Friday, January 15, 2010

Burniversity Lecture by Ub Yifu "Reality <--> Virtuality"

What: Burniversity Lecture by Ub Yifu "Reality <--> Virtuality"
When: January 17th, 2010 at 11AM
Where: Burniversity @ Burning Life

You are invited to attend a very special event! As part of the Afterburn Art program, the Burniversity presents Ub Yifu, the creator of highly acclaimed BL09 Big Plot installation "Gulliver's travel scene". Ub made his name as one of the best SL artists by creating sculptures reproducing RL statures like:

- Liberty Statue at New York (USA)
- Cristo Redendor and Carlos Drummond in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
- Independencia monument of Mexico (Mexico)

And sometimes even imagining a 2D representation into a 3D object like :

- Colossus of Rhodes from a DALI painting :

However, you might not be familiar with another side of Ub Yifu. He is also a maker of very different type of virtual art - stunning abstract immersive installations. During his lecture Ub will talk about his approach to creating both types of art, connections between making real and virtual art and will discuss specifics of working on figurative and abstract art.

One of our best Machinima makers, ColeMarie Soleil, filmed Ub Yifu's art and her videos will be used during the presentation. Please make sure you have sound and video abilities before the class starts. This lecture does not required knowledge of scripting or building - everybody is welcome!

Also during this lecture you will have an opportunity to test another art object. Kazuhiro Aridian, the maker of Berlin Stage at BL09, created a special Burniversity Art Program classroom, equipped with a slide screen.

As usual, we appreciate if you do what you can to reduce your avatar lagginess: please turn off your AOs, radars and reduce the number of scripted attachments on your avatar. Thank you.

To stay informed about Afterburn Art program make sure to remain in Burning Life group or join the Subscription board.

The Seminars are presented by the Burniversity, Burning Life/Burning Man

White Lebed - the Burning Life Art Department Lead; the Curator of Afterburn Art Program

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