Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introduction to Lane's List

Hello and welcome to Lane’s List.

Over the course of the next several months as I travel and explore SL, I will provide you my readers a list of the ordinary and extraordinary places and people I encounter in this metaverse we call second life. As the potential for what may appear on Lane’s List is limited only by the collective imaginations of the residents of second life, Lane’s List will establish some guidelines for what makes it to the list and what doesn’t. Places and people appearing in Lane’s List, will not be a random occurrence, the intent is to bring some order by arranging into categories the places and people as they appear in my travels and hence on the list. Lists that are either too general or too broad have little value unless they are split up into categories.

As a new category is introduced, I will explain my rationale for both the selection of that category and the criteria for either the people and places or both, that made the list and also reasons why some places or people didn’t appear. In my original approach, I had given more than just a passing thought of setting a number like the “Top Five X” or “Top Ten Y” , and after some consideration decided against that limitation. There may be times when a list of five may be too much or may be insufficient to cover a featured category.

I hope to hear from you my readers, making this an interactive experience so feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me in world.

Nazz Lane