Monday, July 27, 2009

Virtual Ability Celebrates Americans with Disabilities Act

Virtual Ability, Inc. is pleased to announce the first annual celebration of the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The event will be held at Virtual Ability Island, from 11AM SLT until 8:30 PM SLT, this Monday, July, 27th.

Please join us to enjoy dancing to the music of singer/songwriter Cylindrian Rutabaga (noon - 1 pm SLT), German folk and jazz singer jaynine Scarborough (1 - 2 PM SLT), DJ Ricken Flow (3:30 - 5 PM SLT), electronic performer Torben Asp (5 PM - 6 PM), award-winning musician HatHead Rickenbacker (6 PM - 7 PM SLT), and blues performer kelvinblue Oh (7 PM - 8 PM SLT).

Listen to discourses by speakers including Dusan Writer (11 AM SLT), ICU nurse and author, Kaznats Oh (1:30 PM SLT), Jolie1 Magic speaking about ADA and the media, educator JeniAnn Ametza (3 PM SLT), Virtual Ability President Gentle Heron (3:30 PM SLT), nurse KlewTBucklew Glendevon (5 PM SLT), and attorney Geri Kuhn (8 PM SLT). The speakers will be transcribed, and there will be time set aside for discussion.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), first signed into law in 1990, represents an important milestone in securing the rights of millions of people with disabilities living in the United States.

Please join us in the commemoration and celebration of this important legislation. Thank you.

For further information, please contact Gentle Heron via IM or at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden for the Missing and Project Jason

Over the year and several months I've had the pleasure of calling Ronnie Rhode a friend, I'd written several times about this marvelous woman's selfless work in second life at the "Garden for the Missing" in Lane's List and in other publications. Yesterday evening she'd passed along a note with information about a video that she'd wanted to share with me.

Her note said:

"I am writing to you because you are one of our treasured supporters of The Garden for the Missing and Project Jason. I am very excited to show you one of the ways we use your support! I am pleased to announce that a 5-minute video about the retreat is now available online!"

Project Jason Keys to Healing Retreat Video

Information about the 2010 retreat and a wish list of items can be found here.

"Garden for the Missing: Nazz Lane Welcome to the Garden for the Missing! There are 170 clickable posters of missing persons here. Please look at them carefully and keep them in your prayers. Every missing person has someone who loves them. Thank you for your visit! Garden for the Missing owned by Ronnie Rhode gave you "Thanks for your interest in the Garden for the Missing!"

If you've not had a chance to stop by yet in Second Life, please take a few minutes to do so. Make a donation, say hello to Ronnie and tell her that Nazz sent you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Ladies of SLive Music Appreciation Benefit


for Pannie Paperdoll and Circe Broom.

Go ahead! TRY to imagine live music in SL without these two fabulous ladies! You can't right? They have both done so much for so many musicians and music lovers. So we are celebrating them this Sunday. All funds raised will go to tier on their venues.

Come and share the love!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4:30 - 9 pm SLT

Four Moons Pub, Grand Canyon

Music Line Up:

DJ Amy Ferguson starts at 4:30 and Live Performers from 5-9 pm.


OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo 5:00

Coda Cazalet 5:30

Ganjo Mokeev 6:00

Saint Skytower 6:30

Maxx Sabretooth 7:00

Vincent Merricks 7:30

RoseDrop Rust 8:00

TallGuy Kidd 8:30

We hope to see you there!

VanMorrison Mint

gretabelle Moonwall

LadyKendred Allen

Teal Freenote

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Job Fair in Second Life

I'd heard about the Job Fair through a connection on the LinkedIn ThinkBalm Community. I'd found a web site with information and had marked a note on my calendar to stop by during the event. The job fair was held on the 14th of July and started at 6 am PDT, the location Amazon Developers 2 SIM. When I had arrived at the fair around 1 pm, the event had been underway for several hours. I checked the map and saw that there were fifty-two avatars present then. Oddly enough the chat was fairly quiet and I assumed most people were either reading information, providing information or engaged in instant messaging with one of the several Amazon representatives present. In scanning around, the presence of "new" avatars was very apparent which wasn't surprising given that there directions on the web site about how to register for a second life account. Having rezzed, I moved the virtual me and was pleasantly surprised by an absence of lag as I moved the virtual me quite easily.

I first went into the area where interviews booths had been set up. I surveyed the crowd looking for my contact. Unable to spot him, I searched for an avatar wearing an Amazon t-shirt and saw several so I introduced myself. We chatted briefly about the event, where I learned that the traffic numbers had been fairly consistent all day, in the range of fifty to sixty. When I asked how the event was going the consensus response was that it all appeared to be going very well. I was told as well that Phillip Linden had stopped by to check on things. No one I spoke to was aware of whether he'd made a statement or had introduced himself to the crowd, but the rumor was that he had liked what he saw and was happy to learn that the SIM was performing well.

Having been there for nearly an hour now, I checked the map once again and saw the numbers were about the same. I moved now to where several avatars stood and opened up a conversation with one, a woman and from how she was dressed judged her to be new to second life. I confirmed it by looking at her profile and saw this was indeed the first day she'd rezzed.

"Hello Vineela and welcome to second life. I'm a freelance journalist, working on a story about the job fair. Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Hi … Sure." Vineela Cybertar responded.

"I'm assuming you're here to apply for a job. Is this your first visit into a virtual world?" I asked.

"Yes it is." She replied.

"You came into SL just for this job fair then?" I asked.


"May I ask what sort of position are you applying for and are you located in the US?"

"Computer Networking and yes I am in the US." She responded.

"If you don't wish to answer this question I'll understand. Are you currently employed?"

"No, I'm not." Cybertar answered.

"How did you hear about this job fair?"

"From Facebook."

"Thank you for talking with me Vineela, I do appreciate it. Good luck with the job hunt." I said. As she moved away, another female avatar approached I begin chatting with her. I introduced myself and asked if she'd like to answer a few questions. She replied with an affirmative and that yes she was seeking employment.

"How did you hear about the job fair?"

"I recently graduated from the University of Idaho and am on their Career Center email list, they sent an email out about it." AnnaJasmine Barcelos responded.

"What types of position are you interested in applying for?"

"I graduated with a BS in Finance and a minor in Accounting. I don't know of a specific job I am applying for, but something in the field." She replied.

"Is this your first experience in a virtual world?"

"No, the University I attended held classes in Second Life and also homework assignments. Excuse me Nazz. I need to speak with someone right now." She said.

"Thank you Anna ... the very best of luck to you." I said.

I moved one way, she the other as we finished and I then strolled back toward where I had started, near the entry point. A chat line appeared which caught my attention. It was from a male avatar who asked, "Where do I apply for a program manager position." I zoomed in for a closer look and saw he was attired in dark business suit, not one of the better made virtual suits but he did stand out from most of the people I had seen there. I introduced myself, explaining who I was and why I was there at the fair. After he agreed to answer a few questions, we engaged in a brief discussion using instant messaging.

Nazz Lane: How'd you hear about the fair?

JP Northman: I am working with an outplacement agency, and they referred me to this event

Nazz Lane: Are you currently unemployed or are you about to be?

JP Northman: Yes I am unemployed. I was laid off due to my position being eliminated.

Nazz Lane: Have you been to job fairs in real life and if so, how has this one compared to the experience?

JP Northman: Yes, I have been to a few job fairs in real life. They have tended to be crowded, uncomfortable events with many employers. Being able to focus on just one employer like makes it a lot more manageable.

Nazz Lane: Is this your first experience in a virtual world?

JP Northman: Yes. Other than some gaming, I should say.

Nazz Lane: How have you found the experience of being an avatar?

JP Northman: Well, in gaming you can allow some of your alter ego to become part of your avatar. This is more like real life in that you have to think about how you look, act, what you name yourself, etc. I got a bit frustrated trying to make the avatar look at least a *little* like me without spending L$.

Nazz Lane: It can be. I did see your chat line about a program management position. Is that the type of position you're seeking?

JP Northman: Yes it is.

He excused himself at that point, and I thanked him for taking the time to chat. Near now to where a sign said "Submit your resume here" I approached a few more avatars who either did not respond or declined to be interviewed. Checking the map before leaving, the number of avatars present had gone up. Fifty-seven people were there now. I clicked on home and left.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Performance Tonight Hypatia of Alexandria

There is a scheduled performance of "Hypatia of Alexandria" tonight, 17th of July. The curtain rises at 6 pm PDT/SLT. There are two more performances scheduled, the first on the 24th of July and the second the following day the 25th.

Arthole Season 3 Opening

Arthole Season 3 opens its doors officially on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 2 pm PDT / SLT. Arthole is a collaborative effort between Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine. As with previous seasons, a guest artist takes up residence and this time it is the very talented Penumbra Carter.

Season 3 bodes well for fans of Arthole and second life art enthusiasts as both Ara and Neb have new installations being presented along with that of their guest artist. Amy Freelunch joins Arahan in the East Wing from 2pm SLT for a LIVE DJ session, and there will be artistic contributions from past Arthole guests for the launch event Selavy Oh and Dekka Raymaker. Nebulosus and Penumbra will also be present throughout the event to talk about their work and join in the activities.

LEVEL 2 ‐ The Unkempt Hair of the Dead by Penumbra Carter
Penumbra's work has been displayed at several locations in Second Life; most notably with many highly regarded pieces shown at the Brooklyn is Watching project and the Aequitas group exhibition. This intriguingly titled new piece for Arthole Penumbra explains as "my interpretation of riding into the future with the past."

Penumbra is also a prolific machinima maker whose films can be seen on YouTube. In the real‐world she is an artist and painter based in a mysterious Midwestern American town.

LEVEL 1 EAST WING – Empire by Arahan Claveau

The central component of this multimedia experience is a machinima Arahan started filming back in 2006; a series of one minute avatar portraits, inspired in part by Andy Warhol's so‐called "screen tests". During this long delay Arahan has been considering how best to present the portraits, and he has created a psychedelic environment that incorporates photography and sound montage to compliment the thirty minute film. A homage to Warhol's groundbreaking Exploding Plastic Inevitable events and the Factory Superstars, and a commentary on the impact of technology and the cult of personality.

LEVEL 1 WEST WING – Autosarcophagy by Nebulosus Severine
Autosarcophagy is a reworked version of an installation previously only seen very briefly at Brooklyn is Watching. This new work continues Nebulosus's obsessive exploration of Bunnyken, a compelling character that has become inextricably linked with her oeuvre. This new incarnation promises to be another delightfully disturbing foray into the artist's alter‐ego.

Gallery location:
Image downloads:

Contact in‐world or by email:

Monday, July 13, 2009 Career Fair

On Tuesday morning at 6 am PDT, the first ever Career Fair will began in Second Life. The fair will go on the entire day, open until midnight. It will be held at the Amazon Developers 2 SIM. Interested parties can check the following the posting on the Amazon Web Services site for more detail. The site also provides links to look at the open positions. The in world contact is Jeffronius Batra.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art and Craft Fair in Second Life

There's an Art and Craft fair scheduled to be held at the Serendipity Mall, on Sunday 12 July, from 10 am - 1 pm PDT / SLT. Seventeen artists will be displaying throughout the mall, and each will be giving out a freebie. There will be live music, many of the artists will be wandering around, and there will be free gifts and a treasure hunt with a first prize of 2,000L.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ADMIRE ’09 – Adorable Mixed Realities Gathering

It's here! ADMIRE '09 - the Real Life gathering of many of your favorite SL musicians for a weekend of celebration, fun and music in the Netherlands from Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August.

With over 25 musicians to create music all weekend and a large open jam/collaborative session on Saturday 1st August from 9pm-midnight – this promises to be a carnival of music. The weekend theme is "collaboration" between musicians who have never played together and, of course, audience members, too. Come and create some magic together. Musicians you may hear over the weekend include XanderNichting Writer, Slim Warrior, Al Hoffman, Inchino Melson, Brad "JooZz" Monnett, Mar Biddle, Russell Eponym, Carah Nitely, Aurora Metaluna, Kaycee Drayman and Wannahave Ferraris, Blindboy Gumbo, Bara Jonson, and many more.

Portions of the ADMIRE event will be streamed into SL and there will be video uplinks, too.


The venue is the Panhoven in Zevenar – a camping and hostel-type accommodation with shared rooms, shared tepees or camping places on site. The venue can only accommodate 150 people – so spaces are limited and offered on a first come / first serve basis. The building we have is Romeinse II (pictures can be found on the website).

Panhoven Zevenaar:

Panovenweg 18

6905DW Zevenaar

T : 0316-523520

F : 0316-341422

Zevenaar is approximately 1.5hrs from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport by train with one change. The train times can be found at and the one way fare is 17.40 Euro. The train station in Zevenaar is 800m from the Panoven location.


If you are staying on the site, there is no cost for attending the music event itself as it is included in the accommodation/food costs. There is an admission fee for attending the Saturday night event only, if you are not staying on site.

Please be aware that this is a hostel and shared accommodation. For more privacy you can book a room in a 'Hut' which accommodates two people on bunk beds or reserve a camping site. You can also book a teepee and share it with 10 of your 'friends' – please indicate on your booking form sharing preferences so we can try to fulfill your request. There are limited spaces in each category.

Accommodation Weekend Saturday Must Bring Your Own # Beds

Hostel (per person) 132 Euro* n/a Sheet and Towel 25

Hut (for 2 people) 224 Euro* n/a Sleeping Bags and Towels 10

Teepee (per person) 114 Euro* 51 Euro** Airbed, Sleeping Bag and Towel 10 per teepee

Camping (for 2 people) 228 Euro* 63 Euro** Tent, Airbed, Sleep Bags and Towels Based on 2 people sharing 1 tent

Saturday evening only (per person) 10 Euro

* Includes Friday lunch/dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and music and Sunday breakfast/lunch

** Includes Saturday dinner and music, Sunday breakfast and lunch

For a longer stay, please note it on the booking form and we'll provide revised prices.

If camping hostel-type accommodation is not to your taste, there is a hotel in Zevenaar ( that is 5km from the station. Please bear in mind that you will need to pay to reserve your hotel yourself and remember to book your ticket for ADMIRE in advance to guarantee your space!


There will be an ADMIRE desk for check-in and help on site. This desk will also sell drinks 'tokens' to be surrendered for drinks at the ADMIRE bar.

The ADMIRE organizers will have one storage space for sound equipment but security is not assured and musicians leaving instruments here do so at their own risk. Please let us know if you need help transporting your equipment from the Zevenaar train station.

There is free hot water in all showers.


There is a booking form below. Please complete it and return it to Inchino Melson, in world or via email (, who will return you a unique booking reference which will confirm your booking. Bring your booking reference with you to check in.

A non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro per person is due on with your booking form and should be paid by PayPal to (If you do not have access to PayPal and prefer bank details please let Inchino Melson know using contact details above.) The balance will be due on arrival in CASH ONLY.

In the meantime

If you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the the management team.

All the best, and see you there!

Mar Biddle (Venue logistics)

Kaycee Drayman (Music Coordinator)

Wannahave Ferris (Local Coordrinator)

EdDereDde Laval (Stream Coordinator)

Inchino Melson (Bookings / PR)

Slim Warrior (Video Coordinator)

XanderNichting Writer (Sound Coordinator)


SL Avatar Name

RL Name


Contact Telephone

Are you a musician? Yes / No


Weekend Hostel 132 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Hut 224 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Teepee 114 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Teepee 51 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Camping 228 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Camping 63 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Evening Only 10 Euro ________ __________

TOTAL DUE __________


None / Vegetarian / Vegan / Other (please specify) __________________________

Is there anything else we should know about your visit?

A non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro per person is due on with your booking form and should be paid by PayPal to The balance will be due on arrival in CASH ONLY.

If you do not receive a booking reference within 48hrs please email to ensure your booking form was received.

Opening of Café Ristretto

Tonight, be prepared for an hour of music and dance at the opening of Karuna's brand new Cafe Ristretto. Throw in a new art exhibit by Sunn Thunders on the rooftop garden and Juel Reistance singing her special blend of tunes starting at 6:00 pm PDT/ SLT and you've got the makings for a special evening.

The Vision Quest Awards

I had the opportunity this past week to take part in Jenaia Morane's "Vision Quest" event, which was part of the Helen Keller Day activities in Second Life. Ms Morane had asked me to be one of the judges for the writing competition which I readily agreed to do. She runs one of the most delightful spots in second life for writers, StoryBook Island, which is the home of "The Virtual Worlds Story Project and I Avatar: Stories from the virtual edge". She is active in the nonprofit sector of second life and is a talented writer in her own right.

Details on the event and the winners of the competition can be found at "Days of Our Second Life".

The Soleil: Multi-artist Exhibition

The Soleil, a multi-artist exhibition will open on July 11th at 10 am PDT/SLT at the Angelgate Gallery. This exciting exhibition will be presenting thirty six Second Life artists of all possible styles and techniques … from copies of RL paintings to interactive immersive installations. Almost every art work you will see is new and not seen before. Most were created specifically for the show. The artists were asked to make art reflecting all possible interpretations of the theme, "the Soleil". You will see many interesting and unique artworks that this theme has inspired. The level of creativity of the artists is amazing. There are many names you will already know … they have participated in many events around the grid and are regular exhibitors at Angelgate shows. You will also have a chance to discover some new artists making their debut in the SL art scene and some very rare exhibiting artists.

Here is the list of the artists and the artworks (in the order they appear from the bottom up)

GARY KOHIME - The Future of Color

SPIRAL WALCHER - Beyone Violet Symphony

COLEMARIE SOLEIL - The Watcher, Where are You

SAIWUN YOSHIKAWA - 3 Strip_Multi_15/15/2009_sou

SPECIAL JEWELL - Terra Egypta 2, Terra Egypta 3, Terra Egypta 4, Terra Egypta 1

PIXELS SIDEWAYS - AG-F-Summer in the City - Pixel

FILTHY FLUNO - Filthy Complete, #1/3 AngelGate

CORCOSMAN VOOM - In The Sunshine In The Rain

MORGANA NAGORSKI - Glowing, Alone, Wearing Violator, She Hasn't Come Out To Play For Such A Long Time, Feathered

XENOPHILE NEUROCAM - Xenophile Neurocam - dendrite.potential

POID MAHOVLICH - Solen til jorden

BF2 SHEPHERD - Isis Egyptian Goddess WW Fountains

BLUNT FHANG - 1-09-08m black

CHARLES ROSENTHAL - Soleil Charles Rosenthal v.2


FEATHERS BOA - Sand, Sea, Sun (3D)

YABUSAKA LOON - < Yabusaka > Sculpture " Yin Yang"

NESSUNO MYOO - MechanicalKnight

WHITE LEBED - If an Art Gallery could dream about a summer vacation...

SUNN THUNDERS - Fusion Sculpture, 6/2009


ZHORA MAYNARD - Mirror by Zhora Maynard

SASUN STEINBECK - Texture Picker 1 Prim, Morph Sculpture v14


KOLOR FALL - Chromosphere

DOROTHY URVILAN - "Take me back to the garden of love"

TALIA TOKUGAWA - Soleil Renaissance

SOROR NISHI - sorors branch

UP YIFU - Sun's birth


SOLKIDE AUER - Mi ritorni in mente.

SAPPHORIA SHILOV - "can only dream of Soleil", "worship the idea of Soleil", "C'est Moi Soleil"


MISO SUSANOWA - The Alchemist's Table

STARHEART ERDHEIN - Star Portal, Wings of Promise, Chariot of Ra

ADAM RAMONA - Stella Sonice

GLYPH GRAVES - Memories of Summer

When you arrive using the landmark above you will see the first floor filled with art work. On this floor and above many of the art sculptures are interactive - they react to avatar presence by making sounds or rezzing something as part of the presentation. Consider walking closer - if you just cam around you will give you only part of the effect our artists have created.

After you examine the first floor, please walk up the staircase. Each step has an art work made by the artist whose name you see on the step. Clicking on a step will give you information, bio, and artists' statements.

Once you reach the top of the stairs you will enter our Events area. This is where the Opening Event will be held on July 11th. This is a very unusual event area - the whole room is designed specifically for this show by one of the most acclaimed SL artists, Glyph Graves. He is well known for making beautiful, vibrant, unusual installations. For the Soleil he created not just a room - it is a different world. Again, I strongly suggest walking in as opposed to camming up - you will see how being inside affects your mood and feelings.

To emphasize this effect, during the opening, July 11th, we will enjoy a very special performance by AldoManutio Abruzzo, an amazing professional musician (Dennis Moser in RL) known for his music improvisations. He visited the events area and agreed that this wonderful art installation will inspire him to play something special - his music will be the 37th art piece of the show, only existing for one hour. He is generously donating his performance to AngelGate Arts to support the future of creating art events like the Soleil.

The opening celebration will be continued by another live music performance. Edward Kyomoon sings rock music and love songs ranging from the 60's to the present, covering bands and artists such as the Doors, Pink Floyd, Blue October, Snow Patrol and Nine Inch Nails. He also shares his own original music. He will perform from 11AM till Noon. His concert is another generous donation to support Angelgate non-profit organization art programs.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

White Lebed,


Arthole Season 3 Opens July 18th

The full details on the opening of Season 3 are available at the Arthole blog. July 11th is the last date for Season 2.5 viewing as Arahan Claveau, Nebulosus Severine and the new guest artist, Penumbra Carter will be working to prepare the space for the new exhibit on July 18th. Plans for the opening include Amy Freelunch joining Ara for a live DJ event along with artistic contributions from past Arthole guests Selavy Oh and Dekka Raymaker.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bid4aCure Fundraiser Totals

The final tally is in and the Bid4aCure team informed me earlier that they had exceeded last year's total, having raised L$1,785,236. Congratulations to the team of Jocelyn Sands, MacKenzie Rasmuson and Argus Collingwood who led the 2009 campaign. The three ladies did an extraordinary job throughout the month of June and I hope are now taking a well deserved rest to relax and recover. I also received an IM from Adrian Harbinger, telling me of the video he'd made of the date auction and he added, "By the way, the date auction alone bought in $L 701,195." Money raised in the month long fund raiser will be donated to both the Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Please Vote For Avatar Rotation

The following came to me by way of Gentle Heron at Virtual Ability, Inc and I'm posting this note in whole. Please consider taking the time to vote on this important item. Thank you.

Several individuals and groups in Second Life are working on scripts that make it easier for people with disabilities to use this immersive environment. However, Linden Scripting Language has some inherent limitations that the scripter's, and those who use the scripts, must somehow overcome.

One of these is that LSL cannot easily change the direction that your avatar is facing--your "rotation". This was possible at one time, but it is no longer available.

Why is this important?

Someone who is Blind or Visually Impaired can check to see which way they are facing, but if they wish to face a particular direction, they must guess at how long to hold down the arrow keys. It is possible to set a "target" rotation that will notify you when you reach a particular facing, but it is still very easy to overshoot. So, the "simple" act of turning to face a doorway or to face someone with whom you are speaking may not be so simple for them.

Someone with motor impairment that affects fine motor control may likewise have difficulty turning. Imagine directing your avatar's facing by saying "Turn left" or "Turn right" instead of using your keyboard. This is just one example of how someone with motor impairment might use Second Life, of course.

Facing a specific direction in a smooth and realistic manner could be difficult in either case. If you know that Joe Avatar is at 47 degrees from your position, you could issue a command to "face 47 degrees" and your avatar would be "looking" at him. This makes social interaction smoother and more realistic, as well as making travel and interaction with objects in-world easier.

The desire to have Avatar Rotation returned to LSL is not limited to the Disability Community. Others have already begun this effort.

If you log in to this site with your SL Username and Password, you can vote for this issue. Voting does not compel Linden Lab to address our concerns in the way that we desire! However, they did create this site because they want user input. They do pay attention to these votes, and they tend to focus on those issues that receive the highest number of votes.

Please, consider adding your vote.

Thank you,

Talvin Muircastle