Saturday, December 26, 2009

Author Convention and Exhibition 2010

The following came to me by way of Jilly Kidd, of the Written Word Group:


Go to our social network for writers to discuss the convention in the Author Convention and Exhibition Group on Written Word Ning


The first Author Convention and Exhibition will be taking part in the early months of 2010 on the London School of Journalism Island. In the run up to the Convention we're inviting authors and publishers who would like to take part to have a free display area in the Orb Space Station above the island.


As well as having a display opportunity in the Space Station, authors and publishers will be able to collaborate on how they would like the Convention to be organised. Everybody will be able to help organise and work together for a calendar of events. Perhaps authors in the same genre will get their heads together for panels etc. Readings, talks, book signings and sales will all be part of the Convention. Highlights of the Convention will be filmed and broadcast, including whole events. There will be no cost involved in taking part in the Convention.


If you would like to take part, contact me and I'll invite you to the London School of Journalism group so you can set out your display in the Orb Space Station. There will be an easy TP or TurboLift from ground level to the Space Station, and also the Convention can use all of the venues at ground level - an Amphitheatre, the Southbank Theatre, tutorial/discussion cabins, outdoor campfire seating, an ice rink which will be a London Park, offices and a beach area which will also have an outdoor stage over the water.


This is sure to be a wonderful and well promoted event and will get a lot of interest. I'll be writing about it myself for RL press and publishers in Publishing Talk. So let's get our heads together to plan a really good first one, and it will then run every year.


To take a look at the venues come to the Orb Space Station:


And take a look at the island:


For more information contact Jilly Kidd in Second Life.


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