Saturday, December 19, 2009

Live Holiday Benefit Concert For the ACS At Callidora Club Cure

A notecard from good friend Renfew Sperber:

Come on over to Callidora Island's Club CURE for a holiday live stream concert to benefit the American Cancer Society. "A Christmas Carol" is the theme tonight. So don your favorite Dickens look and come on over for some music for a cure!

Saturday, December 19th from noon to 9pm PST/SLT

The incredible musicians donating their time and talent to this event are:

Noon to 1 SLT/PST: Jana Kyomoon

1-2 SLT/PST: Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli

2-3 SLT/PST: Mance Moonwall

3-4 SLT/PST: John1234567 String

4-5 SLT/PST: Paulette Oldrich

5-6 SLT/PST: Stella Silvansky

6-7 SLT/PST: Beauregard Freenote

7-8 SLT/PST: Annabel Trafalger

8-9 SLT/PST: Goyamoon Zapatero

Thank you for all that you have done to support fund raising toward cancer education, prevention, and research for a cure. So far for season 2010 (October and November) we've raised just a little over $800 USD for the ACS.

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Nazz Lane said...

I received an off line instant message telling me that the event today had raised 480,000 L$ ... Congrats to Renfew and msw for their hard work.