Friday, January 8, 2010

The Great Orchestra of Holiday Help

Good friend Gentle Heron passed along the following information to me via a notecard:

Dear Friends,

On the behalf of Polish Community, we want to invite You to celebrate with us a real charity foundation's event which will take place on January 9th and 10th in Polish Community regions, called The Final of Great Orchestra of Holliday Help.

The Great Orchestra of Holiday Help (Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy) is a real, charity foundation, that, according to its statute, as a main goal of operation has “activity within the field of healthcare, what is (i.a) saving people’s lives, especially children’s, and activity due to the health enhancing and, promotion of health and health prophylactics”.

The most known way of the Foundation activity is a whole-country-wide charity entertainment and media spectacle, called The Final of Great Orchestra of Holiday Help (Final Wielkiej Orkiestry Swiatecznej Pomocy ). The main element of the Final is “the great orchestra playing”, which means lots of musical events happening all over Poland and in many other countries. The income of the events is spent on realizing of the Foundation goals and aims. During the Great Final there are many other ways and forms of collecting goods and money – for the Foundation benefit. The most important is street collecting by thousands of volunteers. The other are auctions of items donated by celebrities and artists, auctions of special Golden Hearts.

In advance, all contributors receive, symbolic, Red Heart with white printed name of Foundation which is main logo for this event.

The whole money every year are spent on the goals related to the health protection, especially children’s health.

Official website of Foundation:
More info:├čes_Orchester_der_Weihnachtshilfe

This year, Polish Community wants to join this special action, very important one for all the Polish People (the Foundation is second one in Poland counting the amount of collected money) and organize chain of concerts in Second Life.

On this occasion we look for the DJs wanting to join the Action and perform in Select Club (Polish Community) during Saturday and Sunday (January 9th, January 10th ) Evening and Night. During these two days we are going to give as much music and great atmosphere as it is possible and collect as much money as the Residents would donate to especially created "boxes" under avatar's name: PolishCommunityWolontariusz Memo. This avatar will be official representative to whom account, all money will be collected, and then transferred into US$ and sent in form of money check to Foundation.

The aim of this year Final is saving the lives of children with oncological problems.

Join us!

If you are willing to do so - please send the notecard to Lionne Fairey in-world or contact by email:

Hope to see You.

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Magnus Balczo
Malwina Dollinger
Polish Community CEO

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