Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Performance VB13 - Peace


=====VB13 - PEACE=====

Saturday, 12 December 2009, noon - 2 pm SLT

On location at the University of Texas at San Antonio's Administrative Island, Vaneeesa Blaylock & Company celebrate the turn of the year with a holiday performance featuring 20 child avatars.

VB 13 is especially exciting to us because we are partnering with UTSA in the early days of their new expansion in Second Life.

We also dedicate this performance in memory of Dr. Leslie Jarmon/Bluewave Ogee, whose enthusiasm and leadership helped insure that others can experience the wonders of SL with the same childlike joy she shared.

Call us hopeless romantics, but the idea of finishing a year without considering the possibility of rebirth and renewal, simply because we're wise enough to know how badly we might screw-up this fresh start, is just too nihilistic to bear. And so, with a little bit of wisdom and a lot of hope, we bring you our most optimistic work, featuring a large cast of child avatars greeting the world of possibilities that will soon be: 2010.


Vaneeesa Blaylock is a performance artist who challenges you to stop and consider your virtual identity during her series of new performance artworks created in and for Second Life.


With gratitude to our partners and sponsors:

VENUE provided by our hosts, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Academic Island. Special thanks to ConstructivIST Solo, Zola Zsun, and Sapphoria Shilova.

WARDROBE: Clothing provided by Bellamy Amat, whose inner child gives her the heart to create fashions for children and teens in Second Life.

Assistance and advice:

Child Avatar Information Center

Official Photo Studio: Fross Maruti




Agnes Sharple

Bear Morgwain

Clancy Huckleberry

CodeWarrior Carling

Eos Akina

Friday Blaisdale

Fuzzie Nyoki

Glenn Milneaux

Jami Mills

LadyKath Avon

Lothar Leborski

Lyssa Varun

NightOwl Meridoc

SaintLEOlions Zimer

Sevena Silverfall

Taisie Sugarplum

Theoretical Afterthought

Trilby Minotaur

Vaneeesa Blaylock


Company Staff:

Stage Manager: Friday Blaisdale

Wardrobe Coordinator: NightOwl Meridoc

Design Director: Zola Zsun

Managing Director: Seasprite Destiny

Artistic Director: Vaneeesa Blaylock


For more information:

Contact Vaneeesa Blaylock or Seasprite Destiny

SL GROUP: VB Friends

VB Master Schedule

VB SL Group-Free Audience Group

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