


How it works

Getting a Developer API Key and Secret

Using PHPFLICKR to obtain a static token

Building a PHP script which uploads an image to flickr

Building a PHP script to build a webpage of flickr images

Presenting the result in Second Life


Understanding of part 1 of this course (available on the Burning Life 09 Art Dept Art Seminars Transcripts board)

Working knowledge of PHP, HTML, and basic knowledge of LSL

Understanding of developer APIs and the Flickr API is helpful

The Seminar is presented by the Burniversity, Burning Life/Burning Man

White Lebed - the Burning Life Art Department Lead; the Curator of Afterburn Art Program

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