Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Snow Country" a Photo Exhibit by Em Larsson

Opening on Thursday, the 27th of January at 5:30 pm (PST/SLT) is Em Larsson's photography exhibit, "Snow Country".  If you've not seen her work before,  now's your chance. She has a remarkable eye and captures extra-ordinary photographs in-world and out as in this exhibit  her homage to winter. The exhibit is set appropriately, "in the installation of a frozen pond in the new Eclipse Art Complex". At the opening, she invites her  guests and patrons to, "come get your free skates and join her at the bonfire for  hot chocolate and snowballs."

Monday, January 24, 2011

eBooks on Display at Artspace Diabolus

A recent addition to the many exhibits at Artspace Diabolus is a soon to be opened display dedicated to the many eBooks published by CARP. I popped in for a brief preview and chatted with CARP co-founder, Velazquez Bonetto. He told me that  the group has published sixty-five eBooks over the three plus years of their existence and the book covers will be on display. As a plus, each of them are "clickable". Doing so will open the viewers browser and take you to the eBook for you to peruse then or at your leisure should you book mark the site. Vela also mentioned that the exhibit will open soon, he was putting the finishing touches to one floor of the exhibit when I left. There is no date yet for the opening, so stand by … it'll definitely be worth the trip over to see what this group has accomplished and documented.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Avatar Repertory Theater brings back OEDIPUS REX

Press Release:

A.R.T. brings their critically acclaimed production of Oedipus back for three performances in January 2011!
Promo trailer

Show times:

Saturday January 22, 2PM PST/SLT (10PM GMT)
Sunday January 23, 2PM PST/(SLT (10PM GMT)
Thursday January 27, noon PST/SLT (8PM GMT)

 Tickets will be available starting January 3, 2011
 at, for L$500 (about US $2.50). 

The ticket vendors provide a packet of information, including the performance location and gifts from the designers of the show.  The tickets themselves are no-copy/yes-transfer, and scripted to allow access to the theater set only on the day and time listed on the ticket.  More announcements will come from our audience group "Avatar Repertory Theater" and from Thinkerer Melville's Hippo group "Theater -- performances".  Please contact Ada Radius or Kayden Oconnell to be added to either or both groups.
"Oedipus Rex" features Joff Fassnacht as King Oedipus and MadameThespian Underhill as Queen Jocasta.  Rounding out the cast of family, friends and enemies are Kayden Oconnell, Thundergas Menges, Rowan Shamroy, Em Jannings, Darius Dubreyere (cover), Elegia Underwood (cover).

More information about the troupe at our website/wiki

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steampunk Adventures Writing Competition

This one came across to me through one of the writing groups I belong to and is for all of you aspiring writers with or without a steampunk bent:

Steampunk Adventures will be hosting the following writing competition:


Steampunk Adventures is hosting a writing competition! The goal of this contest is take any Grimm Brother's Fairy Tale and give it a Steampunk edge, theme, or twist. Don't be afraid to come up with something new, different and provocative. You can rewrite the story from a new perspective, provide a new ending or even just take some of the themes of the classic tale and rework them into a new one. There are no real guidelines other than it must integrate the essential elements of Steampunk. If you want to learn more about Steampunk you can find it here in Wikipedia. The top entries will be published on the blog and the planned ebook/anthology of Steampunk Adventures best stories, nonfiction and poetry.


Your entries can be short stories up to 8000 words or poetry up to 40 lines.


For more details go to:



Competition closes March 1, 2011


email submissions to:




The Steampunk Adventures Team

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Press Release:
Love music and art?

'Pop Art Lab' is proud to announce the launch of this years 'ART BREAKER' collaborative art and music installation. We are seeking artists of all genres from across Second Life to come and participate in this event which proved so popular last year.

Pop Art Lab is a real life company working in Second Life to promote the latest CD releases for major record labels, to encourage recognition of SL based musicians and to produce TV programmes dedicated to highlighting the very best artistic talent from both worlds.

We also work extensively with RL media companies, educators, artists and museums.

In 2011, we want to reinforce the importance of music in SL, and are inviting individual or groups of artists to create art works based on the concept of 'album cover art.' Most of us have been inspired by the incredible work of album cover artists at some point in our lives and we want you to help us recognise these achievements.

Each artist should choose a real life album cover that inspires them-and then build their virtual interpretation, or tribute to it within SL. All entries will be showcased for two months at the Pop Art Lab sim complete with a launch party, guest speakers and other live events.

Last year we streamed the launch event across Treet.TV had guest speakers from real life companies and partied for 12 hours nonstop.

This is NOT a competition, but a fun and communal showcase of the inspiring work that is carried out in all artistic genres with SL.

Closing Date for installation briefings is January 31st

For full details of how to be involved and the specific build requirements please contact:

Claus Uriza or Emily Hifeng

Press Information please contact:

Persia Bravin

Art Breaker 2010:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Marketing Art and Photography A Symposium in Second Life

Press Release:


A Symposium for Gallery and Studio Owners


You have the talent. You have built it. They did not come. Tired of the empty studio or gallery? We have five speakers with records of accomplishment that can help you raise your visibility increase your sales and increase your traffic.


Sasun Steinbeck, Elizabeth Weinberg, madison Arnahan, Morgana Nagorski, colleen Criss


Where: Palais SL Magazine When: January 17- 21

January 17- 21


Monday, January 17

Sasun Steinbeck 6:00 PM SLT

Art Galleries of Second Life


Tuesday, January 18

Elizabeth Weinberg 7:00 PM SLT

Palais Orleans Art Group "the Promotion Princess"


Wednesday, January 19

madison Arnahan 7:15 PM SLT

Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs

LUMIpro Sales and Marketing Director


Thursday, January 20

Morgana Nagorski 6:30 PM SLT

Curator for PRAKA


Friday. Janurary 21

colleen Criss 7:00 PM SLT

photoLIFE General Manager

Colleen Criss Weblog


Art-Maze 2011

A notecard had opened when I clicked on accept, it was from Asmita Duranjaya and arrived late on Sunday afternoon. It was an invitation, to a pre-opening event for the great "Art-Maze 2011". The invite was shy on explanation, that it was a pre-opening was clear but no mention of when the actual opening would occur and with previous commitments planned, I didn't have a chance to stop in to view exhibit until today. On exhibit are works from Juanita Deharo, oona Eiren and Asmita Duranjaya, the first and last I am familiar with, having seen their work several times over the last three years, but the middle artist and the location weren't. I clicked on the LM and checked the map, this one is on the adult continent I noted, the Tramboyn SIM.
As I entered the maze, I couldn't help but notice that Asmita's work directly at the opening and in keeping with the adult location, there were several photos and photo montages of nudes, both women and men. As I moved past them I discovered several other pieces by this talented artist, the subject of the pictures had changed to landscapes and several abstracts. Following the turns of the maze, I next encountered a prim female figure with outstretched hand. Hovering text above her suggested I click on her and so I did. A script ran when I did and a story line appeared in chat to tell me of the three graces … "in Greek mythology, are the three goddesses of joy, charm, and beauty". The lines of chat rolled up and the story told me that, "Like the Muses, they were believed to endow artists and poets with the ability to create beautiful works of art". The last chat line posed the question, "Are they also thinkable as males?" Having made my way past the several nude photographs (mostly female), my response was quick and short … Nope! And I made my way down through the rest of the maze.
The next stop is where I found several pieces by Juanita Deharo, caricatures mostly of women, clad and unclad and all holding a wine glass. While looking at them, the words from a Frampton song came to mind … "I woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand, whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine". I always liked the opening to that song. This was a prelude to a larger room, accessible through a double set of doors that while they failed to open, allowed the avatar me to walk right through them. The caricatures, continued into the large room, several and a wide variety of poses. There were sit poses nearby and when I clicked on one, the virtual me appeared to be thrashing amongst and with several of the drawings. The animation was interesting to watch, the thrashing about all synchronized with the movements of the caricatures. There was another set of doors nearby and I walked through finding myself surrounded by a gaggle of the caricatures. I treaded my way through a narrow path between them and while I did, I half expected one to reach out and pull me in. Once again, I entered another room through a set of doors, a lesser amount of the caricatures, but several males including one of a "football hero who leaves his socks on while making love." The last set before the next door, was of three females standing together, each dressed and holding a glass of wine. There was a pose ball next to the trio that invited one to "chat". While tempted to do so, I simply stood a short distance away and imagined the conversation. After several minutes of listening in to the three I decided it was time to head out. Before I did, I managed to catch Asmita on line and she told me that the exhibit opens on the 21st of January and will be open until the 30th.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

IAM Exhibit at Benvolio

I stopped in at Benvolio, to view an exhibit created by CARP/Diabolus for IBM. The artists featured include; Velazquez Bonetto,Josina Burgess,Caravaggio Bonetto, JonnPano Novi and Junivers Stockholm. An opening for IBM employees had been held a few short weeks ago and it is now open to the virtual world inhabitants of Second Life. In a note about the exhibit CARP co-founder Josina Burgess explained that, "This exhibition is formed in such a way that it allows people to get a idea how to become a artwork in RL from SL". Four floors of art, plus music written especially for the exhibit. I highly recommend a visit when you have a chance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Representation of Disability in the Virtual World

Press Release:

Representation of Disability in the Virtual World

Presenter: ZiplockedGoldfish Twig

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8:00pm SLT

The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island

ZiplockedGoldfish is a student of Media at a major US university.

This presentation is based on the findings of her research as an in-world anthropologist; in which she questioned the representation of disability in virtual worlds – through the lens of personal, social, and cultural expectations.

She seeks to define ‘virtual disability’ and to debunk the falsities regarding virtual disabilities expressed in the writings of a predominant Second Life theorist.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

JooZz Magic and Al Hoffman Video

Having been a fan of his for a few years (he'd also turned me on to the best Jazz album ever, Miles Davis - Kind of Blue). JooZz and Al combine wonderfully on this video ... take a look and listen to the stylings of these two talented musicians.

Avalon Arts Initiative

The following awaited me when I'd logged in world this morning. It looks to be a good opportunity for budding artists in Second Life.


Avalon Arts Community is pleased to announce a new program for budding virtual artists. The town is sponsoring prime gallery space for new artists to exhibit - free of charge! Although we expect selection to be competitive, we encourage artists at all levels of skill to submit their work for consideration.

- You need not be new to SL, but you must be a new artist, either having never exhibited, or having started exhibiting within the last 6 months (or so).
- You've had no major gallery exhibits in world.
- While we will consider showing RL works, preference will be given to artists working with virtual media itself (ex. SL Photography, scripted work, prim-worked or prim-built art, machinima).

Please send a notecard with your name, a brief artist statement, SL exhibition history, and photographs of your work (no more than 5) and/or an LM where it can be viewed, to Rowan Derryth. Feel free to contact her with questions as well.

Deadline January 5th.

Best of luck!

Rowan Derryth