Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exhibition Opening at Virtual Treeline on Thursday

I received the invitation from Juanita Deharo when I arrived in world this morning. The exhibit opens at 2 pm PST/SLT on Thursday, the 21st at the Virtual Treeline Sky Gallery and Virtual Treeline. This is the second exhibit hosted there by Ms Deharo. In this exhibition the featured artists at ground level are Anyunie Daviau and Em Larsson. In the Sky gallery are pastels by Lynda Robinson, photographic images by Em Larsson and Jadyn Firehawk and 3D immersive environments by Araminta Kroitschov. Virtual Treeline is part of a larger real world Treeline project that aims to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues and encourage action through art. The work on show in at these galleries will be shown in real life galleries and schools and on the internet as well as in Second Life. We are interested in showing artworks, performances, science projects and any builds that relate to the Treeline project.

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