Sunday, March 23, 2008

Exploring Virtualilty

As I'd developed the characters introduced in my story "It's Time For You to Fly", I'd wanted to explore the idea of what's "Virtual" and what's "Real" and what that means in Second Life relationships, both social and business. A good deal of this curiosity had been sparked through recent conversations on how both blend together in an augmented or mixed reality in SL, that along with my own SL experiences. As I further develop the characters and the stories of their lives, I hope to both expand and explore that meaning.

Over the last several days I'd been out exploring the virtual world of social networks. Having been invited by Dana Vanmoer, editor extraordinaire of the SL Newspaper, to the social network she'd established for the SL Newspaper, it'd sparked my inquisitiveness about what else maybe out there. Since then, I'd added myself to twitter, you may have noticed to your left, "Nazz's Updates", which allow my twittering to be posted here as well. From twitter, I discovered the Association of Virtual Worlds, a business and social network and have established a presence there. This past Friday the curiosity had been furthered through a pre-screening of a Machinima-Film by artist Myth Guyot titled, "Walk to Elea!" A fascinating look at both a virtual and real existence and I'm working on a piece for the SL Newspaper about it. On Saturday I exchanged off line IM's with Lauren Weyland and she'd pointed me over to her blog where I found her "Inside Out" posting. It is a delightful read on the nature of both a real and virtual existence and how it affects us while we are away from Second Life.

My wanderings and explorations in Second Life this past week included:

  • A tour of Butzbach a delightful build. While there I had a lengthy chat with my tour guide and hostess MarillaAnne Slade. She was kind enough to show me the build and give me insight into her designs and plans for the space.

  • A conversation with Selina Green at Book Island about the upcoming SL 2008 Book Fair at Book / Publishing Islands. I have my booth "Lane's List" at the Publishing Village there.

  • A short note to a friend about having found a lost sock.

  • An introduction through twitter to Inversehelix, we'd begun to follow each others twitterings and he has been contemplating an entry into SL.

  • Work on my second story continues, although a title for the serial novel of which this will be the second installment, still eludes me.

  • An interview with an activist organizing a coordinated SL and RL event. Another article in the works for the SL Newspaper.

Monday, March 17, 2008

First Publication Release of "It's Time For You to Fly"

Lane’s List Publications is pleased to announce the release of “It’s Time For You to Fly” a short story by Nazz Lane. This is the first story in a to be named serialized novel based on Second Life characters.
"It's Time For You to Fly" is available only at Lane’s List Publications for $75 L. Lane's List Publications can be found at 52 Lovejoy Way—Book Island Publishing Village.

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