Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Check Out Gracie Kendall's 1000 Avatars

I've been watching this project evolve since shortly after its inception and eagerly volunteered to be one of her photographic subjects. Take a peek at her website when you have a moment and if you have the time, volunteer to be one of the usual suspects. http://ping.fm/8gG5C

Friday, December 17, 2010

Greek Amphitheater Reopens in Second Life

This came to me by way of Jilly Kidd through the London School of Journalism Group in Second Life:

The fabulous Greek Amphitheater owned by Phorkyad Acropolis is one of the classic builds on SL. It's reopening at the London School of Journalism with events this coming Saturday and Sunday. Newly-rebuilt by Jenene Lemaire and Talliver Hartnell at the London School of Journalism (with a generous land grant from Jilly Kidd, we re-open the Greek Theatre with a series of performances.

Dec. 18 @ 5pm SL: Thaylon Singh (covers and original music)
@6pm SL: Phorkyad Acropolis, The Silent Oracle

Dec 19 @ 6pm SL: Avery Oxhall, "The Fate of Galleon #50" Ballet Preview (piano music)
7pm: SL: Poetry Open Mic

Or listen on the web at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SlumRock Xmas Party in Second Life

This looks to be an exciting weekend of music:

The community at Lollygagger's Lane, in Sarafina, is this year holding a 3-day Xmas Party!

'The Lane' is a rather run-down area, complete with stinking cesspit to bathe in, rats, ramshackle buildings and the odd tramp passing through now and then....just as we like it :)) You are assured of a fine welcome at The Lane whoever you may be :)

(Secondary LM at adjoining region)

All Times are SLT (PST)

---- Friday 17th December 2010 ----

1pm - Raskolnikow Roffo DJ
2pm - Blindboink Parham
3pm - Ziffy Zarf
4pm - Danlange Diavolo
5pm - Edward Kyomoon
6pm - TerryLynn Melody
7pm - Derek Sienkiewicz DJ
8pm - Baldi McMillan DJ

---- Saturday 18th December ----

12 noon - Paramparamm Papp DJ
1pm - Electronic Mode DJ
2pm - Blueron Clyburn
3pm - Engrama
4pm - Moro Zane DJ 1st
5pm - Moro Zane DJ 2nd
6pm - Cosmic Haystack
7pm - Frets Nirvana
8pm - Von Johin

---- Sunday 19th December ----

1pm - Russell Eponym
2pm - Savannah Coronet
3pm - Craig Lyons
4pm - Skye Galaxy
5pm - Bart & Whirl
6pm - Arman Finesmith
7pm - Blindboink Parham & Ziffy Zarf
8pm - CelticMaiden Warrior

(Advertised performers are subject to last minute changes, dependent on RL circumstances and SL problems, take it as it comes, stuff happens...but wow is you all being in for a treat...Oh Yes!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Club One Island Photo Contest

A photo contest is underway at Club One Island in Second Life. The contest information and rules from Emerson Iwish follow:

Like taking pictures in Second Life? Or would you like to learn? We're sponsoring a month long contest and photography lessons from our very own Club One Island Official Photographer. Come learn about the contest and learn some of the basics of Second Life photography. Later in the month we'll talk more about the contest and have a more advanced class, so there's plenty of time to play with this and learn.
Join us to today on the Island to find out how YOU can be winning some Linden bucks!
Please reference www.cluboneisland.com/events for the full calendar of events

We have several categories and each first place wins L$5,000 (Linden$)
AND we will also choose a GRAND Prize winner to be awarded L$10,000 (Linden $)

Categories: A, B, C

(A) Photos of an avatar in Action! These should be pictures of an avatar MOVING, DOING, or PLAYING on Club One Island. ACTION is what this is all about and the activities here on the island!

(B) Photos of avatar GROUP activities here on Club One Island. Two, three, or more? We want to see you AND your friends ACTIVELY participating and enjoying the spaces here!

(C) Scenic. These islands are such a beautiful environment to experience! We want to see which places catch YOUR eye!

Be CREATIVE, enjoy, and capture those moments and share with us!


1) Each photo submitted must be taken OF or ON or AT Club One Island.

2) Photos must be submitted by Dec 19, 2010. Maximum of 3 entries per category. Wnners will be announced Dec. 26, 2010 @6:00 pm SLT

3) We reserve the right to display the photos as artwork on Club One Island in Second Life, as well as on our website and Facebook. Your winning photos can be credited with either an SL avatar name or real actual name (your choice) .

4) All decisions made by the judges are final.

Submit all entries in-world to: Emerson Iwish or email to: IslandLead@ClubOne.com

So start exploring and enjoying our place and spaces here!

Please reference www.cluboneisland.com/events for the full calendar of events.
And visit our website www.cluboneisland.com

Outsider Art: Artists with Disabilities - Presentation in Second Life

On Thursday the 16th of December at 10 am PST/SLT at The Sojourner Auditorium.

Presenter: Nana Chingseng (Alice Wexler, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Art Education at SUNY New Paltz)

To accommodate his English-speaking readers, Roger Cardinal (1973) chose the more "anglofied" term for "Art Brut" as the title of his seminal text, Outsider Art. Outsider Art now encompasses the wide range of emerging art work that exhilarates viewers by defying ready-made responses to, and assumptions about, art. It's an art, Cardinal says, that has always been around us, but it took several centuries for our discursively-abled-minds to begin to grasp its import as pictures and visual stories of infinitely diverse ways of experiencing and living in the world. Our cultural tastes and assumptions, the many art-books that assure us that we are pointed in one direction, have made us impervious to alternative realities. After all, Cardinal reminds us, our cultural heritage in the honored domain of "art' established our superiority.

Artists making work under the Outsider rubric became a complex modern phenomenon of stigmatized people who reflected and communicated their own stigmatization. Until recently, these artists were known only in medical terms: schizophrenic, autistic, retarded, and so on. Within the past two decades, however, artists with disabilities are emerging with voices that announce that they seek to establish new metaphors from their own experience of the world.

About the presenter:
In RL, Nana is Alice Wexler, who teaches courses in studio methods and artistic development, instructional resources in art education, and art for exceptional children and adults at SUNY New Palz. Her research focuses on the art-making practices of exceptional children and adults, and on the integration of text and image in art works made by children and adolescents. She is writing a book on children with special needs in alternative settings.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3D Art Exhibition by CARP in Collaboration with IBM International

I read the note card with great interest when it and I arrived in Second Life. The message was from Josina Burgess, co-founder of CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Projects) along with Velazques Bonetto and they were seeking hosts for an upcoming event. The group is well known in Second Life for its productions, which include; "The Wall" a unique interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic, "The Rings" a rock opera and a remake of "Metropolis" the silent film classic and the first science fiction movie in Second Life. The group recently put together another special production, "Alien Bolero" of which I had the opportunity to view shortly before its opening several weeks ago. I walked away in complete awe after witnessing something like I'd never ever seen before in Second Life. I've enclosed the notecard below with a few edits (Please forgive me Josi).

Hello Friends,

This is a call for hosts:

CARP in Collaboration with IBM International CARP has built (Velazquez did) an exhibition in another way then what is normally done in SL.

This exhibition is formed in such a way that it allows people to get an idea of how to become an artwork in RL from SL. CARP is known for the way they build events and exhibitions so here it's something new again of course. Four floors with RL art shown in SL in a special way. It's to research another form of showing art or items. Not through a website but in a 3D world. Paintings, Digital Art works, 360 degree Panorama's, music especially written andn performed for CARP projects. Two big particle theatres with life V-Jazz (virtual jazz) performances and Prims dancing in perfect synchronicity.

Worldwide this exhibition together with the Schoeffer Tower Cybernetic Tour, will open on December 22th.
This means everywhere where IBM is.

Of course we will host ourselves for the European employees of IBM and all SL folks that are interested. We surely will need people that are interested to be a host for, Europe (we have hosts), China, Japan, USA ( we have a host), Australia, Canada, Africa (for India we have already 2 hosts).

If you are interested to be a host during this event, please do IM me or Velazquez Bonetto, because we will welcome you of course but you also need to learn how to start the systems, like the cybernetic tour needs to be started up as well several automatic systems in the exhibition.

We will make a time plan to cover the time zones and surely some meetings between you and us are needed so you as a host know exactly what to do.

I know we ask much, dedication, and we need to count on you, so you must be sure you can do this, but it's also a challenge to experiment this way of exhibiting and showing it to people that have specially logged in, made an avatar, and give them an idea of what's possible.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Velazquez Bonetto
Josina Burgess

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exhibition Opening "Art of the American Indians" Today

On Sunday, December 12th from 12 - 2 pm PST/SLT at the i-Learning Workshops℠, San Jose City, Costa Rica Sims an exhibit titled the "Art of the American Indians" opens. The exhibition is the premier SL showing of Navajo artist, Joe L. Yazzie (SL name: Joel Indescent). The Thaw Collection will be on exhibit at i-Learning Workshops℠ through January. The images from Mr. Yazzie will be a permanent collection of the Virtual Native Lands.

From noon to 1 pm there will be a discussion of the Thaw Collection installation led by Nicolo Anthony and Nany Kayo. Mr. Anthony in his first life is Paul S. D'Ambrosio, Ph. D., Vice President and Chief Curator at the Fenimore Art Museum & The Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown, NY and Ms Kayo in her first life is Nancy McDonald, Executive Director of Virtual Native Lands. In addition there will be music in the courtyard by "Native Americana" guitarist  Arimo Teixeira (Mario Metsovaara in RL of the Mexica Azteka Nation).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Few Art Events and Openings this Week End

I'm sure this is just a tip of the iceberg, but I wanted to share those openings that I knew about this weekend.

The first is Sledge Roffo's "Georgia" which opens this evening at the Praka & Twilight Gallery. The event begins at 6 pm PST/SLT and the exhibit will run through the 2nd of January.

Next is the opening reception of for what is billed as a multi-faceted art show titled;"Texanna and Friends" The show begins with a reception at 7 pm PST/SLT on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Texanna and Friends is at the Friendly & Friendly Art Gallery. The show will run through January 15th. The artists exhibitng;
Texanna Schumann

rObin Helsinki

Jewel MacMoragh

Konrad Jansma and cassandra Ushimawa

1 Earthling Rang

Sledge Roffo

At lastly the December through January Exhibit at A.R.t Galerie with music and art opens on Sunday, the 12th of December at 2 pm PST/SLT. In the announcement on the exhibit it listed three artists; "Van Caerndow, Briawinde Magic and Robin Helsinki. and three floors and a garden, full of stained glass paintings, photographs, fractals and sculptures".


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3D Aids Quilt Debuts on December 1st in Second Life

In a production launched by Startled Cat, the 3D Aids Quilt will make its debut into the virtual worlds of Second Life and Jokaydia, with opening ceremonies scheduled to begin at noon PST on the 1st of December. The agenda for the event includes a welcome and discussion of the project, readings by Quilt contributors and live music. Startled Cat also announced that "Participants will be free to tour the completed Quilt pieces and sign up to create their own memorials." Startled Cat, a joint venture formed by Doug Thompson, Marty Keltz and Jena Ball, is a studio for immersive storytelling.

In the press release about the event it was announced. "The 3D AIDS Quilt takes the concept of a patchwork quilt - composed of squares of fabric - and transforms it into a collection of 3D rooms or dioramas.  Each room is dedicated to a person(s) whose life was lost to AIDS and tells a story using a variety of tools including 3D objects, video, photos, poetry and song.  The Quilt was conceived as a way to commemorate the lives of those lost to AIDS and build a global community of individuals and organizations committed to using their collective creativity and resources to eradicate AIDS."