Saturday, December 5, 2009

CMC Designs Celebrates Its Move with a Special Event

At 3 pm SLT / PST today, CMC Designs is pulling out all the stops with a huge celebration in recognition of having completed its move to a full SIM. The founder, CHUCKMATRIX Clip will host a five hour event with three performers; Ender Zeitman pianist, DJ Kilolo Jenkins and DJ Barbarick (Pete Westminster). At 4 pm, Mr. Clip stated in a press release:

"And if that's not enough, at 4pm SLT, as DJ Kilolo Jenkins takes the stage, something so incredible, so AMAZING will happen that it will boggle the mind. To my knowledge, no one in SL has done it before. One problem... it's going to happen quickly, and it will be done this once, and then never again. So ... if you miss it? Well... you'll just have to hear how cool it was from everyone else, and WISH you'd been there for it. Or... you could make sure you're there for it."

A graphic design major in his first life, CHUCKMATRIX Clip is an artist in Second Life. Besides enjoying the musical festivities, guests at today's celebration will be able to view an extensive collection of his works that include sculptures, static and scripted and paintings. Mr. Clip has had his work exhibited at several venues in second life such as; Blackwater Sculpture Art Gallery, Caerleon SIM's, Omega Art Gallery of the PiRats Art Network and The Crescent Moon Museum.

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