Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giving Haiti a Second Life-Fundraiser by DVI and NY HealthScape

The following information came to me from Second Life resident ppmediadev Blinker:

Da Vinci Isle. NY HealthScape, Four Winds and Slevolution are organizing a fundraiser event for Haiti for Doctors without borders. We’d like to invite all artists, no matter what your discipline is, to join us in creating a list of events featuring all kinds and sorts of art.

For all info on these events, please do contact:
- ppmediadev Blinker (aka Phil) in-world by dropping him a notecard or by sending an e-mail to philippe@snowcrashdigital.com
- Panacea Luminos in-world by dropping her a notecard.


On Sunday, January 24th we'll have a live music event from 9am slt till 8pm slt. A special venue is being built for this, spread over two sims so we can accommodate up to 120 avatars. Several slots are still open, if you would like to join in and play a one hour gig, please do contact us asap.


From Monday, January 15th till Sunday, January 31th we organize a silent auction for art. If you would like to donate one of your works, please contact ppmediadev Blinker in-world. You'll need to send him a transferable version of your work, a texture to show on the auction boards and a bio/artist statement in notecard form.


Poets can participate by sending in one of their poems which then will be published in the SL book put together especially for this event. Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 22th, 10am SLT. The book will be offered for sale at the live music event on Sunday, and will also be for sale on several locations within the NY HealthScape/DVI-Community and at the hall where the silent auctions for art are held.

You may submit any poem, already written or especially written for this occasion, as long as it is written by you.

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