Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Hidden Treasures" by Monroe Snook Opens at Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia

The Opening of "Hidden Treasures" by Monroe Snook

Where: Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia
Grand Opening Event: March 30, 2010
Time:: 7-8 pm sl time
Name of exhibit: Hidden Treasures
Artist: Monroe Snook
Curator: RobertSteven Smythe
Entertainment provided by Eth Tedeschi

Hidden Treasures Are Inside All of Us

by RobertSteven Smythe

“..that is one of my interests. How to make a flower not seem like a blossom…but something deeper,” says Monroe Snook in a conversation with her while discussing the concept of the new exhibition called “Hidden Treasures”, opening at the Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia, Tuesday March 30th at 7 pm sl time.

“Hidden Treasures” by Monroe Snook, one of SL’s premier still photographers, will delight you with her whimsical, playful and thought-provoking images. Her insight into photography lies within her real life work as a floral photographer. She creates images that show the sensuality of the flower. “Many of my floral images are indirectly sensual, the deep detail of real life is wonderful,” says Monroe. Her Second Life photography is more illustrative in nature. In my conversation with Monroe that December afternoon she had an idea and a concept for this new exhibition. I was privileged to see the creative process at work and the concept evolve from one of the most creative artists in Second Life. “What I want to do ….is combine the two in one image (RL and SL), let me explore this idea with you first…see this image Sustain, see the way the two petals on the left create a pocket, they almost come together and touch. Now imagine an SL Avatar, black and white…nuzzled in that space, but so well done that you really have to look to see it and then look to see if it is real. I think that would be very unique.” I agree with Monroe Snook and I am sure you will as well. Her new work called “Hidden Treasures” captures that enthusiasm and creativity that I saw when she talked about her vision for this show. I know you will be amazed by the images, the blend of Second Life and Real Life, where does one life begin and where does one life end. You be the judge. Join Artemisia and Monroe Snook on March 30 at 7 pm sl time to be the first to see this wonderful display of images.

“Some of the most profound things in life are those you don't notice right away. They are very faint, often times difficult to see, the fleeting images of life that almost pass us by. Once we see these “Hidden Treasures” our mind opens up to their possibility - they are suddenly all around you.”

Monroe Snook has loved photography from as early as she can remember. Her first exhibits in SL showcased her RL floral works depicting macro images of sensual structures of natures plenty. In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium until today she is seen as one of SL’s top photographers.

She uses all topics and ideas for her pieces with no one central theme. Curiosity and exploration unify her work. You can not predict from one piece to the other where Monroe's work will lead, what thought will be provoked or emotion conjured from within.

Her art consists of vistas, period pieces, landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, and fantasy. They are all areas of focus for Monroe. Her signatures are in color, lighting, and movement while using her SL photography and skill with the SL viewer to create stunning and emotional works. In addition, Monroe uses digital dark-room technology when a piece calls for textures or layering beyond what the SL camera can provide such as lens blur, distance, and pure black and white.

In addition to fine art, Monroe is a top SL fashion photographer - with works for top designers and models. Monroe also marries her work with detailed hi-resolution fashion work with her love of SL locations to create custom, one-of-a-kind emotional pieces. These may be commissioned or at times are on limited exhibit. Many are in private collections. You can also see many of Monroe’s piece at the Museum of SL Photography where she is a featured artist, Orange Island, the SL campus of Marymount University and a featured artist of Avatriat.

Don’t miss this new and exciting exhibition by Monroe Snook, “Hidden Treausres” at the Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia. March 30, 2010 at 7 pm sl time. Eth Tedeschi will be playing jazz standards live for your enjoyment. Curator RobertSteven Smyth

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Perspectives Exhibit and Competition" Winners Announced

I recieved an update from FigBash Snook, who announced the winners from the competition:

FIRST PLACE L$5000 Cat Boccaccio
SECOND PLACE L$2000 Kerupa Flow
THIRD PLACE (tie) L$1000 Em Larsson
THIRD PLACE (tie) L$1000 iTony Pleides

The two honorable mentions were only 1 point behind the third place winners in the tally; each received a L$500 gift certificate, courtesy of SF Design

HONORABLE MENTION (tie) Elizabeth Tinsley

Best New Artist: L$2000 Kika Starbrook

A special honorable mention, and a Magic Compass sponsored by Glimmering Sands, went to RAG Randt, whom most of the judges and visitors singled out for making them smile and laugh.

Congrats All!

A Conversation with SpaceJunky Lead Singer Shakti Cianci

SpaceJunky Lead Singer Shakti Cianci

I had recently become acquainted with the publicist of SpaceJunky and had been invited by her to one of the band concerts on their island in Second Life. Impressed with the sound, the lighting, staging and the overall performance I asked if she could arrange for me to meet lead singer Shakti Cianci. A few days later, an instant message invitation and teleport request arrived from Bella Dutton which took me to directly to Ms Cianci’s residence. We had a short visit where we exchanged pleasantries and arranged for a date and time for an interview. In the time in between, I read through a press package along with a visit to the band’s web site where I was able to listen to a selection of their recordings. Besides having been featured in CNN and in the Sony Acid Remix Contest, there have been many articles written about the band. Both the web site and press package told me that Shakti is also starting her very own TV show called Virtual Life and that the band is working on a soon to be released music video, “Star Tribe”.

On the appointed day and time, the teleport request arrived, as did I after I clicked on accept. Ms Cianci first came into view and we chatted while the site rezzed for me.

"Good to see you again." I said and added a smile.

"Hi Nazz … you to … Would you like to do the interview here, it’s nice and relaxing. Nazz this is Izzy." She said.

"Sure ... where ever you're the most comfortable." I said and then turned slightly to my right and added; "Hey Izzy, nice to meet you."

“Hey Nazz … .good to meet you." Izzy replied.

"Izzy is our photographer ... let’s go over here." She gracefully moved her avatar across an open space of water, toward several cushions. Both Izzy and I waited until she selected a cushion before we pointed, clicked and sat. The cushions contained meditation animations and we each begin to move according to the scripted pattern.

I'd moved my camera view to check out the immediate area and liked what I saw. "This is a nice area ... your build?"

"Yes this is part of SpaceJunky Island ... this is the healing area." She replied

"Meditation as a spiritual healing process?" I asked

"Yes … we have meditations here. I am a light worker in real life too, I do energy work and I am a hypnotherapist … spiritual healing." She answered and then added a smile.

"By the way I really enjoyed your playing on the song 'Chrystal Silence'. I listened to it several times yesterday morning on the web site." I commented as my avatar cycled into the next iteration of the animation.

"I had just come back from Tibet and was researching an ancient Tibetan symbol that came to me in a vision while I was working on the CD that Crystal Silence is from." She said.

“What was it that brought you into second life?” I asked her.

“It’s all inspired by my trip to Tibet and I kept coming across this blog called the flying monks with a picture that looked like a cartoon monastery and one day after discarding it on several searches, I decided to have a look and found it was a group in second life that were creating Tibetan monastery's that had been destroyed in the cultural revolution. I found it fascinating and so I came into second life to see what they were doing and then decided to bring my band in here to promote our CD.” She said in reply

“Can you tell me about why you chose the name ‘Shakti’?

“Shakti is divine feminine creative power. I wanted to be creative here and it felt right … plus it is a very spiritual sacred name … I am very spiritual … Shakti is responsible for creation.” She replied.

“Is it a Tibetan name?” I asked her.

“An Indian name … but a Dakini in Tibet is a form of energy which is also Shakti.” She replied.

“Since being in second life has that influenced any changes to your music?”

“Not really … just allowed us to expand our vision and what the music is actually about … bring it to life. A Spacejunky is one who searches for cosmic truth and seeks to lengthen the space between thoughts … so we have created a community here for our fans based on that concept.” She said.

“Bringing it to life … is that a visualization of the music?” I asked her.

“Yes it’s allowed us to create the world that I live in my mind.” She answered.

“How long has the band been together?”

“Hmmm … I first started working on the project in 1993. It was a solo project then … and then later brought in the other two members.

“What do you see as the differences in performing live in real life as compared to a second life live performance?

“Well in some way not much difference ... both are performances just the delivery is different … one of the great things about second life is that you can interact with people here live in a way you can't in a real life concert. So that's very interesting … to have that real time connection.” She said in reply.

“I've spoken to performers and musicians who've said they miss the energy of a live crowd while on the second life stage, but enjoy that real time connection.” I commented.

“Well most of the musicians here perform differently than us, they are playing and singing. We perform a ‘virtual concert’ using our CD so we are concentrating on providing a visual experience here along with the music we have already recorded. So we approach it differently. So in that way I don't miss the real time crowd because we are not trying to emulate a live performance … here it is more like performance art to us … so again a different approach. Second life is great for that lets you use your music in different ways.” Shakti commented.

“The TV show ‘Virtual Life’, how did that come about?” I asked.

“Stretch Mayo is a friend and had asked me some time ago about doing a TV show … so we talked about it and we share a similar vision … so we did a pilot episode.” She replied.

“Has Spacejunky performed in any other virtual worlds?”

“No ... this one keeps us too busy.” She said in reply and then added; “But we have been broadcast out of second life to the web in real time.”

“After the video ‘Star Tribe, what comes next for Spacejunky?”

“I’m thinking about doing a grid wide tour … we need to get out amongst the people again ... spread our wings a little. The island has been great but it has kept us a little insulated. Also, I work with a Tibetan real life foundation and I am going to India soon, we are building a school there. So I’d like to do something to help raise some money for it.” She said in reply and then added; “I need to talk to them about having their blessing to do something in second life as I work with a real Tibetan Lama.”

“How soon do you think the grid wide tour will begin?” I asked.

“I will start work on it in April after I go to India … we will begin planning.”

“Do you have any closing thoughts or comments you'd like to share with my readers?”

“I’d just like to say that Second Life is an amazing place and congratulate the people who create beauty here sometimes in spite of challenging situations.” She responded.

We chatted for a few minutes longer before I departed and I wished her good night as it was the end of her day in Australia while only the beginning of mine in the US. Several days after the meeting, I received a link from Bella with pictures taken during the interview by photographer Izzy Cole.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Perspectives Exhibit and Competition" Opens Today

FigBash Snook at "Perspectives"

I'd received a note from a good friend about the event and popped over to the exhibit hall to have a look around. The exhibit which opens on Sunday, 28th of March is being organized by photographer FigBash Snook. The event begins at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT where the competition winners will be announced. The competition began several weeks ago for this unique project, in which participating artists received a single snapshot taken in-world and could; "do anything they wanted with it; they could use any media: photography, painting, sculpture, builds, clothing, body parts, or something else entirely". While there I had the opportunity to speak with Figbash.

Nazz: Hello Figbash ... is the "Perspectives Exhibit and Competition" something you'd developed and organized?

FigBash: Hi Nazz. Yes, I am the creator and organizer of the Perspectives exhibit.

Nazz Lane: The award ceremony on Sunday at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT I'd heard.

FigBash: You are well informed. Would you like an invitation?

BigBash: Correct … The exhibit hall is ready, if you'd like a walkthrough before hand let me know.

Nazz: When did the exhibit begin?

FigBash: It doesn't officially start until Sunday. I just finished setting it up this morning

Nazz: The competition starts on Sunday as well?

FigBash: The judging was completed yesterday. Here, let me send you the note that the participating artists got, it should explain how things worked. The basic idea though is that all the participating artists use the same photo as a starting point, and can do whatever they like from there. The only rule is that the finished piece, whatever it is, must contain at least one visual element (not necessarily the subject) from the original image

Nazz: That is an interesting idea ... yours?

FigBash: Yes

FigBash : I have done this concept once before, in 2007 and enough people kept saying how much they enjoyed it that I decided to do it again.

Nazz: How many entries did you have?

FigBash: The final count was 22 … 35 people responded initially, but these are still artists we're talking about.

Nazz: How many judges and is it okay to say who they were?

FigBash: Well, the initial panel was 5 judges, but there ended up being four way ties for both first and second place after their evaluations, which I view to be a very good sign, so I recruited an additional three people. As for their identities, I will ask them if they are comfortable with disclosing them. I have recused myself from judging, as I am friends with a good number of the artists, and even mentor several of them.

Nazz: Eight judges in total then?

FigBash: Yes … A combination of artists, gallery owners, art collectors, and models.

"Lunamaruna" an Exhibition by Scottius Polk at Project Z

"Lunamaruna" Opens March 28, 1 PM PDT/SLT at project Z with music by Skye Galaxy at 2 PM

What happens when you mix Dr. Seuss, Van Gogh, and Antoni Gaudi? You might get a taste of Scottius Polke! But don’t let the influences fool you -- Scottius definitely projects a unique voice.

From the initial landing point of Scottius’ latest work, Lunamaruna, his personality immediately emerges through the fantastical landscape: the hand-illustrated and highly stylized textures, the curvaceous structures, the sense of humor in details, and a joy in the discovery of the unexpected.

If you are familiar with Scottius Polke’s art, then you might recognize similarities from his previous installation, mushROOM. In both works his colors are rich and saturated, and the textures are all hand-stylized with a kind of comic aesthetic. Where Lunamaruna differs is in the overall scale and artistic vision – this is not a room, but a whole village - and the details tell an intriguing, perhaps even ominous story.

Whether Lunamaruna is a manufactured tale, or a transcendent vision from a tuned-in artist, it's certainly good fun to explore!

From Scottius:

The process of creating Lunamaruna has spanned several months, and could not have been completed without the help of the following people:

Zachh Cale: For curating and generously lending art space for this build, as well as being Sounding Board and Gentle Critic.

Kimba Sideways: Prim and Texture Aligner Extraordinaire, and Idea Maven like none otter, er other.

Alexx Fenstalker: Bringing the island to life with Amazing Animations

Desdemona Enfield: Most Ingenious in all things scriptly

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Back to Black" a Modern Ballet Presented by la performance Opens on Sunday

la Performance "Back to Black" Poster

On Sunday the 28th of March, the dance troupe la performance will present their latest show, the modern ballet "Back to Black" The premier of show begins at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT and will be held at the troupe's venue on the Skin City SIM. They are planning seven performance, each to be held at the same time (2:30 pm PDT/SLT), same location on Sundays. The last show is scheduled for the 9th of May. I spoke briefly to la performance's choreographer Jie Loon a few days before the premier as the troupe was rehearsing for their performance.

"We are all a bit nervous now and today we do half show the show … on Saturday we will do the first complete run through". She said.

"I am sure you and the troupe will rise to the occasion and out perform the audiences expectations." I commented.

"It will be a challenge … but its cool. I'm sure all will do their best … we got a very nice crew now and I am happy with them … many are learning and some dances are difficult to do, we will see. We all hope that audience will like it of course."

"I will see you on Sunday ... good luck with rehearsals." I said and thanked her for taking time away from the rehearsal to chat.

"Oh thanks dear Nazz … a better wish is break a leg." She replied.

"Oops ... you're right." I said and then retyped the chat line, "I will see you on Sunday ... break a leg."

Playbill "Back to Black:

We dance for you 10 songs - title song is 'Back to Black' by Amy Winehouse

Idea/concept/choreography/production leader: Jie Loon

Performing Artists:

1. Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now - 8 dancers Aminata Potez, Emyly Beaumont, Eva Bohemian, Line Rayna, Natalina DeVinna, Randy Thor, Tik Merlin, Xanthi Oridium.

2. Queen: Love Of My Life - 6 dancers Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Deyna Broek, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson, (Jie Loon).

3. Francisco de la Torres – La Alta - 6 dancers Aspen Wrigglesworth, Eva Bohemian, Jie Loon, Natalina deVinna, Randy Thor, Xanthi Oridium.

4. Reis Alter: Insensatez - 7 dancers Aminata Potez, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Emyly Beaumont, Eva Bohemian, Jie Loon, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson.

5. Metallica: Enter Sandman - 9 dancers Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Eva Bohemian, Jie Loon, Lyssia Fredriksson, Natalina DeVinna, Randy Thor, Tik Merlin, Xanthi Oridium, (Falkon Wickentower).

6. Amy Winehouse: Back To Black - 5 dancers Alazi Sautereau, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Jie Loon, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson, (Deyna Broek).

7. Paula Cole: Feelin Love - 11 dancers Alazi Sautereau, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Emyly Beaumont, Eva Bohemian, Jie Loon, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson, Natalina DeVinna, Randy Thor, Tik Merlin,
Xanthi Oridium, (Deyna Broek).

8. Jessie Norman/Karajan: Richard Wanger, Isoldes Liebestod - 1 dancer Jie Loon.

9. Louis Armstrong: What A Wonderful World - 4 dancers Aspen Wrigglesworth, Jie Loon, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson/Xanthi Oridium.

10. Suzie Quatro: If You Can’t Give Me Love - 15 dancers Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Deyna Broek, Emyly Beaumont, Eva Bohemian, Falkon Wickentower, Jie Loon, Line Rayna, Lyssia Fredriksson, Ninoo Nansen, Natalina DeVinna, Randy Thor, Tik Merlin, Xanthi Oridium.

Master of Ceremonies: Alazi Sautereau (Aspen Wrigglesworth)

Pictures in SL-art (sets of dances 6. + 9.): Ahmad Hosho

Costumes sponsored by : Ameshin Yossarian (2.), Analee Balut (1., 3., 4., 9., 10.), LeeZu Baxter (5., 6., 9.), Opal Lei (8.)
Video: Zap Zhong

Sponsor Land: sLiterary

Duration: 1 Hour

Performance Schedule:

Sunday 03/28/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT (Premiere)
Sunday 04/04/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT
Sunday 04/11/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT
Sunday 04/18/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT
Sunday 04/25/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT
Sunday 05/02/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT
Sunday 05/09/2010 @ 2:30 pm PDT/SLT (Last Performance)

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Obsession" Exhibition Opening at Kelly Yap Gallery

Obsession a Photographic Exhibtion

Date: Saturday 27 March 2010

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM PDT/SLT

Where: Kelly Yap Art Galley

Great music . . . dancing . . . good company . . . wine and nibbles . . . gifts for all guests.

We would so love to see you there.


The gallery is also showing the works of Juliete 3D Quinzet, Samara Barzane, Kelly Yap, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Basil Beattie, Al Lurton, Inkspots Voom, CHUCKMATRIX Clip, Eifachfilm Vacirca, Physeter Nicholls & Ichiko Miles on the subject of Obsession.

This is the last themed exhibit to be held at Kelly Yap Art Gallery so try and make it!

Morgana and Kato

The Opening of "Dots" and "Dots Blue" by Sledge Roffo

The Gallery of the Minotaur Primagery

Presenting a new series called "Dots" and "Dots Blue" at my gallery in Grettony.

Using alpha textures on boxes, coupled with a variety of colored textures and slow moving scripts, these primagery works are diverse and optically exciting and fun.

Please come and enjoy my most fun works yet!

I will be pleased to welcome you on two occasions so hope you can make it to one.

~~~SATURDAY starting at 12 o'clook noon PDT/SLT, March 27

~~~SUNDAY starting at 5 pm PDT/SLT, March 28

--- LIVE On Stage Sunday only: claudio Delvalle will entertain us with his RL original music, that you will be sure and recognize . This is his SL debut outside of his own club so come out and applaud this awesome RL singer/songwriter and enjoy the art and company of artists and art patrons at the same time!

Hope to see you there!

Sledge Roffo

~About the Artist - Authentic Second Life Art ~

Thank you for your interest in the art work of Sledge Roffo.

I started making art in Second Life in June 2008, working with Sachi Nozaki, who was my partner at the time. We created an art form that is unique to Second Life. I've been on my own since October 2008 and the principle is still the same, but my influences have evolved. I create prim sculptures and then use the Second Life camera to zoom into the sculptures and find photographs that are rich in color and depth. In August 2008, I coined this process Primagery.

To understand the evolution of my work, read my blog:

Two recent articles have been written about me:



In RL, I am a career Construction Project Manager. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting. I thought I would have to wait until I retire to do anything...but Second Life has me hooked. I don't know anything about Photoshop and don't use it. I'd never made a piece of digital art until I came here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

M Linden's Personal Art Show - "Doodle Art"

Doodle Art Exhibtion Poster

What: M Linden's Personal Art Show - "Doodle Art"

When: Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 3 PM SLT (US Pacific)

Where: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia (UWA)


If you follow Second Life Arts, you know that the SL Art Community is full of surprises. Today we are going to share with you one of the best kept SL secrets... Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon (known in Second Life as M Linden) is an ARTIST!

Now that the secret is out, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is proud to announce the grand opening of M Linden's first solo art exhibition in Second Life. This truly special event will showcase virtual editions of sixteen drawings selected from Mark's collection of doodles as well as two SL sculptures created by M Linden specifically for this show.

* M Linden RL Art Show at the University of Western Australia *

In addition to this exciting SL event, the University of Western Australia is thrilled to announce a real life showing of M Linden's work at the UWA campus on Friday, March 26th.

The RL event will be hosted by award winning West Australian artist Len Zuks (http://www.culturalprecinct.uwa.edu.au/artists/zuks). Len has collaborated with Miso Susanowa to breathe a fresh second life into his sculptures, 'Megabyte' and 'Lil Eizenstein', in a first ever RL/SL collaboration between American and West Australian artists. His RL sculptures will stand alongside M Lindens works!

Machinima, Lil Eizenstein - By Chantal Harvey

Machinima, Megabyte - By Chantal Harvey

Commenting on M's works, Len said:

"It is not 10 minutes since my eyes first beheld an image of one of Mark Kingdon's artworks. I had been in discussion with Jayjay for several weeks on this anticipatory moment. If I had seen any other illustration, it would have been of a lesser impact. The unexpected image and the subsequent revealing insights was an unequivocal surprise. It is as if I had bypassed the artist's eyes and had a glimpse into the mechanism of the artist's mind. Wow! "

Blog post on Lil Eizenstein - By Miso Susanowa

Blog post on Megabyte - By Miso Susanowa

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jackson Street Books Presents Author Keith Thomson at Lacamas Hall in Second Life

Jackson Street Books Lacamas Hall

On Monday March 22nd, at 6 pm PDT/SLT, Jackson Street Books is proud to present Keith Thomson at Lacamas Hall.

What happens when a spy develops Alzheimer's? Pair him with his mid-thirties son who owes the Russian mafia for his pony debts, who still thinks Dad was just an appliance salesman...

“Utterly original, it is an adrenaline-fueled concoction of sidesplitting humor and genuine suspense. Think Carl Hiassen taking on John Le Carré and the winner is the reader. What a find! I can't imagine not loving this gem of a novel!”

—Christopher Reich :: New York Times Bestselling Author
'Once A Spy' Excerpt: read early chapters at HuffPo: http://bit.ly/acdh4U

Book trailer:



Order the book:


Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Best of Soror Opens at Virtual Treeline on March 21st

Virtual Treeline is proud to present the "Best of Soror" an exhibition opening featuring the works of Soror Nishi. The opening begins on Sunday, the 21st of March at 2 pm PDT/SLT.

The exhibition "showcases one of Second Life's most admired artists andtreemakers, Soror Nishi, from her first prims to her current masterpieces".

Saturday, March 20, 2010

::kÅbloom:: An Extraordinary Exhibit Opens on March 21st

Opening on Sunday, the 21st of March, is an exhibition at Force Planet,The show is scheduled to run until the 1st of September, 2010. The following is from a notecard I received from Sledge Roffo:

::Force Planet:: and ::Gallery Tony:: are proud to present an extraordinary exhibit of new art, " :: kÅbloom :: combines the wild blooming frenzy of spring with Kå, the life force as described by the Egyptian symbol of two upraised arms." Twenty five artists give their unique interpretations of this theme with works that can only be seen at this amazing collection.

Participating Artists:

Al Lurton
Cardinalwildflower Sommer
Davideo Zelnik
Elin Egoyan
Eliza Quinzet
Figbash Snook
Fuschia Nightfire
Kicca Igaly
iTony Pleides
Merranda Ginssberg
nessuno Myoo
Ragamuffin Kips
Sahoni Tigerpaw
Serenity Questi
Sheba Blitz
Simulat Almendros
Sistagrlro Wei
Sledge Roffo
Special Jewell
Sundog Branner
Sunn Thunders
Tegan Jenvieve
Treacle Darlandes
Trill Zapatero
Xineohp Guisse

Live Music Event - Great Music for a Great Cause

The following came to me by way a group notice from Medora Chevalier:

Saturday, March 20, 2010 3 pm PDT/SLT until late. Great music for a great cause. Live music from around the world to benefit a school-building effort in southern Sudan! Great tunes and a great cause! Hope to see you all there - Peace

Action for Self-Reliance Association - ASERELA - Building Schools Where There Was War.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sun Escapes Arts Center Exhibtion Opening

Shellina Winkler at Sun Escapes Arts Center

On Friday March 19th at 3 PM PDT the Sun Escapes Arts Center curated by Ambber Enzo, presents an exhibit by shellina Winkler. The exhibit featuring sculptures and "Primpaintings" will be open until April 16th, a good opportunity to stop in and see the works of this very talented artist.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alizarin Goldflake's New Sky Studio Opening Party

Ali's Sky Studio


From: Alizarin Goldflake

Topic: Alizarin Goldflake's New Sky Studio Opening Party

Event date: Saturday, March 20, 3 pm PDT

Alizarin Goldflake will host a party celebrating her new sky studio on Saturday, March 20, 3 pm PST/SLT. The studio features 6 square galleries for Immersive Art best suited to midnight and two oblong galleries for work best seen in daylight. Each major build has its own dedicated space, but because of the way the doorways between galleries are offset from each other, glimpses of other art invite exploration. Although the studio is now consolidated on one floor, it actually consists of many more square meters.

Immersive Art is the featured genre, but many builds are flanked by the RL drawings that were their inspiration (available in RL at http://www.marthavista.com). A case in point," Acquarella" is surrounded by The Big Pixels drawings recently shown at PiRats.

In the center of the new sky studio is an atrium with an elaborate grillwork dome. The visitor area, with seating, champagne, candles, flowers, and teleporters, is situated below. The gorgeous tropical plantings are courtesy of Juanita DeHaro's WATER,PONDS, RIVERS, WATERFALLS in Svidler.

The land music, classical guitar and flamenco as always, is provided by an iRadio Tunie HUD, available from Zenvendof Zeno, and goes really well with the salsa animation in the dance HUD.

FREE bouquet of lupines to celebrate the first day of spring!

Alizarin Goldflake ARTIST'S STATEMENT Studio: Atelier Alizarin


I make several different kinds of art in SL. My main form is Immersive Art, so-called because the viewer is meant to enter the work either by avatar or camera. The art is made of nested prims, digital textures, and scripts. Many of the builds have poses and sounds in them. The point of the art is the kaleidoscopic interaction of the textures, as well as the different moods expressed in the pieces. Some of the sculptures emit extra-large particles, which are actually highly-detailed digital drawings.

The RL Digital Drawings are done just like traditional drawings except that I use digital tools, including a software program called Corel Painter 11 and a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet and stylus. As I draw, the tablet and stylus electronically translate the motions of my hand into strokes that look as though they were made with the drawing tool I have selected (charcoal pencil or pastel, for example). I see these strokes occurring real-time on my monitor. Jpgs of the very large drawings are imported at 1024x1024 into SL.

2-D Digital Collages are made in RL based on a creative approach I discovered making art in SL. The approach is called process art, and the main characteristic of it is the fact that the end result is not envisioned at the beginning but arises spontaneously from the process of combining and composing visual elements.

Musical Kinetics are a collaboration between artist Alizarin Goldflake and musician Flivelwitz Alsop. The series was inspired by the art and music of five Asian countries: China, Japan, India, Tibet, and Mongolia. Amazingly, the complex compositions were all created with the little 10 second sound loops that SL allows. Walk up close to each piece to activate the music. These pieces are essentially 3-D collages using textures, scripts, and particles.

Kinetic Sculpty Art is 3-D art made from sculpty line drawings embellished with particles and scripted textures.

Regardless of the form. each piece of my art comes from and is intended to share an experience of visual , emotional, and spiritual intensity.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kundemor Tamatsui Now Showing at The Criss MCA

Kundemor Tamatsui Exhibit at The Criss

On exhibit for the next four weeks are the works of SL and RL artist Kundemor Tamatsui at The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art. The artist who is a from Puerto Rico in real life is showing several of his pieces on the second floor of the gallery. As an artist he has many distinctions including; First Prize International Artists in California, Latino Art Museum, 2006, Honorary Mention Hispanic Heritage in America, Museum of the Americas Miama Florida, 2002. If you enjoy contemporary art, stop by to view the pieces he's chosen to exhibit.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Milk Wood's 1st Annual March Poetry Festival

An exhibition of work and readings from Second Life's most popular poets begins on today on the 5th March. This first of a planned annual event begins at 1pm PST/SLT ends on Sunday 7th March at 4pm PST/SLT.

Here's the line up of events planned by day, the time and SLURL:

Friday - March 5th

Flawnt Alchemi - 1pm SLT at the Bookstacks Performance Space


Morgue McMillan - 1:30pm SLT - Outside Milk Wood Library


Rosemary Serenity 1:45pm SLT - at Storybook Dell


Stosh Quartz - 2:00 - 2:30 pm SLT - at the Stone Circle


Kezhen Yheng - 2:30-3pm SLT - at the Stone Circle


Saturday - March 6th

All Events at the Stone Circle http://slurl.com/secondlife/Awen/153/78/23

Rosedrop Rust - 1:00 - 1:30pm SLT

June Stormcrow - 1:30 - 2:00pm SLT

Donjuan Writer - 2:00 - 2:15pm SLT

Morgue McMillan - 2:15 - 2:30pm SLT

Klannex Northmead - 2:30-3:00pm SLT

Huckleberry Hax - 3:00 - 3:15pm SLT

Sunday - March 7th

All events at the Library http://slurl.com/secondlife/Awen/227/87/30

Wolfgang Glinka - 1:00 - 1:30pm SLT

Kamille Kamala 1:30 - 2:00pm SLT

IU's Man in Black - 2:00 - 2:30pm SLT

Aianna Oh - 2:30-3:00pm SLT

Corwyn Allen - 3:00 - 3:30pm SLT

Manx Wharton - 3:30 -4:00pm SLT

Egypt: Images by Em Larsson at Gallery Healy

The opening of an exhibition by photographer Em Larson at the http://slurl.com/secondlife/Healy/213/168/103is scheduled for the 5th of March at 6 pm PST/SLT. The photographs are from a set taken during Ms Larsson's recent trip to Egypt and are a visual delight. If you can't make the opening, stop by when you have a moment, you won't be dissappointed.

Artist Gracie Kendal and the Vanessa Blaylock Company in a Performance Art Event

V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y and GRACIE KENDAL present

=== VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS ===

Saturday 6 MAR 10 - Noon-2pm SLT



Eostara (207,51,263) - March 1, 2010 - Gracie Kendal in collaboration with the Vaneeesa Blaylock Company cast will present Kendal's 16 avatar versions of herself in a two-hour presentation of sculpture, identity, beauty, reality, and romanticism.

Gracie Kendal, also known as Kristine Schomaker in real life, is completing her Thesis for the Masters Degree in Art through the execution of her "The Gracie Kendal Project-A Conversation with my Avatar" where she utilizes installation, text, photography, mixed media, video and performance to explore her real life through the lens of her second life avatar.

"I am projecting myself onto another form and confronting my own imperfections," Kendal says. "My work deals with the process of becoming self-aware while living in a media-saturated, technologically advancing society."

"The human body has been represented in painting and sculpture for 500 years, but always mediated by the artist's hand," Company Director Vaneeesa Blaylock said. "In a world where avatars are emerging as new citizens, we will present the avatar as a work of sculpture directly to the audience. We state 'I Rez, Therefore I Am.'"

For more information about the Gracie Kendal Project contact Gracie Kendal or Kris Schomaker or visit http://graciekendal.wordpress.com. To learn more about the "VB15 - Gracie / Kris" installation or the Eostara Art Gallery, contact Vaneeesa Blaylock or visit http://vaneeesa.blogspot.com.

In the past year Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company has produced numerous performance artworks in Second Life, including 14 large-scale productions, 3 duets, and 11 solo works. Ms. Blaylock holds an MFA in New Media from the Koninklijk Conservatorium and a degree in Choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Kris Schomaker (aka Gracie Kendal) lives in Southern California and will graduate in May 2010 with her MA in Art from California State University, Northridge. She has been an artist for over 12 years experimenting in various interdisciplinary art forms, and is currently exploring her own identity through new media and performance art.
=== VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS ===

Gracie Kendal, Guest Artist

=== VB/CO ===

Seasprite Destiny, Managing Director
Calliope Novaland, Publicist
Friday Blaisdale, Stage Manager
Forceme Silverspar, Stage Manager
Shape Rembrandt, Avatar Design
NightOwl Meridoc, Wardrobe Supervisor
Vaneeesa Blaylock, Artistic Director


VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS by Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Netherlands License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/nl/. Based on a work at http://vaneeesa.blogspot.com/.