Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Deacon Blues" On Day 8

The phone rang and I picked up the handset to look at the caller ID. The LEDs in the little display window spelled, "Unknown Name … Unknown Number". I clicked the red button to stop the ring and said aloud, "Call me back when you know who you are." Then I layed it back down on the table next to a coaster and lifted the coffee cup from it with the same hand.

It's cold and damp outside on this December morning. A gentle rain that had started sometime late yesterday evening had continued through out the night. A car drove by and its headlights glared briefly as it passed. I watched it do so, perched comfortably on a sofa which sits across from the picture window looking out onto the street. There I sat in a semi lit living room and sipped my coffee, as this song began to play.

Steely Dan, "Deacon Blues" on day eight of the Nazz Lane Playlist.

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