Monday, August 31, 2009

Come Be a Part of an Artists' Colony!

This note came to me by way of Fractal Artist and good friend Serenity Questi:

“Ever thought of having an art gallery of your own? Just to the north, west, and northwest of my gallery here in the Triphosa region here on the mainland there are 6 parcels of land for sale of various sizes and prices. I'm not the owner. But there are now three galleries here in the area. Mine (LM attached), Daines Imperial Art Gallery, and Van's Photos & Stuff. We'd love to turn this into an artsy region and benefit from each other's traffic, so check it out!”

Here’s the LM from the landing point fly North.

Second Life Residents Present Book to New York Public Library

I received an off line instant message from Nasus Dumart this past week, with an announcement for a mixed reality event. Nasus Dumart and Apple MacKay are the authors of "'The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life Virtual World" and I'd interviewed Nasus just prior to its release for an article that ran in the SL Newspaper several months ago. We'd had a delightful chat that day about the book, its release and of business in second life. Nasus and Apple are also the owners of Molaskey's Pub, a highly popular live music venue in second life where both are very active in promoting music.

An excerpt from her message follows:

"On Monday August 31st 6:30p (EDT) the New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch proudly will present 'Virtual Life Lessons' with Jay Mahar and Sue Martin Mahar. In Second Life, Jay and Sue are Apple MacKay and Nasus Dumart of Molaskey's Pub. They will be presenting their book, 'The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life Virtual World' at the NYPL and featuring Molaskey's Pub during a Second Life live demonstration. If you are in the NYC area, you are welcome to attend in real life! This is a NYPL Workshop, open to the public. It is located at 455 Fifth Avenue at 42nd St. 6:30-8p. 917-ASK-NYPL "

We chatted briefly on my next trip in world about catching up after the event for another interview and I look forward to doing so.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Virtual Ability Benefits from SLCC ArtAThon

During the recently held Second Life Community Convention, artists Filthy Fluno and Winter Nightfire "captured the excitement of virtual world culture by creating a 'happening' with paints and pastels" in a demonstration of their art and in raising money for Virtual Ability, Inc. While attendee's of the convention were treated to this display of "spontaneous art", the beneficiary of the "SLCC ArtAThon" will be presented a check for over $1000 USD on the 30th of August, at 2 pm PDT. Virtual Ability is a Second Life community and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps make Second Life more accessible to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The organization headed by Gentle Heron (aka Alice Kruger) will welcome the artists and guests at the Avalon Arts District for the presentation.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exhibition Opening - Castle of the Soul

Gary Kohime's newest exhibition, "Castle of the Soul" opens on the 22nd of August at 1 pm PDT/SLT. This exhibit is adjacent to his "Theory of Nothing" exhibit which I'd written about in a post to Second Arts. A full day of activities is planned, to include an opening dance, touring and music … all ongoing till about 9pm PDT/SLT.

From his announcement, the following quote is what prompted the inspiration for Castle of the Soul

"For just as a great stream of water could never fall on us without having an origin somewhere … just so it becomes evident that there is someone in the interior of the soul who sends forth these arrows and thus gives life to this life, and that there is a sun whence this great light proceeds, which is transmitted to the faculties in the interior part of the soul."

[Interior Castle; Peers]

In case you get lost, here's an additional LM

Friday, August 21, 2009

Artists Caring for Artists - Benefit Art Auction

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 at noon PDT/SLT a silent auction will begin to benefit second life artists who have been severely affected by the global recession. The "Artists Caring for Artists" benefit art auction is being organized by the founders of the Caerleon SIM's to help those in desperate need. Everyone who bids gets a chance to own a beautiful piece of artwork from some of SL's best artists.

Donating artists include:

Feathers Boa

Pete Jiminy

Artistide Despres

Dekka Raymaker

Jeb Soderstrom

Bryn Oh

Georg Janick

FreeWee Ling

Sowa Mai

AuraKyo Insoo

Misprint Thursday

Glyph Graves

Ub Yifu

Sabrinaa Nightfire

Alizarin Goldflake

Olza Koenkamp (RL drawing)

luce Laval

Nonnatus Korhonen

Pixels Sideways

marnie Reinard

Please come by for the opening ceremonies and make a bid that will help those in need!

The Reluctant Quester

The following came to me by way of good friend and fellow writer, Jenaia Moraine. She is well known in second life for her work on the Virtual World Story Project along with co-founder Marty Snowpaw. Jen explained in the note card she'd left for me that Marty is writing "a series of posts about what it was like to grow up in an education system that labeled him stupid, incorrigible, and even retarded."

An invitation from Marty was included and follows:


"Who are the learning disabled? How about me? Today, the term would be "learning differences," but back when I was going through school that more politically correct term hadn't yet been coined. I was more used to hearing words like, "stupid" or "moron" - sometimes "incorrigible", slow, and underachiever," with an occasional "retard" thrown in for good measure.

Today, with many years as a teacher and producer of children's educational programming under my belt, I'm revisiting and rethinking my childhood experiences. Using the Questing model we've developed at the Virtual World Story Project in Second Life I am utilizing stories and storytelling to exorcise old ghosts and help others celebrate the gift of their differences.

In virtual worlds, such as Second Life, online games, and social media those like myself have found our place at the table. It's a learning feast accomplished almost entirely without the help of institutions and educational professionals. Moreover, we are building communities based on diversity that welcome both, the able and disabled, the tall, fat, and skinny, and encourage intergenerational interaction. Nice.

You can read about my adventures as the Reluctant Quester, ably aided and abetted by my therapy dog Cice, at the Virtual Worlds Story Project's Blog . I hope you will share them with students who need encouragement and colleagues who need sensitizing to who we really are, the so called "Dumb and Dumber." Comment, contribute, tell us your story or your students' or your child's stories. Telling stories will make you and the people who hear them feel better. I do."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Lakes Machinima Festival

The Stratton Foundation






BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN, August 1, 2009 -- The Stratton Foundation will present the Great Lakes Machinima Festival on Sunday, August 16, 5-8pm at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, Michigan.


The event, free to the public, spotlights various animations, including works by students in Detroit's College for Creative Studies Entertainment Arts. Machinima is a digital animation genre that utilizes virtual world technology.


The event will feature the machinima, Made of Sound, by the 2009 Stratton Prize scholarship winner, Ms. Jayna Shropshire. The production visualizes the lyrics and music of the same title, by co-authors Liz Larin and Mnty.


Other selected machinima will be screened to demonstrate how the genre could be used for entertainment, education, information and wellness.


The entertainment arts industry includes machinima and other digital video production, video game design, and programming. It is expected to create new opportunities and jobs in Michigan's emerging film industry.


The event showcases the talent of local student animators, and provides visibility and the potential to connect with musicians and others who might be interested in having digital animations created to complement their music, poetry or stories.


Machinima will be shown on the flat screens in the venue from 5-6pm followed by a live performance by Liz Larin and networking until 8pm.


The festival will include a fusion event, where the audience will see real time avatars at the Callidora Beach and Concert Stage in the Second Life virtual world broadcast on the flat screens.


The Stratton Foundation based in Birmingham, Michigan makes grants to the College for Creative Studies to support students interested in careers in industries with growth potential that integrate technology and art.


The Stratton Foundation is a proud member of Automation Alley, Michigan's largest technology business association,

driving the growth and image of Southeast Michigan's economy.


Ms. Larin, winner of the 2009 Detroit Music Award Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer category, composes, produces and performs rock electronica and other musical genres. Her composition provided the inspiration and basis for the machinima which visually depicts her music and lyrics. More information can be found at


The College for Creative Studies is a world leader in art and design education and prepares students to enter the new, global economy where creativity shapes better communities and societies. A private fully accredited college, CCS enrolls over 1,300 students pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 11 majors. Graduates of CCS's Entertainment Arts department are leaders in the field of digital animation and work for studios producing major motion pictures. The department is chaired by Scott Bogoniewski. More information can be found at

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twilight's Peace Art Gallery Reopens


CONTACTS: Jonah Zenovka & Alexxa Laval
Twilight's Peace Art Gallery & Park

Shiki, Second Life - August 10, 2009 - Twilight's Peace Art Gallery & Park is pleased to announce the opening of our newly redesigned and expanded arts center featuring works by seven amazing visiting artists. We invite you to enjoy the exhibit spaces, lounge by the river, and join us for many exciting live music events that celebrate art, including a special grand opening celebration to be announced.

In the main building you'll discover the photography of Carabella Babii as well as colorful pieces by Juliete3d Quinzet and a fabulous collection of pour and drip paintings by Gracie Kendal. The second floor features an evocative collection of Second Life photography by Sapphoria Shilova.

In the courtyard, Em Larsson displays selections from her new Ireland series, and across the water in our brand new art pavilions we welcome Krissy Sinclair with brand new figural pieces, and Dane Fride takes us to Morocco with his latest photos.

Be sure to watch the events calendar as we welcome to the Twilight's Peace Riverside Stage a quality mix of some of SL's favorite performers, exciting new voices, and fun dj personalities.

Twilight's Peace is a group committed to the following charter: There comes a time when people – after growing weary of intolerance, violence and oppression – must band together in an effort to bring peace to our communities. Twilight’s Peace is an interfaith group dedicated to bringing people together from all religions, races and cultures to advance peace worldwide. Members employ art, music and discussion as tools for working toward this goal.

Twilight's Peace is an open enrollment group, so please join and invite your friends. If you have suggestions regarding art, programming, or philanthropies please contact either Jonah Zenovka or Alexxa Laval.