Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visualizing Theorem Exhibit Opening

Saturday April 2, 2011

4pm SLT

The creative forces of art, music and science collide in this new sim wide art exhibit at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  The installations are based on tracks from real life album ‘Theorem’ produced by Ulf Skogsbergh which is the result of online collaboration between ten musicians from social networking website-‘Indaba Music.’

Curated in Second Life ™  by conceptual artist, Misprint Thursday-this new exhibit brings together well respected virtual artists and features sixteen installations which are based on the science and math theories explored in the album.

In the exhibit, the work of the artists range from performance, to detailed steam punk style machines, interactive work, and minimal conceptual work. Each of the contributing artists selected a track from the album ‘Theorem’ to work from as their inspiration. The theories range from space-time, to special relativity, to genetic theory as well as some philosophy and computer programming ideas.

Visitors to the exhibit can view immersive art pieces; play tracks from ‘Theorem’ and listen to dream like soundscapes set at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) sim.

Wear the HUD provided in the invite object and at the exhibit landing point.  Use it for an easy tour of all builds or take the separate teleports located at each installation. Bring friends for a social experience, or relax to the superb music while travelling the whole sim solo.

Participating Artists:

AM Radio, Betty Tureaud, Binary Quandry, Blue Tsuki, Dekka Raymaker, Desdemona Enfield, Douglas Story, Formatting Heliosense, March Macbain, Miso Susanowa, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura, , Penumbra Carter, Pinkpink Sorbet,  pixel Reanimator, Scarp Godenot, Sledge Roffo and Werner Kurosawa.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday 2nd April

4:00pm SLT-Exhibit Opening

Additional Performance Schedule:

Sunday 3rd April
12:00 Midnight SLT:
pixel Reanimator performance

Sunday 7th April
11:00am SLT
pixel Reanimator performance

Sunday April 17
4:00am SLT
pixel Reanimator performance

Monday, March 21, 2011

"In the Name of the Rose" by the Museum of Villa Torlonia to Second Life

If you like roses, then this is the place to visit today in Second Life. "In the Name of the Rose", opens today the 21st of March at 2:30 pm PST/SLT, at the MiC - Museums of Rome Capital. The display in Second Life is one aspect of the exhibit, the same images can also be seen at the Museum of Villa Torlonia in Rome. The notice I received about the exhibit contained a link to pictures of the first life exhibit. It was interesting to view both and compare.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opening of "Refractions & Reflections" at Praka Today

The opening of "Refractions & Reflections" at Praka is today, the 19th of March. The exhibition features the work of Dulcis Taurog. The event begins at 6 pm PDT/SLT with a reception hosted by curator Morgana Nagroski. The invitation I received told me that her photographs are more like paintings and that she uses; "the Build tool to make objects in SL, then twists them around, colours them, and plays with the sky effects to shade and alter colors, and the water effects to refract and reflect the images".

La Performance New Show “Romance” Opens on the 20th of March

On Sunday the 20th of March, the dance troupe la performance will present their latest show, the modern ballet "Romance". The premier begins at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT and will be held at their regular venue. The troupe is led by Jie Loon, who does the choreography and is the production leader. She had told me that they are planning seven performances of "Romance".

We'd spoken a few weeks ago, when she'd taken a few minutes away from rehearsals to chat with me.

Nazz: The rehearsals are going well I hope?

Jie: Hello Hello! We are rehearsing new show 'ROMANCE' since Dec now ... and fixed today the date of premiere, Sunday March 20th. Yeah, the rehearsals are going well. We have some new dancers … very brave and skillful. It will be a challenge, because we will try to limit time between the dances to 20 seconds or so.

Nazz: How many routines?

Jie: Nine dances in this show and all in all sixteen dancers on stage. Well seven dances officially and then one Goodbye and one surprise in the end.

Nazz: One surprise?

Jie: This will be Imagine … John Lennon. I fell about the lyrics ... without know what it is ... you know ... everybody does know this song, but if you ask after lyrics in detail ... difficult … I MUST have it in show, but it's a challenge to dance it ... to transport the mood. I found a live version together with Yoko Ono, she is on piano too.

Nazz: That would be an extra-ordinary finish.

Jie: Yeah, and one of the 'highlights' will be 'Bad Romance' - Lady GAGA. Which gave the title of this show ... 'ROMANCE'.

Nazz: What's the schedule of performances?

Jie: On these dates; 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24 with the last on 5/1.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Return of CHUCKMATRIX Clip

A surprise awaited my arrival in-world two days ago, it was a friendship offer from CHUCKMATRIX Clip. He'd been away from Second Life for roughly a year now. We'd met in December of 2009 when he'd held a huge celebration at CMC Designs and I'd seen his works on exhibit in several other venues. He is best known for highly detailed sculptures, which can be either static or scripted along with paintings. We chatted briefly in IM and as it turned out, we'd missed connecting at the Pirats – Omega Gallery opening where he is one of the featured artists. He told me that he'd been busily re-connecting with people and he'd passed along a notecard with links to his gallery and to other venues where his works can be seen. 

Here's the list:

Thursday 3/17/11 @ 3 pm SLT - Galeria Mexico

Sunday 3/20/11 @ 4:00pm SLT - The AHO Museum

On Display until April: Gallery of Mystic Dreams

On Display until June: Loveli Art Gallery

Ongoing Exhibition: Esoterica Mills Art District

It does look like he'd hit the ground running upon his return. Good to have you back.

Galerie LIBxxx Art Network Opening Today the 17th of March

I received a notice announcing the opening of "GALERIE LIBxxx Art Network" and as I scanned the list of who was exhibiting, I decided to pop in for a brief look around. The opening is scheduled for today, the 17th of March at 1:30 pm PST/SLT. Beside the art, the festivities include a musical performance by Lisa Brune. The artists exhibiting include; Aneli Abeyante, Anley Piers, Cherry Manga, Elie Maurice, JadeYu Fhang, myopator Fride, Oona Eiren, tshirtkikill Straaf, typote Beck and Vroum Short.

Nearest the landing point is the work of JadeYu Fhang, who as it turns out is also the organizer for the exhibit. She was busily setting up and we only chatted briefly while she paused to answer a few questions.

Nazz Lane: A nice list of artists … Congrats! You organized the exhibition?

JadeYu Fhang: Yes, it's my sim and I open this gallery for artists.

Nazz Lane: "I have a dream", is the inspiration for the exhibit?

JadeYu Fhang: Yes, but I have other dreams. I have a dream is for the sim.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on IDIA Lab's New Flickr Gettr March 14th Launch

I wrote a post yesterday that appeared here in Lane’s List about today’s opening of IDIA’s Flickr Gettr. In the conversation I had with Mencius Watts yesterday evening, he’d mentioned that there was to have been a video released as well today, created by Draxtor Depres. I’m pleased to let you know that I’ve just received word and a link from Drax via e-mail that the video, “The Drax Files on Art & Design Episode #1 -- Flickr Gettr” has just been posted on YouTube. The video is done in Mr. Depres’s inimitable style and adds context and dimension to what one will see and experience when they visit the site in Second Life.


Metaverse Music Expo Announced for April and to be Held in Second Life

The Metaverse Music Expo group in Second Life,  (aka  Metaverse Live Music Expo) announced that they have scheduled an exposition that will, "honor and celebrate live musicians in second life".  The all volunteer group, which had formed in January of this year, in the announcement stated that, "The four day community event was created to honor and celebrate live musicians in second life". The expo is scheduled to run from the 23rd of April through the 25th and will be held in several locations in Second Life. More information on the event, the group and Second Life locations can be found at the Metaverse Music Expo group web site. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

IDIA Lab's New Flickr Gettr Launches on March 14th

While in world this evening I received a message from Mencius Watts (aka John Fillwalk) who informed me that the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA) will launch the new "Flickr Gettr" on Monday the 14th of March. He described the new iteration as a "shared and mobile virtual world mashup artwork."  Mr. Watts is an Associate Professor of Art, the College of Fine Arts, at Ball State University.   We had met nearly two years ago, when he and other Second Life artists had participated via a Second Life venue provided by Filthy Fluno, in the Boston Cyberarts Festival in 2008. I'd interviewed him shortly after that and we had met at the “Flickr Gettr v5 for NMC Aho Museum” in Second Life.

While the SIM isn't currently open to the public, not until the opening on Monday, he'd given me a link to pictures on Flickr. The opening isn't going to be a formal one, but it will definitely be worth the visit to see how; "IDIA Labs Flickr Gettr connects the social image repository of Flickr to virtual worlds ".

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Return of the DynaFleur

Inside DynaFleur - December 2008

The invitation from Douglas Story came via Facebook, where he announced "The Return of the DynaFleur"  and an event to celebrate the return. Festivities begin at 12:30 pm PST/SLT and will hosted at the StellaNova region in Second Life.

The Return of the DynaFleur

Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield with Dizzy Banjo

"After an absence of many months, the beloved and popular DynaFleur has returned to Second Life, courtesy of the MICA group. "

The invitation sparked the memory of a visit and I searched my inventory in Second Life and the hard drive of my computer for pictures. This was the only one I could find, the file information suggested that it was taken in December of 2008. 

Josina Burgess Exhibit at Library Art Gallery

The exhibit opened on Friday, the 11th of March. First life activities prevented me from being here for the opening, however I stopped by early the following day @ Info Island. I've had the honor of knowing Josi for several years, plus having seen her work many times, and in collaborating with her on the Metaverse Art books along with Vela. 

An artist in both her first and second lives,  Ms Burgess tells us that at the exhibit, "You can see RL paintings with a SL twist:) also some sculptures  outside on the grass and one to take home with you."

Stop by, you will be pleased that you did so.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Original English Poems a Live Reading in Second Life

On Friday, the 11th of March, Morgue McMillan will be reading her "Original English" poems at the MuenchenSl sim. The event begins at 12:15 pm PST/SLT. In her invitation, Ms McMillan advises that, "The event will be in voice. As it is a Homestead sim, access will be limited (that is due to LL policies and I am sorry for this, hope you can all get in), so if you want to attend, please, make sure you come in early."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Conversation with Millay Freschi of Four Bridges in Second Life

By the time I’d opened a blank word document and typed in the title and by line, I’d fondly recalled when and where I had first met Millay Freschi. I'd written a piece on the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Festival in Second Life for the SL Newspaper in November of 2008. The festival had been a huge success and at the time, it was one of the largest to have occurred in Second Life. It had been while doing research on the people and groups involved, that we’d met when I had introduced myself to Ms Freschi. She was at that time working with Amnesty International-E, a Second Life group, and she was involved in the planning for the event to occur at the groups location. We'd stayed in contact after the festival and it was a few months later that I'd learned that the plans for Four Bridges (4B) had progressed and were being actualized.

Since the inception, the mission of 4B is; “A virtual sustainable global community model founded on the four principles of respect for nature, universal human rights, economic and social justice, and a culture of peace. “ The 4B complex in Second Life now comprises four sims and is the home to fifteen groups that include; Amnesty International-E , Second Pride, Imagine Network, Veterans For Peace, ASERELA Maine, Peace Train, Coalition of Women For Peace, RAWA, Social Justice, Another Place, BORDC, Stop Violence Against Women, War Child SL, U2inSL, and CEPACET.  Besides being home to these organizations, the 4B complex also plays host to many events and the organizations, share the resources, including; space, venues, media, technology, as well as “knowledge and skills”.

We met at her office recently for a chat. When I arrived after I’d accepted the teleport request, she invited me to have a seat. We exchanged pleasantries and caught up briefly, while the site rezzed for me and then began the interview.

Nazz: How long has 4B been in operations now?

Millay: Two years … in December.

Nazz: So right around the time of the universal rights festival.

Millay Freschi: Yes, that's an important month … and we then we started a rebuild this last December.

Nazz: How far along are you on the re-design?

Millay: It will never be finished … people will come and add things, is our hope. Trill really is the guiding force there. She has done a good bit of the work and Siri (Vita) is going in and adding bits of her magic touch. I know that once Trill lays the foundation, the rest will just take off. It's been a process because it was a big change for a lot of people.

Nazz: How many of the organizations represented here are also real life organizations?

Millay: Well we have ten real life organizations and then a few that are strictly Second Life.

Nazz: And the mission and vision, they are still the same as when we first talked about it?

Millay: Yes, it's good that we started with a flexible mission. We've needed that flexibility.

Nazz: Second Life is flexible if nothing else. Is it not?

Millay: Absolutely and I think flexibility is a key component of any organizations ability to move forward ... especially in these uncertain times.

Nazz: Is 4b is a registered nonprofit?

Millay: No, we haven't incorporated, or decided on a status for ourselves. I think it was more of an issue before the price changes. We've been a part of an educational venture up to this point. The rate plans changing actually worked in our benefit.

Nazz: How so?

Millay: There was no clear reason why we should do anything to our status except the tier pricing. It nearly forced a decision that I don't think would have served our mission. One thing that I’ve counted on with 4B is our ability to evolve … to allow creativity be the guide instead of structure. We have to think outside of our structures to find answers to the issues that confront us and we aren't about our presence here ... or a corporate future. We're about changing the world.

Nazz: So the structures that are represented in an NGO or in a typical nonprofit ... being hierarchical in nature?

Millay: All of them ... any of them pick a structure ... any structure. They're all boxes. Anything defined is limited by that definition. This gives us the opportunity to work on a number of different levels, all of them relative to our mission.

Nazz: So then the flexibility and fluidity of a virtual environment allows for a flattened structure that operates more effectively?

Millay Freschi: Exactly because nothing is really flat when you're talking about issues that affect us all in both lives. Whatever world we're working in, having that flexibility is important  ... especially when things can change so dramatically.

Nazz: So when something arises … and I recall the happenings in Iran not too long ago ... the organizations and people that are part of 4B, begin to coalesce around the issue and then the natural leaders emerge to set the direction with consensus?

Millay Freschi: Yes. That’s the really cool part about 4B … because we don't have a structure, people decide on the issues that are important to them. They pick up the lead on the projects and because they're so passionate about the issues, create really dynamic events that cross over lines. Adding music and art is a great way to engage the general community, not just the community already devoted to these issues.  We're able to reach across the lines and touch people that might not have been touched. The more dynamic the presentation, the more awareness we raise. It's allowing that creativity that makes it possible.

Nazz: There are perhaps some critics who would characterize that as being anarchical, how would you respond to that?

Millay: Shall i get my anarchist t-shirt out? I hate that some words have connotations that lead to something ... distant. Anarchy became a bad word in a lot of circles … I'm not fighting against anything. I work with hope … I'm all about believing in the power of people to affect the changes that we're going to need ... that we need right now. I think that creativity is the only thing that might save us and I think that taking advantage of this opportunity to speak to each other from all over the world and talk about and learn about our cultures is incredible ... I’m not passing that up. If that makes me an anarchist, well then I’ll go with that.

Nazz: I would prefer to think of it as taking a creative approach, given the dynamics of life virtual and real.

Millay: Yes ... me too. But some would call that anarchy. I just don't think we have to put titles on things … not sure it's a good idea to do that … and we do that all over the place.

Nazz: Let’s talk about Millay for a bit ... why did you chose that name, is there any significance?

Millay: Edna (St Vincent Millay) is one of my heroes. I've been Millay since I stepped into my first virtual world in 1993.

Nazz: An oldbie then.

Millay: I’ve been around a pixel or ten.

Nazz: How'd you happen into Second Life ... or was it planned?

Millay: Oh absolutely NOT planned. After Virtual Places closed in 2001, I wandered around looking for something else ... something that gave me that sense of community … I didn't find anything. Then in 2007 ... October 11th my rezz day, I was in a physics program at the university … wicked busy. My sister sent me the link and said oh you have to try this place! So I downloaded and rezzed and my first statement in-world was; "I can never come in here again while I’m in school". I knew I would be addicted … and I was. So I figured I best figure out a way to turn this into my studies … perfect place to learn and teach physics. Then I got involved with amnesty through a friend in here and the rest ... as they say is ... herstory. I switched to peace studies a couple of semesters later. It was a really good move for me. Although i still intend to study physics ... just not formally.

Nazz: A memorable moment in Second Life, is there one that stands out more than any other?

Millay: hmmmm … There have been so many ... it's hard to pick just one. But if I were to answer honestly, I’d have to say that it was the first month i was in here. I went to a U2inSL concert … was just a noob … and Bono danced with me. U2inSL is now housed on 4B. You know, this place must be a little shocking with the changes since the last time you were here.

Nazz: I’d popped in a few months back to meet with Trill (Zapatero) … and the Garden for change is still a favorite of mine … I’m partial to gardens in both lives.

Millay Freschi: Trill has done such amazing things here. She just put the vision in pixels like an expert. Yes ... I love the garden for change! And i love that they're next door!

Nazz: Has the VW educational community shown any interest or involvement in 4B?

Millay: Well not really ... I mean of course the University of Maine has because I’ve used this as my independent study and the peace department has been really supportive. Many have sent students here for grad research and there is one professor that brings his students through each semester to maybe work with an organization on a particular project.  The lack of structure I think is a scary thing for many though and perhaps many just don't know how they might use the resource. We're getting better about that now that we've had some trial runs. This is the first semester that we've brought a group of students in directly to 4B.

Nazz: How about the use of other VW's … Like InWorldz or Opensim, have you explored how to utilize other VW’s with the 4B mission?

Millay: Oh yes … we have a presence in many of them already … Spoton3d, InWorldz, Opensim. We're looking into purchasing a couple of sims in Opensim as well. We want the second life sims to be our door into the community. This is where the people that we need to reach will be, but we can certainly utilize the resources in other virtual worlds for things that aren't so community oriented. We can do classes elsewhere and that sort of thing.

Nazz: Looking out into the next year or two ... how do you see things evolving for 4B?

Millay: Whew … a year or two, that's forever in pixelated time.

Nazz: A shorter time frame then, 6 months to a year from now?

Millay: My hope is that it really becomes a true community project. Not just the 4B organizations but the whole of the Second Life community. I hope that people will come and leave their bits of hope and take some away with them. Being practical, I want to do a lot more with education. We're bringing a couple of university students in to work on projects. I like the collaboration with the social justice issues. My original goal in Second Life was/is to create an international school where people can come together and teach and learn from each other skills that they can use in their own communities … water collection and distribution …  solar panel making and maintenance, college prep courses, kitchen gardening, forgiveness, conflict resolution, mediation, yoga … the list goes on and on. I credit those that stick with the community and my seeming lack of leadership, but this is an experiment and I am a community member just like the rest. I don't know where we're going or even if we'll make it through six months under this new tier. But I do know that i couldn't have handpicked a better group of people to stand with and raise our voices for change … I’m proud of my association with all of them.

Nazz: Spoken like a true leader.

Millay: Accidental leader

Nazz: Most are … and often the really good ones who rise to the occasion... any closing thoughts you'd like to share?

Millay: hmmm....  well, I do want to say thank you to a couple of people if I can. Trill, Siri, Medora and juni ... they've been incredibly supportive of this. I know it sounds really clich├ęd and I’m backspacing half of what i write … but they've been the ones that no matter what show up … even when I make terrible mistakes or come close to it even when they don't get me ... they come back. This community is like that … family i guess … and I know there are more that I’m missing but those four have been with me from the beginning of some really difficult processes … Coyote and Mike are new to that circle relatively speaking and just as valuable … maybe I shouldn't start mentioning people, we'll be here all night.

UTSA Art Award Celebration Today

I received a notecard invitation from Sapphoria Shilova when I arrived in-world this afternoon, an announcement that there was to be a "UTSA Art Award Celebration" beginning in a few minutes. Ms Shilova is the in-world PR Director for the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). The invitation follows:

"We invite you to join us in celebrating the UTSA Awardees who were selected from amongst many entries at the University of Australia's monthly art competition. Our winners are: for the month of November (Awardee: Trill Zapatero), December (Awardee: Tani Thor), January (Awardee: Fiona Blaylock), and February (Awardee: Jimmy Debruyere).

Today we celebrate! Come see these amazing works of art and meet the artists. Enjoy a little fine wine, great company and conversation; then enjoy a dance or two to the smooth jazz of the SaxMan, Trowzer Boa."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Exhibition at Steamlife Gallery

The notice about the opening had come through via the Second Culture group on Sunday and I saved the landmark with the intention of stopping in for a peek later. Well, I didn’t quite make it on Sunday, but did the today. Steamlife is a small gallery and is featuring the work of Fiona Leitner on the first floor plus the photography of Texanna Schumann on the second. I am familiar with Ms Schumann's photography and admire her work for the composition and colors she portrays in her photographs. I was also pleased to see Ms Leitner's work for the first time. Her abstracts are interesting in perspective and in use of color. As an added bonus, the gallery owner Life Charron presents her "Circle of Dreams", a set of four pictures, black and white, with sound. The images are of photographs taken by Ms Charron with a musical contribution by Andrex Melnik. 

Who the Hell Is …

She is many things, or was. I am uncertain on how to word it, either as past or present. I don't know. What I can say is that she was a friend. I'm certain of that, as our friendship was real and it is in the past. We'd parted ways more than three years ago and we'd barely spoken to one another, perhaps a handful or less of times since. Now her Second Life account is closed and she doesn't show up in search anymore. Her store is gone, it does show up in search but the destination is no longer available. I did a search on one of her alt's and yes, the alt account is still active, but the alt wasn't her nor was she the alt. In an attempt to find out what happened, I'd spoken to several mutual friends over the last few weeks to see if they had any knowledge of what had happened. None seemed to have had a clue and only one had attempted to find out. He called a phone number he had for her, but the calls were unanswered and left messages unreturned. I did a Google search on her name and thought perhaps one of the fashion blogs had written about her departure. I found none, only a few old articles and old forum posts.

"Who the Hell is", is/was the group tag she'd often worn, although I'd seen her wear others but infrequently. When I first saw it I admittedly became intrigued and realized after a few short exchanges that it was in connotation to Ayn Rand's character John Galt from the novel "Atlas Shrugged". She really did view herself in that way, and it depended upon which side of her wrath you were, as to whether you felt it true, or that she simply didn't grasp the subtlety of Ms Rand's objectivism. In one of our earliest conversations, she provided me some insight on her entry into Second Life. She came in with nothing, not much preconception of what it was like or what she could actually do. She had some experience as a seamstress in real life and a desire to learn how to design virtual clothing. Learn she did and it was for the most part self-taught. Over the course of time she'd even experienced a considerable amount of success in Second Life and derived her primary source of income from her sales. As success is wont to do, it fueled a desire to continue its pursuit and she did with investments and visions of her virtual creations being sold in real life. She did believe in her natural ability for the most part and that if she applied herself she could overcome anything. She knew only one direction, straight ahead and one speed, full, but she was also subject to a nagging self-doubt, and that it seemed was more evident as the fuel for her actions.

During the time when we were friends, I received a well rounded education on Second Life and in how to operate a business here. I also developed my sense of style and an appreciation for finely created virtual apparel. Afterward I remained an admirer of hers for what she had been able to accomplish. There are times when I regret what had happened to our friendship and other times not. It is part of life, both virtual and real, that there are beginnings and endings and so it was with us.

I don't know what happened that she left but didn't want her departure to go without mention. I don't know if she'll ever read or even hear of this post, but I'd decided to  provide an imagined response.

Simone Stern rolls her eyes and utters a few choice words before she returns to work on her latest design.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The London School of Journalism is leaving Second Life in Mid-March

I received the announcement late on Sunday evening, shortly before I logged out for the evening. It was somewhat of a surprise when I read the group notice from Jilly Kidd, but not totally. I think we all have seen or heard of institutions packing up and leaving their experimentation with being virtual behind. The London School of Journalism (LSJ), has had a presence in Second Life for just over two years now. When it was established, Jilly Kidd had invited me to take part in the environment, where I hosted information about Lane's List and my in progress novel at the space station high above the SIM.  Ms. Kidd had been the estate manager and also ran the group.

Her group notice simply stated; "We're sorry to say the LSJ is leaving Second Life in mid-March. Do pop over to enjoy this lovely island in the final weeks and to enjoy what the LSJ has been doing here. We're grateful for the space the LSJ has provided for writers and for writing events. You can find their website, landmarks and other info on the notecard. The LSJ teaches writing in a variety of forms as well as journalism and has a great free contest on the website every month, so stay in touch."

While no specific date of departure was given, the notice concluded with, "Events will continue on Cookie Island." 

Pirats Opening Today at La Manufacture Art Gallery

Opening today, March the 1st is a new exhibit at Pirats La Manufacture Art Gallery.


Laetitia C. , Anley Piers in SL
Florian Giret, Florian Gericault in SL
Jean-Pierre Deblonde, jean Coeur in SL
Layachi Hamidouche, Layachi Ihnen in SL
Steff Para, tshirtkikill Straaf in SL