Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art & Art Annouces a Photo Competition

Artist and gallery owner Marva Mayo passed along the following information:

A New Year at  " Art & Art " and we’ve resumed events !!

At the Maryva Mayo Art Gallery, the first event is: Art & Art : Photo Competition  ---- This will be a judged contest.

Maryva Mayo has announced that from 23 January to 13 February there is to be a large photo competition with the winners,  to be named on Sunday, February 24, 2010.

The theme, of the competition is: " If you could choose .. where you would like to live .. in SL? "

All SL residents are invited to participate for free in this competition, which will culminate in an photo works exhibition on Bangu, at the Maryva Mayo Art Gallery. From the 1st February, the photos will be exhibited to the public in the gallery until 24 February.


The rules:

- Each participant can produce only one shot.

- Make a photo full-perm and send it, to Maryva Mayo,  in a notecard. ( See the example of the notecard below)

- The name of the note, should be :  Art & Art -   Photo Competition - Avatar name

- Sends also a landmark or slurl,  where you have made this photo.

- Please send us a photo with the maximum size of 1024x1024.

- Please do NOT edit images.

- No export, and or import, of the photo, or retouch it with programs.

- All photographs must be received by February 13 midnight SLT. After this date, the images will not be accepted.

- If you do not receive,  a IM of confirmation, after sending the note,  this means that the photo have not been received.

Will be a panel, with the names of the judges, and with the number  of votes determining the first, second and third place entries.

At 1pm SLT on Sunday, February 24, 2010  the panel, with the winners, will be exposed. The winners, if not presents at the awards ceremony, will receive a note, and then they should contact Maryva Mayo, to collect the prize.


1st  place: 5000 L$ and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

2nd place: 3000 L$ and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

3rd place: 1500 L& and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

If there are spontaneous donations, premiums will increase.

Have fun by journeys , we look forward of your photos !

Thanks for your time :) and please, feel free to pass this notecard along to your friends too. 

Maryva Mayo


example of notecard


Art & Art -   Photo Competition - Xxxxxx   Yyyyyyyy

Title :

Landmark or Slurl, of place photographed

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