Thursday, November 27, 2008


A note card arrived in my inventory one morning from fashion designer Shelly Toonie with a short introduction to a new dating service in SL. The operator of the dating service, Ziggy Quirk has a new slant for SL'ers.

"Here at BookDate we really consider personality more important than who bought the pretty hair and can do sliders really well. So rather than a photo of your avatar, here at BookDate you show off the cover (or title, if you don't have a cover image - whip something up in MS paint, it'll do) of your favorite book. We think this works better as it gives you something in common with the person you're poking."

The dating service offers the following categories:

Women Seeking Men
Women Seeking Women
Women Seeking Either
Men Seeking Women
Men Seeking Men
Men Seeking Either

Rules for the service are available when you rez in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "Not So Tranquil Writer" Debuts in SL Newspaper

Good friend and fellow journalist, Magdeleine "Mags" Rossini, had the debut of her twice weekly column in the SL Newspaper today. Mag's brings a unique blend of humor and insight to her column that you will love and appreciate. Give it a read.

Congrats! Mag's

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arthole Radio

Arthole Radio is pleased to announce that the first ever voice interview with elusive Second Life artist AM Radio will broadcast as part The Amy Freelunch Hour this Wednesday, November 26th (details below). The interview was recorded after the two met in person last week, over breakfast.

In Amy Freelunch's words: "I was honored - and shocked, actually - that AM agreed to meet up with me and to record an interview. In person, I found him to be deeply thoughtful and articulate, more than I even expected - and I had pretty high expectations! He has much to contribute to the art community through his ideas and words, all of which makes me very excited to share this conversation with you."

Freelunch is in the process of creating an archive of recorded conversations with Second Life artists; this talk with AM Radio is the first in that series. Next week (December 3rd) her show will feature a conversation with writer Cyrus Huffhines (known in RL as Bryan Campen), who produced the virtual installation for 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno. Huffhines speaks about a build he is currently working on, recreating his childhood home from which he and his family - including his bi-polar father - were evicted when the artist was an adolescent.

In real life, Amy Freelunch (aka Amy Wilson) is an artist and college professor of art, art history, and critical studies at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Formally a regular contributor to Brooklyn is Watching, Freelunch joined Arthole Radio shortly after its launch in September 2008. She writes about Second Life art and culture in her blog see-through -

Arthole Radio was launched by Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine as a way to promote their collaborative Second Life gallery and the SL art scene in general. The channel airs live every Wednesday:


Arahan Claveau: 9.00pm UK/GMT (1.00pm SL/PST)

Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm UK/GMT (2.30pm SL/PST) -INTERMISSION-

Nebulosus Severine: 9.00pm US/EST (6.00pm SL/PST)

Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm US/EST (7.30pm SL/PST)


To listen to the stream, copy and paste this link into your streaming media player -

Monday, November 24, 2008

SLSC SOS Fundraiser

An SL Institution needs our help. Please read the press release below and Ina Centuar's speech that launched the campaign. You can also track the status of the campaign at the SL SOS Campaign Web Site.

I've placed a collecton kiosk in both of my locations and ask that when you have a moment please stope by and make a contribution.

Date: 22 November, 2008
Contact: Lora Constantine

Shakespeare, Second Life: Though hinted at on more than one occasion, Ina Centaur yesterday officially announced the SL Shakespeare Company's SOS "Save Our Sims" Fundraising Campaign—its purpose, according to Centaur, is to meet "a modest though desperately needed sum to pay land tier fees to Linden Lab." Through funding from microeconomics a la a grid-wide network of donation kiosks, the "SOS" campaign goal is to meet L$1.5 million by January 21, 2009, which at the current LindeX rate for selling would translate to about USD$5300, meeting six month's tier for three of the island sims that host the SL Globe Theatre venue and similarly daring literary and artistic projects. Centaur plans to fund the fourth sim through her own endeavors, to keep the SL Globe Theatre four sims in size, as well as to continue existing endeavors on the sims in trying to make the enterprise self-sufficient.

At high noon on November 21st, Ina Centaur, Artistic Director of the SL Shakespeare Company, greeted a small crowd of fans and supporters at the SL Globe Theatre before launching a speech that revealed the funding state of the Company, as well as some unexpected humanitarian results of their endeavors. The Company's performances have reached both those in rural areas and also low-income urban districts, introducing many to the culture of theatre and Shakespearean performances. Centaur summarized with the words, "Perhaps the greatest thing that has evolved from our endeavors is that it has become a truly humanitarian cause that we are fighting for—to bring theatre to the farthest reaches of the world, to give Shakespeare to those who would not have had the chance to experience his words in the live and intimate form they were written for, to use this nascent medium to bring the most quintessential culture to the metaverse and beyond."

Various donation kiosks are available for those who wish to help the SL Shakespeare Company in their campaign. Supporters may drop by the SL Globe Theatre or the Campaign headquarters, directly to obtain copies of kiosks. The Campaign website contains up-to-the-second stats and other information, as well as links to the inworld Campaign headquarter to obtain kiosks

Centaur explained that a 4-sim venue is a necessity for their shows, "To make sure all can attend, and to minimize the lag." In addition, the sims listed on the main SOS banners—sLiterary, Shakespeare, and Primtings—also support several other notable literary and artistic projects. Centaur stated the best way to find out about each is to spend some time exploring the sims, or to visit their campaign website above for brief summaries.

Although many may consider Centaur's activites to be merely great art, after mentioning a few examples of lives their endeavors have touched, she summarized their goal as of a greater significance, "Our goal is to create good within Second Life for the world to thrive from—because it is possible. We have been doing it, and we want to continue doing it, but we won't be able to if we become homeless—we would have neither the energy or the base to go from."

Centaur concluded the session with the haunting words, "You are our last hope. If you can't help us, then I'm afraid to say we are truly lost."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SL Live Radio 200th and 1st Birthday Party!

"November 29th is the One-Year Anniversary of SL Live Radio!" So began the note card from Cher Harrington and then she added, "And we've just signed our 200th artist!" SL Live Radio's 200th and 1st Birthday @ SL Live Radio Studio Where the party kicks off at 7am and goes until 2pm SLT with hours of continuous live music.

If you want to party on your own SIM, just tune in to Dublin Special Event Radio:

Musicians performing LIVE for the party include:

Norris Shepherd

Soundcircel Flanagan

Cylindrian Rutabaga

BabbleGrabble Swindlehurst

Professor Beliveau

Zaphod Theas

Djai Skellerup

Charles Coleman


Srv4u Conacher

Nad Gough

Mimi Carpenter

Tone Uriza

Blindboy Gumbo

Al Hofmann

Ictus Belford

UFS Hyde

Maximillion Kleene

Rich Desoto

PickerJohn Haystack

Kaklick Martin

Pakito Crimson

Neil Morrison

Friday, November 21, 2008

SecondStock Monthly Festival

The organizers of the SecondStock festival have announced their plans to continue with monthly events and on Saturday, November 22nd, they will hold their first ALL DAY music festivals from 10am until 10pm. On the Main Stage at SECONDSTOCK is a lineup of musicians that will blow you away.

12 Hours of Live Music!!

Secondstock Musician Schedule

10am - Robie Bloch

11am - Winston Ackland

12pm - Bonnikins Margulis

1pm - Silas Scarborough

2pm - Oldwolf Criss

3pm - Lonnie Nightfire

4pm - Montian Gilruth & FunkyFreddy Republic

5pm - MrMulti Writer

6pm - Auzzie Blackburn

7pm - Hathead Rickenbacker

8pm - Moondoggirl Moomintoog

9pm - Blue Sky Traveler

Friday, November 14, 2008

Get It Together: Christmas All Year Through

A note card from Cher Harrington arrived when I logged into SL a few days ago. Cher is always a delight to chat with and is deeply ingrained into the SL Music scene asked if I would pass the word about a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the music scene in SL and I gladly agreed to pass along her notes here in Lane's List.




Over 30 Second Life Live Musicians featured on a collaborative song to promote live music in Second Life. This song, "Christmas All Year Through", highlights the creativity and vibrancy of the SL live music scene. The finished collaborative effort will be distributed free to SL residents as a holiday gift from SL musicians. To find out who is involved and to stay up to date with the project until the release, please read this thread at the SL Music Community Forum.


Earlier this year UK singer songwriter Djai Skjellerup instigated a scheme to raise the awareness of live music amongst the general population of SL. This resulted in a song he wrote entitled "Get It Together" being recorded by 13 SL musicians and all of the resulting contributions being mixed together to create a single track. The song was then distributed through SL to great critical acclaim. You can hear the result of this project here:


The project was very successful and most of all so much fun that Djai has decided to do a second collaborative recording.




Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lizbet's List ~ A Few of My Favorite Things

I love introducing people to my favorite virtual hangouts! Of course, my favorites change all the time as new wonders are discovered and old ones disappear from the grid. Sigh. I hate that, lol. But here is my current list of a few of my very favorite places in Second Life.

If you just want to be awed by color and movement then Acropolis Gardens is the place for you ~ a deservedly popular destination. To show off your virtual cultural flair, take a friend to the Blekinge Sculpture Park. Want a date that’s a little off the beaten path? Find a cuddle pose at the Inspire Drive-In Theatre.

I have several beautiful ballrooms included here and if you try just one (and your set-up is robust enough to handle some lag), visit the castle ballroom at Japan Tempura Island. And for a more casual yet classy dance club (yes, ok, it’s kinda a pick-up place, too), I like Hot Sax Jazz Club.

I’ll hope to run into you at one of my favorite places!


1. Acropolis Gardens**

**MARCH 2009 UPDATE! Acropolis Gardens is now gone. Sigh. ~LzL**


The Flying Romantic Flower tour is a perfect first virtual date. A sweet cuddle pose in a giant red flower while you fly through breathtaking ravines past dramatic waterfalls with glimpses of intriguing paths and green grottos everywhere. You catch this tour from the beach. You can also hike the amazing mountain trails all over this park and there are some beautiful perched dance floors if you take the trouble to explore.

Other enticements include Hot Air Balloon Rides, a Scuba Diving Tour of the underwater garden, and horse back riding!

2. Blekinge Sculpture Park


I adore sculpture parks and this one is big and fabulous! Although I do always get lost here! (Um, unlike other places in SL?)

Head south then take a right when you run into the big industrial building. Find the rocky path through the snow just ahead. Then take the time to wander off the path and don't forget to look up!

There's a skating pond somewhere around here, too. I know there is… somewhere, sigh.

3. Casablanca Underwater Ballroom


When you land, just walk a few steps north and you'll see the entrance to the CasaBlanca Aquarium on your right. This is the stunning underwater tunnel on the way to the Casablanca underwater ballroom and aquarium. Follow the tunnel (stopping midway for a kiss if you wish) to the small ballroom with the glass wall view of the aquarium.

They stream jazz standards from Martini in the Morning.

4. Heaven69


I'm not going to claim that this one is easy to get to and the navigation changes frequently! If you're greeted with TelePort choices, choose “Heaven69 Park”. If you land in the mall (why in the world, I wonder….) head for the West exit and continue on through the park. Then, finally, there are so many beautiful things to see: grottos, rocktop cuddles, bridges, waterfalls, fountains, giant flowers, a winged horse...

But my favorites are the marble mansion at the end of the main promenade and the open air pavilion dance floor just behind it and to the left.

The streaming music is romantic pop music from (I think) the 80s and 90s.

5. Hot Sax Jazz Club


What I like about Hot Sax is that although it's rarely too crowded or too laggy, you can almost always find a dance partner here. And, if not, there are plenty of cute sit poses where you can happily plop and read profiles, organize your inventory and catch up with friends.

Usually streaming jazz standards from Martini in the Morning Radio.

6. Inspire Drive-In Theater & Beach


I don't ever actually watch a movie when I'm in-world ~ I just like to do my chatting in the back seat of a vintage car. So I'm always looking for drive-in theatres in SL and this small one at Inspire Beach is my favorite. And you'll find pretty dances scattered along the piers and rocks of the beach to the north of the theatre.

If you're at the famously popular Inspire Space Park dance club overhead, just step off a ledge and you'll land here at the beach. It's an awesome tumble.

The music stream is kinda space-age electronica instrumentals.

7. Japan Tempura Island, The Luxury Ballroom


Ah, the highlights for me are the main ballroom in the castle on the hill and the sweet open air dance plaza at the landing point. To get to the castle (and check out those high reflection travertine floors) follow the arched walkway to the north. And it's a long walk for those of us ladies who prefer not to fly, lol. Wander around a bit through the parks around the castle and the landing point and you'll discover plenty of other pretty corners.
Heads up! This is possibly the laggy-est (is that a word?) place on my list. But so-o-o worth it if your system can handle it.

Streams romantic pop songs.

8. La Musique Waterfalls**

**MARCH UPDATE: La Musique is not gone. Sigh. ~LzL**


When you follow this landmark, you'll land at La Romantique ~ a lovely rooftop open air ballroom. The Teleporter is on the west side of the dance floor. Teleport to the "Cuddle Area". To the north of there you'll find a nice swing and some sheep (I dunno?) and to the south, clamber over the rocks to wade in one of my favorite waterfalls ~ the color and movement of the water are amazing!

You used to be able to count on classical music here but it varies now.

9. RMS Titanic


SUCH a fun photo opportunity. Take a snap of yourself and a friend in the famous Leo & Kate pose at the bow of the ship. Then try and get out of the pose without ending up on the bottom of the ocean! When you're done drying off, there's a formal ballroom and lots of places to explore inside the ship.

Happy Exploring!

Monday, November 3, 2008

SL Newspaper Birthday Celebration

SL Newspaper celebrated its second birthday in November and publishers Dana Vanmoer and JamesT Juno are busily planning for the celebration. Anticipation is rising for a week of events with contests and parties. The week of events will be held on a SIM donated by BNT holdings and the fashion show organized by Best of SL's Frolic Mills.

Opening party - Themed and FUN!

A building contest - contestants will be given a 10x10 plot and asked to build an office layout (desk, chair, accessories) in no more than 25 prims

They will have 5 days to complete their builds

Design contests - contestants will be asked to design either a ladies or a gents SL-newspaper outfit. These will become the new freebie outfits we give away. They will be judged separately in 2 fashion shows, organised by The Best of SL Magazine, one for the ladies and one for the gents

Photo Contest - run in conjunction with Skybeam estates

We have had over 75,000 in prizes donated so far and this is still rising - all prizes will be divided between the winners of the Design contest male and female, the photo contest run by Skybeam estates and the building contest.

A fair - booths will be available for rent on a first come first served basis - Contact Dana Vanmoer for details on how to obtain a booth

Closing party and prize giving ceremony - This will a formal event and all winners will be announced

If you would like to hold an event at our birthday venue feel free to contact - there will be no charge for this - again on a first come first served basis. We will have a stage set up in the center with a large event area around it - this can be used for anything you wish - a dance, a demonstration, discussion group, storytelling, a show, fashion show etc....... It is only limited by your imaginations and time. All events will be published in advance and the cutoff date for booking a time slot for the main stage is November 9th. Contact Dana Vanmoer via notecard titled 'SLN2Y event' if you would like more info or to book a time slot in advance. Most of all we hope you will join us in celebrating all that second life has to offer during this week of events which is sure to show the very best that imaginations can offer. Find out more in sl-newspaper or join the subscriber list by clicking the sign at head office SL - Newspaper, Ian Bernard (70, 145, 31)

JamesT Juno and dana Vanmoer