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24 MARCH 2009

PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc™ for


Re: BEST OF ITALIAN Style Presents ** ELEGANCE SL **


The BEST OF ITALIAN Style presents ELEGANCE SL. Have you ever wondered if there would be a contest in SL that was not solely based on beauty? Are you beautiful but also have something more to offer than just your looks? Much like in the real world have you wondered when true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will count? Well look no further. Starting now is your time to sign up to be part of a different type of competition where you are more than just another beautiful avatar. The competition is open to all female avatars in SL. Deadline is April 6th and there will only be 30 competitors chosen to go to the competitional judging round! ELEGANCE SL is not just about good looks. ELEGANCE SL is about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

ELEGANCE SL is proudly bought to you by the Powerhouse of Italian fashions known as BEST OF ITALIAN Style. Annemarie Perenti, Owner, is always pushing the envelope to take her Italian sim to the next level. There are over 30 Italian designers that are a part of The BEST OF ITALIAN Style. The sim is devoted to bringing the high fashions of Italy into SL and it has continued to do this job magnificently for more than one year. Some of the most well known SL Italian designers are part of the sim and its huge success in securing its place in the heart of SL as a place to see Italian fashion in its true form. Annemarie is known for always thinking ahead to the next "big thing" and she and her talented staff are sure to make this a very exciting competition to be part of. This is one you definitely don't want to miss!

**** To apply, teleport to the location below and pick up your application and the rules for the contest. Fill in the application, rename it "ELEGANCE SL + (Your name )" and send it to both Annemarie Perenti and Dahlia Joubert.


For more information regarding BEST OF ITALIAN Style, please contact Annemarie Perenti- Best Of Italian Style Owner, or Dahlia Joubert - Best Of Italian Style Event Manager. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Annemarie please contact Annette Wilder-Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc™ Owner.


Media may also contact Wilder PR by e-mail:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website:


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Lizbet's Picks : Slow Dancing on Sand

There is no more perfect setting for a synchronized slow dance than a sandy beach. In Second Life as in real life, my favorites are the secluded, deserted ones (don't forget to set your World to sunset or midnight!) such as Hipnotic Moon and Inspire Beach. But it can also be more than fabulous to drop in on a wild beach party at a place like Laguna or Solana Nude Beach. Here's where you might find me doing a tango in the sand:

1. Hipnotic Moon

MUSIC: SL Live Radio (SL artists)

This has been one of my favorite beach getaways since I discovered it back in 2007. Chalise and Tommy used to have a lot of live music shows here but now it's maintained for you and me to have a pretty place to dance. It's small, it's beautifully romantic, and it's usually deserted.

There's Intan ball over the stage to rez couple dances on the beach but it's a very dark blue and sometimes hard to see.

2. Laguna Nude Beach

MUSIC: Classic Rock

This is a wild party beach ~ lots of people, most of the time! There are a bunch of couple dances around the bar and two singles dance balls hanging above the bar. Clothing is optional and you will see more nudity and rowdier public chat here than at most SL nude beaches.

3. Neko-Neko Nude Beach

MUSIC: Jazzy, multi-cultural vocal pop

This is just a beautifully done, small, white sand beach. There are usually just a handful of people here, a few Neko, often Japanese. There are lots of couples pose balls on the deck by the landing point and a dance ball on the floor in the center of the deck.

Clothing is optional but, as at most SL nude beaches, few people take advantage of the liberal dress code.

4. Solana Nude Beach

MUSIC: Rap/Pop

Maybe not as popular or as rowdy as Laguna Nude Beach but this can be a happening place. A couples' dance post is on one of the railings at the landing pad. There are also several sweet spots on the beaches just below the landing pad with couples' posts for rezzing couples dances.

You'll also find a fishing pier, poles for pole dancing, a big dance floor in the middle, and lots of couples and singles poses on the beach chairs, hammocks, as well as on the rafts out in the water.

As at most SL nude beaches, not very many people take advantage of the "clothing optional" dress code.

5. Inspire Beach

MUSIC: Space-age instrumental techno electronica (I kinda made that name up :)

This is a truly gorgeous setting and usually completely deserted. There are slow dances on the pier and the floating gazebo as well as in the sheltered rocky beach area to the far right of the pier.

Here's a tip if you don't see the dance balls: These are Craig Altman Bits and Bobs dances. The command to display them is: /1 show (type into LOCAL CHAT box)

You'll also find a drive-in theatre and a mud wrestling pit there. It can be laggy because the hugely popular Inspire Space Park dance club is directly overhead. Use the Teleport sign by the drive-in theatre to pop up to the Space Park for a visit.

See you on the sand!


P. S. As always, if you find me in-world, I have a notecard of these PICKS with landmarks. Just ask! ~LzL

Faces of the Sky Exhibit

A note card from Josina Burgess announced … it's an experience ... once again at Diabolus


The "FACES OF THE SKY" exhibition is a flight into the Universe, sit in a seat ... click it and fly up to 7 levels of different experiences of the skies … translated in the sculptures Josina made in the environment of Velazques Bonetto (the Wizzard). 




Friday, March 20, 2009

Inachi Presents Avatar Nyotaimori on Second Life


March 17, 2009

Contact: Lora Constantine

Inachi Presents Avatar Nyotaimori on Second Life

Shakespeare, Second Life and Skin City, Second Life--In the midst of a virtual reconstruction of Shakespeare's Elizabethan England, an avant-garde virtual sushi restaurant named Inachi unveils its first gourmet dish. Dubbed "Nyotaimori," the platter features an artistic arrangement of finely-priced sushi adorning the nude avatar body of virtual celebrity Codebastard Redgrave. The sum of sushi prices on this Nyotaimori reaches at about L$1,000,000; its purpose is to be dismantled by its audience as every "edible piece" of this virtual culinary sculpture is sold off in a single fundraiser to benefit the SL Shakespeare Company. The presentation opens to the public at 1 PM PDT on Saturday, March 21st at the Blackfriars Theatre.

Not surprisingly, the prolific Ina Centaur is both the founder and artist of Inachi and its Nyotaimori. As with many of Centaur's projects, Inachi began as a hobby, "Inachi started out as a somewhat offbeat-obsessive project to document and semi-immortalize in virtual-world-3D, some of the sushi I've tasted. And then one day a friend showed me a picture of nyotaimori, or female body sushi. It all became clear to me that day--both the name 'Inachi' made sense, as well as how I might turn these sushi-Lego things I've created into... a feast for your eyes!"

Inachi in its most literal translation to Ina Centaur's native Mandarin Chinese means "Ina, go eat!" But, since Centaur's discovery of "female body sushi" last May, the translation, while still retaining its homonym, became 一拿吃 or, literally, "One Take Eat." Centaur explains its significance, "The translation sounds flip, but I think it's cool that the translation back to English also affords a theatrical pun. My SL Shakespeare Company project has been something I've been trying to raise funds for since its inception in 2007, and basically everything I do in virtual worlds goes to fund it. Also, I think the translation fits how we'll manage to present nyotaimori as a viable artform in a very material and commercial virtual world: people will simply take (pay) and eat each piece of artful virtual sushi goodness."

To Centaur, this Nyotaimori event is both art that represents Second Life, and a social experiment, "Art is essentially an interpretive representation of an object, in the general sense; in this case, the object is the virtual world of Second Life, and Nyotaimori is kind of like a satirical symbol of it. Inachi's Nyotaimori recasts a nude female avatar into both culinary and ethnic art via an artistic arrangement of sushi. The individual pieces of sushi are cast in a state that will soon dissipate, as each piece is taken, just as the artful sims of Second Life are dismantled due to the decree of limited resource budgets. The avatar in this avatar body sushi presentation is famous and has media appeal, just like how Second Life has it. But, the art lives in the manifestation of its sushi, just like how Second Life wouldn't be anything without its user-created content... The social experiment would be to see if people'd bite." Despite its novelty and representation, Centaur is uncertain but hopeful about Nyotaimori as a means to fund inworld art, "Most of my fundraising attempts in virtual worlds have failed miserably. I hope this one is different enough to meet its goal!"

On a happier note, when asked to comment on her choice of designating Codebastard Redgrave as her maiden Nyotaimori, Centaur comments, "I think Codie is incredibly sexy, and Second Life might find it interesting to undress the sushi off her--literally!"

About Inachi (一拿吃)

Inachi is a fictional restaurant set in the virtual world of Second Life. Ina Centaur, its founder and head chef-artist, serves hand-made virtual sushi with exquisite detail and care in performance art settings. Its main store is located in the underground metros of Skin City, Second Life.

Force Planet Presents "Hothouse Flowers”

Gallery Tony and Hothouse Plaza in conjunction with Force Planet presents "Hothouse Flowers - a juried art exhibition and celebration of all things flora".

Opening Date: March 20, 2009

Closing Date: May 1, 2009

Opening Festivities: Friday, Marcy 20, 5-9 SLT

An Award Ceremony will be held at date and time to be announced.

Additional Events throughout the show length will be announced via group networks and posted at

It is our great honor to welcome the fine artists participating in Hothouse Flowers. Each brings a unique vision that together creates an amazing mosaic of flora's secrets.


Violetta Biziou
Paz Ember
Zion Fuchs
Lala Lightfoot
Fuschia Nightfire
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Zephyru Zapedzki


Dieudonnee Beaumont
Annah DeCuir
Kyra Gaea
Ainsworth Gastel
Special Jewell
Em Larsson
Mona Mendes
Ishtarangel Micheline
Briarrose Nightfire
Estelle Parnall
Mater Rhode
Belinda Underwood
Petr Vanbeeck
VanDelay Vacano
WeeWillie Wylie


Silene Christen
LawnDart Curtiss
Cai Denimore
Queen Edman
Pol Jarvinen
Mel Krupinski
Nicci Lane
Physeter Nicholls
Autopilotpatty Poppy
Molina Rhode
Tigerchub Torok

For more information, contact
Force Planet - Force Kaul
Gallery Tony - iTony Pleides
Hothouse Plaza - Marcus Steeplechase

Reminder: The Second Life Story Quest Starts Soon

I posted information on this event a few days ago and had the opportunity to speak with the event organizer, Jenaia Morane on Thursday evening. She was busily preparing for the event but took a few minutes to chat with me.

Nazz: What time does the event start?

Jenaia: It starts tonight at midnight (PDT/SLT) and goes all day Friday until 9:00 pm. I wanted to let UK folks in on it too. If you're game for it Nazz, you might pick one of the genres and go to each of the SIM's, that would give you a feel for how it works.

Nazz Lane: I'll be tucked safely away under the blankets sawing logs at that time.

Jenaia: Me too I hope. The point is that it is self-guided you can start any time between midnight and 5:00 pm. You just select a genre, pick up the instructions, and go to each of the SIM's. Then you come back and turn your story in at Karuna, that's where we'll have the party.

Nazz: When will you announce the winners?

Jenaia: The literary winners won't be announced for about two weeks. There will be an awards ceremony and the winners will be published in RezLibris Magazine. Each winner gets $1,000 Lindens too. Well it's not big bucks, but you know as a writer the acknowledgement means a lot.

More information is available on the web site, "The Virtual World Story Project".

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Amazing Hunt

This came to me by way of a connection to Gentle Heron.

Part Scavenger Hunt! Part Amazing Race!

Your questions are listed below. To get the right answers you'll have to do some exploring and some puzzle solving!

Here is how it works: Answer the questions below in no particular order. Type in your answers on this note card and always remember to hit "Save." All answers can be found in Second Life or on the Internet. There is only one correct answer to every question. After you have all your answers, return to the game start location and drop your note card into our mailbox.


1st Place - $600 & Prizes
2nd Place - $350 & Prizes
3rd Place - $200 & Prize
Honorable Mentions - Next 10 players - $40
All players to be entered in to a drawing - $1000
Best Postcard Picture - $250

Rules of The Amazing Hunt:

-Each broad location can be found using search function

-Any and all resources are OK such as the entire internet or even SL help

-Team play is allowed, but only submit one note card per team.

-Hints can be given but those that receive them will have a 1 hour penalty per hint. Also, if judges are not in-world, you may have an additional delay before you get your hint.

-Good Sportsmanship is required. If you see another player who disregards this rule, please let us know.

-Judges reserve the right to eliminate players who do not use good sportsmanship.


1 Couples can still play as couples but please do not split up. We ask that you play together on each question.

2 All ties go to the singles.

*****First, what is your name? (If you are playing as a team, please enter all the names of the players in your team :)

And here are your questions. Good Luck!

Welcome to "The Amazing Hunt". We're in our third year of sporadic business and enjoying each minute.

Well let's get right to it.

It is nearly St Patrick's Day one of the world's best known and celebrated holidays. So what better way to celebrate it than either ignore it completely or place the occasional leprechaun out of context and pretend we are celebrating this momentous occasion? There will be a quiz later.

1) OK, the Happy St Patrick's Day. There was a priest, a rabbi and a minister who walk into a pub. No wait that's not it. This is St Patrick's Day after all. So we could use a bar theme at least. Let's start by going to "Little Poland". Upon arrival locate the Beck Bars and Neon store.

At the door is an old bartender, touch him please as he has a HINT for you because you will have to find a Leprechaun and ask him for a beer. Pub society is very polite so you'll have to ask in a very specific way. Once you find the Leprechaun stand near him and say in open chat exactly this words "May i please have a beer" without Quotes.

You ask for a beer and get a task. What kind of game is this? If you do it correctly you'll obtain a note with instructions telling you how to complete this task.

Place your answer to that task here:__________________

2) All this talk with leprechauns' have you spooked? We don't blame you . Let's engage in some more normal activities. Hmm, let's say maybe visit a robot museum? Search for the Museum of Robots. There you can build your own Robot quickly and for free, BUT do that ONLY IF YOU WANT. Now we ask you this: when you arrive, look for the area to meet celebrity robots. Find the one named Robby and tell us what the film and year he pays homage to.

3) Go to Little Castles in Little Poland, yes, all little, locate a small Gothic Chapel and go inside. Hidden inside is a magic stone. Find the stone and touch it for a magical flight to another location and instructions of what you have to do next.

Once you have the answer type it here: ______

4) As this is a Holiday near you may want to take a picture as memory, so go to Zomelia Design to get some inspiration, then search for the teleporter to the Gallery, and once there look for the photo where is a dog is swimming and tell us what is the name of the picture immediately to the left ?

5) After the Beer, maybe you are feeling dizzy like seeing things upside down, and this is even before you go to the next location, then you will be done.

Find in Classifieds the Relativity House, from M.C. Escher, do you know it? You will know it today if not. Explore the House and try the poses, some poseballs give items to wear while you are posing, what are those 3 items?

Photo Contest:

This is a great place for the Postcard Pic this time, take a Snapshot and send it as a Postcard from SL to

and maybe you will win the Best Postcard Pic Award :)

EXTRA credit: Remember the Robot Museum? Turn yourself into a robot and take your picture with the above, we would like that.

When you have all the answers filled in, return to our games start position here:

Drop your finished game card into our mailbox. Be sure you have written your name on your card!!!!

Questions? Really, really need a hint? IM Biji Kuu or Verry Ivory

Donate to the Amazing Hunt if you would like to see bigger prizes in the next game! Our donation pot is here:

Would you like to see a particular location on a future leg of The Amazing Hunt? We love suggestions and ideas! IM Biji Kuu

Join The Amazing Hunt Group to be notified when the next game is released!

Arthole Radio Returns

The notice below arrived from Arahan Claveau through the Arthole group yesterday. Give them a listen, great music and commentary for your listening pleasure from a couple of Second Life's top artists.

Arthole Radio returns on Wednesday 25th March with a new schedule.

All our shows will now be one hour in length and will broadcast once only in a continuous stream from 1pm Second Life time.

Arahan Claveau - 1pm SL/PST (9pm GMT/4pm EST)
Nebulosus Severine - 2pm SL/PST (10pm GMT/5pm EST)
Amy Freelunch - 3pm SL/PST (11pm GMT/6pm EST)

Copy and paste this URL into your media player or SL land parcel:

The recordings will appear in the archives the next day:

Check the blog for all the latest updates:

The Second Life Story Quest

The notice below came via the Written Word Group. After scanning the note, I popped over Storybook Island to take a look around and connected with Second Life resident Jenaia Morane who is organizing the event. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed meeting later this week for an interview. More information is available on the web site, "The Virtual World Story Project".

For you writers out there, it does sound like good opportunity to test and expand your writing skills.

The Virtual Worlds Story Project Presents: The Second Life Story Quest

The Virtual World Story Project is pleased to announce its first annual Story Quest, to be held on World Storytelling Day, March 20, 2009.

With a goal of helping writers and storytellers imagine, craft, and share Second Life stories, the Quest will lead participants along one of five Story Trails. Along each trail will be a series of Enchanted Books. Touching the books will not only provide information to include in the story, but clues that lead to other points on the trail as well.

The Quest will allow participants to choose from one of four genres, and be held across multiple SIMs in Second Life. The Quest's final stop will be Karuna (the new HIV/AIDS SIM) where participants can sit in scenic surroundings to write, submit their stories, and/or get help from writing coaches.

The day will conclude with story readings, the awarding of prizes, live music, and dancing.

This event is ideal for educators wishing to help students learn to write well and experience the immersive and creative possibilities inherent in virtual environments.


Date: Friday, March 20th

LOCATION: Starts on Storybook Island OR Karuna



Start Time: Story Sleuths can pick up their first clues on Storybook Island at Midnight.

End Time: The Quest ends at 5:00 pm SLT. That is the time that stories must be submitted. The rest of the festivities, which include story reading, live music, and dancing commence immediately after. The awards ceremony will be held at 7:00 pm.

Questions: Please IM Jenaia Morane or drop her an email at:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Live Reading Event “Borders of Our Lives

On Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 5:00 PM SLT in the Speaker's Circle I will be reading excerpts from my serial novel, "Borders of Our Lives". The novel is being released one chapter at a time, and the first five are now available. The story is based on the characters and setting of Second Life and integrates both the real and virtual lives of its characters. Don't miss a great introduction to the story and a chance to get your copies of all five chapters.

Relay Raiders Press Release

From good friend Haroldthe …

Relay Raiders HQ, Haute Couture, Second Life

The Relay Raiders are proud to announce the dates for Second Life's 3rd Annual "Clothing Fair". Events are set to launch on Monday, March 16 at 10:00 am SLT, and run 24/7 through Sunday, March 22, 2009 when the doors must close at 9:00 pm SLT.

Nevar Lobo, one of the fair's originators and co-Captain of the Relay Raiders is at the helm of this year's event. Joined by his wife Amethyst, team captain Haroldthe, Synergy and Moxie the event started to take shape back in October of 2008. "Having been here from its inception, watching this year's event fall into place has been outstanding", says Nevar. "The Raiders have mixed it up this year, offering Second Life's residents a new experience."

In response to all of you, this year's event will span 9 SIMs and feature over 170 of Second Life's shining stars. "Being able to meet and collaborate with designers from around the world, has been an awesome experience for us," Amethyst interjects, "We're looking forward to providing an even better, non-stop experience.

When asked if she would like to share any of the details, Synergy replied, "We will be offering a Silent Dress Auction featuring original interpretations of the designs seen grid-wide representing the 7 Deadly Sins." Bidding will start when the fair begins on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 10:00 am SLT and will close at 6:00 pm SLT on Sunday, March 22, 2009. Winning bidders will be announced at 8:00 pm SLT on the 22nd to bid the fair adieu. She also shared that she is hoping both she and Amethyst will offered the opportunity to model the designs throughout the fair. They are outstanding!

The Clothing Fair 2009 promises to be a spectacular event, featuring:

• Over 170 Clothing Designers
• Entertainment. Live music and DJ's will keep you entertained around the clock.
• Silent Auction with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society's, Relay For Life campaign
• 4 Fashion Shows hosted by Timeless Modeling Agency

o March ~ Monday- ------ 03 pm SLT (US East Coast)
o March ~ Wednesday--- 10 am SLT (Europe, Russia)
o March ~ Friday --------- 02am SLT (Asia, Australia)
o March ~ Sunday-------- 06 pm SLT (US West Coast)

• Treasure Hunt

I have given away enough of their secrets. Once again, entry into the fair is free. . As the event draws closer, additional details will be announced on the official website:

Special thanks to Ohana Land, Dyldam, JC Designs and SL-Newspaper for making this all possible. Without your tireless support, we would be mainland!

About the Relay Raiders:

Formed in 2007 as a part of the RFL of SL effort, the Relay Raiders have spread their wings by extending their efforts to many charitable organizations in SL. This network of highly dedicated supporters continues to spread the word and support those causes they hold close to their hearts. If you would like more information on our organization or how you can help, please contact Haroldthe Burrel, Nevar Lobo, Amethyst Starostin or Synergy Devonshire.

Side Note: The Relay Raiders would like to pay special tribute to Pips Fetid as the Clothing Fair's creator. Unfortunately, Pips had to make a difficult decision and step down this year as real life needed her attention. We wish her well and know she will be knocking down doors and taking names. Congrats, Pips. We love you!