Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second Life Residents Pull Together to Help Musician Cypress Rosewood

The following came to me by way of friend Truelie Telling. If you’ve ever heard and enjoyed the performances of Cypress Rosewood, now is a good time to both thank him and help him out:

For an electronic musician, instruments and computers are as important as food and water, so when one of SL's most influential and unique musicians has his stolen, it hurts! Just ask Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber RL), whose guitars and computers were stolen on Sunday. Including an irreplaceable, like his Grandfather's 1935 circa ... Kay Kraft Instruments Acoustic Guitar he’s had since he was12 years old. The emotional and financial support of his friends and fans can make a huge difference. One way you could help is by purchasing music for yourself or as a gift directly from Cypress at Tony Gerber Music or by coming to some events that his friends in SL have arranged -- and invite all your friends, too.

Pooky Amsterdam is having a fundraiser for Cypress at The 1st Question Jan 26th at 7pm. PST

Cellandra Zon is having a fundraiser for Cypress by performing 'Time' Wed the 28th at 7pm at The Pocket, followed by a set from cypress' friend Truelie Telling.

Contact either Delinda Dyrssen or Truelie Telling for further information or to help out.

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