Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mad Hatter Art Fest - Inworldz

Mad Hatter Art Fest - Sponsored by IWZ Dreamz & Visionz Art Fest -

This Art Fest is taken from the realm of Alice and Wonderland. If you remember in the story line, nothing was just so in Alice. The furniture was either very very very small or very very very large.

At the Mad Hatter Art Fest we are asking for each artists to create art in the form of furniture in the story line of Alice in Wonderland .... Now let your creative self and mind go wild. Nothing is normal remember and the wilder and more of center the better. You can create the kitchen, bedroom, living room, just a very very special chair, a special lamp or light, what ever you artistic creative mind can drum up.

You have exactly 900 prims to go wild with and you have a 25x 25 plot to work on. Also remember this fest works around Easter time - so you may incorporate this into your theme.

Enjoy this art fest and we will have loads of fun like all of them.

The Area for the artists opens March 25th and all builds must be complete
by Thursday April 3rd.

There will be 1 prize give away by peoples choice - votes will be taken by the people and it will cost each person to vote 50I'z's to vote the proceeds from the peoples choice voting will go directly to the winner of the people choice.

Also there will be a 1 and 2nd prize on each sim along with 1 novice prize on each sim - proceeds for the prizes will come from the donations received during the course of the Art Fest.

There will be 3 judges, who will judge the work according to the following criteria: relevance to the theme of the show, technical proficiency, and originality.

The Judges for the Art Fest are as Follows:

1) Gale Giles
2) Jim Tarber
3) Sunbeam Magic

Our Publicists will Be Nazz Lane
Chairperson - Jeri Rahja
Co-Chair - Quadrapop Tree

Script Police - Zauber Paracelsus

Wishing you all the best of luck - I know this runs before and during the convention and placing this notice out before the convention - this will enable you to get your art creation done before you leave for the convention and you can forward your creation to Jeri Rahja - in a folder with your name on it please make sure the perms are correct so I may set it out. It must be mod, copy no trans.


You must comply within the guidelines of IWZ TOS Policy....

Notecard Information:

Your Name:

Your Team Name (if applicable - please name the individuals involved):

Your Gallery, Store or Service name:

900 Prims plots 25 x 25 you may go as high as you wish all teleporters must be aquired by Zauber


Please send this completed notecard to Jeri Rahja and IM her to let her know you have sent her inventory.

All Applications again must be in by 3/20/12

Area will be assigned to you on or before 2/23/12 - and all must be up by 4/3/12

Judging will commence thereafter.

The Fest is on a Mature Sim . I am requesting for all to please use discretion and leave vulgarity behind.

Thank you

Jeri Rahja

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Enlightenment" by Trill Zapatero

Metaverse Music Expo Opens February 23rd in Second Life

Schedule of Performers

The Metaverse Music Expo opens tomorrow on the 23rd of February. Check out their site for more information about the expo, including a schedule of events and musicians who will be performing there.

Second Life Locations:

Public Entrance # 1
Public Entrance # 2

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poetry @ the Born Museum of Fine Arts

An announcement from Juliee Landar from the Born Museum in Second Life, for all for you practicing or aspiring poets:

Poetry @ the Born Museum of Fine Arts

A Series of Poetry Events focusing on different aspects of natural beauty.

February 27 - 5 SLT
Host:  Karli Daviau
Topic for the month:  Song of the Birds

Original poems may be submitted to Juliee Landar prior to the event.