Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SL Book Fair 2008 - Event Schedule

This year's Second Life Book Fair will occur on the 25th through 27th of April. The fair will be held on Book and Publishing Islands and the organizers are planning a host of exhibits, events and activities for the residents of Second Life. Here's the list of scheduled events and time for the fair:

Friday 25th

2pm Opening Ceremony (Cartland Court)

3pm Marylmagner Munz reading from The Big Secret by Mary Magner (Beach Area)

3pm Threik Wilkinson reading from The Courage of Intimacy by Keith Ainsworth (Open Books)

3pm Kabbalah Today - live Kabbalah concert and Q&A session (Publishing Island stage)

4pm tbc.

5pm Madddyyy Schnook - Building for Beginners (Slguides Virtual Learning Centre)

5pm-7pm - DJs Shannah Halberd and Rat Halberd from Simkast (Cartland Court)

7pm Poetry and prose readings from INKsters and ANON magazine (Publishing Island stage)

Saturday 26th

6am discussion: Death Penalty, Right or Wrong? Selina Greene (Beach Area)

7am tbc

8am Nebbisk Oh - 'Fictionary' game where you make up definitions to fool your opponents. (Beach Area)

9am Madddyyy Schnook - Marketing and Sales in virtual worlds (Book Island stage)

10am Babu Writer - Amazon and POD - what's going on? (Publishing Island stage)

10am Selina Greene - the RL Book publishing process - talk and Q&A (Book Island stage)

11am Cricket Gears - How Art and Music Can Change the World (Cartland Court stage)

12pm Trinity Dechou, Voodoo Buwan - Rez Magazine debate on inworld Publishing (Cartland Court stage)

1pm Noble Charron - Characterization - the Soul of the Story - Lecture and Q&A by bestselling author, Michael A Stackpole (Beach Area)

2pm Elan Neruda - Paying the Bills While Paying Your Dues: a partially practical guide to writing genre fiction for a living (Publishing Island stage)

2pm-4pm Miriam Antonelli DJ (Cartland Court)

3pm Madddyyy Schnook - Building for Beginners (SLGuides)

4pm Diana Allandale - Promoting Yourself, from and Author's POV, workshop with author Diana Hunter (Beach Area)

5pm Wilbur Rich - reading

Sunday 27th

6am discussion: What's SLove got to do with it? RL/SL relationship pleasures and pitfalls. Selina Greene (Beach Area)

7am DJ Doubledown Tandino spins his signature blend of nujazz and house in a live turntable mix (Cartland Court)

8am discussion - What makes a book a cult book, rather than just a good book? Selina Greene (Beach Area)

9am Jilly Kidd hosts readings from writers in the Written Word group (beach area)

10am Sean Voss - Author Sean Percival, The Second Life In-World Travel Guide talk, Q&A (Book Island stage)

10am Madddyyy Schbook - Building for Beginners (SLGuides)

11am Simeon Beresford - Literary quiz (Book Island stage)

12pm Poetry and prose readings from INKsters and ANON magazine (Publishing Island stage)

1pm Kitumscheid Writer - the publishing process for illustrated books, based on experiences from her book, Pirate's Alphabet (Publishing Island stage)

1pm-3pm - DJ Ravishal Bentham from Kona Radio (Cartland Court)

3pm - Diana Allandale - The Ins and Outs of Writing Erotica workshop with author, Diana Hunter (Beach Area)

4pm Arton Tripsa - The Writing Life: The Creation Of A Novel, a talk/Q&A with Jane Watson, author of the Hindustan Contessa (Book Island stage)

5pm Closing ceremony and afterparty (Cartland Court)

Book Island Stage Sponsored by SLGuides, Virtual Learning Centre
Cartland Court Sponsored by Rez Magazine
Beach Discussion Area Sponsored by Third Life Books

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Reporters Notes

I've come around to freeing up from several RL commitments that'd kept my visits to SL short and infrequent these last few months. Feeling the urge to write and explore once again I'd contributed three articles to the SL Newspaper, where I freelance this past week. I was afraid that Dana and James had thought perhaps I'd deserted them. Anyway, it felt good to be out and about, exploring and meeting several of SL's more dynamic and highly interesting citizens.

The first story was a result of pure happenstance. When I logged in this past Sunday, I'd received a notice of a new gallery opening. It sounded interesting and so I opened the LM and TP'ed over. Having arrived at the site, I quickly introduced myself to the gallery owner, Walt Ireton who was agreeable to being interviewed for the article "Digital Art Show at W.I.N. Gallery", which ran in the Music-Art-Culture-Entertainment section. Filling out the rest of the story was the artist India Garrigus, whose work had taken center stage at the gallery, along with Bobby Capra a public relations manager in SL who represents several artists. Walt and the other artists working there have been collecting signatures of SL residents for a letter to be delivered to the Chinese government regarding the treatment of Tibet.

The second and third stories of the week took me home, where I met both subjects of my interviews. I first met with author Diana Allandale who has written and published thirteen novels. She is a neighbor of mine at Book Island and deeply involved in the writing community there and on the working committee for the upcoming SL Book Fair. "Interview with Diana Allandale", the story can be found in the People section. A few days later, I met with and interviewed Selina Greene, the architect of the SL Book Fair 2008, "Interview with Selina Greene", which can be found in the Extra Extra section.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Drive by Agony Group - March for Peace

The group's mission is to increase awareness about the impact of crime in the US and to honor the victims of crime. Their activities culminate in this yearly event, bringing communities into action through a March and Demonstration for legislators in Washington to take action. It is a peaceful march intended to increase awareness about the cost of crime it brings upon victims, the medical bills and education about how to bring the harmony in the nation and create a safe place for children. Carmen Gray is the founder of this annual event in real life. The group and its supporters will march to Washington DC in Second Life, to urge politicians to provide funding for communities in action on April 19th from 1-4 PM PDT (SLT).

More informatio can be found at her her website, Drive by Agony .

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tranquil Artist in Residence Program

An artist in residence program will be offered to starving SL musicians. Please IM Brianna Beresford if you wish to apply or have more questions about the program. The selected artist will be required to perform at the Tranquil Cafe at least 5 hours a week, with one of the hours being Saturday Night at 5:00 pmslt. A furnished apartment, over the Tranquil Cafe for the duration of the appointment will be provided to the artist selected. To apply for the program please complete the application and return it to Brianna Beresford. Applicants will be selected by April 19, all applicants will be notified when the process is completed and an artist has accepted the position. Tranquil Cafe

Friday, April 11, 2008

"Walk to Elea!" Machinima-Film

Myth Guyot and fellow second life resident Laksmi Giha are now presenting only in Second Life, "Walk to Elea!" a Machinima-Film. The film connects Plato's "allegory of the cave" and the idea of life itself. The concepts of "being and existance" and the search for personal reality are explored in the film as the two characters enter a maze from different sides and find each other in the middle. Walk to Elea

On the 18th of May, this film will be presented at 4:00 PM (GMT +1) Klingspor Museum Offenbach am Main Herrnstr. 80, Offenbach , Germany for more information see the 431art Web Site

Cleaning Up Landmarks and Exploring

I’d only had limited time in Second Life these past few weeks, (no it wasn’t because of SL problems) real life commitments allowed me only a few short duration visits. So when an opportunity presented itself for an extended in-world visit, I decided to get out and explore and clean up a clogged and unsorted "LM" folder. There’s no need to mention neglect by its owner as a contributing factor for the disarray in that folder.

1. In error I’d attributed the novel “Wuthering Heights” to Emily Bronte’s sister, Charlotte on a Twitter posting. I’ve since posted a correction. It may very well be that they both would have approved of the Wuthering Heights Ballroom at Wuthering Heights Ballroom I found it to be a great build, with a grand Ballroom having ample space and opportunities for patrons to both dance and enjoy an evening of light romance.

2. A good friend and the decorator of my SL home, Amira Mathilde, has redone her store, ARTDECO Designs *Collection - Interior Design*. I’d stopped over to say hello but had missed her while she was out with a client. ARTDECO Designs

3. I only had time for a short visit to the “Small World Art Gallery” It is as described in the group information a “Fae Spark custom built art gallery done on a scale not often seen in SL.” I saved this LM for a return visit. Small World Art Gallery

4. At the invitation of Cetus Art District President, Tricia Aferdita, I visited the Harmony Cafe at Cetus, where I found a great decor and ambiance. This is a must see and an addition to the “Coffeehouses in Second Life” list. Harmony Cafe

5. I did a live reading of an excerpt of my short story “It’s Time for You to Fly” at the weekly Written Word Writer’s Circle. Information on this and on other programs sponsored by the group can be found at: Written Word

When I had a chance over these last few weeks, I’d started to explore “Virtual Networks” after having joined two others as noted below:

1. The Virtual Shakespeare Consortium is a consortium of individuals and organizations dedicated to bringing Shakespeare and his culture to the Internet and beyond.

2. Second Life Bloggers “Blogging the metaverse one post at a time....”

I’ve also continued to explore Twitter, I’m still feeling my way around the medium. But have established a routine now of opening it while in SL so I can post direct to there and of course have it show up on this page. Besides posting a daily update on the first song in the day’s playlist, I’m following a few people and will be adding more of that and what I discover here in Lane’s List and in my writings.