Friday, January 29, 2010

Avatar Social Network Holds a Contest to Select a Mr. and Miss MOOLTO

Persia Bravin Announcing the Opening of the Semi-final Event

The contest to select the 'faces' of MOOLTO, a social network for Avatars has entered its final stretch this week. With anticipation high, the 20 semi-finalists and the nearly six thousand members of the network wait for the official announcement that will tell us the selection of the ten finalists. That announcement is expected to come this Friday, January 29th. The contest is the social networks first official one and as the rapidly growing network bills itself, MOOLTO "provides members the opportunity to talk about their second lives", and is in search of a male and a female resident to become the community's public face. While the contests stated objective is to choose the male and female 'face', contest information on the MOOLTO site tells the reader: "We are seeking more than looks alone. The winners will have to be professional, confident, charming and able to commit to attending events and parties on behalf of This is an ambassador role, not only a modeling assignment".

My role in the contest began a few weeks earlier, when contacted by Persia Bravin who asked me to be a Judge for the semi final event on the 23rd. I readily agreed after confirming my availability, having been to several events on the MOOLTO SIM, I'd enjoyed my visits there. A few days before the event, I received the Judge's notecard, outlining the event activities and my role as a Judge; time of arrival, a set of prepared questions for the first round and instructions to prepare two questions of my own for the second round. The contestants had been provided copies of the first round question in order to prepare their response. The second set of questions, which only the judges knew ahead of time to "test the confidence of the contestants." A sample scorecard was included for both rounds of questioning, the scoring was simple, rate the contestants on a scale of one to ten, with the latter being 'Best'. The notecard also told me that the judge's scores would account for 70% of the total score for each individual, the remaining 30% from a direct vote by MOOLTO members on the site.

The event, hosted by Persia Bravin began with this announcement in text and in voice (streamed):

"Welcome everyone to the semi finals of the Mr. and Miss Moolto 2010 contest. This competition has attracted a lot of attention with over 250 SL residents applying to become the face and spokesperson for's fastest growing social network and over 500 Moolto members following the group. This not just a beauty contest- but a search for one outstanding male and female avatar to represent Moolto at events, exclusive parties across Second Life.The faces of Moolto will be public figures representing Moolto and its 6000 members. We ask the audience and judges to consider personality and professional attitudes when evaluating their favorites.

Today's event will decide which 5 male and female contestants reach the finals and after the judging section is over-you are all invited to stay here to party Moolto style!"

Then the event sponsors were announced, each of the judges introduced and the first couple, Miss Mina Pelazzi and Mr. Travis Madrigal, took center stage. I was also first in the queue, as Ms Bravin called out for me to ask the first question of the contest to Mina.

Nazz Lane: Mina ... What personal qualities could you bring to Moolto?

Mina Pelazzi: Moolto is an exclusive platform that people can communicate well. There are good opportunities for mutual works. I'll take my place in this with my skills and qualities. I am especially good in human relations. I always approach people friendly and like to help them. Being trustworthy is really important for me. My stability, determination, patience, my RL and SL skills and the way that I use them properly is what I can bring to Moolto.

Nazz Lane: Travis ... Most people use SL to escape the pressures of RL work. How will you cope with attending meetings and events in SL for Moolto?

Travis Madrigal: I love to attend meetings and events in Second Life. Second Life allows me to do things I am not able to do in real life. Things associated with other things I enjoy bring me pleasure. I enjoy Second Life and what it has to offer.

As the questioning of contestants continued by the remaining judges, I noted my evaluation score for each of the participants through the first round. With round one complete, a short break occurred and round two commenced as Ms Bravin once again asked me to type my personal questions into the chat log for Mina and Travis.

Nazz Lane: Mina ... If you could relate your experiences in SL to a Shakespeare Play which would it be and why?

Mina Pelazzi: To be or not to be, because I will be successful or not ... I will get true my dreams or not … I will do my best or not be in SL.

Nazz Lane: Travis … if you could relate your second life to that of a mythical character who would that be and why?

Travis Madrigal: I would be Thor … Thor was a strong leader, brave, and go-getter.

Once again, I noted my scores for the round and after the completion pasted them into separate notecards and dropped them into the inventory window of Maxes Loon, CEO of MOOLTO. Overall, I thought the event well organized and executed and each of the contestants did well. I could imagine them behind the keyboard somewhat nervous. I thoroughly enjoyed having had the opportunity to be a Judge, thank you Maxes and Persia for asking me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Author Arlene Radasky to Appear at Netera's Coffee Shop in Second Life

I became acquainted with Netera Landar and her weekly reading series at her coffee shop. This week Thursday at 5 pm PST/SLT, Arlene Radasky author of "The Fox," will be the guest. For more information on Ms Radasky, stop in at the coffee shop. There is a notecard giver in front and free donuts on the counter top inside.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second Life Residents Pull Together to Help Musician Cypress Rosewood

The following came to me by way of friend Truelie Telling. If you’ve ever heard and enjoyed the performances of Cypress Rosewood, now is a good time to both thank him and help him out:

For an electronic musician, instruments and computers are as important as food and water, so when one of SL's most influential and unique musicians has his stolen, it hurts! Just ask Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber RL), whose guitars and computers were stolen on Sunday. Including an irreplaceable, like his Grandfather's 1935 circa ... Kay Kraft Instruments Acoustic Guitar he’s had since he was12 years old. The emotional and financial support of his friends and fans can make a huge difference. One way you could help is by purchasing music for yourself or as a gift directly from Cypress at Tony Gerber Music or by coming to some events that his friends in SL have arranged -- and invite all your friends, too.

Pooky Amsterdam is having a fundraiser for Cypress at The 1st Question Jan 26th at 7pm. PST

Cellandra Zon is having a fundraiser for Cypress by performing 'Time' Wed the 28th at 7pm at The Pocket, followed by a set from cypress' friend Truelie Telling.

Contact either Delinda Dyrssen or Truelie Telling for further information or to help out.

Friday, January 22, 2010

“Beautiful” a Modern Ballet Presented by La Performance

The lights dimmed and music began to play as the avatar dancers of La Performance took the stage last month in Second Life. "Beautiful" presented by the troupe began and they held the assembled audience's attention for the next hour as the modern ballet in free movement and free synch played out to a musical score that included; Queen, Zucchero, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Weekly performances had begun in early November with the last one having occurred on December 20th. All have taken place on stage built for the show, parked in the virtual sky over the land of The Globe, Shakespeare Theatre and sponsored by sLiterary. This is the fourth show presented by the La Performance troupe since May of 2009.

I had the opportunity to meet with the troupe's choreographer, Jie Loon shortly before that Sunday performance. We met at the venue and chatted while she gave me a tour which included a stop back stage.

Nazz: I see we're in the sky above the Shakespeare Theater, are you associated with Ina Centaur?

Jie: Ina is a good friend and kind of sponsor if you want. She let me over her land ... because she likes what we do.

Nazz: She is a good friend and is most supportive of the arts in second life.

Jie: Yeah … for God's sake, I had six different locations before I came here. Perhaps you know EddereDe Laval he brought me here. So this is my seventh or eighth stage I have done … please come down to the seats.

Nazz: I've heard the name. You're a builder as well?

Jie: I needed a stage, so I had to learn how to … down there is the dance floor. You see the stripes on floor … that's for orientation for dancers and basis of choreography. The dance floor is on another SIM.

Nazz: How many performers are on the stage at one time?

Jie: In this show, it depends on the dance … three, five, six or twelve dancers max on stage. The most difficult dance is that with three dancers.

Nazz: Why is that?

Jie: We dance free and elevate our skills, so we have different skills … experienced dancers do it about two years now and we elevate from show to show. As you can imagine choreography depends on skills of dancers. I can only do … what is possible to dance.

Nazz: Do the dancers created their own animations?

Jie: No, all animations we use are bought in second life. I'm not a programmer and it needs much too much time to create animations. In the coming show we have a dance where I use ten different animations. No, there is a song … I have changed because of rhythm and mood … then I look for animations that might fit to this … difficult, rhythm and mood … then I map music and try to cut animations according to music. Then I try to imagine ... an idea … of the dance … then I analyze animations of possibilities to move in. That's very urgent in this and then I try to do animations … but must know ... who will dance. So I need cast before and then I try to find a set of stage ... fitting and costumes that fit to kind of move and mood of dance and then it would be nice if all dances fit together to a show.

Nazz: Who picks the music, you?

Jie: I'm working on coming show now … first is music and all must fit together in a way … highlights and lowlights up to a finale.

Nazz: The music for the current performance is quite diverse. Can you tell me why you chose the Elvis song 'Such A Night'?

Jie: This is a quick … and good rhythms … good to dance. I hope to found a nice choreo … and not too difficult for new dancers … we are twelve in this. By the way, I wanted to use parasols in this but was too difficult … the new cannot do it but we have very skilful new dancers … danced or dancing in Pixelle Ballet. I danced there myself two productions … I danced in windows and nuts.

Nazz: When will the new show open?

Jie: I hope to open next in March or April. But depends on rehearsals I want to start rehearsals in second part of January, until then I must have all finished.

Nazz: You've performed on stage in real life?

Jie: No, I'm interested in … know how to dance. I like theatre, opera too and have knowledge if you want … behind the curtain.

Nazz: That's the knowledge you're bringing into second life?

Jie: I don't want to copy real life here, Inarra of Pixelle ballet does ... to transfer the classical moves and try to dance classical ballet with them. That's not my way.

Nazz: So you're trying to create something totally unique to virtual worlds then?

Jie: When I came to second life, I saw an article in a newspaper … I found very different and cool skills of residents here … magic's, mermaids, combating warriors, dancers, shape shifters, and my first thought was ... to get skills of Second Life onto stage. I tried to find friends ... but at last none who really liked his or her skills wanted to produce on stage. I had projected my fist show as a mix or dance, combat with dragon and mermaids dance, but two weeks before start of my first show ... I was reduced to that I really did myself ... show dance and that was it then. I created a system to use given animation's in free synch and I am elevating it step by step since.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art & Art Annouces a Photo Competition

Artist and gallery owner Marva Mayo passed along the following information:

A New Year at  " Art & Art " and we’ve resumed events !!

At the Maryva Mayo Art Gallery, the first event is: Art & Art : Photo Competition  ---- This will be a judged contest.

Maryva Mayo has announced that from 23 January to 13 February there is to be a large photo competition with the winners,  to be named on Sunday, February 24, 2010.

The theme, of the competition is: " If you could choose .. where you would like to live .. in SL? "

All SL residents are invited to participate for free in this competition, which will culminate in an photo works exhibition on Bangu, at the Maryva Mayo Art Gallery. From the 1st February, the photos will be exhibited to the public in the gallery until 24 February.


The rules:

- Each participant can produce only one shot.

- Make a photo full-perm and send it, to Maryva Mayo,  in a notecard. ( See the example of the notecard below)

- The name of the note, should be :  Art & Art -   Photo Competition - Avatar name

- Sends also a landmark or slurl,  where you have made this photo.

- Please send us a photo with the maximum size of 1024x1024.

- Please do NOT edit images.

- No export, and or import, of the photo, or retouch it with programs.

- All photographs must be received by February 13 midnight SLT. After this date, the images will not be accepted.

- If you do not receive,  a IM of confirmation, after sending the note,  this means that the photo have not been received.

Will be a panel, with the names of the judges, and with the number  of votes determining the first, second and third place entries.

At 1pm SLT on Sunday, February 24, 2010  the panel, with the winners, will be exposed. The winners, if not presents at the awards ceremony, will receive a note, and then they should contact Maryva Mayo, to collect the prize.


1st  place: 5000 L$ and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

2nd place: 3000 L$ and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

3rd place: 1500 L& and one month of exposure, for sale, in the Maryva Mayo Gallery

If there are spontaneous donations, premiums will increase.

Have fun by journeys , we look forward of your photos !

Thanks for your time :) and please, feel free to pass this notecard along to your friends too. 

Maryva Mayo


example of notecard


Art & Art -   Photo Competition - Xxxxxx   Yyyyyyyy

Title :

Landmark or Slurl, of place photographed

"The Beauty Of It All" - An Exhibit of Recent Works by Special Jewell

The Chilbo Museum is hosting an exhibition of recent works by Special Jewell. The exhibit, “The Beauty Of It All” opens today on January 21st and will run through April 30th. On exhibit are fourteen photographs, all taken in Second Life. As Ms Jewell states in a biography notecard available at the museum, her passion “is to create strong works of fine art through this medium”. With an education in the fine arts and  with a BFA in Jewelry and Metal, Special “has won numerous contests and has shown her work in exclusive gallery shows throughout Second Life”. My favorite was a piece titled, “Little Bridge”. The colors and shading captured my eye and I was drawn into the photographic scene of a wooden bridge over a gulley which led a small cabin set in amongst a stand of trees. A darkening sky suggests evening and in the foreground flowers suggests a walk through a meadow, perhaps on the way home after an evenings stroll. I highly recommend stopping by for a view of her “en plein air” photographs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exhibition Opening at Virtual Treeline on Thursday

I received the invitation from Juanita Deharo when I arrived in world this morning. The exhibit opens at 2 pm PST/SLT on Thursday, the 21st at the Virtual Treeline Sky Gallery and Virtual Treeline. This is the second exhibit hosted there by Ms Deharo. In this exhibition the featured artists at ground level are Anyunie Daviau and Em Larsson. In the Sky gallery are pastels by Lynda Robinson, photographic images by Em Larsson and Jadyn Firehawk and 3D immersive environments by Araminta Kroitschov. Virtual Treeline is part of a larger real world Treeline project that aims to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues and encourage action through art. The work on show in at these galleries will be shown in real life galleries and schools and on the internet as well as in Second Life. We are interested in showing artworks, performances, science projects and any builds that relate to the Treeline project.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Naturally Nightfire" Exhibition Opening

I attended the opening of the “Naturally Nightfire” exhibit on Tuesday, January 19th, at Evolution on the Cassowarry SIM. Sabrinaa and Fuschia Nightfire presented new work with “a SL twist on nature”. The two, both well known artists who are not related by the way, showed their uniqueness with contrasting work. While Sabrinaa Nightfire “uses intensely saturated colors in the textures for her fantasy flowers and plants”, Fuschia Nightfire “blends her figures into the surrounding environment using subdued natural looking textures”. I had a chance to speak with each briefly at the opening.


Nazz: Hello Sabrinaa … The exhibit “Naturally Nightfire” ... How long is it going to run?


Sabrinaa: Thanks for coming, Nazz … a month.


Nazz: Is this the first time the Nightfire girls have collaborated?


Sabrinaa: Well, the first time we've done a show like this together. Fuschia has been in several of my shows and I was in her Illusions show.


Nazz: I recall seeing some of her work in your shows ... what do you say when people ask if you two are related?


Sabrinaa: Yes … that we are cousins, she lives in the UK and I live in Florida.


Nazz: Cousins separated by an ocean?


Sabrinaa: Yes, but we do have a lot in common in real life we both paint murals and we both create a variety of kinds of art here … clothes, sculpture, photos, big builds, etc.


Nazz: I’m enjoying the sculptures ... are they new creations?


Fuschia: Yes, my latest work.


Nazz: Sabrinaa says that this the first time you two had a joint exhibition … will we see more in the future?


Fuschia: I hope so! I have had work in some of Sabrinaa's group shows.


Nazz: She mentioned that and she's had pieces in one of your shows as well ... what do you say when people ask if you two are related?


Fuschia: People haven't asked me that, someone once asked me if she was my alt.



Giving Haiti a Second Life-Fundraiser by DVI and NY HealthScape

The following information came to me from Second Life resident ppmediadev Blinker:

Da Vinci Isle. NY HealthScape, Four Winds and Slevolution are organizing a fundraiser event for Haiti for Doctors without borders. We’d like to invite all artists, no matter what your discipline is, to join us in creating a list of events featuring all kinds and sorts of art.

For all info on these events, please do contact:
- ppmediadev Blinker (aka Phil) in-world by dropping him a notecard or by sending an e-mail to
- Panacea Luminos in-world by dropping her a notecard.


On Sunday, January 24th we'll have a live music event from 9am slt till 8pm slt. A special venue is being built for this, spread over two sims so we can accommodate up to 120 avatars. Several slots are still open, if you would like to join in and play a one hour gig, please do contact us asap.


From Monday, January 15th till Sunday, January 31th we organize a silent auction for art. If you would like to donate one of your works, please contact ppmediadev Blinker in-world. You'll need to send him a transferable version of your work, a texture to show on the auction boards and a bio/artist statement in notecard form.


Poets can participate by sending in one of their poems which then will be published in the SL book put together especially for this event. Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 22th, 10am SLT. The book will be offered for sale at the live music event on Sunday, and will also be for sale on several locations within the NY HealthScape/DVI-Community and at the hall where the silent auctions for art are held.

You may submit any poem, already written or especially written for this occasion, as long as it is written by you.

Fractal Diversity 2 Exhibition Ends Today With a Celebration

I received a notecard from good friend and organizer of the Fractal Diversity 2 exhibition, Serenity Questi that today is the last day for the exhibit. Her note told me that they're planning to go out with a party starting at 2 pm PST/SLT, with DJ Lytra Elytis spinning the tunes. This is the last chance to "check out this amazing body of work before it is scattered to the 4 winds of Second Life".

Fractal Diversity 2 is located at AI Gallery at Aptenodytes Forste.

Exhibition Opening DETROIT LIVES! // the exhibit

In an unusual twist, I attended a gallery opening on the 14th of January not as my avatar, but in real life. "DETROIT LIVES! // the exhibit", began that evening with a reception at 6 pm. It was hosted by the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) and held at the Ladybug Gallery and Studios, which is housed in the basement of the Whitdel Apartment building located in the Hubbard Farms district of Detroit. The exhibition included information on the project "Make Loveland" which is about the sale of hundreds of inches of Detroit land, along with works by a Detroit photographer, a musical performance, and the official screening for the short film "The Farmer and the Philosopher".

I arrived shortly after the doors opened, and ventured into the 1500 square foot gallery with my first stop a visit with exhibitor Jerry Paffendorf. I'd looked forward to seeing and talking with him once again. It had been several months ago that we'd become acquainted when I'd discovered through reading one of my RSS feed's that he'd begun a project in my hometown. By way of background, Jerry is an artist, entrepreneur, formerly the Chief Futurologist at Electric Sheep and all around swell guy". We had exchanged e-mail introductions and met twice this past summer while Jerry initiated the project which soon became known as "Make Loveland". He was putting the finishing touches to his display and we chatted only briefly while he did.

Before exploring the remaining space, I found and introduced myself to Aaron Timlin, Executive Director of CAID. As it turned out we had a mutual friend, artist Banrion Constantine from Second Life. Banrion and I had met just recently when I found out we both lived in the Detroit area. Aaron and I spoke about Second Life, he doesn't have an account by the way, about CAID, the restoration of the apartment building as a residence for artists and the gallery's history. Along with the gallery, the institute is active in the local community conducting art classes for local residents.

I next stopped to view the photographs of Vanessa Miller titled, "People Making it Happen in Detroit". The assemblage of photographs are portrait's of people under "30", who live and work in Detroit and are making a positive impact. Admittedly it was an eye opener for me, as I viewed the photographs and read the accompanying short biographies where I discovered what these individual were doing and the impact they were having.

After viewing the photo's I noticed that the crowd of patrons had grown around where Jerry had his exhibit and wandered over to listen in while he explained Loveland as being, "creative new concepts in micro payments for micro ownership and use of land. It is building frameworks for many people to invest and participate in the creation of something where nothing was before, and to interact with places both in person and online in various unique ways". He also demonstrated his newly contrived Loveland "One Inch" deed dispenser and showed a model of the first Loveland colony, Plymouth to the dozen or so patrons assembled. Jerry had recently purchased a vacant lot in Detroit as a possible home for the Plymouth Colony and is working on plans to set up a solar powered web cam to stream what's going on at the site. While there I purchased six square inches becoming a resident of Plymouth. Lane's list will soon take up a virtual residence there and write about what's going on in Loveland.

With other commitments planned for the evening, I was only able to catch a short portion of the musical performance of Alan Scheurman who also contributed music to the film "The Farmer and the Philosopher". Mr. Scheurman performed several songs from his recent album "Old Patterns" as part of the exhibit. And I missed in its entirety the screening of the film and hope to catch a link for viewing it soon.

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I hope to do it again and soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Visit to Insilico’s PROTUS Outpost 15 on Mars

At the invitation of Chloe Mineff, I visited the PROTUS Outpost 15 on Mars this past week. Well it really wasn't on Mars, but builder Stark Osterham's creation at Insilico certainly leaves you with the impression of having been to the forth planet. Under the skilled hands of Mr. Osterham, who applied realistic details to both the outpost and surrounding Martian surface, has created a new setting for the highly popular cyberpunk role playing SIM. Insilco is a five SIM complex in Second Life and this new build is certain to be an additional draw for both cyberpunk role players and admirers of artistic builds.

PROTUS stands for "Polar Regions Operational Terraforming United Services" and in the 25th Century role play scenario, Outpost 15 is located at "Borealis Dunes North Polar Region, 60 degrees 14 minutes and 32 seconds north, 240 degrees 40 minutes and 28 seconds east" on the fourth planet from the sun. It is owned and operated by the Vander Air & Space Corporation and has accommodations for a crew of eight. With modifications its maximum capacity can be raised to forty and as a base for R & D it is replete with hydroponics, resource processing capability and the "Chloe Singularity". Below PROTUS and under the Martian surface is an elaborate set of mining tunnels. Access to the surface is controlled with safety locks and because of the differences between the earth and Martian atmosphere, visitors to the surface must wear a pressure suit.

Even If you're not into role play the installation is definitely worth seeing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Artists and Musicians in Second Life Helping to Raise Money for Haitian Aid

We've all been watching with dismay the horrific pictures and stories coming out of Haiti. In the last two days, I've received several notices from artists and musicians who are taking an active approach and are utilizing their skills to help raise money for the victims of the catastrophe that befell one of the world's poorest nations. I'll reprint them here as they come in. The first two are from good friend and fractal artists Serenity Questi:

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you're all aware of the recent tragedy in Haiti. As artists, we are very sensitive to the beauty in the world, and want to help when ugly things happen.

As Second Life Artists, there are several things we can do, some of which are listed here:

1) Of course, the main thing is to make donations to legitimate charitable organizations, and tell them you want these funds to go to Haiti. Here are some reputable organizations:

2) Designate Second Life Artists for Haiti days at your galleries. Notify your groups that profits from all art sales on those days will go to benefit one of the relief funds mentioned above. (I plan to do this several times.)

3) Hold an event at your gallery and have several artists participate, again, having all profits from sales go to the relief funds. (I'll be doing one of these, too.)

There are all sorts of creative things we all can do to help Haiti. I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

If you need any input on your Second Life Artists for Haiti event, please let me know! I plan to create promotional posters in the next few days. If you'd like to use them, please contact me.

Serenity Questi

The second note from Ms Questi:

Hi Everyone,

No doubt you all have heard about the recent tragedy in Haiti. I encourage you to do what you can to help the Haitian people at this time.

In an effort to help in some small way, I've decided to contribute all profits from my art sales on the following dates to Haitian relief via


January 17th and 18th

January 22nd and 23rd

January 30th and 31st


Drum Circle Gallery

Gallerie Lagiappe

Café Paris

Serenity Questi AI Gallery

Serenity Questi Coyote Gallery

Force Planet

Vertex Plaza


ZRM Gallery Roof Top Garden

ZRM Gallery Lawst Paradise

From Martine Lorefield:


My name is Martine Lorefield. I am a performer here in SL but also an American-Haitian who is looking for your help.

January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake hit the island of Haiti approx. 5pm EST time (2pm SLT), followed by 28 aftershocks leaving the Island in a huge dilemma. Haiti is known to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with eighty percent of Haiti's population living under the poverty line, according to the CIA World Fact book.

This disaster is the latest to befall the country of about 9 million people and because the city of Port Au Prince is densely populated and has poorly constructed housing, there will be a very high death toll.



Artists are very sensitive to the beauty in the world, and by nature they want to step up when ugly things happen. Second Life artists are no exception, and the have stepped up in record numbers. Below are just a FEW of the fundraising events that are to be held this month. Contact Maoriboi Mint for an updated schedule, as it is changing rapidly!

***FIrst of all, all the art displayed in the cave at Club Van Helsing between now and Thursday, January 21st is for sale, and the proceeds will go to the Yele Haiti Foundation. (More details below.)

Artists participating include: Serenity Questi, Figbash Snook, Eliza Quinzet, Maria Binder, Reflection Freenote, Sheba Blitz, Treacle Darlandes, Harli Magic, Xe Namiboo, and Trill Zapatero, and more are being added daily!

***SL Musicians are stepping up to the plate as well. On Sunday, January 17th, the following musicians will be performing live at Woodstock:

5 AM - 6 AM: Jana Kyomoon

6 AM - 6.30 AM: Fyrm Fouroux

7 AM - 8 AM: Lyn Carlberg

8 AM - 8.30 AM: Jon Bazar

8.30 - 9 AM: Gandalf Mornington

9 AM - 10 AM: AldoManuto Abruzzo

10 AM - 11 AM: Bruce Scrabblebat

11 AM - 11.30 AM: Joe Paravane

11.30 AM - 12 PM: ZeroOne Paz

12 PM - 1 PM: Lyndon Heart

1 PM - 1.30 PM: Pondman Haalan

1.30 PM - 2 PM: Quinton Whitman

2 PM - 2.30 PM: OhMy Kidd

2.30 PM - 3 PM: Martine Lorefield

***Another day of music and art will be held at Club Van Helsing on Thursday, January 21st. More details to be announced. Contact Maoriboi Mint for details.

***Artists all over the grid are holding Artists for Haiti Days. These are days in which all profits from the sale of their art will be donated to Haitian Relief funds.

Serenity Questi will be having Artists for Haiti Days for her work on January 17th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 30th and 31st. Check the picks in her profile to see where her art is displayed.



1) Of course, the main thing is to make donations to legitimate charitable organizations, and tell them you want these funds to go to Haiti. Here are some reputable organizations:

2) If you are an artist and would like to hold an event at your gallery, please contact Serenity Questi for more information and promotional materials.

3) If you would like to hold an event on your land, please contact Maoriboi Mint for information and promotional materials.

4) If you would like to promote events being held elsewhere, or would be willing to place a donation board on your land, please contact Serenity Questi.

Thank you for your care and concern for the people of Haiti.

From good friend Robin Roar:


Norris Shepherd has been touched by what as happened in Haiti like the rest of us. He has been performing benefits for the past few days and has collected over $150USD which he will be donating all to medicines' sans frontiers. Tomorrow he will be having an early show and then following him will be Nad Gough and Damian Carbenell. The venue will be at LC Live!

We have lined up as of tonight:

Norris Shepherd 7am
Nad Gough 12am
Damian Carbenell  2pm

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Cubes and Elements" Exhibition by Yoa and Yeti

Opening today is a new exhibit by Yoa Agee and Yeti Bing called "Cubes and Elements". I'd received a notecard about it from one of the groups I belong to and decided to swing by when I could. I'd first seem Yoa's work at Burning Life, where his "Friends are everywhere!" installation was selected as one of the twelve big art plots. As the notecard from Yeti explained, "We are pretty exited because for the first time we included some of our 2D art as well! You will find the exhibition well on the huge organic pinkorangeviolet heart in the middle of our sim again" . I stopped in for a look and enjoyed the visit.

"The Dead Art Planet" an Installation by Betty Tureaud

Opening today at 2 pm PST/SLT is a new installation by Betty Tureaud titled, "The Dead Art Planet". The notecard I received tells visitors that, "You are coming to a lonely abandoned planet, devoid of life. Here you can interact with the Sphere and decide how you want to display and rezz the artists work on the planet surface. One click, a simple display; more clicks and the art patterns become more complex … it's up to the visitors to choose."

The location is the Nomanisan Straits Art Gallery. Opening party starts at 2pm with live music by the talented woman, composer and poet, Ultraviolet.

Short biography:

Born in SL 11-01-2007

Betty Tureaud is an artist in real life and in Second Life. Her education includes the Danish Design Scool. Betty never transfers her Real Life art to Second Life.; and all her art is made in-world and never leaves Second Life. She is a hyper maniac doing all kinds of stuff in Second Life. Betty's first exhibit was on the mainland, in Copper Nest gallery made of body fluid. She was a participant of Burning Life with a big installation. In 2008 Betty donated an art piece to the cancer survival foundation. Her biggest installation was presented in Danish Visions... 2009.

Betty loves to add scripts to her art and favors bright colors. The art picees presented in the Ice Caverns Gallery were inspired by bout of the Mexican flu, which made her think about the colourful artwork coming from the Mexican indians. The colours are so bright and sometimes shocking for eyes. It makes her also think about Frida Kahlo, who made some wonderful colorful paintings expressing her own pain. Betty's art has a more happy style, but is always inspired by the real world. Betty Tureaud lives in Denmark.

Burniversity Lecture by Ub Yifu "Reality <--> Virtuality"

What: Burniversity Lecture by Ub Yifu "Reality <--> Virtuality"
When: January 17th, 2010 at 11AM
Where: Burniversity @ Burning Life

You are invited to attend a very special event! As part of the Afterburn Art program, the Burniversity presents Ub Yifu, the creator of highly acclaimed BL09 Big Plot installation "Gulliver's travel scene". Ub made his name as one of the best SL artists by creating sculptures reproducing RL statures like:

- Liberty Statue at New York (USA)
- Cristo Redendor and Carlos Drummond in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
- Independencia monument of Mexico (Mexico)

And sometimes even imagining a 2D representation into a 3D object like :

- Colossus of Rhodes from a DALI painting :

However, you might not be familiar with another side of Ub Yifu. He is also a maker of very different type of virtual art - stunning abstract immersive installations. During his lecture Ub will talk about his approach to creating both types of art, connections between making real and virtual art and will discuss specifics of working on figurative and abstract art.

One of our best Machinima makers, ColeMarie Soleil, filmed Ub Yifu's art and her videos will be used during the presentation. Please make sure you have sound and video abilities before the class starts. This lecture does not required knowledge of scripting or building - everybody is welcome!

Also during this lecture you will have an opportunity to test another art object. Kazuhiro Aridian, the maker of Berlin Stage at BL09, created a special Burniversity Art Program classroom, equipped with a slide screen.

As usual, we appreciate if you do what you can to reduce your avatar lagginess: please turn off your AOs, radars and reduce the number of scripted attachments on your avatar. Thank you.

To stay informed about Afterburn Art program make sure to remain in Burning Life group or join the Subscription board.

The Seminars are presented by the Burniversity, Burning Life/Burning Man

White Lebed - the Burning Life Art Department Lead; the Curator of Afterburn Art Program

University of Delaware 2010 "Winter Has Come" Photo Contest

The following information was provided by Firery Broome:

University of Delaware 2010 "Winter Has Come" Photo Contest on the UD Islands in Second Life.

Winter has come to the UD islands in Second Life. Come explore the various winter scenes, try out the skating (alone or in pairs), consider tubing or a snowball fight, and maybe even ride the bumper sleds! Bring some friends, make some new ones, or just enjoy the winter wonderland. Practice your camera skills, and then enter your photos into our "Winter Has Come" island photo contest for a chance to win some Linden Dollars!

Photo Contest Rules:

All photos entered must be taken on the University of Delaware II island (winter island) and must be G rated.

Three Entry Categories:
--UD students (must have a UD e-mail address)
--Other students (e-mail from any another real-life school)
--and any SL resident.

Two Entry Points:
--edited: a photo that has been processed in a photo editor
--unedited: a photo that has not been processed in a photo editor

Entry Limit: up to four of your very best photos can be submitted, but only one chance to win a prize

First prize: 1000 Linden Dollars (L$)
Second prize: 500 Linden Dollars (L$)
Third prize: 250 Linden Dollars (L$)

Judges: University of Delaware faculty and staff

First, second and third place winners, as well as honorable mentions will be put on display in our SL art gallery, and highlighted on our UDsled Ning group. All entries will be featured in Firery Broome's Flickr account.

You retain all rights to your image but the University of Delaware reserves the right to use your entry in publications, presentations or promotional materials.

Entry Information
Your avatar name (first and last name)
Title of your photo
Entry category (UD student, non-UD student, non-student),
Entry point (edited image including software used in processing or unedited image).

You may include an artist statement if you like.UD students: e-mail your files with above information to All others: drop a notecard with embedded images and all required information in-world on Firery Broome.Name the notecard: Winter Has Come - [your avatar name]

To insure your image is free from distortion when put on display, include the original dimensions of the image before the SL-converted upload size. i.e. 6 x 3.52 inches or 900 x 528 pixels.

There are some objects and poseballs set out as props for your photos. If you would like to rez your own props, just IM Firery Broome and she will set that up for you.

If you have a Flickr account please add the images to our "Winter Has Come 2010" pool with following tags:University of Delaware, Winter Has Come 2010, Photo Contest, Second Life

Need some instructions on how to take photos in Second Life?
These helpful sites will help you to get the best possible Second Life images your computer can produce. Keep in mind that all of your settings are dependent on your graphics card. You may not be able to use all of the highest setting available to you but you can fiddle with the setting to get a good compromise for the look you are after.

1. Every thing you need to know about taking SL photos can be found on Torley's Guide to High-Quality Photography. This site includes both the basics, like how to alt zoom and change the time of day, to more advanced information, like how to change the location of the sun and windlight settings.

Advanced Second Life techniques Torley Linden's Advanced Snapshot Magic

2. Vint Falken has a few guides on her web site that are worth looking at some of them explain Torley's recommendations more comprehensively.

Need a copy of the all important Second Life Quick Start Guide?

Contest entries due: February 28, 2010 at midnight SLT.
Winners announced: March 5, 2010.
Gallery Show: March 8 - April 9, 2010.

Best of luck to all,
Firery Broome

Steaming Hot! A Show of Steampunk Builds

A group notice from Sabrinaa Nightfire:

You are cordially invited to an opening party for Steaming Hot! a show of Steampunk builds by some of Second Life's leading artists. The opening is this Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 1pm SLT. Musical entertainment will be provided by thte amazing MommaLuv Skytower. The event takes place at Erato of Caerleon.

Participating Artists Include:

Bryn Oh
Zhora Maynard
Gleman Jun
Dekka Raymaker
Blue Tsuki
Stardove Spirit
Penumbra Carter
Stardove Spirit
Scottius Polke
Miso Susanowa
Abel Moonites
Fuschia Nightfire
Doctor Obolensky
soror Nishi
Wizard Gynoid
Cogito Ultsch
Canolli Capalini

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Huckleberry Hax Live Reading at the Blue Angel Poets' Dive

I attended and thoroughly enjoyed Huckleberry Hax's reading live from his novel, "Beside an Open Window" at the Blue Angel tonight. It was a little touch and go for the start, Second Life voice went out for him before he started which he was able to correct with two re-logs and clear "cache". With voice recovered he held an audience of fifteen avatars sat transfixed while he read from the first two chapters of his novel.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"The Day for Night Series and Selected Digital Drawings" Exhibition Opening

From: RobertSteven Smythe
Topic: "The Day for Night Series and Selected Digital Drawings" by Alizarin Goldflake

Event date: Saturday, January 23, 3 pm PST

Alizarin@Sapphos Commons Conservatory, Gowers

A show of hanging scrolls and new digital drawings by Alizarin Goldflake will open on Saturday, January 23, at 3 pm PST in The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons.

This is a show of many Firsts. It is the Grand Opening of The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons, featuring RobertSteven Smythe (of Artemisia fame) as the curator. All of Alizarin's digital drawings are seen in Second Life for the first time. And also for the first time, all of the work inside the Conservatory will be available in Real Life.

Centerpiece of the digital drawing installation on the second floor, the "Day for Night Series" consists of scripted images that change their time of day before the viewer's eyes. These four variations on a an image are of a summer cottage overlooking a wildflower meadow, with a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. They come from a RL series of digital monoprints in which the black & white drawing is constant throughout the two dozen prints, while the color is unique to each individual print. The four scripted drawings are accompanied by a selection of four new non-scripted images.

Alizarin's hanging scrolls are on display downstairs (also outside in the park as wind-interactive banners). These scrolls represent an RL direction that is recent for the artist and uses a creative approach she discovered in Second Life. The physical presentation of the collages was inspired by Japanese art, specifically paintings which are displayed as hanging scrolls called kakejiku.

Lastly, Alizarin's popular "Metempsyche's Garden" graces a frozen pond outside where skaters can skate and mingle with the giant white particle drawings blowing in the SL wind.

Alizarin Goldflake ARTIST'S STATEMENT Studio: Atelier Alizarin


Real Life Art
Alazarin Goldflake Flickr
Alizarin Goldflake Blog
Alizarin Goldflake YouTube

I make several different kinds of art in SL. My main form is Immersive Art, so-called because the viewer is meant to enter the work either by avatar or camera. The art is made of nested prims, digital textures, and scripts. Many of the builds have poses and sounds in them. The point of the art is the kaleidoscopic interaction of the textures, as well as the different moods expressed in the pieces. Some of the sculptures emit extra-large particles, which are actually highly-detailed digital drawings.

The RL Digital Drawings are done just like traditional drawings except that I use digital tools, including a software program called Corel Painter 11 and a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet and stylus. As I draw, the tablet and stylus electronically translate the motions of my hand into strokes that look as though they were made with the drawing tool I have selected (charcoal pencil or pastel, for example). I see these strokes occurring real-time on my monitor. Jpgs of the very large drawings are imported at 1024x1024 into SL.

2-D Digital Collages are made in RL based on a creative approach I discovered making art in SL. The approach is called process art, and the main characteristic of it is the fact that the end result is not envisioned at the beginning but arises spontaneously from the process of combining and composing visual elements.

Musical Kinetics are a collaboration between artist Alizarin Goldflake and musician Flivelwitz Alsop. The series was inspired by the art and music of five Asian countries: China, Japan, India, Tibet, and Mongolia. Amazingly, the complex compositions were all created with the little 10 second sound loops that SL allows. Walk up close to each piece to activate the music. These pieces are essentially 3-D collages using textures, scripts, and particles.

Kinetic Sculpty Art is 3-D art made from sculpty line drawings embellished with particles and scripted textures.

Regardless of the form. each piece of my art comes from and is intended to share an experience of visual , emotional, and spiritual intensity.


RobertSteven Smythe has been involved the Second Life art scene as a supporter of the arts and curator at Bissorte Marina and Artemisia. He has been responsible for bringing exhibitions to SL such as "The Collector," an exhibition of Sichel Seifert's Second LIfe Collection of art by SL greats elros Touminen, Glyph Graves, Starax, Lightwaves, GoldFlake, and many others. "The Entertainer," an exhibit of White Lebed's sculptures of musicians, was set to a musical animation presentation. An earlier show, "MesmerEyes: Alizarin's Visions," exhibited for the first time her spectacular sculpture "Flutter," an interpretation of the Japanese Taira Clan crest.

About The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons

Robert is very proud of the Art Conservatory designed by Tasha Kosotolany. This is an intimate gallery where Art Meets the Environment. The first floor gardens surround the art to create the elegance of a gallery and the freshness of a conservatory. This gallery's expert staff handles artists and guests with a one-of-a-kind kid-glove approach. It offers all exhibiting artists a full staff ready to assist in making the exhibition an event to remember. Technical Director Meagan Thespian handles scripting and sim mainenance, as well as assisting artists with scripting simple vendors. She also checks all scripts for efficiency. Our Director of Design, Tasha Kostolany, will create special landscapes for artists' sculpture in our large open green space outside the conservatory. Her design of the Art Conservatory was the inspiration for Smythe to come out of retirement to be the art director/curator at Sapphos Commons.

Marlena Poliatevska, CEO of Sapphos Commons and owner of the Gowers Sim, has developed a beautiful residential sim fashioned after the town of Truro which is in the county of Cornwall in south-western England. She started the building of the village in 2007. It has become a coveted place for residents, who enjoy the celtic/english atmosphere of the sim.

Winners Announced December Round of UWA 3D Art & Design

As announced via notecard from Jayjay Zifanwe:

Igor Ballyhoo & Patch Thibaud triumph in DECEMBER ROUND of UWA 3D Art & Design

Article with Photos and winners list on the blog as well.

Two incredible works took out top honours in the December Round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge announced on the 10th of January at the University of Western Australia's IMAGINE Challenge Art Platform. On the tie-breaker 'Chaos In Order' by Igor Ballyhoo took the top IMAGINE art prize over Anyunie Daviau's 'Araucaria Artist Book' (which won the Artist Book Prize), and renowned architect Patch Thibaud's submission called 'UWA Cultural Precinct Nexus' beat all comers and set a new standard for the FLAGSHIP Challenge.

Igor also took the People's Choice Award in another close battle that saw over 300 votes cast. This time it was neck and neck with 'The Cub Rescue' by Really Scrabblebat and came down to the final hour of voting. An amazing double by Igor, becoming the first to top both categories!

Stunned by the awards win, Igor said, " I thank all people that voted for my work and I thank the amazing J.S. Bach for inspiration"

The Flagship Build of Patch Thibaud is true masterpiece and has already received a lot of attention in architecture circles. Frolic Mills, a judge for the Grand Prize and CEO of BOSL & CO said, "Patch has been an inspiration to many here in Second Life: From his first build, 'The Best of SL Boulevard' to 'Ciudad de Mexico' he has received outstanding critics even from people like SL CEO: Mr. M Linden. But what is truly remarkable about his University of Western Australia entry is that Patch was able to build something that can totally be executed in Real Life and that fits right in with the purposes of the University. I would love to see this art gallery come to life in the real world some day! Well done Patch and congratulations!"

Commenting after his win, Patch said, "The University of Western Australia is doing a wonderful thing, in their Flagship Challenge, for architecture in Second Life. The idea of encouraging creations in SL that could be used for a real world building is an innovative and exciting use of Second Life as a design tool, and further strengthens the relationship of SL with real world applications. And I think the inclusiveness and openness of the process is an inspired and fertile platform for encouraging the arts in SL in general."

The build can be seen here through the end of January: Patch Thibaud December Flagship Entry

A record total of 69 entries were submitted for the IMAGINE challenge for December and 5 entries to the FLAGSHIP. Professor Ted Snell, Director of the UWA Cultural Precinct (RL), Chair of the judging panel, had this to say about the entries this month:"The range of works submitted in December was extremely impressive with a much larger number of entries moving on from technical competence in rendering images and objects to speak with an original voice and engage audiences in a conceptually challenging and intellectually rewarding encounter. The winning works were reflective and thought provoking, using the medium as a means of exploring ideas and concepts rather than merely re-presenting borrowed images or reworking existing concepts. They remain vividly in your memory after the screen has been switched off.

The architectural winner displayed a high level of sophistication and combined extraordinary technical competence with intellectual rigour and practicality. "

At this point, the Challenge has reached 6 continents of the world, with only Antarctica out of the mix. Canada, the USA, the UK, Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan and Australia are all represented!

A number of other awards were also presented including the the 'Best Non-Scripted Art' prize taken by Sistagrlro Wei with 'Black Soils Plains Running Through My Veins'. Other winners included Miso Susanowa, Jedda Zenovka, Nyx Breen, Scottius Polke, LollyPop Congrejo, Asmita Duranjaya and Oldoak Merlin.

The competition is now receiving entries for the month of January.

A new prize has also been added to the IMAGINE Challlenge, and this is 'The Casey Cultural Award', which encourages artists and builders in all disciplines to research Western Australian historic OR contemporary Culture and present a piece which demonstrates aspects of Western Australian culture, ecomony or society.

A Machinima Challenge with a L$60,000 1st prize, closing on the 31st of January has also been announced.


Imagine Challenge 1st Prize: ($L5,000 + Custom T-Shirt)
CHAOS IN ORDER by Igor Ballyhoo

Imagine Challenge 2nd Prize: ($L1,250)

Best Non-Scripted Entry: ($L1,250 + Custom T-Shirt)

Honourable Mention Prize for TECHNICAL BRILLIANCE (L$500)
VECTOR BEEHIVE by Scottius Polke

Honourable Mention Prize for SERENITY (L$500)

Honourable Mention Prize for MESSAGE (L$500)
SPRAY ADDICT by LollyPop Congrejo

Honourable Mention Prize for BODY OF WORK (L$500)

Honourable Mention Prize for IMMERSION (L$500)
HEART SEED by Jedda Zenovka


Flagship Challenge 1st Prize : ($L5,000)

Flagship Challenge 2nd Prize: ($L1,250)
FUTURELab by Nyx Breen


Artist Book 1st Prize : ($L2,000)

Artist Book 2nd Prize: ($L500)

CHAOS IN ORDER by Igor Ballyhoo

Erato of Caerleon Issues a Call for Artists for an "Imagine Create Challenge"

I received the following via a notecard from Sabrinaa Nightfire. All of the pertinent information regarding the challenge is included below; how you can participate, the event timing and rules for the challenge. For further information or clarification contact Sabrinaa Nightfire in-world:

Erato of Caerleon is having another Imagine Create Challenge. This time the challenge is to create a work of art that uses no texture.

Here are the rules:

1. You may either use the Default texture, transparent texture, white transparent or Blank texture on your work. You may use color and shine and transparency.

2. The maximum size of your piece is 10x10m foot print. Your piece may be taller than 10m

3. You may use a maximum of 40 prims.

4. Only low lag scripts may be used (as determined by our script police)

5. All work must be submitted to Sabrinaa Nightfire by midnight on Friday, February 12, 2010.

The management reserves the right to not show any piece that we determine is inappropriate for this show.

This will be a judged show with a panel of judges determining the first, second and third place entries.

The show will open at 1pm slt on Sunday, February 21, 2010.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact me, Sabrinaa Nightfire.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burniversity Gets a New Classroom

I was sorting through notecards late on Tuesday evening when an IM and TP request came in from White Lebed, an invitation to join her at the Burniversity site. I replied to the IM, asking what's up, to which she replied "I've something to show you." So I took the ride over. As the site rezzed, I found my virtual self standing inside an open air structure which reminded me slightly of an amphitheater. I noted to that she wasn't alone, Kazuhiro "Kaz" Aridian was also there and I remembered that he was the builder of the "Berlin Stage" that was used at Burning Life 2009.

"Hey Nazz!" White said in greeting and then added; "I forget, have you two met? Kaz is one of my favorite artists … we're making a new class room for the Burniversity. Nazz is one of my favorite paparazzi."

"Hey White … Hello Kaz. No we haven't … by the way, that's a cute look White." I said in comment at seeing her in the hat made famous by AM Radio. I then added; "It's nice to meet you Kaz … by the way I loved the Berlin Stage."

"It's AM's … for my patience." She replied to my comment about the hat.

"Likewise, sir and thank you." Kaz replied.

"Nazz is just making a friendly visit." White said.

"Oh good, not a spy then huh!" Kaz said.

"I prefer journalist." I said and laughed.

"Nazz is an invited spy." White replied and then added; "This room looks like a Mickey Mouse from above."

I moved my view with the camera controls and panned up and out. "It does, from above and a slight side angle." I commented.

"Uh oh! … that is one strange Mickey. Four eyes and faceted mandibles." Kaz said and then added that he'd be right back.

"So this is the site for future sessions of Burniversity?" I asked.

"The site yes, but not this structure. This is just a mock up Kaz put together." She replied.

"The AM Radio sessions were well received. Are you still planning to lead off this month with Ub Yifu?" I asked.

"Yes, Ub is the next. He is waiting until Kaz installs the room then we will have some cool sculpts around and couple of his lectures. I'll send you a notecard when we get it scheduled." She replied.

Kaz soon returned and we chatted for awhile longer while he and White worked out design considerations. As they were wrapped in the details of the design, I excused myself and ported back to my office.

The Final Days of Zero Point

A piece of Second Life history passes into the memory books today as artist Sabine Stonebender celebrates the closing of her installation Zero Point with an event scheduled to start at noon. In her notecard she tells us that:

"This Saturday will mark the final official day of the art installation/exhibit known as Zero Point.This art area has been in operation since August of 2006 thanks to the generous support of Zero Medici.That support is no longer possible. It's been a hell of a ride but all good things end eventually. As such I would like to invite any and all for one last look and get together this Saturday , January 9, 2010 for a final closing bash/party.

Formal words will be Noon SLT at the Auditorium but feel free to drop by anytime throughout the day.My main art efforts will be moving to the Aquitaine sim for the time being courtesy of Excalibur Studios.

My thanks to all the many persons who took the time to visit my crazy dream."

Zero Point on Flickr.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Great Orchestra of Holiday Help

Good friend Gentle Heron passed along the following information to me via a notecard:

Dear Friends,

On the behalf of Polish Community, we want to invite You to celebrate with us a real charity foundation's event which will take place on January 9th and 10th in Polish Community regions, called The Final of Great Orchestra of Holliday Help.

The Great Orchestra of Holiday Help (Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy) is a real, charity foundation, that, according to its statute, as a main goal of operation has “activity within the field of healthcare, what is (i.a) saving people’s lives, especially children’s, and activity due to the health enhancing and, promotion of health and health prophylactics”.

The most known way of the Foundation activity is a whole-country-wide charity entertainment and media spectacle, called The Final of Great Orchestra of Holiday Help (Final Wielkiej Orkiestry Swiatecznej Pomocy ). The main element of the Final is “the great orchestra playing”, which means lots of musical events happening all over Poland and in many other countries. The income of the events is spent on realizing of the Foundation goals and aims. During the Great Final there are many other ways and forms of collecting goods and money – for the Foundation benefit. The most important is street collecting by thousands of volunteers. The other are auctions of items donated by celebrities and artists, auctions of special Golden Hearts.

In advance, all contributors receive, symbolic, Red Heart with white printed name of Foundation which is main logo for this event.

The whole money every year are spent on the goals related to the health protection, especially children’s health.

Official website of Foundation:
More info:ßes_Orchester_der_Weihnachtshilfe

This year, Polish Community wants to join this special action, very important one for all the Polish People (the Foundation is second one in Poland counting the amount of collected money) and organize chain of concerts in Second Life.

On this occasion we look for the DJs wanting to join the Action and perform in Select Club (Polish Community) during Saturday and Sunday (January 9th, January 10th ) Evening and Night. During these two days we are going to give as much music and great atmosphere as it is possible and collect as much money as the Residents would donate to especially created "boxes" under avatar's name: PolishCommunityWolontariusz Memo. This avatar will be official representative to whom account, all money will be collected, and then transferred into US$ and sent in form of money check to Foundation.

The aim of this year Final is saving the lives of children with oncological problems.

Join us!

If you are willing to do so - please send the notecard to Lionne Fairey in-world or contact by email:

Hope to see You.

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Magnus Balczo
Malwina Dollinger
Polish Community CEO

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Author Garth Stein on KUOW Radio

The following notice is from BookemJackson Streeter, co-owner of Jackson Street Books:

Tomorrow (January 6th) at 9am SLT, Garth will be on our local NPR station KUOW. The discussion among Seattle authors will be the "Future of Indie Bookstores". We'll be streaming the show at Lacamas Reading Hall at 9am.

3 Days left to vote: UWA 3DA&D Challenge

The following came to me by way of a group notice:

People's Choice Voting for the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge (December Round) closes in 3 days. 69 entries to choose from. Everyone has 3 votes. The winners announced at 5am slt 10th Jan.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inside the Avatar Studio at Rockcliffe University

"What future avatars may gain from the stunning futuristic vision James Cameron has offered up... Inside The Avatar Studio".

I was one of forty-nine avatars who attended the "Inside the Avatar Studio" at Rockcliffe University on Tuesday January 5th. Pictured above, from left to right are panelists; Doubledown Tandino, fourworlds Ra, Phelan Corrimal, Dirk Talamasca, and Beyers Sellers. The session was facilitated by Phelan Corrimal/Kevin Feenan - Dean of Rockcliffe University. The topic of discussion was the implications of the movie "Avatar", and it's impact as virtual worlds continue to grow.

The event was to have been filmed live by Stuart Warf of Rezzed TV.

Some additional reading:

Thoughts on How The Avatar Film Relates to Avatars in Virtual Worlds by Botgirl Questi

I Saw Avatar Today by Doubledown Tandino

James Cameron's Avatar is about Transhumanism

Avatar Review : Yes it Changed Everything

Understanding Interaction in Virtual Worlds

Vernissage Omega Art Gallery

I attended the opening of the Omega Art Gallery on Tuesday, the 5th of January. The exhibit is sponsored by the PIRats Art Group and will will be open until January 30th. On display are works by; selenor Millar, Sabrinaa Nightfire, typote Beck aka Vincent Nestler, Layachi Ihnen, Swina Allen, Nathaniel Somerset, Luko Enoch, Got Pizzaro, Kryss Lemon, mitou Waco, kalile Sass, Pixels Sideways,soror Nishi and Andromeda Klees. Pictured above is "The Rosefruit Tree a good source of vitamin C" by soror Nishi. It's always a delight to attend a Pirats opening, great conversation and great art.

For an added treat, check out the teaser here before going to the exhibit.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art of Inspiration Gallery and Fractal Diversity 2 Host a Talk

The Art of Inspiration Gallery and Fractal Diversity 2 are proud to host Simulat Almendros as he explores the natural processes that produce fractals in an illustrated talk at 2 pm PST/SLT on January 3rd.

"Nature is full of fractal forms, from coastlines to trees to the treeform of our veins."