Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"When the Levee Breaks" Day 4 Nazz Lane Playlist

After dithering around for most of the afternoon trying to come up with a pick for the playlist, I finally chose one and started to write the post. As I did, a fresh one popped up when the classic rock station spun up a song I haven't heard in quite awhile and it sounded great. So I switched gears and rewrote parts of the introduction.

Finished with it, I didn't post it right away thinking that I would while in world so I logged into SL. I rezzed in and immediately got an instant message to come over and vote for AMForte Clarity in the Best SL Musician 2009 contest. Being a fan, I took the ride over, voted and listened as she wrapped up her part of the session. Up next was Jean Munro, and not having heard her perform before I waited as she took the stage. I was delighted that I didn't leave. After she finished, I selected my LM and went back to my office or so I thought. Instead, the "You Have Been Logged Out of SL" box popped on screen.


When I tried to logg back in, I got a network error message, my network was down. We'd had a good amount of rain last night and this morning along with some nasty winds most of the day, so I thought my broadband went down. I checked and after resetting the router and wireless box, I was finally able to get back in. When I did, the virtual me was in his office. As I rezzed a song began to play.

"Aha!" a new pick I thought. Here it is "When the Levee Breaks", one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.

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