Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Naturally Nightfire" Exhibition Opening

I attended the opening of the “Naturally Nightfire” exhibit on Tuesday, January 19th, at Evolution on the Cassowarry SIM. Sabrinaa and Fuschia Nightfire presented new work with “a SL twist on nature”. The two, both well known artists who are not related by the way, showed their uniqueness with contrasting work. While Sabrinaa Nightfire “uses intensely saturated colors in the textures for her fantasy flowers and plants”, Fuschia Nightfire “blends her figures into the surrounding environment using subdued natural looking textures”. I had a chance to speak with each briefly at the opening.


Nazz: Hello Sabrinaa … The exhibit “Naturally Nightfire” ... How long is it going to run?


Sabrinaa: Thanks for coming, Nazz … a month.


Nazz: Is this the first time the Nightfire girls have collaborated?


Sabrinaa: Well, the first time we've done a show like this together. Fuschia has been in several of my shows and I was in her Illusions show.


Nazz: I recall seeing some of her work in your shows ... what do you say when people ask if you two are related?


Sabrinaa: Yes … that we are cousins, she lives in the UK and I live in Florida.


Nazz: Cousins separated by an ocean?


Sabrinaa: Yes, but we do have a lot in common in real life we both paint murals and we both create a variety of kinds of art here … clothes, sculpture, photos, big builds, etc.


Nazz: I’m enjoying the sculptures ... are they new creations?


Fuschia: Yes, my latest work.


Nazz: Sabrinaa says that this the first time you two had a joint exhibition … will we see more in the future?


Fuschia: I hope so! I have had work in some of Sabrinaa's group shows.


Nazz: She mentioned that and she's had pieces in one of your shows as well ... what do you say when people ask if you two are related?


Fuschia: People haven't asked me that, someone once asked me if she was my alt.



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