Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pirats Opening / SAS La Criee Art Gallery

The exhibit opened today, 29-November at the SAS La Criee Art Gallery. The featured artists are; JadeYu Fhang - Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto - Layachi Ihnen aka Layachi Hamidouche - Solkide Auer. Location - http://ping.fm/bAcUc

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chez Ali Grand Opening on 27-November


From: Alizarin Goldflake

Topic: Chez Ali Grand Opening

Event date: Saturday, November 27, 3 pm SL time

Alizarin Goldflake is pleased to announce the grand opening on Saturday, November 27, at 3 pm SL time, of CHEZ ALI! The shop features an eclectic mix of beautiful garden items, furniture, particle emitters, personal accessories, and more, all of which are derived from her art and studio builds. They retain the unique and deliciously ethereal quality of Ali's artwork but are also practical items that will make any SL home unique.

What's New in the Virtual Art World - It's Happening at Alexanderia's Kingdom

A new artist community has been established in the virtual world. Alexanderia's Kingdom founded by Jeri Rahja has announced the formation of the community in the virtual world of Inworldz.  Ms Rahja, a major supporter of virtual art, is housing the community at her four SIM's, Alexanderia, Angels Loft, Moonglow, and Isle of Skye.  In a statement she explained that Alexanderia's Kingdom "is a unique community of artists enjoying what they do best, creating with little to no restrictions". She also stated that the current residents include; Soror Nishi,  Alizarin Goldflake, Glyph Graves, Miso Susanowa, Ub Yifu, Goose Wycliffe, Feathers Boa, Copan Falta, Caren McCaw, Nyx Breen, Ginger Alsop and CHUCKMATRIX Clip.

I spoke to her recently and she told me of two exciting projects currently underway. The first is that Ub Yifu is doing his entire recreation of Gulliver, his dream build and that it will be a "Beautiful gift to the people of Inworldz. The build is breathtaking and amazing to watch on a daily basis." She said and then added; "We are also building a museum to house most of the artists' works and hope this build by Nyx Breen will show off his architectural achievements  ... and we plan to make that building available to purchase along with many of the other extraordinary buildings of Nyx."

"What do you for see in the immediate future at Alexanderia's Kingdom?" I asked.

"What I would like to happen is for the community to grow so the artist can enjoy their lives here for as little cost as possible and the tier can be paid for by sales in the future. Right now all costs are being absorbed by me so the artists can get established and get their works transferred or rebuild or new projects underway … because at Inworldz, each SIM comes with 45,000 prims." She said and then added; "I am making Inworldz a very art world friendly place, as any artist that comes in can come to me and live free at my SIM's and create as much as they want. We work a very small commission back just to pay for the SIM. I make no profit and take no commission until they are ready and I buy a new SIM as soon as one is needed."

As I had promised her, I went out there to check out Alexanderia's Kingdom and was duly pleased that I did. If you're out in Inworldz, be sure to visit this community. With so many talented artists and creators present it is sure to be a pleasurable experience.

"Hedda Gabler" A Live Performance in Second Life

The four act play which began its in run in Second Life a week ago is about to end this week-end. In case you hadn't been able to catch a performance, there are two left of "Hedda Gabler" a drama by Henrik Ibsen. One each on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of November. Both performances begin at 2 pm PST/SLTand will be held at the George C. Dove Theatre, on the Rockcliffe University SIM.

The Cast:
George Tesman: the husband of Hedda; an academic - Ixmal Supermarine

Hedda Tesman: the heroine - Morgue McMillan

Juliana Tesman: aunt of George - Elegia Underwood

Thea Elvsted: friend of Hedda and George, confidante of Eilert - Aara Frequency

Judge Brack: friend of the Tesmans - Caliban Jigsaw

Eilert Lovborg: George's academic rival whom Hedda previously loved - Darius Debruyere

Berta: servant to the Tesmans and to George as a child. - Pipsqueak Albatros

Female Understudy – Dubhna Rhiadra [Thea Elvsted on 16& 23 November]

Director - Ixmal Supermarine

Publicist - Morgue McMillan

Production Designer - Taff Nouvelle

Monday, November 22, 2010

TLE Educational Network Is Closing

I received this from Kitviel Silberberg, an announcement message, when I logged into Second Life this morning:

"TLE Educational Network Is Closing - To my sorrow, the TLE Educational Network will be closing today. I just wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for helping to create a free educational environment in Second Life. The Sim is closed for classes as of today. A note card is attached. Thanking all of you for your incredible support in this endeavor at free education."

Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Talent in a Virtual World

Press Release:


The extraordinary talent of homeless people profiled at an international event in the Garden for Change, Second Life.

Earlier this year Homeless Link, the national network of English charities, launched a virtual Garden for Change, with support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The real life Places of Change Garden was created by around 500 volunteers from more than 40 homeless agencies from across England. It won silver medal at the Royal Horticultural Society's Prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in May.

Now, on Monday 22 November, one of the people who had the biggest overview of the Places of Change Garden, as its official real life photographer, will be taking part in a 2 hour event at the virtual garden.
Robert Davidson, the official photographer for the Places of Change Garden and former photographer for the Moody Blues and The Move, became homeless at the age of 65. He found his local council most unhelpful, but was subsequently supported by a variety of homelessness services in London who helped him to rediscover his love of photography. Robert's photographs are exhibited at the Garden for Change. Robert's avatar will be interviewed by Jenny Valerian, the avatar of Jenny Edwards, Chief Executive of Homeless Link, in front of an international audience. 

The interview will start at 10.15am SLT (16.15 GMT). It will be conducted in voice so please make sure you have headphones or speakers and enable voice in preferences.

Following the interview and questions there will be a tour of the Garden led by Jenny Valerian. Siri Vita, the creator of the in-world garden for Homeless Link will also be present to talk about the process of creation and inspiration she found from the real world garden's design and the stories behind it. Junivers Stockholm will be streaming music, including some he has composed for the garden and some tracks from Streetwise Opera's CD "There's a Place for Us".

Jenny Edwards, Chief Executive of Homeless Link, said, "The idea behind the Garden for Change was to build on the positive impact of the real garden. We want to break down the stereotypes of homeless people by demonstrating to the general public and business internationally that homeless people have talents and potential and should not be written off by society. We want to promote the project to homelessness organisations internationally in order to share the learning and good practice. Second Life offers an alternative way to host debates and discussions with people from across the world. 

The event on November 22 is part of a series of talks, events, performances and workshops that will be held at the Garden for Change where people from different countries can meet and share solutions to homelessness. Each event will involve homeless people who were involved in the creation of the original garden or other digital media projects.


1. About Homeless Link:
Homeless Link is the national membership organisation for 500 frontline homelessness charities in England. Its mission is to be a catalyst that will help to bring an end to homelessness. Its vision is to see an end to street homelessness by 2012. It is working with the UK national government and civic leaders to this aim.

2. About Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation:
The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation's purpose in the UK and Ireland is to help enrich and connect the experiences of individuals and secure lasting and beneficial change. It has a special interest in supporting those who are most disadvantaged. One of its core aims is to support imaginative interventions that contribute to an increased public understanding of the importance of habitat conservation for the protection of the environment. The Foundation was established in Lisbon in 1956. The UK Branch, based in London, has for more than 50 years initiated and supported pioneering cultural, social and educational developments. For further information see: www.gulbenkian.org.uk

3. Visiting the Garden for Change:
To visit the Garden for Change in Second Life, you need an account (available for free at www.secondlife.com. Once you have an account and an avatar, you can search for the Garden for Change on the map and then teleport to the site or use this link directly once you are logged in http://bit.ly/gardenforchange. To keep in touch with events sign up to the Garden for Change subscribomatic list.

7. For more information:
Gill Perkins, Head of Communications, Homeless Link
Gill Seerose in SL
on 020 7840 4425 or 07881 921476


Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Dance Party and Open House at Pixel to Pixel Foundation


♪♫♪ WHAT: November Dance Party and Open House
♪♫♪ WHEN: Saturday, November 20, 12:30 to 2:00 pm SLT
♪♫♪ WHERE: P2P Headquarters at Artropolis

You're invited to a Dance Party and Open House at our headquarters this Saturday! Come gather together to dance, meet people, spend time with friends, and help us celebrate another wonderful month of improving the SLives of people on disability.

All are welcome ... spread the word ... pass along this invitation ... post it in your groups ... bring a friend ... bring 'em all!

Here's your limo: SLurl: http://ping.fm/h2T2r

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION: The P2P Foundation helps people on disability by providing modest, weekly Linden-dollar stipends to improve the quality of their Second Life experience.

CONTACT: Jadyn Firehawk (also known as Pixel Falconer)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Opening at L'Atellier de Luciella & June

I'd missed the opening but stopped by this morning to view pieces exhibited at L'Atellier de Luciella & June. The exhibit is featuring works by Ikeo Catnap, Sledge Roffo and Littleone Aries. All three are talented artists, and their use of color and form worth seeing when you have a moment to stop in. http://ping.fm/x3ghg

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Paranormal Frottage" by Misprint Thursday Opens this Evening

I received the invitation when logging in and read it quickly."Paranormal Frottage" by Misprint Thursday opens on 10-November at 7 pm PST/SLT. At the first opportunity, I messaged her to thank and congratulate her on the event. She offered to port me over which I readily accepted. Arriving I saw she had been busily preparing for the festivities and was accompanied by Maya Paris who was there assisting.

Misprint Thursday: Hi Nazzzzz … How's Life in the Nazz Lane going.

Nazz Lane: Heya Mis … moving along at posted speeds.

Maya Paris: Hi Nazz:)

Misprint Thursday: Yes

Nazz Lane: Hey Maya :)

Misprint Thursday: Well don't get a ticket man … I hear they are brutal in SL

Misprint Thursday: So there is vid and sound here Nazz. Let me know if you get it … ok. The sound is in the video only.

Nazz Lane: I turned it on ... It sound is good.

Misprint Thursday: Thank you. It was an unexpected collaboration. I received the track in e-mail and wrote the song and sang it … sent it back. It worked out pretty well I think. I have another version as I was telling Maya.

Nazz Lane: On your site?

Misprint Thursday: Yes I have a link to it … you can listen to hear the difference

… http://www.indabamusic.com/sessions/ulf/551337#!/asset/show/1317217

Maya Paris: It's hypnotic and with no pun intended … haunting.

Misprint Thursday: the musician, Patrick LaJeunesse bowed the guitar actually to get some of those odd sounds and pounced the bow off the strings.

Nazz Lane: I'm listening now.

Maya Paris: I like a pounce

Nazz Lane: I like this version

Misprint Thursday: The one in SL, or the one in the link?

Nazz Lane: The link … its a bit clearer for me.

Misprint Thursday: Yes it was recorded in the studio … good ear. So I should have edited that into the video. I guess I could do that now.

Nazz Lane: It reminds me of something Irish ... a sadness

Misprint Thursday: Yes-sort of cowboy junky-ish sort of dirge-ish … but bearable.

Nazz Lane: Haunting

Misprint Thursday: It haunts me! Try writing it!

Nazz Lane: Are you still planning on a CD?

Misprint Thursday: Yes, I have a track on an amnesty international album and then lots others flung about cyberspace. But two albums in the mix.

Nazz Lane: Are you working with 4 Bridges here in SL?

[04:05 PM] Misprint Thursday: Actually not … It is a project called peace partners and there are three albums. I have a track on the 3rd album. Would you like a link?

Nazz Lane: Please

Misprint Thursday: http://www.amnistie.ca/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15091&Itemid=177 then the album is here

http://www.peace-partners.org/music/vision-of-peace/ and mine being the first track on that album. Pretty eclectic collections. Its been a great project I hope they do well.

With that we said our goodbyes and I ported out with plans to drop by later for the opening.

From the invitation: Misprint Thursday

(see credits and thanks below)


+Play media/video

+Media sound up

After you have heard the song with the video you can turn down the media sound if you like-and you can still watch the video effects.

Song Credits

Covered in Black


Composer and all guitars- Patrick Lajeunesse


Doumbek, Shaker-Michael Valadez


Lyrics and Vocals-Misprint Thursday



By Misprint

Photos, Drawings


Design Concept of Charred Textures

Arrow Inglewood as seen in his Burnt Shack

About the items for sale:

Paranormal Frottage Linked Set:

This piece is full mod and copy. You are getting 20 original images. You can unlink, link, size, resize to your hearts desire. No Transfer.

Paranormal Train Wall:

Two prim holographic effect.

Mod and Copy no Transfer.

If there is a specific texture you like and want to purchase it in this design please request by notecard or IM. Thanks!

Paranormal Shadow Boxes:

No mod, copy, no trans. I can deliver these mod or with a different art texture inside if you have a certain request.

Paranormal Frottage Blanket:

Wear this and do your own paranormal rubbings

Custom video Installation:

It can be installed on request ask for pricing

Thank YOUSE:

Nestra for installation assistance

Peri Afarensis for studio space to create

Opening at ART Planet 2010

Opening up on the 12th of November is an installation by Betty Tureaud at ART Planet 2010. A reception and opening party is set to begin at 1 pm SLT. The exhibit is being sponsored by Danish Visions. If you've not had a chance to see the work of this talented artist now is a good time to do so. I had an opportunity to view a recent build of hers, "Nine Steps to Heaven." Check out the great machinima by Iono Allen.

New Music Video's From JooZz Magic

New music from one of Second Life's most talented keyboardist ... JooZzMagic:

Some new videos on my YouTube channel.

Wild Keys
My Kingdom
Funky Improv

If you want to go my YouTube site, surf to http://www.youtube.com/user/BradMonnett

Hope you like it!


"Feels Like Fall" a Photographic Exhibition Opens on 11-November

On Thursday the 11th of November, Texanna Schumann's "Feels Like Fall" photography exhibition opens at Ragamuffin Kips' Gallery in Avalon Town. The exhibit kicks off with a reception that begins at 7 pm SLT. The event is being hosted by Tricia Aferdita. Ms Schumann's photo's on display are something new for her, she presents a series of pumpkins and gourds in which she attempts to emphasize "colors and forms". The style she tells me was inspired by Edward Weston's photography of vegetables.

I've seen Texanna's work several times over the last few years and have enjoyed her collection of prairie flowers and garden scenes. She has a good eye for capturing the colors of her subjects and her choice of content is strong. I did stop by before the opening of this exhibit at her invitation and enjoyed viewing the pictures. Her subjects are indeed colorful and one does get a strong feel of fall in viewing them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

EXPLORE IT! Second Life Goes To School!

An off-line message arrived from good friend Persia Bravin telling me of an exciting event happening on Saturday, November 6th. Excerpts from the press release which she had included in an invitation passed along via an inventory offer follows:

The Second Life official launch of the EXPLORE IT! project funded by the California SB 70 Grant, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Initiative on Improving and Strengthening Career Technical Education.

Please visit at: Explore It

Launching on Saturday November 6th from 11am-3pm, this truly innovative project has been designed by an all star team and will be used to teach thousands of students from junior high, high schools and colleges to explore career routes in the technical fields of multimedia, culinary arts, the automotive industry, horticulture and hospitality.

Watch the video at:




Schedule of Events

11am-12pm: BOSL DJ Allenclive Beaumont

12-1pm: Live Music from HatHead Rickenbacker

1pm-2pm-Live Music from Aubryn Melody

2pm-2pm: Live Music from Bones Writer

"Follow the Light" Performance in Second Life

On Saturday, 6-November the next performance of "Follow the Light" is happening in Second Life. The show is billed as a "A spectacular son e lumiere" and will be held on Music Island with a start time of noon PDT/SLT. The performance is also a fundraiser for Peacefest 2010.

A stunning display of fireworks, live original music and dances for earth and sky. Brought to you by an international cast from Sweden, UK and USA.
Junivers Stockholm - SL's own composer and performer
Jannne Janus - Firework supremo
Performers - Medora Chevalier (Costumes, choreography), TheDove Rhode, Debbie Trilling, Sunshine Vayandar, Southern Riptide


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Art Gallery Pyramid Expo Palace Opened Today

I missed the opening but managed to get over a little later in the evening. The exhibit titled " Hot Winter at Pyramid 2010-2011" started today, the 3rd of November and will be open as the invitation suggests for the "whole winter". The exhibit features the work of many talented artists and includes;

Aloisio Congrejo
Daco Monday
Giovanna Cerise
Gleman Jun
Kicca Igaly
Lion Igaly
Maryva Mayo
nessuno Myoo
Nino Vichan
Peste Razor
Solkide Auer
Tani Thor


Monday, November 1, 2010

Inworldz Art Scene

First mesh makes its appearance in Inworldz. Artistide Despres created a stunning piece of art using mesh. We're standing nearby viewing it with Jeri Rajha who brought over Elenia Llewellyn the founder of Inworldz for her to view. The piece is of a towering woman, and uses an incredible number of prims in its construction. Congrats! Arti and to Jeri for having the foresight to set up Alexanderia's Kingdom.