Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Visit to Insilico’s PROTUS Outpost 15 on Mars

At the invitation of Chloe Mineff, I visited the PROTUS Outpost 15 on Mars this past week. Well it really wasn't on Mars, but builder Stark Osterham's creation at Insilico certainly leaves you with the impression of having been to the forth planet. Under the skilled hands of Mr. Osterham, who applied realistic details to both the outpost and surrounding Martian surface, has created a new setting for the highly popular cyberpunk role playing SIM. Insilco is a five SIM complex in Second Life and this new build is certain to be an additional draw for both cyberpunk role players and admirers of artistic builds.

PROTUS stands for "Polar Regions Operational Terraforming United Services" and in the 25th Century role play scenario, Outpost 15 is located at "Borealis Dunes North Polar Region, 60 degrees 14 minutes and 32 seconds north, 240 degrees 40 minutes and 28 seconds east" on the fourth planet from the sun. It is owned and operated by the Vander Air & Space Corporation and has accommodations for a crew of eight. With modifications its maximum capacity can be raised to forty and as a base for R & D it is replete with hydroponics, resource processing capability and the "Chloe Singularity". Below PROTUS and under the Martian surface is an elaborate set of mining tunnels. Access to the surface is controlled with safety locks and because of the differences between the earth and Martian atmosphere, visitors to the surface must wear a pressure suit.

Even If you're not into role play the installation is definitely worth seeing.

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