Friday, December 4, 2009

Artis Reloaded Exhibition Opening


From: Marly Peapod, with the collaboration of Siera Adored and Lasch Avro.

Topic: Artis' new exhibit

Event date: Sunday. December 13th @ 12:00 PM SLT, at the Artis Gallery.

Artis Reloaded

Patrick Cournoyer is proud to present the latest Artis exhibit in its exciting new location. Three new artists will dazzle us with their diverse creations which range from fractal art to collages and paintings.

Alecio Mavendorf is a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys trying new techniques. She has tried many art forms, from black and white photography to colorful impasto works, making whimsical windowpane painting and even trying abstract art along the way. Her collection of artworks is an insight into the many facets of her personality and a pleasure to discover. A native of South Carolina, she is influenced by Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh and Bosch. In the following interview, she guides us through her paintings, sharing how she made them and the inspiration behind them.

Arlow Bonetto is a self-taught artist who used his natural curiosity combined with his artistic eye to take him from pencil drawings to his current project, fractals. After years of experimentation, the result is worth the effort -- stunning digital art. Arlow finds inspiration in the world that surround him as well as in his desire to touch people through his art. Read on to learn more about his process and how his relationship with his uncle continues to inspire him to be a better artist.

Tonya Boucher [AKA Tonyascarper Boucher] is a talented artist who uses various forms of artistic expression, including poetry. Her use of recycled and organic materials is exemplified in her art giving her paintings and collages a "life" of their own. This New York State resident leads a busy life but still manages to do something creative everyday; a mantra that she has passed down to her family. In the following interview, you will see how Tonya's collection of work is a personal journey as she opens her heart and soul for your interpretation.

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