Sunday, April 26, 2009

Virtual Ability, Inc. Services

Virtual Ability, Inc. would like to share with you information about the services offered to people with disabilities as they enter and establish themselves in Second Life. If you're in a position to pass this information along to those who need it the most, please do pass it along.

VAI's purpose in Second Life is to make it possible for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, those using assistive technology, or those who learn in non-standard ways to have a successful first experience so that they can come back and enjoy the benefits of being in SL.

We will speak and show slides at the Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability Island, with repeat sessions on Monday, April 27 at both 7 am SLT and 6 pm SLT.

For more information, contact Eme Capalini or Gentle Heron.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today at the Boston Cyberarts Festival

For those of you in the Boston area, this came to me in a press release today:

"If you want to find out more about the world of virtual reality, head over to the Boston Public Library today from 1-4:30pm for "Boston is Watching," a full afternoon of interactive talks and presentations by art critics, art historians, curators, and artists about the world of virtual art in Second Life (right). Featured speakers include Lori Landay and Jay Van Buren, plus Second Life artists Tuna Oddfellow, Shava Suntzu, Alizarin Goldflake, Filthy Fluno, Penumbra Carter, and Misprint Thursday."

I'd featured a piece in the SL Newspaper about the festival on Thursday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not the London Book Fair

A note from Jilly Kidd of the Written Word group awaited my arrival in-world:

"I'll be at the real London Book Fair this week, but if you can't make it why not pop over to the Written Word to take a look at the select group of reputable publishers gathered near West Hill Cafe.

All of these publishers are active on SL and they all offer ways for writers to submit. Macmillan, Canongate, Snowbooks, Cinnamon and Bluechrome are all here. In the Macmillan basement you'll find a sign with info on how to submit manuscripts to Macmillan New Writing by email. Snowbooks also accepts manuscripts electronically, and their sign gives out useful info.

Canongate takes submissions direct without the need of an agent and has a forum for discussion on the website, and Cinnamon and Bluechrome both have periodic awards for writing in various forms with book contract prizes.

There are free ebook downloads, and the latest Spring book releases so you can see what each publisher is looking for from writers. Upstairs from Cinnamon you'll find Envoi magazine, a very well established UK literary magazine, run by the poet Jan Fortune-Wood, where you can send your submissions.

Homegrown Podcast is upstairs from Bluechrome if you want to submit your writing for broadcast. And if you turn on music you'll hear their latest show.

We'll be setting out some extra free items and gadgets at the West Hill Cafe of use to writers and venue organizers. They're all copyable and editable like many things on the Written Word area. It's probably a bit calmer than the London Book Fair. See you there!"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The gRiM cOuTuRe Artist Grant

gRiM cOuTuRe Magazine, in partnership with the Art & Artists Network and the Artist Mentors Group, is pleased to announce the establishment of an Artist Grant. The goal of this grant is to aide artists in establishing their place within the SL arts community. Artists are encouraged to complete the application process which will entail a general application, submission of art work, statement of authenticity and a summary of their artistic vision with in SL. Applications can be found at:

A grant recipient will be chosen by officers of gRiM cOuTuRe magazine, the Art & Artists Network, and Artist Mentors groups.

The recipient will then be given an option of; 1) 30 days tier paid on an approved art space or 2) Financial support, organization and promotion of an SL art event featuring their work. Grant recipients will also receive one on one business and artistic mentoring through other SL artists involved with the program. Their artwork will also be showcased in an issue of gRiM cOuTuRe.

Please NoteCard: Tricia Aferdita, Elysia Ashbourne, Nebulosus Severine or Sasun Steinbeck for more information.

Tribute Concert for Robert69 Little

A Tribute Concert in honor of SL Machinimist Robert69 Little will be held on Sunday April 19, 12:00 pm PDT/SLT - 7:00pmslt at the Tranquil Commons. Robert has been instrumental in the preservation of hundreds of SL live music events through his you tube site:

His work will be honored by fourteen SL musicians contributing their performance to recognize his efforts on behalf of SL live music. Brianna Beresford, friend and venue owner, and Annasue Barzane, Robert's partner, have planned this event that coincides with the first anniversary of the Tranquil Cafe. The event will be held at Tranquil Commons and all proceeds will be dedicated to Robert69 Little for his contribution to SL Music.

Sunday, April 19 12:00 noon PDT/SLT – 7 pm PDT/SLT Tranquil Commons

12:00 pm PDT RoseDrop Rust

12:30 pm PDT Mia Maxsted

1:00 pm PDT Cylindrian Rutabaga

1:30 pm PDT izdovrcr Finesmith

2:00 pm PDT dakota7z7 pluto

2:30 pm PDT Elvera Lerner

3:00 pm PDT Moondoggirl Moomintoog

3:30 pm PDT dpatrick flow

4:00 pm PDT Satin Galli

4:30 pm PDT Kiaranne Flanagan

5:00 pm PDT Norris Shepherd

5:30 pm PDT MrMulti Writer

6:00 pm PDT Duncan Bagley

6:30 pm PDT BubbaC John

7:00 pm PDT Chester Cournoyer Fireworks

For more information please contact Brianna Beresford or Annasue Barzane.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Horns for a Hundred Thousand

Horns for a Hundred Thousand

Come help the University of Texas Longhorns Raise L$100,000 for two worthy charities - free entry & free rides. Opening on Friday April 24th and running through Sunday April 26th. Activities include: go karts, bumper cards, raffle, and silent auction.

Live Performance Schedule (PDT/SLT):

Friday April 24th

6pm – 7pm Dann Numbers

8pm – 9pm Harper Messmer

Saturday April 25th

3pm – 4pm Vienna James

8pm – 9pm PheobeAnn Theas

Sunday April 26th

12pm – 1pm Phemie Alcott

4pm – 5pm Gregg Huet

8pm – 9pm Dale Katscher

About Project Jason: to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.


About Team Fox (in affiliation with Michael J. Fox): to provide guidance, tools and resources for the thousands of amazing people all over the world who are walking, running, blogging, jogging, paddling, pedaling, eating, drinking, shopping and dancing to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's research.




Search: University of Texas Landing Point for Project Jason

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zurich Opera House New Location

"The Opera House has moved to a new location in Swiss City", said the note card from Silelf Fisseux.

This is one of the truly great venues in SL, the building is modeled on the Zurich Opera House and includes a resident "phantom". If you have the chance, do pop over this weekend, you won't be disappointed that you did.

Four Shows Planned for this weekend:

Saturday April 18th - Time: 1 PM SLT - Artists: Debi LAtte
Saturday April 18th - Time: 2PM SLT - Artist: fyrm fouroux
Sunday April 19th - Time: Noon SLT - Artist: JeanChristophe Chevalier
Sunday April 19th - Time 1PM SLT - Artist: Russell Eponym

Saturday, April 11, 2009

PRIMavera Art Show

AngelGate Arts AG3 Gallery proudly announces the grand opening of the PRIMavera Art Show on Saturday, the 11th of April. The event begins with live music at noon, PDT (SLT) with performances by Senjata Witt to be followed by Coda Cazalet. White Lebed, curator of AG3 Gallery, is encouraging patrons to stop by before the musical festivities begin to meet and chat with the artists. Ms Lebed was kind enough to give me a list of the artists, along with the names of their works displayed and a SLURL for where they can be found in the gallery.


White Lebed

Breaking Apart

elros Touminen

New Generations multicolour

Suzanne Graves

Animated Sticks #05

Feathers Boa


Bryn Oh􀀅


AuraKyo Insoo

Rebellious Spring

Dr "Anna" Debruyere


Yabusaka Loon


Oberon Onmura

Forces Unleashed

eddiesan bailey

so sweet

Consuela Caldwe

Cracks in the world 1, 2, 3 (the murals across the floor cutout)



quadrapop Lane

QT birth of spring

Filthy Fluno


Kolor Fall (Patrick Faith)


Apollo Reinard

The Mosquito Tomb

Eifachfilm Vacirc


Bau Ur

Solar Vera

Xenophile Neurocam

XN Piet RandoMondrian 2.0

Glyph Graves


Alizarin Goldflake


Poid Mahovlich

Birth Tank

Eme10 Wind

Tribute to Monet, Guacharaca, Jardin (garden) -fractals, Green_structures, rare_earths

soror Nishi

The Island Daffodil bb



Solkide Auer


Lippy Korobase

Lippy Korobase, Savage Tango, Tango (movment of desire)

Scarp Godenot

ScriptoSaurus Redux

Corcosman Voo

The Dream Of Trees

Shellina Winkler


Kristine Kristan

etched glass KK PINK SOLSTICE

Blued Food

Just bought it yesterday

Madcow Cosmos 􀀄

The Power of Spring􀀀

Ide Despres

AD-Oeuf Philosophique

four Yip

YIPs cloudgirl

Talia Tokugawa

Winter's Gift

Ub Yifu

Nymphea wood primavera

Spiral Walcher

Spring in Motion

Amaranta Kurka

The seven elven of Alchemy



Strawberry Holidays􀀆

"Primavera" Installation􀀇

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drum Circle Gallery Grand Opening

Fractal artist Serenity Questi has announced a grand opening event at the Drum Circle Gallery from 2-8 pm SLT today. If you have a musical instrument, bring it along. It's promising to be a major jam session, with some never before seen fractals.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Illumination" by Eidolon Dreamscape

Tonight at 7pm, Tricia Aferdita Gallery invites you to check out photographer Eidolon Dreamscape's luminous new works, a collection of interesting and uniquely lighted photos. The result is unlike anything you've seen, and Eidolon's skill keeps growing with each new set he unveils. Stop by and meet Eidolon, enjoy great music and conversation.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Calling All Fractal Artists

Serenity Questi, Second Life artist and good friend sent the following announcement to her group:

There's a false perception that fractal art doesn't constitute "real" art because it is generated by software. But fractal artists know that there are a diversity of styles out there, even though many artists use the same programs. So let's show the world the artistry behind fractals!

AI Gallery will be hosting a 6 week exhibition starting mid May entitled "Fractal Diversity", and we need as many fractal artists to participate as possible in order to demonstrate our unique styles!

The number of prims available to each artist will depend on the number of artists who choose to participate. We want to limit scripts to limit lag. The exhibit will be well promoted, and there will be an opening party.

You may sell your work if you wish, but the favor of a donation to AI Gallery's tip jar for every sale will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you'd like to participate, and spread the word to all your fractal friends!

Contact her in SL

The 2009 Story Quest Awards Ceremony

I'd posted about the "Story Quest" a few weeks ago. Yesterday I received my ticket to the award ceremony from Jenaia Morane.

*Nazz points to a link for her Blog to his left*

The Virtual Worlds Story Project Presents: The 2009 Story Quest Awards Ceremony 

Come help us celebrate the winners of the 2009 Story Quest! 

Contest winners will be presented with their awards and read their stories aloud. That means great stories, great company, and lots of fun dancing afterwards. Details are below.  

WHEN: Saturday, April 4th 2009

WHERE: Karuna floating auditorium:

TIME: Noon to 1:30 pm SLT, dancing from 1:30 to 2:30

WHO: Anyone who loves a good story. Bring friends if you'd like.  

Questions: IM Jenaia Morane or send her an email at

Ronnie Rhode and the Garden for the Missing Volunteers

A favorite of mine for the heart and soul this wonderful lady puts into her work, both in and out of Second Life.

Resident Choice Awards "My favorite unforgettable Memorial", number 20 on the list. You can vote at and the SLURL you will need to provide to the garden is:

Give her your vote

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Train for Success Meeting

This week at the Gronstedt Group's Train for Success meeting, Anders Wildcat hosts an hour with information technology reporter, Mitch Wagner who writes for InformationWeek and hosts a new SL interview show called Copper Robot. These weekly meetings are perhaps the most well attended and informative business communications forums in SL. Previous guests have included, Phillip Rosedale, Nick Wilson along with representatives from IBM and EMC.

This Thursday, April 2, @ 9.00-10.00 am SLT/PDT, noon-1.00 pm EDT, 18.00-19.00 Continental Europe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Koinup- Murku Second Life Comics Contest


29 MARCH 2009


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. for Koinup

Re: Koinup- Murku Second Life Comics Contest


Calling all SL/RL cartoonists! Koinup proudly announces its Comic Strip Contest. The Comic Strip Contest is the first of its kind and Koinup proves again that they are continuously raising the bar on their contests and helping artist to challenge themselves and win big doing it. For all of you who love to draw and are artistically creative this is definitely a contest designed specifically for you. The contestants will create their comics by using the Murku Hud, created by Deep Semaphore. Each contestant must contact Deep Semaphore in-world to find out how to get their own personal Hud. The fabulous prizes for the grand prize winner include $10,000L and a chance to exhibit their creation in the upcoming Museum of Comics. There will also be honorary mentions that will get the chance to have their inventive works viewed in the museum as well. Each contestant can submit as many entries as they want. The contest features two categories which are Cartoon and Comic Strip. The Cartoon category consists of a one frame work with graphical comic elements. The Comic Strip category features a small story created as a comic's book. Submissions can be entered from now until April 26th. Get yours in today!

For more information and how to enter please visit:

Unlike other social networking sites, Koinup is still strictly for virtual worlds, making it the first of its kind. It is easy to create a profile, share your works (i.e. machinima, pictures, stories) on the site, as well as join the groups and participate in the contests. Koinup is growing rapidly and invite you to join so that you may participate in this as well as many of its upcoming contests and events. Koinup is the wave of the future, don't get left behind!

Media wanting an interview regarding Koinup, please contact Annette Wilder (CEO of Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc) to setup an appointment. For more information regarding Koinup - Murku Second Life Comics Contest please contact Koinup Burt directly.

To contact Koinup Burt by e-mail:

Be sure to say "Regarding Koinup Comics Contest" in the subject line.

Visit Koinup website at

To contact Wilder PR by email:

To learn more about Wilder PR visit our website:


ABA Intellectual Property Law Conference in Nation's Capital

Patent Reform, Virtual Worlds and Orphan Works Among Hot Topics at ABA Intellectual Property Law Conference in Nation's Capital

CHICAGO, March 27, 2009 – Top practitioners in intellectual property will discuss critical legal developments when they meet for the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law's 24th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, April 1 - 4 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Va.

Recognized for its international scope, the conference presents 24 expert-led programs across two-and-a-half days. Panels bring together judges, government officials, in-house counsel, academics and private practitioners. Key speakers at this year's conference include Judge Lynne G. Beresford, Judge Michael R. Fleming, Sherry M. Knowles, Nancy Lambert, Judge Paul R. Michel, Judge S. Jay Plager, Judge Randall R. Rader and John Whelan.

Conference highlights include the following, to which all reporters are invited to attend:

April 1 – 5 p.m. "Avatars at the Bar: Welcome Reception" hosted by the Young Lawyers Committee of the section Attendees will compete on the Wii® entertainment system and peer into the virtual environment for live entertainment. A simultaneous reception in Second Life® will join expert hosts and avatars from the Second Life Bar Association and the Virtual Intellectual Property Organization.