Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Dead Art Planet" an Installation by Betty Tureaud

Opening today at 2 pm PST/SLT is a new installation by Betty Tureaud titled, "The Dead Art Planet". The notecard I received tells visitors that, "You are coming to a lonely abandoned planet, devoid of life. Here you can interact with the Sphere and decide how you want to display and rezz the artists work on the planet surface. One click, a simple display; more clicks and the art patterns become more complex … it's up to the visitors to choose."

The location is the Nomanisan Straits Art Gallery. Opening party starts at 2pm with live music by the talented woman, composer and poet, Ultraviolet.

Short biography:

Born in SL 11-01-2007

Betty Tureaud is an artist in real life and in Second Life. Her education includes the Danish Design Scool. Betty never transfers her Real Life art to Second Life.; and all her art is made in-world and never leaves Second Life. She is a hyper maniac doing all kinds of stuff in Second Life. Betty's first exhibit was on the mainland, in Copper Nest gallery made of body fluid. She was a participant of Burning Life with a big installation. In 2008 Betty donated an art piece to the cancer survival foundation. Her biggest installation was presented in Danish Visions... 2009.

Betty loves to add scripts to her art and favors bright colors. The art picees presented in the Ice Caverns Gallery were inspired by bout of the Mexican flu, which made her think about the colourful artwork coming from the Mexican indians. The colours are so bright and sometimes shocking for eyes. It makes her also think about Frida Kahlo, who made some wonderful colorful paintings expressing her own pain. Betty's art has a more happy style, but is always inspired by the real world. Betty Tureaud lives in Denmark.

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