Sunday, December 6, 2009

“Dream Police” Starts off the Day in the New Nazz Lane Playlist

More than a year ago, I published the "Nazz Lane Playlist" and recently had thoughts of doing a refresh. When I scrolled through the list, I of course took a listen to several of the selections and thought; "Yeah, they still belong here". I then recalled why they had made their appearance on the list. At the time I had posted it, the songs had comprised a list of songs that had resonated with me for a particular day or week and either gave me pause to reflect or served as a muse for a passage in my fiction or simply because the song was one that I liked and admired for its artistry. Unsure of what to do with the playlist then, either refresh or come up with a new one, I set it aside where it slipped it into the queue of things to think about or do when I had some quiet time. Admittedly, it sat there for quite awhile before it rose to the top of the queue today and truthfully if several things hadn't happened these last few weeks, it may well have languished there for a lot longer.

The first thing was when I had worked on the photo album for my serial novel, "Borders of our Lives". It had been while I organized the photographs and searched for text from a chapter to insert next to each, that I came across a passage where the main characters were having a dialog about their dreams. In the text, they recounted their first experience of having had a dream where they saw themselves as their second life avatar. The passage is slightly auto-biographical, I've had similar conversations with several people, and in fact one just recently. While the association with a musical playlist may not be readily apparent at this time, please bear with me for a few more sentences while I get you there. The second thing was while looking at my RSS feeds and reading Chestnut Rau's daily posts in her blog, "Second Life of My Dreams", where she is posting, "x of 356", a daily pictorial journal. I check it regularly to see the picture and read her thoughts and it's always with enjoyment that I do. Which got me to thinking of the similarity in my original list, but of course her approach is much different than what I had done and may be worth mimicking I thought. Then this morning while listening to the classical rock radio station I heard "Dream Police" by Cheap Trick and it was while listening that these three things linked together for me with an approach in revising the playlist … all of which led to this the first post in the new "Nazz Lane Playlist".

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