Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burniversity Gets a New Classroom

I was sorting through notecards late on Tuesday evening when an IM and TP request came in from White Lebed, an invitation to join her at the Burniversity site. I replied to the IM, asking what's up, to which she replied "I've something to show you." So I took the ride over. As the site rezzed, I found my virtual self standing inside an open air structure which reminded me slightly of an amphitheater. I noted to that she wasn't alone, Kazuhiro "Kaz" Aridian was also there and I remembered that he was the builder of the "Berlin Stage" that was used at Burning Life 2009.

"Hey Nazz!" White said in greeting and then added; "I forget, have you two met? Kaz is one of my favorite artists … we're making a new class room for the Burniversity. Nazz is one of my favorite paparazzi."

"Hey White … Hello Kaz. No we haven't … by the way, that's a cute look White." I said in comment at seeing her in the hat made famous by AM Radio. I then added; "It's nice to meet you Kaz … by the way I loved the Berlin Stage."

"It's AM's … for my patience." She replied to my comment about the hat.

"Likewise, sir and thank you." Kaz replied.

"Nazz is just making a friendly visit." White said.

"Oh good, not a spy then huh!" Kaz said.

"I prefer journalist." I said and laughed.

"Nazz is an invited spy." White replied and then added; "This room looks like a Mickey Mouse from above."

I moved my view with the camera controls and panned up and out. "It does, from above and a slight side angle." I commented.

"Uh oh! … that is one strange Mickey. Four eyes and faceted mandibles." Kaz said and then added that he'd be right back.

"So this is the site for future sessions of Burniversity?" I asked.

"The site yes, but not this structure. This is just a mock up Kaz put together." She replied.

"The AM Radio sessions were well received. Are you still planning to lead off this month with Ub Yifu?" I asked.

"Yes, Ub is the next. He is waiting until Kaz installs the room then we will have some cool sculpts around and couple of his lectures. I'll send you a notecard when we get it scheduled." She replied.

Kaz soon returned and we chatted for awhile longer while he and White worked out design considerations. As they were wrapped in the details of the design, I excused myself and ported back to my office.

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