Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Final Days of Zero Point

A piece of Second Life history passes into the memory books today as artist Sabine Stonebender celebrates the closing of her installation Zero Point with an event scheduled to start at noon. In her notecard she tells us that:

"This Saturday will mark the final official day of the art installation/exhibit known as Zero Point.This art area has been in operation since August of 2006 thanks to the generous support of Zero Medici.That support is no longer possible. It's been a hell of a ride but all good things end eventually. As such I would like to invite any and all for one last look and get together this Saturday , January 9, 2010 for a final closing bash/party.

Formal words will be Noon SLT at the Auditorium but feel free to drop by anytime throughout the day.My main art efforts will be moving to the Aquitaine sim for the time being courtesy of Excalibur Studios.

My thanks to all the many persons who took the time to visit my crazy dream."

Zero Point on Flickr.

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