Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"EXPRESS YOURSELF ART FEST - Sponsored By IWZ Dreams & Visionz Art Fest

This Art Fest is giving the opportunity for each and every IWZ citizen to express themselves within the form of art.  Show us your feelings, your emotions, your pain, happiness, sadness, love, loss of love, whatever it maybe - do it thru art - we are excited to see the talent within IWZ. So far everyone has amazed us and it only seems to get better and better with each and every Art Fest.

With this Art Fest we are going to take a bit of a Summer Vacation - So I hope we go out with a Bang until September/October.

We will use as many SIM’ as we need to accommodate as many applications as we get - I hope there are many - I am proud of all the creative works we get.....

Your Application must be in No Later than April 20th and then you will then be assigned a plot area no latter then May 1

This Art fest runs from May 18th thru June 2nd


1) People’s Choice done by the people choice voting system
2) It will be determined by the amount of SIM’ we use as for each SIM there will be a First Prize for each SIM and a Second Prize for each SIM
3) For those that enter as a Novice creator - there will be a prize for the best Novice

You must comply within the guidelines of IWZ TOS policy......

The Judges for the Art Fest are as Follows

1) Lion Ewry
2) Prowess Rayna
3) Velazquez Bonetto

Publicist - Nazz Lane
Chairperson - Jeri Rahja
Co- Chair - Quadrapop Tree
Script Person - Zauber Paracelsus

**** The Sims are Mature - please once again I am asking you to use your discretion ***

You will have exactly 500 prims to go wild with and you will have a 20 x 20 plot to work on.
All creations must be place at the Art Fest and Complete by IWZ TIME  MIDNIGHT  May 17th.

Application for EXPRESS YOURSELF

Your Name:

Your Team Name (if applicable - please name the individuals involved):
Your Gallery, Store or Service name:


500 Prims plots 20x 20 you may go as high as you wish all teleports must be acquired by Zauber


Please send this completed notecard to Jeri Rahja and IM her to let her know you have sent her inventory.

All Applications again must be in by 4/20/12

Area will be assigned to you on or before 5/01/12 - and all must be up MIDNIGHT IWZ TIME MAY 17th

Judging will commence thereafter.

The Fest is on a Mature SIM - I am requesting - for all to please use discretion- and leave vulgarity behind.

Thank you

Jeri Rahja