Thursday, January 21, 2010

"The Beauty Of It All" - An Exhibit of Recent Works by Special Jewell

The Chilbo Museum is hosting an exhibition of recent works by Special Jewell. The exhibit, “The Beauty Of It All” opens today on January 21st and will run through April 30th. On exhibit are fourteen photographs, all taken in Second Life. As Ms Jewell states in a biography notecard available at the museum, her passion “is to create strong works of fine art through this medium”. With an education in the fine arts and  with a BFA in Jewelry and Metal, Special “has won numerous contests and has shown her work in exclusive gallery shows throughout Second Life”. My favorite was a piece titled, “Little Bridge”. The colors and shading captured my eye and I was drawn into the photographic scene of a wooden bridge over a gulley which led a small cabin set in amongst a stand of trees. A darkening sky suggests evening and in the foreground flowers suggests a walk through a meadow, perhaps on the way home after an evenings stroll. I highly recommend stopping by for a view of her “en plein air” photographs.

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