Monday, December 22, 2008

A Chat with Written Word’s Jilly Kidd

I've had the pleasure of knowing both Jilly Kidd and Hastings Bournemouth at the Written Word project for just slightly over a year now. Their activities within SL have been amazing, both working tirelessly to promote SL as a venue for all of us in the literary world. Besides being the hostess at the many events held on Cookie Island, she also does a weekly show from the SIM called "Meet the Author" which can be viewed on SLCN TV. I caught up with Jilly recently and chatted about what's been going on with her at the project.

"Hey Jilly ... I hope all is well with you." I said.

"Yes really good, I'm a guest writer on that Reed Media blog now so that's fantastic. Here's a link to my first article (What the Papers Don't Say) and I'll be writing regularly." She said in reply and then added, "The publishers are a new part of the project, and they'll all be offering something to writers - ways to submit without an agent from some awards with book contracts, a litzine from Canongate where you can post your own work. Picador will also be joining us soon and they aren't mentioned in that article. It's something very new on SL this combined venture - writers and publishers, RL/SL merge with them mutually benefitting each other. The publishers are really looking into how to do something different to fit into our project. Macmillan will be concentrating on their Macmillan New Writers scheme which lets first time novelists send their manuscript by email and without an agent."

"I'll pop out shortly to take a read of your posting. It does sound like there's a lot going on with Written Word. I know we chatted briefly about this a few weeks ago, I'm still planning to interview you when your book comes out." I said

"Yes that should be next month, not too long now anyway." She said and then continued, "It takes ages for the publisher to get books out. But there are a lot of processes to be done properly to bring a book out and have it distributed and promoted well. It takes just three weeks to actually produce the book but months of planning to have distribution and promotion organized."

'It all sounds great Jilly, I can't wait to read it and then of course meet for our interview." I replied.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Auction of Queen Elizabeth's Rainbow Portrait Dress in Second Life

One of a Kind Auction of Queen Elizabeth's Rainbow Portrait Dress in Second Life

Shakespeare, Second Life and Zoha Island E, Second Life: In support of the SL Shakespeare Company's SOS "Save Our Sims" Fundraising Campaign, historic costume specialist Naergilien Wunderlich has created a virtual rendition of Queen Elizabeth I's Rainbow Portrait gown for auction with all proceeds benefiting the SL Shakespeare Company. Finely and expertly re-created for Second Life, the dress will be a rare "one of a kind" prize for the highest bidder at 4 PM SLT on Sunday, Dec 21, 2008. The dress is on display on a mannequin at both the Wunderlich Main Store in Zoha Island E and the Shakespeare Island SIM.

The dress features photorealistic textures based on Issac Oliver's Rainbow Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. The dress comes with a set of exquisite sculpted jewelry, rubies, gold, and ample pearls of virginity, manifest in earrings and a necklace. The outfit is worn with several symbolic talismen, notably the one protruding from her puffy sleeves, the serpent with a ruby heart hanging from its mouth, passion controlled by wisdom.

Ina Centaur, fashion consultant and artistic director of the SL Shakespeare Company, asserts, "This is, by far, the most meticulous rendition of any of Queen Elizabeth's dresses on Second Life."

The dress d├ębuted in a SLSC SOS Fundraising soiree in Caledon last Sunday, and had already garnered a high bid of L$10,000 before the event's end. Naergilien Wunderlich is collecting bids through note card and IM in a silent auction to culminate in a ballroom event on Sunday, December the 21st from 2 PM to 4 PM, in conjunction with the SL Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare on Ice.

>>> ABOUT the SL Shakespeare Company: <<<

The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) is a resident-funded and resident supported professional theatre company that embraces the best of what Second Life (SL) has to offer. Since 2007, we have been making history by providing extravagant and unforgettable theatrical performances on Second Life. With each show, we continue to shape the field by developing and re-leasing a new technology for virtual theatre on Second Life. Our vision is to make live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone anywhere with a computer to create new possibilities in entertainment, culture, and commerce for residents of a diverse, unbounded Geo-sphere. Those are the side effects of our mission: to make Shakespeare cool again!

>>> Latest News:

>>> ABOUT Wunderlich's Garb <<<

Wunderlich's Garb specializes in Elizabethan and Victorian clothing, and other eras that capture naergilien Wunderlich's interest. Stunning portraits and well made movie costumes also make their appearance in her shop. Ms. Wunderlich has been a fanatic real life costumer for the last fifteen years, and has had a decade's worth of experience in texturing for various 3d applications.

Shakespeare on Ice – in Second Life

Shakespeare, Second Life: On Winter Solstice 2008 (Dec 21), the SL Shakespeare Company endeavors on a last production of the year, a 24-hour ongoing festival of 'Shakespeare on Ice', to occur on the Shakespeare Island SIM, with a purpose of entertaining and educating.

The festival revives salient plots and character relations from past SL Shakespeare Company productions, as well as new ones created just for this, in the form of displays that replay through the brief segments persistently. Managing Director Complex Infinity states, "We're using bots since scheduling is too painful in this season, and also, this is a chance for everyone to—literally—drop by and get a glimpse of us at any time." Artistic Director Ina Centaur explains the purpose of this production, "It's a production, and we actually have it labeled as a SLBP—'Super Low Budget Production.' The 'scenes' or displays are set up somewhat like museum exhibits, where the audience can explore each one on their own. [Although no new animations and very few assets were created for this production,] We're maintaining our trademark for visual excellence while trying to give everyone a chance to see what we're about—even during these hard times as we attempt to raise funding to keep our islands." Though admissions is free, Centaur mentions that several relevant merchandises will also be available for the audience to purchase to help support the Company financially, "All proceeds for purchases of the skins of each character will help support our current SOS 'Save Our Sims' Fundraising Campaign. Also, we will be displaying a 'one-of-a-kind' photorealistic virtual gown based on Queen Elizabeth's Rainbow Portrait—the silent auction for this item would end at 4 PM on Sunday the 21st."

Centaur explains the reason behind each display, "Each exhibit is self-sufficient and does not refer to a particular scene, explicitly, but is true to the relations among the characters in the world of [that] play. They're basically a 'single-instance interpretation' or a caricature-like 'capture' of part of the essence of each play." The Company's Hamlet is back in the unlikely form: Hamlet is revived and stalking Lucianus down a path, leaving him with "what became of Romeo and Juliet", then coming back to pursue Claudius who had been arguing with both Polonius and Gertrude; Ophelia looks at the scene in a frozen expression of horror, and the Ghost loiters about. Although such script-programmed behaviors have not been used in a major theatrical production on Second Life before, Centaur waves off the technological innovation of this production, "We're really just digging through the attic and showing off some very old toys we didn't have to use before."

And, of characters not yet seen in past productions: Both Queen Elizabeth (incognito, dressed informally in her Rainbow Portrait gown, as Gloriana) and Henry VIII will make their appearance while roaming about on skates on ice paths on the Shakespeare Island. New 'productions' created especially for this display include a "single-instance interpretation" of Kate, the female lead from The Taming of the Shrew, and the triangular relationship of Romeo, Juliet, and the Apothecary. Kate is shown psyching out on ice (but the ice never breaks); Romeo and Juliet, dressed as ice skaters, are circling around a stooping and unmoving Apothecary, with a dagger to the heart protruding from Juliet's blood-stained body, and Romeo binging on a vial of poison potion.

Ina Centaur jokingly names the exhibit of "Romeo and Juliet (and the Apothecary)" as a tribute to virtual economist Edward Castronova, "We weren't lucky enough to get any external funding for our projects, so we had to do everything [referring to this particular display] with just L$250. Ed got a US$250,000 grant to create a Shakespeare world in Second Life, where people could 'learn' about Shakespearean plays presumably through such Disneyland-esque methods. But he didn't actually get to make his project on Second Life, so—not that I particularly cherish the theatrics of this one—we dedicate this display to his idea!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Video of "Children Soldiers" an HRF Festival Exhibit

I'd attended several of the many HRF events this past sunday. My last stop was at the one Siri Vita hosted. She had Al Hoffman in concert and her own exhibit focusing on "Children Soldiers". While there I was introduced to film maker Robertt Avro, who made a film of the exhibit. Here's the link:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Living Nativity at Candy Cane Lane

Jill Mackenzie, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her Candy Cane Lane in SL with a special production. Jill has written for SL a "Living Nativity" play. I caught yesterday's performance and enjoyed the energy and commitment the cast had put into the twenty minute production. The actors appear on stage in a nicely built manger and in costumes created just for the production. While the acting is limited to poses and the use of text chat to convey their lines, the twenty or so avatars present enjoyed themselves and stayed around after to chat with Jill and the cast. There is one more performance scheduled for Saturday Dec 20 @ 5:00 PM PST (SLT).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SLSC SOS Campaign Event

The picture and an update arrived from Ina Centaur via group notice:

"SOS Campaign Co-chair Fauve Aeon is holding a seasonal soiree... beginning with medieval-Renaissance music and dance, a brief monologue of the most strange transformation of Lucianus to Claudius, and a live auction of several limited and one of kind items."

Lucianus Messing @ Caledon Highlands.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lizbet's Picks: Skating Through Second Life

I got my first set of roller skates in Real Life when I was 5 years old and I was the last kid on the block in the ‘80s to give up my “quad” skates for roller blades. I still love to roller skate on the boardwalks in Southern California. But in Second Life, I’m a confirmed ice skater. It’s soooo much more elegant. And when you ice skate in a virtual world, weak ankles and those nasty freezing temperatures are never an issue.

Most ice skating parks have free or very inexpensive skates available. And most skates have a skating animation already built in. Unfortunately, while the available skates at a random park may be acceptable for the fellas, they’re not always the kind that a fashionable girl avie would be caught dead in. I prefer to wear my original white leather Paris 1900 skates with white fur boots :). If you don’t already have a favorite pair of skates, stop by Pick #1: Skate and Date Ice Skating and get a decent looking free pair there.

1. Skate and Date Ice Skating


Skates: Nice looking free skates available in a couple of different colors.

Music: Pop

I like this rink because it is a small, classic, traditional-style city rink. If you like to socialize, come to the Group Skate every Sunday from 7-8:30pm. The owners and regulars are very nice and fun people who will make you feel quite welcome. The rink offers a simple couple skate animation and a bunch of cuddle poses scattered upon the benches around the rink.

2. Blue Roan Skating


Skates: Free skates available

Music: Rock/Pop

There are free skates available from the little stand to the West of the landing point but I don’t know many girls who would be willing to ruin a pretty outfit by wearing them. This is a small ice pond with an intimate feel, completely encased in white fir trees. There are both single and couple trick skating animations right at the entrance. Most skating animations (like these) take you on a predetermined course around the park . If you hop on one of the “trick” animations, you will also display your impressive flexibility and dazzling array of Olympic-level skating feats.

3. Kounak Ice Skating


Skates: There are no free skates here. Stop by Pick #1 above first to grab a nice pair of freebies if you need them.

Music: Romantic pop

This is a particularly beautiful skating pond and my very favorite in SL. The twisting turquoise ice (wait for it, lol) is in gorgeous, undulating textures fading off into one of those fabulous SL moon-reflecting oceans and surrounded by glacial peaks. You’ll always be encased in a delicate sparkly snowfall. There are no skate animations here so you’ll need to be wearing skates to actually, you know, skate. But if you aren't wearing skates, there are still lots of dance pose balls. And dancing on this pretty ice pond is almost as much fun as skating on it.

4. Earthly Ice Skating Pond


Skates: There are no free skates here. Stop by Pick #1 above first to grab a nice pair of freebies if you need them.

Music: Reggae pop

Count on my landlady Lasla Mannock to create a truly lovely ice rink on a whim. A small rink smothered in snowflake flurries and surrounded by ocean and stars. You may also enjoy the pretty poolside bar and Jacuzzi while there.

5. La Musique


Skates: There are no free skates here. Stop by Pick #1 above first to grab a nice pair of freebies if you need them.

Music: Pop

If you’re following a landmark, you’ll land at La Romantique ballroom first. Use the TelePort sign to get to the ice rink. There, you’ll also find a cuddle rug by a roaring fire and an igloo hideaway. Musique Gable is a wonderful designer and there are so many charming spots throughout her SIM. Please explore and take the little train, too, if you can find the depot.

6. Mandalay Bay


Skates: Free skates available

Music: Romantic Easy Listening

Click BUY on the big poster of the couple skaters to get your free skates. Then drag your box onto the ground and click to OPEN your box and copy the skates into your inventory. You’ll be given a nice set of white skates for women or blue for men.

This is the largest of the ponds on this list and much of what is beautiful and interesting in the park isn’t visible from the entrance. Hop on one of the singles or couple skate animations and you’ll be taken on a fascinating tour of this surprisingly detailed and expansive pond. You’ll go through ice caverns and mountain tunnels and icicle forests and city parks. I guarantee you’ll be as amazed as I was at how athletic and graceful you are!

See you on the ice!


P. S. Most of my lists are also available as Notecards with regular Landmarks in-world. Just IM me! [I wish I could pretend I was one of those really popular people that you have to send notecards to! Someday maybe I'll have capped IMs, too...] ~LzL

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Universal Rights Celebrated in Virtual Universe

The 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Universal Rights is being celebrated by a huge festival in Second Life. More than 60 concerts mark the 60 years and the talents of 100 artists and musicians are part of the celebration. More than 30 SIMs reflect the 30 articles of the UN Convention.

SL Human Rights Festival

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Benefit for Aleja Asturias

The note arrived from Gentle Heron telling me of Aleja's plight and that there was a benefit going on for her. Gentle asked if I could stop by.

The notecard read:

"Come to a benefit for Aleja Asturias, who is having some real life difficulties due to the death of her roommate and ex boyfriend/domestic partner. Muse Carmona who had already planned to hold a rezday party for herself on Sunday, Dec 7th, but when she heard about what happened to Aleja, she decided to donate all proceeds of her second rezday birthday party to help Aleja in RL!"

Gentle Heron: Aleja needs everything. She doesn't even have her adaptive eating equipment. How cruel is that? They took her utensils.

Nazz Lane: Jesus

Gentle Heron: I know. She has her wheelchair and bed. She has her computer but they took the modem, they isolated her.

When I left the party / fundraiser, they'd already raised $280.00 USD.

For more information on Aleja's situation please see:

To donate via paypal see:

Friday, December 5, 2008

You Can Vote to Help Families of the Missing and Unidentified

This just in from Kelly Jolkowski, president and founder of Project Jason:

Direct link at is

To vote for Project Jason at, the URL is


Most of you have heard of our Campaign for the Missing, a state by state effort to pass legislation which would positively impact how missing and unidentified deceased person cases are handled. (

We’ve been successful mentoring volunteers with the passage of legislation in 6 states, with several more active. These efforts will continue on.

I recently learned of an effort called Ideas for Change in America. This is a is a citizen-driven project that aims to identify and create momentum around the best ideas for how the 111th Congress can turn the broad call for “change” across the country into specific policies. The project is nonpartisan, and is not connected to the Obama Administration.

In this effort, the top 10 rated ideas will be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 as the “Top 10 Ideas for America.” The sponsor organization,, will then launch a national campaign behind each idea and mobilize the collective energy of a selected and related nonprofit, the millions of members of, MySpace, and partner organizations to ensure that each winning idea gets the full consideration of the Obama Administration and Members of Congress.

The “Top 10 Ideas for America” will be determined through two rounds of voting. In the first round, ideas will compete against other ideas in the same issue category. The first round will end on December 31, 2008, and the top 3 rated ideas from each category will make it into the second round. The second round of voting will begin on Monday, January 5, and each qualifying idea will compete against the qualifying ideas from all other categories. Second round voting will end on Thursday, January 15.

I have submitted “Establish National Protocol in Missing and Unidentified Person Cases” for consideration. It is now on the website and votes can be placed. It is listed in the Criminal Justice category.

As you can see by the posted information and link to the protocol, this is the 2008 revision of the Campaign for the Missing legislation. While we have never pursued federal passage, this seemed like a good opportunity to make an attempt, or at least bring attention to our plight if nothing more. Education is important, with so many not having awareness of the situation as it exists, and what those of us who live with this experience daily. If we do not try, nothing will be accomplished, that is a certainty.

What I ask of you is your vote. It’s as easy as clicking on the link above, and then on the Vote button. There is also a widget you can copy and place on your website, blog, Facebook, or MySpace page. It will, however, take more than your vote. It will take you forwarding the link to your friends and family, and asking them to vote. It will take many of you adding the widget to your page.

My son, and thousands upon thousands of other sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, etc, might be an unidentified body lying in a morgue waiting to be buried or cremated without DNA analysis done. When that happens, and it may already have, my family may never have the answers we desire. We need to put a halt to this tragedy on top of tragedy and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure everything that can be done in these cases is done. (There is much more to it than DNA, but that is one of many key elements.)

Please vote, and forward this email to everyone in your address book.

Collectively, we are the voice for the missing, speaking for those who are not among us but who are forever in our hearts.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason

Help us find the missing: Become an AAN Member missing persons are loved by someone, and their families deserve to find the answers they seek in regards to the disappearance.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


A note card arrived in my inventory one morning from fashion designer Shelly Toonie with a short introduction to a new dating service in SL. The operator of the dating service, Ziggy Quirk has a new slant for SL'ers.

"Here at BookDate we really consider personality more important than who bought the pretty hair and can do sliders really well. So rather than a photo of your avatar, here at BookDate you show off the cover (or title, if you don't have a cover image - whip something up in MS paint, it'll do) of your favorite book. We think this works better as it gives you something in common with the person you're poking."

The dating service offers the following categories:

Women Seeking Men
Women Seeking Women
Women Seeking Either
Men Seeking Women
Men Seeking Men
Men Seeking Either

Rules for the service are available when you rez in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "Not So Tranquil Writer" Debuts in SL Newspaper

Good friend and fellow journalist, Magdeleine "Mags" Rossini, had the debut of her twice weekly column in the SL Newspaper today. Mag's brings a unique blend of humor and insight to her column that you will love and appreciate. Give it a read.

Congrats! Mag's

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arthole Radio

Arthole Radio is pleased to announce that the first ever voice interview with elusive Second Life artist AM Radio will broadcast as part The Amy Freelunch Hour this Wednesday, November 26th (details below). The interview was recorded after the two met in person last week, over breakfast.

In Amy Freelunch's words: "I was honored - and shocked, actually - that AM agreed to meet up with me and to record an interview. In person, I found him to be deeply thoughtful and articulate, more than I even expected - and I had pretty high expectations! He has much to contribute to the art community through his ideas and words, all of which makes me very excited to share this conversation with you."

Freelunch is in the process of creating an archive of recorded conversations with Second Life artists; this talk with AM Radio is the first in that series. Next week (December 3rd) her show will feature a conversation with writer Cyrus Huffhines (known in RL as Bryan Campen), who produced the virtual installation for 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno. Huffhines speaks about a build he is currently working on, recreating his childhood home from which he and his family - including his bi-polar father - were evicted when the artist was an adolescent.

In real life, Amy Freelunch (aka Amy Wilson) is an artist and college professor of art, art history, and critical studies at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Formally a regular contributor to Brooklyn is Watching, Freelunch joined Arthole Radio shortly after its launch in September 2008. She writes about Second Life art and culture in her blog see-through -

Arthole Radio was launched by Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine as a way to promote their collaborative Second Life gallery and the SL art scene in general. The channel airs live every Wednesday:


Arahan Claveau: 9.00pm UK/GMT (1.00pm SL/PST)

Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm UK/GMT (2.30pm SL/PST) -INTERMISSION-

Nebulosus Severine: 9.00pm US/EST (6.00pm SL/PST)

Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm US/EST (7.30pm SL/PST)


To listen to the stream, copy and paste this link into your streaming media player -

Monday, November 24, 2008

SLSC SOS Fundraiser

An SL Institution needs our help. Please read the press release below and Ina Centuar's speech that launched the campaign. You can also track the status of the campaign at the SL SOS Campaign Web Site.

I've placed a collecton kiosk in both of my locations and ask that when you have a moment please stope by and make a contribution.

Date: 22 November, 2008
Contact: Lora Constantine

Shakespeare, Second Life: Though hinted at on more than one occasion, Ina Centaur yesterday officially announced the SL Shakespeare Company's SOS "Save Our Sims" Fundraising Campaign—its purpose, according to Centaur, is to meet "a modest though desperately needed sum to pay land tier fees to Linden Lab." Through funding from microeconomics a la a grid-wide network of donation kiosks, the "SOS" campaign goal is to meet L$1.5 million by January 21, 2009, which at the current LindeX rate for selling would translate to about USD$5300, meeting six month's tier for three of the island sims that host the SL Globe Theatre venue and similarly daring literary and artistic projects. Centaur plans to fund the fourth sim through her own endeavors, to keep the SL Globe Theatre four sims in size, as well as to continue existing endeavors on the sims in trying to make the enterprise self-sufficient.

At high noon on November 21st, Ina Centaur, Artistic Director of the SL Shakespeare Company, greeted a small crowd of fans and supporters at the SL Globe Theatre before launching a speech that revealed the funding state of the Company, as well as some unexpected humanitarian results of their endeavors. The Company's performances have reached both those in rural areas and also low-income urban districts, introducing many to the culture of theatre and Shakespearean performances. Centaur summarized with the words, "Perhaps the greatest thing that has evolved from our endeavors is that it has become a truly humanitarian cause that we are fighting for—to bring theatre to the farthest reaches of the world, to give Shakespeare to those who would not have had the chance to experience his words in the live and intimate form they were written for, to use this nascent medium to bring the most quintessential culture to the metaverse and beyond."

Various donation kiosks are available for those who wish to help the SL Shakespeare Company in their campaign. Supporters may drop by the SL Globe Theatre or the Campaign headquarters, directly to obtain copies of kiosks. The Campaign website contains up-to-the-second stats and other information, as well as links to the inworld Campaign headquarter to obtain kiosks

Centaur explained that a 4-sim venue is a necessity for their shows, "To make sure all can attend, and to minimize the lag." In addition, the sims listed on the main SOS banners—sLiterary, Shakespeare, and Primtings—also support several other notable literary and artistic projects. Centaur stated the best way to find out about each is to spend some time exploring the sims, or to visit their campaign website above for brief summaries.

Although many may consider Centaur's activites to be merely great art, after mentioning a few examples of lives their endeavors have touched, she summarized their goal as of a greater significance, "Our goal is to create good within Second Life for the world to thrive from—because it is possible. We have been doing it, and we want to continue doing it, but we won't be able to if we become homeless—we would have neither the energy or the base to go from."

Centaur concluded the session with the haunting words, "You are our last hope. If you can't help us, then I'm afraid to say we are truly lost."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SL Live Radio 200th and 1st Birthday Party!

"November 29th is the One-Year Anniversary of SL Live Radio!" So began the note card from Cher Harrington and then she added, "And we've just signed our 200th artist!" SL Live Radio's 200th and 1st Birthday @ SL Live Radio Studio Where the party kicks off at 7am and goes until 2pm SLT with hours of continuous live music.

If you want to party on your own SIM, just tune in to Dublin Special Event Radio:

Musicians performing LIVE for the party include:

Norris Shepherd

Soundcircel Flanagan

Cylindrian Rutabaga

BabbleGrabble Swindlehurst

Professor Beliveau

Zaphod Theas

Djai Skellerup

Charles Coleman


Srv4u Conacher

Nad Gough

Mimi Carpenter

Tone Uriza

Blindboy Gumbo

Al Hofmann

Ictus Belford

UFS Hyde

Maximillion Kleene

Rich Desoto

PickerJohn Haystack

Kaklick Martin

Pakito Crimson

Neil Morrison

Friday, November 21, 2008

SecondStock Monthly Festival

The organizers of the SecondStock festival have announced their plans to continue with monthly events and on Saturday, November 22nd, they will hold their first ALL DAY music festivals from 10am until 10pm. On the Main Stage at SECONDSTOCK is a lineup of musicians that will blow you away.

12 Hours of Live Music!!

Secondstock Musician Schedule

10am - Robie Bloch

11am - Winston Ackland

12pm - Bonnikins Margulis

1pm - Silas Scarborough

2pm - Oldwolf Criss

3pm - Lonnie Nightfire

4pm - Montian Gilruth & FunkyFreddy Republic

5pm - MrMulti Writer

6pm - Auzzie Blackburn

7pm - Hathead Rickenbacker

8pm - Moondoggirl Moomintoog

9pm - Blue Sky Traveler

Friday, November 14, 2008

Get It Together: Christmas All Year Through

A note card from Cher Harrington arrived when I logged into SL a few days ago. Cher is always a delight to chat with and is deeply ingrained into the SL Music scene asked if I would pass the word about a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the music scene in SL and I gladly agreed to pass along her notes here in Lane's List.




Over 30 Second Life Live Musicians featured on a collaborative song to promote live music in Second Life. This song, "Christmas All Year Through", highlights the creativity and vibrancy of the SL live music scene. The finished collaborative effort will be distributed free to SL residents as a holiday gift from SL musicians. To find out who is involved and to stay up to date with the project until the release, please read this thread at the SL Music Community Forum.


Earlier this year UK singer songwriter Djai Skjellerup instigated a scheme to raise the awareness of live music amongst the general population of SL. This resulted in a song he wrote entitled "Get It Together" being recorded by 13 SL musicians and all of the resulting contributions being mixed together to create a single track. The song was then distributed through SL to great critical acclaim. You can hear the result of this project here:


The project was very successful and most of all so much fun that Djai has decided to do a second collaborative recording.




Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lizbet's List ~ A Few of My Favorite Things

I love introducing people to my favorite virtual hangouts! Of course, my favorites change all the time as new wonders are discovered and old ones disappear from the grid. Sigh. I hate that, lol. But here is my current list of a few of my very favorite places in Second Life.

If you just want to be awed by color and movement then Acropolis Gardens is the place for you ~ a deservedly popular destination. To show off your virtual cultural flair, take a friend to the Blekinge Sculpture Park. Want a date that’s a little off the beaten path? Find a cuddle pose at the Inspire Drive-In Theatre.

I have several beautiful ballrooms included here and if you try just one (and your set-up is robust enough to handle some lag), visit the castle ballroom at Japan Tempura Island. And for a more casual yet classy dance club (yes, ok, it’s kinda a pick-up place, too), I like Hot Sax Jazz Club.

I’ll hope to run into you at one of my favorite places!


1. Acropolis Gardens**

**MARCH 2009 UPDATE! Acropolis Gardens is now gone. Sigh. ~LzL**


The Flying Romantic Flower tour is a perfect first virtual date. A sweet cuddle pose in a giant red flower while you fly through breathtaking ravines past dramatic waterfalls with glimpses of intriguing paths and green grottos everywhere. You catch this tour from the beach. You can also hike the amazing mountain trails all over this park and there are some beautiful perched dance floors if you take the trouble to explore.

Other enticements include Hot Air Balloon Rides, a Scuba Diving Tour of the underwater garden, and horse back riding!

2. Blekinge Sculpture Park


I adore sculpture parks and this one is big and fabulous! Although I do always get lost here! (Um, unlike other places in SL?)

Head south then take a right when you run into the big industrial building. Find the rocky path through the snow just ahead. Then take the time to wander off the path and don't forget to look up!

There's a skating pond somewhere around here, too. I know there is… somewhere, sigh.

3. Casablanca Underwater Ballroom


When you land, just walk a few steps north and you'll see the entrance to the CasaBlanca Aquarium on your right. This is the stunning underwater tunnel on the way to the Casablanca underwater ballroom and aquarium. Follow the tunnel (stopping midway for a kiss if you wish) to the small ballroom with the glass wall view of the aquarium.

They stream jazz standards from Martini in the Morning.

4. Heaven69


I'm not going to claim that this one is easy to get to and the navigation changes frequently! If you're greeted with TelePort choices, choose “Heaven69 Park”. If you land in the mall (why in the world, I wonder….) head for the West exit and continue on through the park. Then, finally, there are so many beautiful things to see: grottos, rocktop cuddles, bridges, waterfalls, fountains, giant flowers, a winged horse...

But my favorites are the marble mansion at the end of the main promenade and the open air pavilion dance floor just behind it and to the left.

The streaming music is romantic pop music from (I think) the 80s and 90s.

5. Hot Sax Jazz Club


What I like about Hot Sax is that although it's rarely too crowded or too laggy, you can almost always find a dance partner here. And, if not, there are plenty of cute sit poses where you can happily plop and read profiles, organize your inventory and catch up with friends.

Usually streaming jazz standards from Martini in the Morning Radio.

6. Inspire Drive-In Theater & Beach


I don't ever actually watch a movie when I'm in-world ~ I just like to do my chatting in the back seat of a vintage car. So I'm always looking for drive-in theatres in SL and this small one at Inspire Beach is my favorite. And you'll find pretty dances scattered along the piers and rocks of the beach to the north of the theatre.

If you're at the famously popular Inspire Space Park dance club overhead, just step off a ledge and you'll land here at the beach. It's an awesome tumble.

The music stream is kinda space-age electronica instrumentals.

7. Japan Tempura Island, The Luxury Ballroom


Ah, the highlights for me are the main ballroom in the castle on the hill and the sweet open air dance plaza at the landing point. To get to the castle (and check out those high reflection travertine floors) follow the arched walkway to the north. And it's a long walk for those of us ladies who prefer not to fly, lol. Wander around a bit through the parks around the castle and the landing point and you'll discover plenty of other pretty corners.
Heads up! This is possibly the laggy-est (is that a word?) place on my list. But so-o-o worth it if your system can handle it.

Streams romantic pop songs.

8. La Musique Waterfalls**

**MARCH UPDATE: La Musique is not gone. Sigh. ~LzL**


When you follow this landmark, you'll land at La Romantique ~ a lovely rooftop open air ballroom. The Teleporter is on the west side of the dance floor. Teleport to the "Cuddle Area". To the north of there you'll find a nice swing and some sheep (I dunno?) and to the south, clamber over the rocks to wade in one of my favorite waterfalls ~ the color and movement of the water are amazing!

You used to be able to count on classical music here but it varies now.

9. RMS Titanic


SUCH a fun photo opportunity. Take a snap of yourself and a friend in the famous Leo & Kate pose at the bow of the ship. Then try and get out of the pose without ending up on the bottom of the ocean! When you're done drying off, there's a formal ballroom and lots of places to explore inside the ship.

Happy Exploring!

Monday, November 3, 2008

SL Newspaper Birthday Celebration

SL Newspaper celebrated its second birthday in November and publishers Dana Vanmoer and JamesT Juno are busily planning for the celebration. Anticipation is rising for a week of events with contests and parties. The week of events will be held on a SIM donated by BNT holdings and the fashion show organized by Best of SL's Frolic Mills.

Opening party - Themed and FUN!

A building contest - contestants will be given a 10x10 plot and asked to build an office layout (desk, chair, accessories) in no more than 25 prims

They will have 5 days to complete their builds

Design contests - contestants will be asked to design either a ladies or a gents SL-newspaper outfit. These will become the new freebie outfits we give away. They will be judged separately in 2 fashion shows, organised by The Best of SL Magazine, one for the ladies and one for the gents

Photo Contest - run in conjunction with Skybeam estates

We have had over 75,000 in prizes donated so far and this is still rising - all prizes will be divided between the winners of the Design contest male and female, the photo contest run by Skybeam estates and the building contest.

A fair - booths will be available for rent on a first come first served basis - Contact Dana Vanmoer for details on how to obtain a booth

Closing party and prize giving ceremony - This will a formal event and all winners will be announced

If you would like to hold an event at our birthday venue feel free to contact - there will be no charge for this - again on a first come first served basis. We will have a stage set up in the center with a large event area around it - this can be used for anything you wish - a dance, a demonstration, discussion group, storytelling, a show, fashion show etc....... It is only limited by your imaginations and time. All events will be published in advance and the cutoff date for booking a time slot for the main stage is November 9th. Contact Dana Vanmoer via notecard titled 'SLN2Y event' if you would like more info or to book a time slot in advance. Most of all we hope you will join us in celebrating all that second life has to offer during this week of events which is sure to show the very best that imaginations can offer. Find out more in sl-newspaper or join the subscriber list by clicking the sign at head office SL - Newspaper, Ian Bernard (70, 145, 31)

JamesT Juno and dana Vanmoer

Friday, October 31, 2008

Grand Opening of Midsomer Meadows

A big celebration is planned for the grand opening of Zanza Marx's Midsomer Meadows on November 1, 2008 at 9:00 AM SLT. Festivities include live music, an art show, a photography show, and free gifts!

Project Jason in Second Life

Yesterday, I appeared at the Autumn Writers Exhibition to do a live reading of an excerpt from my serialized novel "Borders of Our Lives" and to discuss in an open forum journalism in Second Life. Prior to the journalism discussion, I chose to read a story I'd written for the SL Newspaper about a year ago. It is a story of a woman and her efforts to bring into SL information on the "Missing". Ronnie Rhode and her "Garden for the Missing" are an excellent example of what can be done with the medium of virtual worlds in communications and creating awareness for noteworthy causes. Ronnie had recently informed me that she is involved now with Project Jason in Second Life. If you have the opportunity please stop by and see what she has done at the site.

Also, she's written an article about Project Jason, her story appears on page twenty of the October 2008 issue of the Omaha Family.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Secondstock Music Festival Underway

My latest article in the SL Newspaper, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Amy Ferguson and Erik Silverstar, two of the three organizers of "SecondStock". I caught up with both on Saturday for brief chats about the event. The attendance has been phenomenal. There were 99 people on the SIM at one point today and the music has been awesome. The event runs one more day, finishes up on Sunday, the 26th be sure to stop on by.

Check out their blog for performers and schedule. Secondstock Music Festival

1st Pub Crawl Event

I had met Nasus at an event on Saturday. She was kind enough to pass along the following information about the 1st Pub Crawl Event she's organized. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon in SL and meet some great people and see some great places.

"Welcome to the October 2008 Pub Crawl organized by Nasus Dumart of Molaskey's Pub, on Oct 26, 2008 12-3pSLT. The purpose of the Pub Crawl is to become familiar with the quality and variety of Pubs in Second Life®, the events they offer and the diversity of participants.

Here's what you do:

Make sure you are wearing a 'Pub Crawler' title from your group. A role has been established within each group of the participating pubs. Ask a manager of a participating pub to include you in the Pub Crawl. Wear that title during the scheduled Pub Crawl.

When you visit each place, a host will recognize you as a 'Pub Crawler' from your tag and drop a file on you. The file will contain a landmark and an original item (no mod/ no copy) created for the pub crawl (such as a drink, pennant, novelty hat, 2D glasses, potted plant with Pub logo on it, talking parrot, whatever). You don't have to wear the item if it conflicts with your existing wardrobe, but it is encouraged. Feel free to look around each place and mingle, but not for too long! You have 9 pubs to visit in 3 hours - that's 20 minutes or less in each place!

You may go to the locations in any order you wish within the 12-3pSLT time frame. Your goal is to collect all 9 folders. Participants are also encouraged to make notes of their impression of each place (interesting features, overall character, etc.) and of people they meet.

Try to find a person that is geologically furthest from your RL location and closest to your RL geological location. Create a note card about your experience and drop it on Nasus Dumart. These interesting notes will be selected to receive mention in the story to be featured on - and any other publicity that may come of this.

Participating Pubs:

The Blarney Stone - Proprietor - Ham Rambler

Lilly's Irish Pub - telehub landing spot - (Touch Lilly's Pub poster to tp to the Pub from here - there's the Irish Pub and the Pub Club) - Proprietor - Lilly25 Connolly

Nessie's - telehub landing spot - Nessie's just around the bend from here. - Proprietor - Lacy217 McLuhan

Coach & Horses - use the door on the corner- to the left of this landing spot. This Pub is under construction preparing for their Grand Opening! - Proprietor - Seany1235 Blinker - London Sim owner Debs Regent

The Crown and Pearl - Proprietors - Bailey Longcloth and Prad Prithivi

Taff's - Proprietors - Kirsty Oherlihy and Fred Kenorland

The Bushy Beard - Walk through tunnel. First alley on your left, walk through phantom door. Proprietor - Zeeblebob Voss

Prop Spinner's Pub - Sky City with telehub. Follow signs to Prop Spinners. Proprietors - Katrina Puglist and Thadicus Calgari

Molaskey's Pub - landing in the Pub - concert stage out back on Bonfire Beach - Proprietors - Katydid Something and Apple MacKay

Have fun! Tip your hosts and venues along the way!"


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photoartist Em Larsson

I had a chance to interview Em Larsson in SL a few days ago, the article is posted in the SL Newspaper.

"I am a photoartist. I capture images of the beauty I find around me and I bring it into SL for you to enjoy. – Em Larsson"

Here's a list of gallery's and showings where you can view her photography:



Gallery M and EMinent Interiors Mystic Village in SL New England

Gallery M in Avalon Town, Tabula Rasa

Gallery M in the Labyrinth

Gallery M in Landon Arts

Eris Island The Golden Apple




Woodland Mushrooms - Lar's Place (Em has uploaded her prize winning photograph from RL Gallery for SL viewing)

Beautiful Day (Hemerocallis) A.R.t Galerie - New Boston Art C

Nude Figures Cybertopia Art Centre

Springtime Baths of Caracalla Gallery

Monday, October 13, 2008

Suzy Yue and Running Lady Productions

SSC&C Suzy's Super Cast and Crew - Founded by Suzy Yue to provide cast and crew for Machinima productions.

One of the most pleasurable aspects of being a journalist is in meeting and talking to people like Suzy Yue. The interview I did with her has been posted in the SL Newspaper. The note below is to highlight her production company and to include a listing of sites where the Machinima she's directed can be viewed. She is indeed a "Running Lady".


Running Lady Productions is an SL/RL video and Machinima production company. Partnering with companies such as Popcha!, Sound'r Machinima, and Ariella Languish Machinima Productions, RLP & its casting arm - Suzy's Super Cast and Crew Talent - is helping to raise the standard of all aspects of Machinima production within Second Life. From casting to shooting to editing, we strive for, and achieve, artistic excellence, professionalism and quality of product.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enniv Zarf at Zurich Opera House

I'd been waiting for an opportunity to see and hear Enniv Zarf perform since having heard his live recording "Rebirth" and I finally had the opportunity to do Sunday afternoon. Enniv brought his freestyle piano improv to the Zurich Opera House on Sunday, the 13th of October, playing live from his RL home in Los Angeles. Playing the improv's in pairs as is his style, Enniv provided a highly entertaining hour as he shared with us the sounds of his acoustic piano.

Zurich Opera House owners Silelf Fisseus and Ligeia Westwick, have created a marvelous venue for the residents of SL, many thanks to them both for creating a the venue and hosting superb events. I had the chance to meet with and interview Silelf Fisseux, the article ran in the SL Newspaper.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Writers' Exhibition

"The Written Word's biggest event of the year, the Autumn Writers' Exhibition, is well under way. Come along to visit and take a trip on the magic carpets from both towers for a bird's eye view. It's fun! If you aren't displaying yet, and it's all free for writers. IM Jilly Kidd in world."

Nazz Lane was first to write up the exhibition here:


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ornamental Love by Nebulosus Severine

An update from my friend and artist Neb:

Sintetika SIM

September/October 2008

I built this piece over the course of several hours when taking a break from working on an entirely different installation. As I worked, the title came to me from somewhere in my subconscious - as often happens, my pieces seem to choose a name for themselves. It was only later on that I realized 'Ornamental Love' is also the title of a piece by my favorite artist (and biggest influence), Robert Longo:

I had considered renaming it, but it didn't want another name.


Blog (Personal):

Blog (Arthole):


Image collection of past work:

Dr. Grascious Streeter - SL lecturer

Dr. Grascious Streeter, licensed RL psychologist and SL lecturer, will be presenting on "Paraphilias, SL and What You Need to Know if You Have a Physical Disability" this morning at Commonwealth.


A paraphilia is a type of sexual fetish involving attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those with appliances such as braces or wheelchairs. Another word for a person with this fetish is devotee. There are devotee groups in SL who have contacted members of disability groups. Dr. Streeter will explain the disorder and its implementation in SL. She will describe refusal skills that are important for people with disabilities to use if approached by someone with an offer they don't want. The presentations will be in voice, with typed transcription available if needed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SLSC Pillar #1 Reloaded and REVIVED!

One of my favorite places in SL to just pop over is to the SL Shakespeare Company Group - Globe Theatre and wander around, looking at the build. It's a detailed replica of the original and one of the most extraordinary builds in SL. I'd also been to see two performances there and have enjoyed myself immensely while the highly dedicated team of virtual actors performs their magic on stage.

I received a note from Ina Centaur, the group's owner regarding their continued efforts to raise funds to support their efforts in providing residents of Second Life a taste of the "Bard". I've included much her note card below. Please do what you can to help this noble and worthwhile cause.

Ina Centaur:

We didn't quite make our first pillar in our 14-Pillars fundraiser. Nope, though at the time we started it there were 14 million registered accounts on SL, we haven't yet seen every single one of them drop by and donate just L$1 to fill these 14 pillars, a million per pillar. We've only raised about 25% of our first pillar. Now that we've had our fun with art in our last production, we must return to the nitty gritty fundraising again. So, here's Pillar #1 Reloaded.

To kick off this fundraiser, Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon of (Ardentia)Ars has donated 38,976 square meters of double-prim contiguous land in an Azure Island private residential estate. The land can be taken as a whole, or as parcels, with starting bids:

Never heard about the pillars? See:

To kick off this fundraiser, Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon of (Ardentia) Ars have donated 38,976 square meters of double-prim contiguous land in an Azure Island private residential estate. The land can be taken as a whole, or as parcels, with starting bids:

Seth 1 4208m2, 963 prims, L$1510/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 2 4416m2, 1010 prims, L$1575/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 5 4592m2, 1051 prims, L$1630/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 7* 8992m2, 2058 prims, L$2953/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 3 16,768m2, 3837 prims, L$5193/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Or, if you want all of the above parcels,

ALL: 38,976m2, 8919 prims, L$12,871/week tier @ STARTING BID L$42,000

Note, if the ending bid of the smaller parcels is more than the ending bid of this large parcel, the large parcel will not be auctioned off as a whole.

)))))))))))))))))) The auction will be LIVE Sunday 9/28 at high noon SLT. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((rescheduled) at a special location on the land to be auctioned:

SLSC Auction Site

But, for those who cannot make it, a silent auction will be in session. Visit the parcel you're interested in and find the pillar owned by your favorite SLSC-spectator avatar "Ticket Stand." All donations are accepted and noted, but bid your highest bid to win!

In addition to owning great land for a great cause, winning bidder of each auction will receive a choice of three skins from the SL Shakespeare Company's SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop. (The runner up will also receive their choice of two skins.)

*Seth 7 also comes with two free Adobe houses created by Azure Island builders!

Please contact Ina Centaur if you've any questions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Champion Valiant Memorial

A memorial for Champion Valiant will be held this evening at 6:00 PM PDT (SLT) at the Organ Pavillion, on the San Diego SIM in Second Life. Service will be conducted in voice and also on the San Diego in "SL Event Stream":

Order of Services:

1. Minister Miles - speak

2. Cher Harrington - read from his blog

3. Ham Rambler - speak - will play a song

4. Pa Decosta - music and speak

5. Rick Wake - speak

6. MidKnight Auer - music and speak

7. Otawan Fouquet - speak - will play a few songs (dj after closing)

8. Shane79 Woodget - poem

9. Etherian Kamaboko – music

10. Luigi DiPrima – music

11. Rosedrop Rust - music and speak

12. Gwen Carillon – speak

13. BubbaC John – music

14. Marian Nykvist - speak

15. Ictus Belford – music

16. Kyle Beltran - music

17. Tone Uriza - music and speak

18. Maximillian Kleene - music and speak

19. Minister Miles – speak, mention son Henry's education fund, closing prayer… Our Lady to Juan Diego

20. Crap Mariner - moment of silence

21. Djing by Marian

Well Whatcha Waiting For

New release from Lane's List Publishing, Chapter Four "Well Whatcha Waiting For" from the serial novel "Borders of Our Lives" The book is exclusively available at Lane's List on Book Isand in SL.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Serenity's Fractals

Good friend and artist, Serenity Questi has expanded the showing of her "Fractals" to a fourth gallery in SL. Be sure to stop over and take a look at these fascinating textures. They can be purchased for display in your virtual home or office.

Her work is currently on display at these galleries:

Chaos and Beauty Gallery (On 5th floor.)

TJ's Artsy Park Gallery (Display near the Dwarf Choir.)

Vis ConSeptZ Gallery (On the ground floor near the north spiral staircase, and one fractal each by the upper floor doors.)

ZRM Gallery (Newest location)

Arthole Radio

I received a notice from friends Ara and Neb that they're starting up weekly live broadcasts of Arthole Radio beginning on Wednesday, the 24th of September. They're planning on broadcasting their show twice a day, so as to reach people in different time zones. Here's the broadcast schedule:

Arahan Claveau - 9pm GMT (1pm SL/PDT)

Nebulosus Severine - 9pm EDT (6pm SL/PDT)

In order to listen to "Arthole Radio", open this link - in your media player of choice (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes etc.) Listeners in world can head over to the "Arthole Gallery" and listen from inside the lockers in the lobby. Either before or after, be sure to check out their exhibits, an awesome display of interactive and immersive art from these two talented SL residents.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Couples in Love Photo Contest

Several months ago I wrote an article about a nonprofit in SL and its founder Carmen Gray. The group is launching a fundraiser, and she'd passed along the following information to me in a note.

Life Learning Center is having its first "Couples in Love" Photo Contest!

This contest works like the ever-popular photo contest. Each vote that you get brings you closer to the grand prize. The "Keeping Kids Safe" non-profit reaps the benefits, which helps its mission in RL.




To enter, send couple's best photo to Carmen Gray. (See below for details on how to do that.)

VOTING OPENS September 25, 2008

ENTRY DEADLINE IS October 25, 2008




1. Join the "Couples in Love" Photo Contest by sending your photo to Carmen Gray. Then we will upload the photos and open voting on the board for you to begin soliciting your voters.

2. Send us put your photos in a folder named "Couples in Love" Contest + YOUR NAME ~ To Carmen Gray

All pictures must be in c/m/t = copy-able, mod, transfer so they can be used in any future advertising or publication. By submitting your pictures, you consent to their use as such.

3. Use the LM below to locate the entry post and to get people to the contest boards so they can vote for YOU! All votes must have a pledge of at least $50L.

Contest Rules and Times

1. Contest runs from September 25th, 2008 to October 25th, 2008.

2. Contestants are allowed to enter between now and the 25th.of September.

3. If a contestant withdraws or is removed from the contest at any time, those voters will not receive a refund. Their poster will be removed immediately from the contestants' wall.

1.) Voting is broken down into

. L$ + Votes

2.) All voters when casting a vote are asked to make a contribution of 50L$ or more toward the contestant

a. Minimum of 50 L$

b. Maximum of no limit! (Be Generous!:-)

3.) A voter can vote once for a given photo each day



1st Place prize ~ $40,000L ~+ Wedding package value $15,000L donated by Oceanside Wedding Planners

2nd Place Consolation Prize: $10,000L

3rd Place Consolation Prize: Jewelry for Two by "Mad About You" Jewelry Designs ~ 500L shopping spree (each store)~ donated by Audacious Designs Women's Fashion and Slick Men's Clothing Store. ~ Furniture certificate by Envision Designs

Monday, September 8, 2008

Live Play – “One’s a Pawn of Time”

A playbill arrived early this morning, shortly after I logged in SL, from Ina Centaur. The playbill announced a new production from the SL Shakespeare Company, titled "One's a Pawn of Time". The play will be presented live to residents of SL at the SL Globe Theatre. The play will run for a limited time with several performances scheduled to begin on the 13th of September and running through the 20th of September. The audience will be limited and a ticket fee assessed. The play is written by Mike Dederian and directed by Rob Knop. For more information on this and the groups other activities visit SL Shakespeare.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Open Arthole Season 2

On Sunday 31st August, Arthole reopened to reveal the new Season 2 work. The three levels in the gallery will feature:

LEVEL 1 WEST WING - PARANOIA, Watching the Skies for Planes - New version of Burning Life 2006 installation by Nebulosus Severine.

LEVEL 1 EAST WING - Injustice - An extended chance to see this work by Arahan Claveau, originally part of his super fun happy club and The love that dare not speak its name for KunstVlaii.

LEVEL 2 - XXX PRIVATE SHOW - Arahan Claveau & Nebulosus Severine have together created a disorienting, unsettling environment, incorporating audio and video into the experience.

LEVEL 3 - systems of reference - The smart talent of Selavy takes over Level 3 from Ichibot Nishi and begins residence as the new guest artist for Season 2.

See the Arthole Blog for details and announcements.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

The Iroquois Wildlife Refuge is owned by Orchid Jameson who I'd met by chance while visiting another garden. We'd chatted for a little while about gardens and she'd offered me a LM to her site. I promised I'd visit when I had the opportunity. Her profile picks list the refuge as the "Home of llamas and other interesting species." Curiosity piqued, I double clicked the LM and dropped in.

I rezzed in under the shade of a huge elm tree, and waited for things to come into view. Almost immediately a llama approached me and stopped meters away and begins to graze on the grass. It looked up at me and I half expected it to speak, but it went back to its grazing and soon wandered away. I turned the view around zooming out for a broader look at the site. I small river intersected the grassy area of the TP entry point. Off to my left the pasture land extended itself and was dotted with llama, sheep and goats. Across the river were two structures, and so I decided to head off in that direction.

The nearest structure came into view as I approached it. It's a Victorian style home, brick and wood sided. The lower level is trimmed with a light blue and the upper a burgundy. The most prominent feature is the three turrets, rising up and towering slightly over the main roof. The one on the left has an open porch at the second level the others I'm assuming to be bedrooms on top and below either a sitting or music rooms, or perhaps both. The second home, also a Victorian was much smaller. It was all wood, painted blue and trimmed with white windows and columns. Not wishing to intrude on the privacy of the owner noting that neither home is part of the refuge. Having satisfied that curiosity I turned around and headed back toward the grazing area. Finding a bench to sit on, I did and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere while watching the animals graze. I thought it very generous of her to create this space for SL residents to enjoy.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt

Second Life's Favorite Treasure Hunt is having its One Year Anniversary, August 29th through September 7th.

When you come to do the hunt, pick up the Ohana Isle Hunt Guide at the starting point in Club 33 at the top of Mt. Wannahawkaloogie. Use it to help you find the numbered treasures all over the island. Buy each for L$0, and the goodies inside are yours.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Butterfly’s and Olive Oyl

A friend dropped a LM on me, while I'd been off line. Trusting her judgment, I hit the TP button and whooshed over without thinking too much about where I might arrive. I found myself standing in a clearing when I did rezz, very near a small rustic looking structure. Turning the virtual me around, the dazzling display of a thousand meadow flowers filled my screen with their colors. I stood and took in the warmth and beauty put on view for an arriving avatar. Curious now, as to my virtual location, I looked at the world map and saw that I was at Wanderstill on the ODE SIM, and I remembered both hearing and reading of the butterfly hunts that occur here on a somewhat regular basis. As the memory of reading a note card came up, several butterflies floated past my view on screen. I smiled seeing the light blue, orange and yellow colored butterflies following their scripted paths through the flowers and around then past me.

There were several people nearby when I checked the mini map and I was about to set off and wander through the meadow when a new arrival rezzed in. I waited a few second before typing out "Hello" in chat. She didn't reply, while moving off screen and into the flowers to my left. An arriving IM caught my attention and I spent the next few minutes taking care of some business. Once again, I was about to set off when I saw that the recently arrived lady had slipped into a new avatar. She now closely resembled Olive Oyl, the cartoon character and Popeye's girlfriend. Having been a fan of the cartoon while growing up, I had to chat with her. So I opened her profile and quickly read through it seeing she was a member of a group called "Scout It" – SL Guide Agency and her name was Delphina Audina.

"Please forgive my intrusion. I'd said hello earlier, perhaps you'd missed it. I'm a journalist ... I freelance while I'm writing my novel." I said

"Hi … sorry I didn't see it." She replied.

"I opened your profile and see you do travel tours. Can I ask you a few questions, if you don't mind?" I asked and then continued: "By the way, Olive Oyl, the avi is cute."

She replied smiling, "Thank you for your comment, it is fun to change. You can ask, it depends on the question as to whether I will answer, and yes that is correct about the travel tours."

"What does a virtual travel agency do?" I asked.

"Well we run personal guided tours in-world. If someone is interested in a certain topic, we put together a tour for them and come along giving background information or other help. We provide the service for residents, or for company's or colleges or tourist institutions."

"So you have packaged tours ... for example if they're interested in the arts, then these are the places to visit and things to see." I said in reply.

"Right, we customize it for the interest of the clients. A tour guide avatar comes with you and as I said gives additional explanations while conducting the tour." She said clarifying her earlier statement. I asked if she doing some scouting. "Yes, you can say that." She said and laughed.

"What about other virtual worlds ... or is it just SL?" I asked

"Well we did explore others -but flash 3D are not really interesting to tour or others are more or less closed server environments. So for now we stick to SL as this allows individual content creations." She responded.

"Have you ever been booted off a SIM you were scouting?" I asked her.

"Well we do respect privacy … it's mostly the how you interact." She said in reply.

"What was the most interesting place you've seen in SL?" I asked

"Geez that's hard to say there are some just breathtaking places either due to creativity of art or by the way how they are designed." She answered.

"What drew you here to this site?" I asked her.

"Oh, I was on a neighboring SIM, so I TP'ed over. It's a lovely, peaceful place, and Random is known for his good taste." She said and then excused herself as she had to attend to business. I thanked her for her time and then TP'ed home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kicking the Tires

I found myself in a mood for a little exploration this morning, so I opened search and the Popular Places tab and scanned the list. The number two place caught my attention, being a guy, and having worked in the industry (RL) a site name like "CARS, CARS, CARS – BEAM Automotive" drew my immediate interest, so I hit the TP button popping over to take a look.

Arriving and waiting to rezz I looked at the traffic numbers and at 123193 the site did see a fair number of SL'ers on a daily basis. A check of my mini-map showed no one in chat range, but the world map showed me that 86 people were on the BEAM Automotive SIM. The building I arrived in was substantial and had on display seventeen automobiles, some even recognizable to their RL counterparts. A fair assumption to think I'd arrived at the virtual dealer's showroom.

As I was about to walk around and kick a few tires, a new arrival landed next to me on the TP platform. And I do mean new, his second day in SL. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked, "Can I work with you?" The avatar who rezzed asked.

"Work with me on what?" I replied and then explained that I didn't work here. Hearing that he wandered away immediately and I sent him an IM explaining that I am a journalist and blogger and whether or not I could ask him a few questions.

I saw his avatar stop, and then turn as he walked back toward where I stood. "Yes, sure." He replied

"What brings you here to this site?" I asked

"I want to work on a job." He responded

"What sort of job are you looking for?" I asked him.

"Selling Cars." Was his reply

"Do you sell cars in real life?" I asked

"No, I want to work in selling cars in second life."

"I see this is your second day in SL, how have you liked it so far?" I asked.

His was a short reply, all he said was, "Yes". After saying it he immediately turned and walked away toward the nearest vehicle and jumped in. I called out to him as he moved away saying, "If you're interested in working here, I'd suggest you contact the owner his name is Monday Beam." I'd done a quick check on the 'About Land' drop down to see the owner's name.

With a no response from him, I went back to looking at cars and kicking tires.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

NPC Scavenger Hunt

Already underway is the Nonprofit Commons "Scavenger Hunt", the opening ceremony at Nonprofit Commons 2 Aloft SIM began at 7:00 pm SLT on Friday the 22nd of August and featured a performance by Vincent Merricks . The event runs through the entire weekend and there are still opportunities to join in the "Hunt". The event concludes with the awarding of the GRAND PRIZE $25,000L! The closing ceremony will be held at the Nonprofit Commons 1 Plush SIM at 8pm SLT on Sunday, the 24th of August, with a performance by Kim Seifert along with the prize awards Ceremony. This is an awesome opportunity to become more aware of what Nonprofit Commons and its wonderful organizations are all about. The first prize is 25,000 Lindens, the 2nd Prize are two Kiva Gift Certificates and many other wonderful prizes to be awarded.

Check out the fun!

Horror Fest 2008

A brief visit into SL late on Friday afternoon to put an event poster out in my booth on Book Island and I happened to run to Emz Mazie, writer and podcaster. We chatted for a few minutes, and she passed along an invitation and a note card to the "Horror Fest 2008" event going on today, Saturday the 23rd of August. Emz is the "Toast Mistress" for the event and will be welcoming two writer guests of honor, Mark Eller (Bearon Schoonhoven) and Elizabeth Draper (Lizard Yokosuka). Additionally, as part of the activities an SL Vendor Guest of Honor, Mars Bracken & Lyle Maeterlinck from "Liquid Designs" the owners of the "BLOOD" store along with an SL Fashion Designer Guest Of Honor, from "All Dolled Up", Fauve Aeon and Aberdon Enigma will be recognized in the opening ceremonies beginning at 8:30 am SLT at the Lower Pits of Hell Amphitheatre.

The day will be packed with events and activities for SL residents and fans of the genre, including interviews, readings, a fashion show, "Zombie Target Practice" and a Vampires Bloody Ball. The closing ceremony will begin at 8:30 pm SLT tonight. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Angel Hearts Charities

Several months ago, I wrote an article for the SL Newspaper about a woman in SL who had been deeply involved with the "Make a Wish Foundation". Her dream had been to open her ballroom and mall in order to raise funds for the charity. When I had interviewed her for that article, she'd revealed her own life's situation and how she had been dealing with it since being confronted with a diagnosis of Adrenal cancer. She and I have kept in touch, over the months since I wrote, "A Rebel Heart and an Angel". Last night she sent me a note card and I wanted to share it. If you have a chance, stop by and say hello to her.


I am Heartlite Jewell.

When I came in to SL last year it was my dream to create a ballroom in which I could provide a place for others to find peace, love and happiness while helping me raise funds for children's foundations. My first kids foundation was make a wish foundation here in the USA where I live. Then I meet some wonderful friends that live in Australia and they wanted to join me in this dream of helping kids. I happily added the Starlight Foundation in Australia, both foundations help children who are sick or terminally ill by granting their wishes in who otherwise never grow up to make their own dreams and wishes come true. My friends in Australia donated their island to my little angels. We have built a beautiful ballroom for all to enjoy as well as many other fun places for all to come visit and just have fun. As well as we have a second level mall in which our vendors donate 25% or more of their sales to the kid. We make no profit all goes to the kid's foundations and caring for the island. We are not here to make money, we are here to share fun, laughter, joy and a lot of love with others everywhere while helping kids from around the world. I hope you find Angel Hearts Island a pleasant and fun place to visit. Please remember we are a PG SIM so all children are welcome to come and play as well as adults. If you would like to know more the owners of Angel Hearts Island they are: Chip Masala, Sugarbuns Mantha, Buzzbox Mungo and I Heartlite Jewel. Please feel free to contact me have a blessed day and most of all come have FUN!!!


Angel Heart Charities

Sunday, August 17, 2008

“Arthole” Season 2

I received a note card from friends Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine, an update on their gallery "Arthole". Ara and Neb are preparing for their second season to include collaborative new works on the second floor of the gallery. The note also said they'd invited a second guest artist, Selavy Oh, who will be joining with Ichibot Nishi for new creations on the third level. I had the chance to take a pre-opening peek at the gallery prior to its grand opening earlier this year and wrote an article for the SL Newspaper. Ara and Neb have created a superb venue for their creations and it's a must see to view and experience their immersive art.

Arthole re-launches with Season 2 on August 31st. See the Arthole Blog for event details and announcements.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Word Art" at Tranquil Cafe

"Word Art" at Tranquil Cafe welcomes author Nazz Lane as he reads excerpts from his novel "Borders of Our Lives". Nazz will be at Tranquil Cafe on Sunday, 17-August at 6:00 pm PDT (SLT).

Tranquil Cafe

Virtual Ability Grand Opening

A new SIM, Virtual Ability is celebrating its grand opening in SL today starting at 1:00 PM SLT. There will be tours and entertainment along with a dedication ceremony of the SIM. I met with Gentle Heron, from the Virtual Ability Group in SL. Virtual Ability helps bring people with a wide range of disabilities into Second Life, and provides them with a supporting environment once here. They help their new members integrate into SL society and provide information, encouragement, training, companionship, referrals to other SL resources and groups, ways to contribute back to the community, and ways to have fun.

Gentle and her team hope you will be able to stop by.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"My Private Supermarket" Multimedia Installation

I received an invitation from my good friend and artist Myth Guyot to the "My Private Supermarket" Multimedia Installation exhibition. If only TP's worked in RL. The exhibition is in Frankfort, Germany. It's a town I'd visited in RL, three times while on business and I've yet to run into a glass of beer I hadn't liked. Sorry for the slight digression, most people know me as a scotch drinker but I do enjoy a cold beer every now and then, especially when visiting or working in Germany.

So, back to the exhibition, which has already opened is located at Gallery Eulengasse 65 . 60385 Frankfurt, Germany, and began on the 8th of August and runs through the 24th with the Finissage and presentation of the catalogue on Sunday the 24th of August 2008, 3 - 7 pm (2 – 6 PM GMT)

Haike Rausch (Laksmi Giha) and Torsten Grosch (Myth Guyot) work together on art projects under the name of 431art in both real and second life. I've written about the Amazing Maze (SL Newspaper) they'd created at their site in SL and about their Machinima film "Walk to Elea!" in Lane's List. Later today, at the exhibition, video and Machinima short films by 431art will begin at 9:00 PM on the 15th of August (8:00 PM GMT).

Myth was kind enough to offer me the following translation about "431art" and the exhibit by Martin Doll, Media critic:

Haike Rausch and Torsten Grosch have been working together on art projects under the name of 431art for more than ten years. They understand their work as experiencing the phenomena and proceedings of nature, work situations and everyday political - social realities. Through their estrangement of the common view, their gaze on familiar objects breaks the habitual patterns of perception. In so doing; they take away the supposed inherent quality, of being real, from what is considered self-evident.

As prowlers between the different expressions of art, 431art often blurs aesthetic reception. They play with different categories of work often irritates the observer, the spectator experiences estrangement, an inability to classify, a puzzlement of everyday phenomena, experienced now as something new and totally different in the form of an art work.

In individual art shows the confrontation between graphic, photographic, film and sonographic elements is for example expressed by oscillating between these various forms of artistic expressions. Graphic art serves alternatively as standalone pieces, sketches of conceptual works or merely as descriptive panels. This creates a very vivid dialogue with the viewer and the objects on display.

In instances where Grosch and Rausch allow their artistic exploits to be experiment instructions, as seen in the concept for Ripenings, their art is turned into an experiment between science and non-science. Or rather between science and art. In this particular concept they explore the effect musical waves have on the growth of bean sprouts.

This experiment, which likely has its professional sceptics, aims to be a challenge to the logical and rational thought processes, it understands itself to be a provocation to the positivistic methods taken to explain our world. The demarcation line between art and science illustrates the very potential the ephemeral offers; the resounding, the wave, in so doing it sensitizes the observer to a scientific-artistic way of looking at the transient. In this sense the results of this experiment are not only natural science relevant but they also have dual impact as an artistic and tactile sensation. This form of aesthetic construction of the non-material is undertaken in; I'll be your substitute whenever you want me – an art project in the virtual space of Second life. In an age where seemingly everything can be digitalized (from human interaction all the way to very private spheres of reality) 431art tackles the way we perceive reality and identity.

The virtual environment combines Plato's allegory of the cave – the classical western philosophical image, which encapsulates the dilemma, between being and appearance – through the visualisation of labyrinthine formations. The tension between immersion and distance has an epistemological implication for the virtual and the supposedly real plain of perception. The structure of the work itself is a labyrinth, which mixes up various levels of real life representation. The aesthetic interferences between audio, video, the source code of the first Second Life Viewers, the avatar and the observer, sitting at his or her computer, creates a metaphorical field of analysis for the questions of authorship and personality, within an online existence. In this dense matrix the user must grapple, in his quest for a stable identity, with mirror images of himself and his environment. Confronted with a virtual doppelganger and the software created environment the user is directed towards cognition of the entire digital parallel universe.

With My private supermarket 431art opened a small shop, in the display window a shelf with jam jars was on show. The exhibition room at first glance seems to be a mixture between a modern convenient store and a quaint corner store. However upon closer inspection it becomes obvious that the goods on offer are by no means limited to commodities. On one wall cryptic handwritten texts are projected, show cases featuring butterflies with rather strange costumes of interwoven typographic structures. A video screen shows a bumblebee, as it assiduously flies from blossom to blossom ticking off it's shopping list. Even the jars on offer contain everything but ordinary jams. The labels on the jars do not only give information about their contents but additionally allude to the methods and essence in which the contents were harvested: Happiness-Harvest, Spontaneous-Harvest, spontaneous planned harvest, coincidentally saved harvest, intuitive harvest.

My private supermarket moves at the same time between various different subject fields. The various exhibits, with their different thematic aspects, cover the length and breath of today's marketplace with its organic food and to a large extent the lost culture of self-reliance. It picks up on the increased homogenization of the world of commodities, the loss of small individual shops and finally with the gathering as a leisure activity the means of survival. The strange labels do not, as is common practice, tell of the final product but instead tell the observer about instances of intuition, spontaneity and chance, which have determined the contents of the jars. On a different level of introspection within the institution of art, the question is raised - is there a reciprocal relationship between artifacts that are for sale and if so, what is the relevance of process and experimental projects. Accordingly 431art "leaves" the exhibition space by unexpectedly accosting the public in the social services office across the road where the only commodities that are not for sale are offered to the visitors in the form of jam-spread bread. Due to this temporary intervention of a kind of non-place, the socially regulated care system is confronted with the unconditional art of giving.

In their exhibition as with many other projects of 431art the ephemeral is stressed –consequently following through the orders of management – by the subsequent closure of the shop. However the vernissage is not the beginning of an insolvency case, but rather a catalogue in which all the stores goods are contained which will retrospectively still be available.