Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Sorry" Day 3 Pick for the Nazz Lane Playlist

I saw her when she arrived, at first a puff of white cloud before the avatar materialized and the cloud dissipated. She stood just outside the doorway to the club and didn't move from there for several minutes and I assumed she'd waited until the site rezzed for her before she moved. The hostess and the DJ had greeted her, but she didn't reply to either. There weren't many of us there and the DJ and his hostess were the only ones who's chat scrolled up the screen. I sat with my feet up on the table, a cigar in my virtual mouth and worked on a note while I listened to the music.

An avatar moved past me. I didn't see where he had come from, he must have been behind me. He walked past me and onto the dance floor. She moved her avatar closer to where he stood and I expected a set of dance balls to arrive between them at any second. But none did. They stood across from each other while several songs played and the DJ worked hard to stir up those of us seated out and onto the dance floor.

I set the notecard aside while I watched the screen, my curiosity piqued. I wondered if they knew each other or if it is just happenstance that they were here. I imagined they were perfect strangers, then thought maybe they'd just met. Neither moved as the music continued to play. A few people popped in and were greeted. And several also left with a "cya's" or nothing as their avatars faded away. And the two stood a meter or less apart from each other, the only movements came from the AO's they each wore.

The DJ announced that his time was about over and that if anyone had a request, send him an instant message so he could fit it in. I had an idea, a hunch and so I messaged him with my request. I asked him to dedicate it to all of the ladies present from the men in their lives. He replied with a grin and said, "sure thing."

The song began with a guitar a chord repeated several times and then the lyrics began with "Oh I … Had a lot to say ... Was thinking on my time away … ". Part of the way through the song, a pair of dance balls arrived next to the couple on the dance floor. He clicked first, she next and they were soon swaying softly to the Buckcherry song, "Sorry".

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Brianna said...

Hey you got me hooked keep playing!