Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exhibition "Hybrid" Closing Soon

Do Note Feed the Animals at this Exhibition

A group notice from Fuschia Nightfire arrived in my in-box earlier today, telling me that it's the "Last few days to see the 'Hybrid' exhibition." The exhibit which had opened in early December features two collaborative pieces by the artists Scottius Polke and Fuschia Nightfire. Ms Nightfire further explained in the notices that, "The gallery will then be closed for a few days for some major refurbishment" and then added that the "Next show will open soon with new guest artist Sabrinaa Nightfire".
'Hybridz' is an exhibit featuring the oxidically-challenged works by Fuschia Nightfire and Scottius Polke, including two new collaborative pieces by the artists. Wander through what could feel like both a newly awakened old factory and the lair of some industrial critters as the gallery comes alive through these flying, crawling, spinning, and rolling creations.
Artist Statement:

Fuschia Nightfire, known in real life as Nina Camplin, a mural artist specializing in "Trompe l'oeil". She is interested in challenging the viewer's perception of space by creating illusions of faked realities. Fuschia sees second life as an alternative medium for creating new art and exploring ways of making virtual trompe l'oeil imagery within this world.

Atrial Fibrillation Presentation - February Heart Health Month in Second Life

The Sojourner Auditorium

On Thursday, Feb 25th a presentation and Q &A session will be led by MedSci Ellisson (SL) / Dr. Margaret Lloyd (RL), a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic. The one hour long event begins at 2:30 PST/SLT and will be held at the Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island and presented simultaneously in voice and text.

Atrial Fibrillation (sometimes abbreviated as A-Fib) is the most common abnormal heart rhythm. It occurs in the top two chambers of the heart due to disorganized electrical impulses in the heart muscle. Dr. Margaret Lloyd is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic with an appointment in cardiac diseases.

The information is being presented during February Heart Health Month by Healthinfo Island and the Virtual Ability community in Second Life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photgrapher Em Larsson Presents at Born Museum of Fine Arts

Em Larsson Photographs from Egypt

On Tuesday evening, photographer Em Larsson presented a collection of photographs taken during her recent Egypt adventure. Ms Larsson appeared at the Museum of Fine Arts -- Toward Beauty -- in Born. An accomplished photographer in both her first and second life, she discussed her recent work by explaining, "Typically most of the pictures I have made were from the area around my home. I have tended to concentrate on natural subjects like snow or trees or flowers. But in the past year I have done a fair bit more travelling than usual. And consequently, my subjects have changed and my work this year has been rather different from the work I’ve done in the past."

During her discussion she covered the major "differences I’ve experienced in photographing when travelling, as opposed to photographing from home". Through out her presentation she high lighted the challenges of taking the photographs, the equipment she used and special circumstances of her journey. She concluded in saying, "I ended up shooting almost 4 000 pictures in 12 days. I won’t be keeping them all. I usually took several shots where one might do, as insurance, especially since I didn’t have enough time to really think about what I was doing."

Exhibition Opening at Pirats Bourbon White Velvet Art Gallery

The Work of Daco Monday

Opening today, 23rd of February at the Pirats Bourbon - White Velvet Art Gallery is a brand new exhibition. Pirats is a French non-profit organization founded by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond for real life and second life art and creation promotion. The exhibit will be open until the 30th of March. Artists featured include; Elin Egoyan aka Maripel, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Daco Monday, Kundemor Tamatzui aka Orlando Castro Ortiz and Sanspareil London aka John. Pictured above is a piece by Daco Monday titled, "even the eyes of God and psychedelic - legalize it".

Exhibition Opening Today "Crystal Forest"

Crystal Forest by Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer

Opening today, February 23rd is the lastest exhibition by Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer, "Chrystal Forest". The exhibit is hosted at Man-a-Hatta 5, on the Kaprun SIM and will be open until the 9th of March. In their notes regarding this latest installation, Ms Winkler and Mr. Auer explain:

Since October 2009 we have started a collaboration to create immersive installations. Our aim is to invole people in interacting with our works, experiencing sensations, feelings, ideas and messages we put in them. Crystal Forest is our brand new collaborative work. Take a walk through an imaginary woods of lights.

Best set environment at midnight for viewing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

An Interview with Rissa Maidstone CEO of World2Worlds™

Rissa Maidstone W2W CEO

The avatars began to arrive for the event, they rezz in at the entry point and straight away start toward the theater like seating area to their left. They're coming in from all points on the Second Life grid and the avatars that are assembling represent the assorted educational, business, entertainment and media communities operating in the metaverse. Occasionally there's someone from the general population who simply had been out exploring and found the topic being presented interesting. For the most part though, audience members are regular attendees of the events. The seats are filled and the chat is lively, mostly pleasantries being exchanged between friends, colleagues or acquaintances. On stage there are two stools, a few meters apart and both are occupied, one by the moderator the other his guest. They are silent while preparations are underway in the background, however the audience chat continues unabated on a myriad of topics.

Seated in the front row directly across from the stage is Rissa Maidstone (aka Kim Smith), the CEO of World2Worlds™, producer of the event. W2W is a full service consultancy whose client list includes technology giants such as IBM, Sun, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft and media companies such as United Business Media, Ziff-Davis, InformationWeek, eWeek and Dr. Dobb's Journal. By all appearances, everything is running flawlessly for a 1 pm start. Ms Maidstone who had been active in chat with the audience now reminds them in both voice and text to mute their microphones. She also instructs them on where to find copies of the material being presented and then deftly turns things over to the moderator as the session begins.

A few days after the event, I caught up with Rissa for a conversation. We met at the W2W SIM and talked about her business and second life. After taking seats at a conference table and an exchange of pleasantries we began.

Nazz: This is a nice facility … your build?

Rissa: Thanks -- this set has worked nicely for us. Not the table and chairs, no … the rest of the island, yes.

Nazz: I had stopped over the other day to look around.

Rissa: What was your impression?

Nazz: A simple style ... functional. I liked it.

Rissa: We like to keep our builds clean and light to reduce lag on the SIM as we often have audiences of 50-75 people … having said that, we're in process of some changes here because we're producing the virtual portions of a couple of physical world conferences that will be held here.

Nazz: Let's talk a little about Rissa first.

Rissa: Surely … what would you like to know?

Nazz: What brought you into second life?

Rissa: Previously I'd been business development director for a few of the large engineering firms that specialize in environmental services such as the design of water and wastewater treatment plants, environmental remediation projects and transportation infrastructure, as well as a variety of other types of work for municipal, state and federal agencies. As I've a long history in gaming, and had also been part owner of a school specializing in training people for enterprise level use of PCs, I'd been piqued by Second Life stories and popped in to see what this was all about. When I entered, I realized that Linden Lab had taken away the "game" aspect and replaced it with open-to-anyone building and scripting and e-commerce--I was primed to 'get it", and jumped right in, founding my company with a vision of using the platform to socialize public works infrastructure and urban planning projects. I learned an enormous amount about planning, producing and directing immersive virtual events at scale, and World2Worlds innovated or pushed the envelope on a lot of technology and strategy that's now become widely accepted as best practice in this medium: use of custom, web-based registration portals; metrics and analytics; access control, in-world presentation infrastructure; hands-on on-boarding, interactive chat bridging, video and more.

Nazz: What would you say has been your most memorable moment in Second Life?

Rissa: Oh geez … there are so very many. I can't say there is a specific one--what I can say is this. Before every conference, event, corporate meeting, or the public unveiling of a project we built, one becomes nervous that we missed something … that not enough people will show up, that the internet might go south that day. Each time the project "opened", whether for a conference or meeting, or a build, the huge sense of satisfaction overwhelmed me because they've inevitably been successful. To see 100 people show up in world for the Kelley Executive School of Business launch in SL, and stay for 4 hours--not to mention the web audience; to see the results of our work for Sun one of which was published by Dean Nelson, now Sr. Director, Global Datacenters at Ebay, for example, is pretty incredible.

Nazz: When you're not at work here hosting W2W events or working with one of your many clients, what does Rissa like to do? … by the way, I did see "professional shopper" on your interests / skills tab.

Rissa: Hah, my shopping … my shopping has slowed down a great deal these past several months. It's been hard to find something I didn't own already or that was different enough that it wasn't almost duplicating parts of my existing wardrobe. I do more shopping now for some of our clients when I'm customizing avatars. I'd say that one of the biggest needs … some talented designers in Second Life could fill would be a male hair design that is more in line with the 30-60 year old crowd--few wear their hair spiked, slicked back with longish hair, etc. Male hair in SL is truly a shortage. Professional male hair, that is. Lots of styles out there for male club go'ers, young men in their early 20s, etc. We also need more male and female skins and shapes that reflect that age bracket. There are some, but not nearly the assortment I would like to see. I'd add that there probably wasn't a big market for these until a couple of years ago, and that's it's been a slow but steady increase in demand, at least for World2Worlds. Our clients for the most part, would like to more closely resemble their age. However, having said that, some are tickled to have a young avatar.

Nazz: There's an underwhelming number of male cloths designers.

Rissa: I have no problem finding what I need for male professionals. There are actually quite a number of excellent designers providing this type of attire.

Nazz: I saw from your profile that W2W is a "Linden Lab Gold Solution Provider", has that been an advantage for W2W?

Rissa: We entered the program mid-January. As we've not been in it long, I can't say. What I can say is that we're very pleased to have been accepted, and that I believe Linden Lab is moving in a positive direction for enterprise and corporate business within the virtual world space. As with any enterprise program such as those you'll find IBM, Cisco, EMC and others offering--there is a strict set of criteria one has to meet in order to become one of their preferred vendors or channel partners. The Gold Solution Provider program is essentially the same.

Nazz: In the LinkedIn profile, World2Worlds is described as "a diverse network consultancy drawing on professionals worldwide". What challenges are there in building and maintaining a diverse network and does operating in a virtual world make that easier?

Rissa: Good question. I think one of the challenges is international tax requirements. There are a number of associated regulations in regard to this that make hiring subcontractors a real challenge when you're a small business. In regard to international clients, relationship building and maintenance, virtual worlds make this amazingly easy. I've met almost all of our clients in Second Life before I've ever met them in the physical world. I've now met almost all of them in the physical world, often during a contract or after we're finished. I don't know that there's much else to add to that, really. Networking and engaging with clients on an ongoing basis is second nature to me. I can do that here, or I can do that in the physical world.

Nazz: If someone who was going to start up a business in Second Life or any other virtual world came to you for advice, what would be the three most important things you would tell them?

Rissa: 1) Adhere to your physical world place of business legal and tax requirements. 2) Have a strong business plan. 3) Build a reputable advisory board of a few key people that can help guide you. Be sure to check their backgrounds closely and insure they align well with your business strengths and weaknesses.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winners Announced at Imagine Create No Texture Challenge

Crowd Awaits Announcement of Winners

With a drum roll, Sabrinaa Nightfire announced the winners of the "Imagine Create No Texture Challenge" to the plus forty avatars who attended the opening.

1st Place - triflangatide by Physeter Nicholls $1000L

2nd Place  - Antientropic.particles by Oberon Onmura $700L

3rd Place - Lady With A Fan by Miso Susanowa $500L
The contest judges were:
Artistide Despres, Gracie Kendal, Jayjay Zifanwe, Sasun Steinbeck, Scottius Polke and Steele Darkfold.
The exhibition will be viewable until March 15th.

Opening of Imagine Create No Texture Challenge at Erato of Caerleon

The following information on the opening came to me by way of Sabrinaa Nightfire, challenge organizer:

You are cordially invited to the opening of the Imagine Create No Texture Challenge. The opening is at 1pm SLT on Sunday, February 21, 2010. Erato of Caerleon is hosting this event that features the work of 32 artists whose challenge was to create artwork using no textures. Sculpties, scripts, bumpiness and color were permitted.

Music for the opening will be provided by the talented and witty Whirli Placebo. So, come out on Sunday and party with us. Come out and see the amazing creations these artists submitted. The entries are situated along a path through a jungle created by soror Nishi. The entry to the jungle is by Jedda Zenovka.

Below (in no particular order) is a list of participating artists:

soror Nishi
Zhora Maynard
Artfox Daviau
Josina Burgess
Asmita Duranjaya
Dale Innis
Corcosman Voom
FreeWee Ling
Merlino Mayo
Laurel Leavitt
Sledge Roffo
Tegan Jenvieve
Kicca Igaly
Chapl Paisley
Gleman Jun
Miso Susanowa
Maryva Mayo
Physeter Nicholls
Al Lurton
Jess Oranos
Jimmy Debruyere
Misprint Thursday
quadrapop Lane
iTony Pleides
Flicky Exonar
Scarp Godenot
Fuschia Nightfire
Sabrinaa Nightfire
ArtCrash Exonar
Alizarin Goldflake
Daco Monday
Gwen Difference
typote Beck

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happening Today the 2010 MaMachinima International Festival

Festival Stage and Seating Area MMIF

With doors opening at 10 am PST/SLT, the 2010 MaMachinima International Festival begins. This mixed reality event, months in planning, finally opens. I stopped by for a brief visit early today and found a crew of avatars busily at work finalizing preparations.  The stage and seating area pictured above is nestled into the four corners of the four SIM complex. Spread out from the arena like structure are walkways to receiving areas in each of the SIMs. The build is highly detailed and extra-ordinary to see. I do hope they keep it open for some time afterward, it's worth a trip over to see if you're unable to attend today's festival.

The press release information I received is printed below:

2010 MaMachinima International Festival –‘Avatars starring at global film festival!’

Saturday 20th February from 10am-6pm SLT

Join in a mixed reality machinima event this weekend showcasing the work of work from over 40 other SL film makers. This epic event will highlight the work of top machinimatographers at a four sim venue in SL and over large screens at a real life venue in Amsterdam.

Saturday 20th of February

19:00 CET (= SL 10 am PST) – DOORS OPEN

20:00 CET (= SL 11 am PST) – Opening ceremony + Machinima film screenings

03:00 CET (= SL 6 pm PST) – THE END + After party online

MMIF2010 hosts:

11 am - noon: Blue Linden and Toxic Menges

Noon - 1 pm : Pooky Amsterdam

1 pm - 2 pm: Draxtor Despres and Chantal Harvey

2 pm - 3 pm: Poid Mahovlich and Paisley Beebe

3 pm - 4 pm: Evie Fairchild and CodeWarrior Carling

4 pm - 5 pm: Lauren Weyland

5 pm - 6 pm: Phaylen Fairchild

6 pm -> Afterparty hosted by 'Pop Art Lab'

6 pm - 7 pm: DJ Miss Cyberpink (Amanda Shinji)

7 pm - 8 pm: DJ Gome Mfume

The MMIF is a celebration of ‘Machinima’: a new cinematic art form, created with virtual worlds and video games. On 3D Internet platforms like Second Life®, any kind of movie sets can be build for very low costs. The MMIF aims to bring machinima to a wider audience, online – and offline. Machinima artists from all over the world are present in real time at the virtual MMIF Theatre. They present over 50 short films and have talks with other machinimatographers and an international audience.

The real life audience in Amsterdam can follow the MMIF event projected live on a big screen at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace. They can bring their own laptop computers to interact with the show on the big screen. Free wireless Internet and electricity is provided. No entrance fee at PLANETART, however tickets are required - reservations must be made via email. Details at

TheMMIF is a volunteer-run non-profit collaboration of MaMachinima with PLANETART, Volkskrantbuilding, Meta.Live.Nu, Pop Art Lab, V-Max, AviewTV, Ystreams.TV, Metaworld Broadcasting, MetaMeets, Gallery Fermate, Museum Of The Bohemian, and many volunteers. MMIF 2010 is financed by donations and gifts. Virtual land sponsored by Linden Lab®. The MMIF was initiated by the Dutch film maker Chantal Harvey.

MMIF 2010 info, promo video, full programme, live streams, contact and latest updates and changes at


Gala Charron – Ogogoro - Lainy Voom – Draxtor Despres – Bryn Oh - Rohan Fermi – Toxic Menges – Tara Yeats – Phaylen Fairchild – Pooky Amsterdam & Russell (Rosco) Boyd – Poid Mahovlich – CodeWarrior Carling – Evie Fairchild – Graham Miami – Kronos Kirkorian – Osprey Therian – Chaffro Schoonmaker - SaveMe Oh - Dulci Parx – Chatnoir Studios – Paisley Beebe – Rysan Fall – Sol Bartz (phil Rice) – Rocksea Renegade – Cisko Vandeverre – Nitwacket (Pyewacket Bellman) – Chantal Harvey – Lowe Runo – Pia Klaar – Al Peretz – Halden Beaumont – Kolor Fall – Binary Quandry – spyVspy Aeon – Animatechnica – Miles Eleventhauer – Second Front - Lizsolo Mathilde – Delgado Cinquetti – L1aura Loire – Iono Allen – Pyewacket Kazyanenko – Fort Knight – ! Luca Lisci – Larkworthy Antfarm – Beans Canning - Gtoon Jun – Tutsy Navarathna – Hadji Ling – Colemarie Soleil – Xineohp Guisse – Lorin Tone – Ian Friar – Suzy Yue – Claus Uriza / Emily Hifeng – Meta Lord, and others.


Saturday 20th of February

19:00 CET (= SL 10 am PST) – DOORS OPEN

20:00 CET (= SL 11 am PST) – Opening ceremony + Machinima film screenings

03:00 CET (= SL 6 pm PST) – THE END + After party online in SL


PLANETART Medialab Artspace


Wibautstraat 150

1091 GR Amsterdam (NL)


MMIF 1, 2, 3, 4

Second Life®

Teleport links via

Advance press articles: Please see

‘2010 MaMachinima International Festival-‘Celebrating the artistry of virtual film making’

Friday, February 19, 2010

Treeline 3 Exhibition Opens Today

I received an invitation from Juanita Deharo telling me that the latest exhibit at VirtualTreeline opens later today at 2 pm PST/SLT. Virtual Treeline is part of a larger real world Treeline project that aims to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues and encourage action through art. The work
on show in the gallery will be shown in real life galleries and schools and on the internet as well as in Second Life. Ms Deharo tells me that they "are interested in showing artworks, performances, science projects and any builds that relate to the Treeline project".

Contact Juanita Deharo for more information.

Exhibiting Artists at Treeline 3:

Shellina Winkler
Trill Zapatero
Olmia Tenk
Jedda Zenovka
Soror Nishi
Richard Newport

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar Panel Convenes at Rockcliffe University in Second Life

Avatar Panel at Rockcliffe University

Jennette Forager moderates an "Avatar Panel" discussion at Rockcliffe University on Tuesday, February 16th. The panel consisted (Left to Right) of JenzZa Misfit, LOM Runner, Ariella Languish and Deb Quintessa. Not on the panel but responsible for production of the event was Bevan Whitfield who explained the panels purpose as:
"Between 2004-2006 there was a lot of talk / hype on the transformative power of virtual worlds and the implications especially in the areas of equalizing access to things such as education and jobs. Beyond this, there very much was an attitude of virtual worlds being the new wild west frontier which would empower people to take more control over their ability to create new ways and means of getting things done. 5 years on have we started to see that potential? What are some of hurdles still yet to come?"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winners Announced at Frank Lloyd Wright Museum in Second Life Sponsored Usonion Ideals Build-Off Contest

Novice Winning Entry by Kasimir Deimatov

The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of Second Life recently held a build-off contest. The competition's goal was "to see who can create the most functional and appealing building within the parameters of the USONIAN ideals of Frank Lloyd Wright". The event took place between Friday, Feb. 5th and Sunday, Feb 7th. The contest was held on a special 'build-off' SIM and with entry requirements and rules established the contest was set to begin. Shortly before it did however, previous "Novice" contest winner Jadyn Firehawk sent an entry notecard in where she posed a unique request to organizers. Here's the notecard:

Name: Jadyn Firehawk and/or Kasimir Deimatov
Category: Novice
Donation: Will pay immediately after we hear back on the question below. :)
I hope there's still an empty slot!
Please let me explain my situation, as it is unusual. My friend Kasimir Deimatov would like to design a house for this competition. He is disabled though, fully paralyzed (quadriplegic), and has difficulty with fine control and it also takes him a quite a bit longer time to build than normal. He is a novice builder, and this house is the first he's ever designed. I am also still a novice-category builder. I have started putting houses for sale, but only since December 26, 2009.
He's very excited about this, and is asking if we can either enter as a team (his design, my build - he will direct me - with his name on the entry), or else he will unofficially direct me and I officially enter alone.
Would either of these two options be possible?
She'd contacted me several days after the contest and sent me a copy of the entry notecard along with the announcement of the winners, portions of which are printed below:

Thank you all for coming tonight. This was our best build-off ever, with 23 competitors, and best at showing off the theme.
Now to the awards--I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting the results.
Novice 1 - Kasimir Deimatov, assisted by Jadyn Firehawk.
I'd like to tell you a bit about Kasimir and Jadyn. Kasimir, a Belgian, was an interior design student before a diving accident about 10 years ago, and is now quadriplegic. They approached us and asked if he could design and Jadyn could act as his hands due to speed, and we agreed. I think you'd agree he has quite a pair of hands! Jadyn was our novice winner last time. Kasimir is involved in the Virtual Ability community here in Second Life, and in many ways SL has given him back his life. I am pleased that they competed--and so thrilled to be able to give him this award. Here is what he said about his house and site. "I saw this house placed on a sloping hill with the higher elevation on the NE corner, surrounded by pine trees on this slope of the hill and fairly open to the front (the SW ). With a nearby outcrop of bluish-gray metamorphic rock."
Congratulations to both!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Exhibition Featuring Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng at Atlantide Gallery

"Burning Desire" by Zhora Maynard

The exhibition opened on Wednesday, February 9th at the Atlantide Gallery featuring the work of Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng. I'd received a notecard from Juliet Petlyakov, gallery owner that contained the following:

A photographer and a sculptor, their dialogue. Mostly between two friends, the discovery of being able to express feelings and images in this Second Life. Their way of creating inspired by a song, an event, a meeting. Fastening with an image, on "prims" and "sculpts", what we want in addition to the baggage of our memories, "materialize." The possibilities and different ways of expressing their path in SL, between reality and dream, between travel and introspection. The various forms of art dialogue, even without their knowledge, in a fusion of intents. Each sign is the result of a life, different as the path of each of us.

Two artists, two friends. Their world.

Atlantide Gallery
Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng

Ms Petlyakov was also kind enough to include a 24 page Thinc book, that contains pictures of the artists work and the dialog between the them.The book was published by Louiz Hartshon and edited by Juliet Petlyakov. It is available at the gallery.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CW Aigner Photographic Exhibition Opens in Second Life

Poster CW Aigner Photographic Exhibition

On Wednesday the 10th of February, the photographic exhibition of CW Aigner ((Christoph Wilhelm Aigner) makes its debut in Second Life. Presented by the 431art Gallery, the exhibition entitled, "Everything unknown comes out of the sea" will open with an event at 1:00 pm PST/SLT. This is a first for the renowned Austrian Poet and for gallery owner Myth Guyot. Born in Salzburg Austria, Mr. Aigner currently resides in both Salzburg and Italy. He was cited by "World Literature Today"as one of the world's most distinguished poets. He has received high honors in literature including the German Else-Lasker-Schüler prize and the Austrian National prize. The photographs were originally in the PolColl Series and titled "The curious every day events in Italy" or "All strange things come from the ocean" and originated in the winter months of 1992/93 in the Italian villages Marina di Cecina and Rieti. Subsequently, in the years 2008/09 the Polaroid collages were captured as large pictures, 60x60 cm and printed in a single edition collection. The pictures are mounted onto Finart Baryt paper and 4mm thick aluminum. They were manufactured in Salzburg by Ulrich Ghezzi. Mr. Aigner worked with the original medium of a Polaroid camera from Edwin Land for 25 years. Production of the Polaroid camera has since been halted.

Shortly before the scheduled opening, I spoke to gallery owner and artist Myth Guyot who had invited me over for a brief preview. After we exchange pleasantries and a few remembrances we talked about the exhibit and the gallery.

Nazz: Thank you for the heads up about the exhibit. When will it open?

Myth: I'm still planning for the opening on the 10th of February and I need some text from the artist first.

Nazz: Is he in Second Life?

Myth: He's never been yet … I'm trying to convince him.

Nazz: You've bought his work in then for display?

Myth: He's a friend of mine and I support him to show it here.

Nazz: I'm scanning around with my camera. The gallery is a nice build … yours?

Myth: Yes, it's brand new. On this floor is the exhibit. Below us is the video room to see the "Walk to Elea" … and on the TP board is a link to take you to see the maze.

Nazz: I recall both, seeing and writing about them. The very first article I did for the SL Newspaper was about the Maze. There are quite a few pieces in the exhibit … I'm reminded of post cards when looking at them. Are they paintings and is the text, his poetry?

Myth: A photographic collage … a mixture of Polaroid's and painting and collage. In a way, yes his poems. In German the exhibit is "Alles unbekannte kommt aus dem meer" which means, "Everything unknown comes out of the sea". He'd taken the pictures while in Italy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Conversation with Artist Alizarin Goldflake

It had been chance meeting several months ago, when I'd first become acquainted with Alizarin "Ali" Goldflake (aka Martha Jane Bradford). We both had happened into a gallery at very near the same time and after a brief introduction we shared our thoughts on the exhibit. It'd been a pleasant chat and before I left, she offered me a landmark to her own gallery along with a friendship offer both of which I unhesitatingly accepted. Since that first meeting, we've had many conversations about art, virtual worlds and of the several exhibitions she has had during that timeframe. A professional artist for most of her life, she has had her work shown in prominent galleries and included in many museum, corporate, and private collections. The most recent exhibitions of her work in Second Life have been seen at; The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons, Virtual Treeline, Museum of Virtual Art, Ars Simulacra and PIRats Omega Gallery. She also has had at her own gallery, Atelier Alizarin, two special exhibits "Orfeo's Oratorio" and "Acquarella", where patrons were treated to the intricacy and detail of her 3D landscapes, sculpture, and immersive art pieces.

We met at her gallery for this interview, where she was both organizing her exhibit after a redesign of the space and preparing for an upcoming exhibit at PIRats Omega Gallery.

Alizarin: Do you want to look around or go sit?

Nazz: Let's look around.

Alizarin: Okay, sure … I am not fully installed yet art wise. This is my newest build a miniature Acquarella.

Nazz: The immersive environment ... why a miniature?

Alizarin: Several reasons, someone suggested it and I liked the challenge. Also not everyone has room for the big one and it is fun to see what scale does.

Nazz: It's built to scale then?

Alizarin: Yes it is 1/10th the size of the full scale aquarium. I did this for my show that is opening at PiRats tomorrow. Isn't that where we met?

Nazz: Yes it was. You were with Juanita Deharo. Were there any particular challenges in doing it to that scale?

Alizarin: Yes the fish animations didn't scale down, I have to redesign the goldfish … the invisible stuff that makes them look animated. They are done here with an expanding/contracting prim and a rotation script.

Nazz: It is amazingly detailed. Do you script as well?

Alizarin: These textures all come from real life digital drawings. I modify scripts but I don't write them. Let me show you one of the digital drawings in large scale.

Nazz: That is incredible! It looks very life like.

Alizarin: it is a digital drawing, done with Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet and stylus. It's all described in a PDF on the splash screen of my web site.

Nazz: For the exhibition at PIRats, how many pieces will you be showing?

Alizarin: The whole series of these drawings … the miniature and the regular Acquarella … an aquatic meditation garden and some fish rezzers.

Nazz: What was your inspiration for Acquarella?

Alizarin: A piece of seaweed.

Nazz: A piece of seaweed led to the Acquarella as an immersive installation … that must have been one amazing piece of seaweed.

Alizarin: There is the seaweed drawing. It is based on a piece of seaweed I photographed while in Maine. I wanted to make a build that would use the drawing so I thought of an aquarium I used to keep fish when I was a child, it was sort of my second life then. I would watch the fish and dream that I was floating with them.

Nazz: A combining of second lives?

Alizarin: An alternative reality a magical space.

Nazz: Where one can float effortlessly and imagine things that aren't possible.

Alizarin: Yes I felt the same way about my aquarium then that I felt about SL when I first logged on. Wow! I can fly!! So these drawings are an example of how my real life and second life work together. I get an idea in second life. I do a drawing for it in real life. Then I used the drawing in both places. I am very interested in the interaction between second life and real life.

Nazz: How else has second life changed your approach to art?

Alizarin: Well because of the experience of making art in second life. I started a whole new body of work in real life ... the digital collages … they are process art, a new way of working for me. I start with pieces of digital drawings and collage and color and the art just evolves by itself, formerly I did all landscapes.

Nazz: I stopped over to view them, quite extra-ordinary to see.

Alizarin: Yes I just love them! And I love working this way, I feel so free. I am also working on some crossover shows and projects. For one thing, the Art Conservatory show that is up now, all the work is available in real life on my web site, which is now transactional. I will also be showing second life photographs of my builds and videos at the Umass Show. I am also working on a project for a museum, but I can't go into specifics until it is further along. It will be an installation that introduces people to the feeling of virtual reality and hopefully we will be able to give them the virtual experience via Open SIM.

Nazz: Has there been anyone in second life who has influenced what you do more than any other?

Alizarin: In terms of other artist, not really. I kind of have my own vision, occasionally I will get a good idea from something I see. I have a lot of favorite artists, but I don't try to imitate them.

Nazz: Some of the very large installations are collaborative projects, is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with?

Alizarin: I like to collaborate with people who have entirely different skills, for example, in front of us are my Musical Kinetic builds they are a collaboration with Flivelwitz Alsop he is a musician … the music is amazing. You turn it on by walking close.

Nazz: Amazing, the sound is very much music like … a song.

Alizarin: This is all done with ten second clips. I just think it is remarkable how it sounds like a continuous piece of music. We had the theme of Asia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Tibet and India. These are all constructed with sculpties and embossed textures … for some reason they flash and sparkle when they are animated on a flat geometric sculptie. This was an ideal one for me. The other one that I have done was with Caerleon, the "Interactivity" collaboration.

Nazz: Do you see more collaborative efforts in your future?

Alizarin: If a good one comes along, I am open to it … I am not actively searching to collaborate. I always have a zillion more ideas than I can work on … you should see my second life to do list!!!

Nazz: I can imagine.

Alizarin: Digital art just comes alive in this environment and for the first time in my life, I see my digital drawings in-world the way I see them when I create them ... on a monitor lit from within. When they are output as prints, they lose a little of the magic because ink on paper doesn't glow like a monitor. The only art that doesn't lose by being printed in real life is the digital collages they look just as good in both worlds.

Nazz: So this is where your focus will be then for the seeable future.

Alizarin: I decided to try to make second life work for me real life ... so I am cross linking everything. It was a good idea of yours to walk around it brought out a lot of ideas.

Nazz: So would have two bar stools and a bottle of Merlot.

Alizarin: Well i can offer you some digital champagne in the center oasis.

With that we returned to the sitting area and chatted for another hour our about our lives, first and second, while our virtual selves perched comfortably on settees and sipped champagne … an enjoyable conversation with a delightful lady and talented artist.

Post Script: A few days after our interview, I'd received an update message from The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons curator, RobertSteven Smythe. "On February 13th at 3:00 pm PST/SLT, Ms Goldflake will give an artist lecture about her work in Second Life and Real Life at The Art Conservatory. It's to be just an informal gathering and Q and A at the end." He said in his message.

Opening of SAS3D : Bunker Art Gallery

Bunker Art Gallery

An exhibition is opening today at the SAS3D : Bunker Art Gallery, on Tuesday , February 9th. The event begins at 1:00 pm PST/SLT. On exhibit are the works of; June Clavenham, Treacle Darlandes, Archibald Sideshow aka Björn Malm, and Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto. The exhibit will be open until the 6th of March.

Here's a teaser video of the exhibit.

New Location for Tranquile Cafe in Second Life

Tranquil Cafe in Second Life

The Tranquil Cafe has moved!

Founded in April of 2008 by Brianna Beresford, the Tranquil Cafe continues to support new Second Life musicians and talented artists. Ms Beresford owner and hostess of the cafe, has live music events scheduled every Sunday through Thursday in the evenings. You can check out the schedule of events here or at the Tranquil Cafe web site.

Stop by when you can, the ambience of the little cafe and the entertainment provided is well worth the visit.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exhibit Opening Moonlight Trees by Fuschia Nightfire

Moonlight Trees Poster

Opening on the 7th of February at 1pm SLT is an exhibit by Fuschia Nightfire. The exhibit "Moonlight Trees" is being hosted at the Meisterbastler Gallery and will be there for the next month. I spoke briefly to Ms Nightfire who told me that, "Asmita saw the pieces I had at the Virtual Treeline show and invited me to put on a show at her gallery". I had commented that I had been delighted at having seen her work at the Treeline exhibit and she said in reply, "I have other pieces at this show as well, twelve in total". For the opening event, there will be a live DJ, " Luky" who will play classical and modern Rock.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jackson Street Books Presents Author Peter May in Second Life


Jackson Street Books is proud to present noted mystery author Peter May to read and discuss his Second Life novel, Virtually Dead.

Michael Kapinski has joined SL to participate in Group Therapy Sessions after the death of his wife. He's gone back to his job as a Crime Scene photographer, but he's losing his house and can no longer afford the lifestyle his wealthy wife has left him. When an apparent glitch deposits $3M US worth of Lindens in his account, it looks like the answer to his mortgage problem, until the Mafia come looking for their money.

Join us and find out the secrets of a real Second Life detective!

Saturday February 6, 2010

12noon SLT

Lacamas Reading Hall
Watch the trailer
Order the book from Jackson Street Books

Grand Opening of nOrth Gallery INSILICO

Opening its doors on Saturday, February 6th is the new nOrth Gallery INSILICO. Owned by Starlash Sweetwater, nOrth is a brand new gallery with three floors, the top two are for exhibit space while the first is a coffee shop. The festivities will began at 3 pm PST/SLT and last until 7 pm, with entertainment by DJs Miss Cyberpink and nOrth’s owner Starlash. The featured work on the second floor is that of photographer Carthalis Rossini. The third floor is host to the photography of Del May, sura Abismo, Sanam Sewell, Mielo Minotaur, Ariel Brearly and Fingers Scintilla.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Artist Presentations Scheduled at Rinascimento Virtuale 2 Exhibition

Poster Exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale 2

The exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale 2 opened a week ago and I had the opportunity to stop by a few days afterward to look around and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of good friends shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer as well as MillaMilla Noel's. Late on Thursday Velazquez Bonetto messaged me and said that, "all eight artists will do a presentation and the events start on Saturday" he then added: "with the new emoticon performance from Luce Laval and Evaluna Sperber with live music from Al Hofmann". Here's the schedule of artists and presentation dates:

Saturday, February 6th Evaluna Sperber @ 1:30 PM
Sunday, February 7th Lucian Iwish
Monday, February 8th Arcana Jansma
Tuesday, February 9th Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer
Wednesday, February 10th Eros Boa @ 1 PM
Thursday, February 11th MillaMilla Noel @ 1:30 PM
Friday, February 12th a performance of The Wall
Saturday, February 13th merlino Mayo - Closing Event


millay Freschi Opening the Four Bridges B-Day Bash

I received a notecard from Medora Chevalier outlining the planned festivities this week-end for birthday number one of Four Bridges. Stop by this week-end, you won't be dissappointed with a host of events and activities planned.

FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY 12pm slt - 4pm slt
12 pm - 12.30pm - millay Freschi - Opening address from the founder of 4 Bridges

12.30pm - 2pm - POETRY SLAM (Contact Medora Chevalier if you want to read)

2pm - 3pm - ROBINA HULA (Music)

BBC Asian Network selected Robina as a 'Nu Blood' artist on the 13th July 2007 and played the track, 'Another Country', till the 20th July 2007. DJ Bobby Friction made positive comments about the song and the style of music and stated, 'This girl is a serious singer/song writer'. Robina has been writing songs from a young age. She has recorded 25 songs of various styles and themes writing her own songs, composing and singing them.

3pm - 4pm - davecorbett Darwin LIVE

Dave is a singer/songwriter whose shows feature his own work, though he does toss in a cover or two. Dave's earnings in SL go to Amnesty International, a human rights group he ardently supports. No matter the weather forecast Dave will bring some warmth into your musical day, Dave's music can be downloaded for free at


8am - 3pm SLT - CommUNITY Faire

Amazing rides
Tell Your fortune
Market tents
Live musicians busking
Jokes and japes
10-11am Loran Andretti

Loran plays acoustic guitar and sings his own songs and a few covers he likes . Born in Bordeaux , France. Loran started to play blues early and started writing his own songs even before he discovered he could sing. He's been playing music for 29 years now, and has experienced stage and studio recording. Going from Folk songs to Blues, his warm voice and humour will take you away in his world, he consider himself a storyteller.
2-3pm Whirligig Rutabega & Bartelby Pegler

Bart & Whirl aka bartelby Pegler and whirligig Rutabaga: Playing/Singing what’s vaguely classified as Old Folk, Country, and Blues, including songs by John Prine, Jack Thackery, Dave Van Ronk, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Hank Williams and others.
3.30pm - 9pm We take a break to encourage you to go to Peace Train's fantastic event at Gwampa Camp, Kennesaw State University
6pm The cult Japanese Group Gago Band
7pm The Follow
More live music TBC
Fundraiser for Aserela, working with Sudanese refugees.


8am - 12noon CommUNITY Faire
More entertainment and music busking at the wonderful faire

A stunning display of fireworks, live original music and dances for earth and sky. Brought to you by an international cast from Sweden, UK and USA.Junivers Stockholm is living legend, songwriter, composer, guitarist, singer, videographer, and leading male star of SL's first rock operas, "The Wall V2" and "The Rings Rock Opera." Junivers composes, writes, plays the music, sings, and stars in shows. His shows always have a public service theme; they are message art in the finest artistic tradition. Called by some the Bono (U2) of SL With Jannne Janus, Medora Chevalier, Szvanna Anatra, Cogito Ultsch, Millay Freschi

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital Championship Wrestling Federation Celebrates Two Years in Second Life

Digital Championship Wrestling Federation Eric Stuart Chairman at the Podium


The Digital Championship Wrestling Federation, one of the longest running wrestling federations in Second Life today. Is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with Wrestlefest II! DCWF provides wrestling entertainment in Second Life. There will be a series of events including a Award, Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, as well as the main event Wrestlefest II. We invite the Second Life Media to this weekend of celebration and a press conference.


Wednesday Feburary 3, 2010
4pm Press Conference

Saturday Feburary 6, 2010

10am DCWF Award Cermony
12pm Wrestlefest II
3pm Hall of Fame Ceremony

Contact Information:

Katheryn Blackadder
Numbers Rossini

SpaceJunky Island For Sale

That's right you can own the former playground of the SL Superband SpaceJunky!

SpaceJunky have been featured on CNN International, a remix contest with Sony Acid Planet featured in numerous magazines and websites,as well as doing 100s of shows across the grid and are the winners of the Stream Scene Award for Best Band. Now a lucky fan can own the sim with most of the original build. The sim is a gorgeous floating crystal city called Planet 7 and is home to some of SL's top fashion designers, builders and artists and includes sacred geometry with healing temples, waterfalls and beaches. The new owner might even get to keep Shakti's secret skyhouse, a beautiful Egyptian Pyramid.

Shakti Cianci is entertaining all serious offers and if you are interested you should contact her directly via notecard with your offer after exploring the sim which is also featured in Showcase.

Shakti says the band is not leaving SL, just ceasing to be landowners so they have more timeto devote to other projects and concerts throughout the grid.

for more info go to or