Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Follow up on the Artistic Fimicoloud Story

Last week I wrote an article for the SL Newspaper, on the passing off Artistic Fimicoloud. One of her RFL team members was kind enough to close the loop with me early yesterday evening and we had the following conversation:

[15:33] Daaneth Kivioq: Hello Nazz - how are you?
[15:34] Nazz Lane: Good ...how's everything with you?
[15:34] Daaneth Kivioq: I wanted to give you a bit of good news, as a follow up to your Artistic Fimicoloud story
[15:34] Daaneth Kivioq: We raised 163,454 L in the special Pink kiosks in Artistic Fimcoloud's Honor. Thanks to the generosity of THREE donors, ALL the funds were matched, not just the fist 100K. So we raised a grand total of 326,908 L! Almost 1230 USD!
[15:34] Nazz Lane: Awesome
[15:34] Nazz Lane: I'll be sure to blog it
[15:35] Daaneth Kivioq: What is even more amazing is we brought three disparate Sl communities together - the Furries, the Art Gallery Group, and the Passionate Redheads RFL team to work together to pull this off.

The spirit and generosity of SL'ers continues to amaze me.