Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ornamental Love by Nebulosus Severine

An update from my friend and artist Neb:

Sintetika SIM

September/October 2008

I built this piece over the course of several hours when taking a break from working on an entirely different installation. As I worked, the title came to me from somewhere in my subconscious - as often happens, my pieces seem to choose a name for themselves. It was only later on that I realized 'Ornamental Love' is also the title of a piece by my favorite artist (and biggest influence), Robert Longo:

I had considered renaming it, but it didn't want another name.


Blog (Personal):

Blog (Arthole):


Image collection of past work:

Dr. Grascious Streeter - SL lecturer

Dr. Grascious Streeter, licensed RL psychologist and SL lecturer, will be presenting on "Paraphilias, SL and What You Need to Know if You Have a Physical Disability" this morning at Commonwealth.


A paraphilia is a type of sexual fetish involving attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those with appliances such as braces or wheelchairs. Another word for a person with this fetish is devotee. There are devotee groups in SL who have contacted members of disability groups. Dr. Streeter will explain the disorder and its implementation in SL. She will describe refusal skills that are important for people with disabilities to use if approached by someone with an offer they don't want. The presentations will be in voice, with typed transcription available if needed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SLSC Pillar #1 Reloaded and REVIVED!

One of my favorite places in SL to just pop over is to the SL Shakespeare Company Group - Globe Theatre and wander around, looking at the build. It's a detailed replica of the original and one of the most extraordinary builds in SL. I'd also been to see two performances there and have enjoyed myself immensely while the highly dedicated team of virtual actors performs their magic on stage.

I received a note from Ina Centaur, the group's owner regarding their continued efforts to raise funds to support their efforts in providing residents of Second Life a taste of the "Bard". I've included much her note card below. Please do what you can to help this noble and worthwhile cause.

Ina Centaur:

We didn't quite make our first pillar in our 14-Pillars fundraiser. Nope, though at the time we started it there were 14 million registered accounts on SL, we haven't yet seen every single one of them drop by and donate just L$1 to fill these 14 pillars, a million per pillar. We've only raised about 25% of our first pillar. Now that we've had our fun with art in our last production, we must return to the nitty gritty fundraising again. So, here's Pillar #1 Reloaded.

To kick off this fundraiser, Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon of (Ardentia)Ars has donated 38,976 square meters of double-prim contiguous land in an Azure Island private residential estate. The land can be taken as a whole, or as parcels, with starting bids:

Never heard about the pillars? See:

To kick off this fundraiser, Aberdon Enigma and Fauve Aeon of (Ardentia) Ars have donated 38,976 square meters of double-prim contiguous land in an Azure Island private residential estate. The land can be taken as a whole, or as parcels, with starting bids:

Seth 1 4208m2, 963 prims, L$1510/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 2 4416m2, 1010 prims, L$1575/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 5 4592m2, 1051 prims, L$1630/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 7* 8992m2, 2058 prims, L$2953/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Seth 3 16,768m2, 3837 prims, L$5193/week tier @ STARTING BID L$1

Or, if you want all of the above parcels,

ALL: 38,976m2, 8919 prims, L$12,871/week tier @ STARTING BID L$42,000

Note, if the ending bid of the smaller parcels is more than the ending bid of this large parcel, the large parcel will not be auctioned off as a whole.

)))))))))))))))))) The auction will be LIVE Sunday 9/28 at high noon SLT. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((rescheduled) at a special location on the land to be auctioned:

SLSC Auction Site

But, for those who cannot make it, a silent auction will be in session. Visit the parcel you're interested in and find the pillar owned by your favorite SLSC-spectator avatar "Ticket Stand." All donations are accepted and noted, but bid your highest bid to win!

In addition to owning great land for a great cause, winning bidder of each auction will receive a choice of three skins from the SL Shakespeare Company's SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop. (The runner up will also receive their choice of two skins.)

*Seth 7 also comes with two free Adobe houses created by Azure Island builders!

Please contact Ina Centaur if you've any questions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Champion Valiant Memorial

A memorial for Champion Valiant will be held this evening at 6:00 PM PDT (SLT) at the Organ Pavillion, on the San Diego SIM in Second Life. Service will be conducted in voice and also on the San Diego in "SL Event Stream":

Order of Services:

1. Minister Miles - speak

2. Cher Harrington - read from his blog

3. Ham Rambler - speak - will play a song

4. Pa Decosta - music and speak

5. Rick Wake - speak

6. MidKnight Auer - music and speak

7. Otawan Fouquet - speak - will play a few songs (dj after closing)

8. Shane79 Woodget - poem

9. Etherian Kamaboko – music

10. Luigi DiPrima – music

11. Rosedrop Rust - music and speak

12. Gwen Carillon – speak

13. BubbaC John – music

14. Marian Nykvist - speak

15. Ictus Belford – music

16. Kyle Beltran - music

17. Tone Uriza - music and speak

18. Maximillian Kleene - music and speak

19. Minister Miles – speak, mention son Henry's education fund, closing prayer… Our Lady to Juan Diego

20. Crap Mariner - moment of silence

21. Djing by Marian

Well Whatcha Waiting For

New release from Lane's List Publishing, Chapter Four "Well Whatcha Waiting For" from the serial novel "Borders of Our Lives" The book is exclusively available at Lane's List on Book Isand in SL.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Serenity's Fractals

Good friend and artist, Serenity Questi has expanded the showing of her "Fractals" to a fourth gallery in SL. Be sure to stop over and take a look at these fascinating textures. They can be purchased for display in your virtual home or office.

Her work is currently on display at these galleries:

Chaos and Beauty Gallery (On 5th floor.)

TJ's Artsy Park Gallery (Display near the Dwarf Choir.)

Vis ConSeptZ Gallery (On the ground floor near the north spiral staircase, and one fractal each by the upper floor doors.)

ZRM Gallery (Newest location)

Arthole Radio

I received a notice from friends Ara and Neb that they're starting up weekly live broadcasts of Arthole Radio beginning on Wednesday, the 24th of September. They're planning on broadcasting their show twice a day, so as to reach people in different time zones. Here's the broadcast schedule:

Arahan Claveau - 9pm GMT (1pm SL/PDT)

Nebulosus Severine - 9pm EDT (6pm SL/PDT)

In order to listen to "Arthole Radio", open this link - in your media player of choice (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes etc.) Listeners in world can head over to the "Arthole Gallery" and listen from inside the lockers in the lobby. Either before or after, be sure to check out their exhibits, an awesome display of interactive and immersive art from these two talented SL residents.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Couples in Love Photo Contest

Several months ago I wrote an article about a nonprofit in SL and its founder Carmen Gray. The group is launching a fundraiser, and she'd passed along the following information to me in a note.

Life Learning Center is having its first "Couples in Love" Photo Contest!

This contest works like the ever-popular photo contest. Each vote that you get brings you closer to the grand prize. The "Keeping Kids Safe" non-profit reaps the benefits, which helps its mission in RL.




To enter, send couple's best photo to Carmen Gray. (See below for details on how to do that.)

VOTING OPENS September 25, 2008

ENTRY DEADLINE IS October 25, 2008




1. Join the "Couples in Love" Photo Contest by sending your photo to Carmen Gray. Then we will upload the photos and open voting on the board for you to begin soliciting your voters.

2. Send us put your photos in a folder named "Couples in Love" Contest + YOUR NAME ~ To Carmen Gray

All pictures must be in c/m/t = copy-able, mod, transfer so they can be used in any future advertising or publication. By submitting your pictures, you consent to their use as such.

3. Use the LM below to locate the entry post and to get people to the contest boards so they can vote for YOU! All votes must have a pledge of at least $50L.

Contest Rules and Times

1. Contest runs from September 25th, 2008 to October 25th, 2008.

2. Contestants are allowed to enter between now and the 25th.of September.

3. If a contestant withdraws or is removed from the contest at any time, those voters will not receive a refund. Their poster will be removed immediately from the contestants' wall.

1.) Voting is broken down into

. L$ + Votes

2.) All voters when casting a vote are asked to make a contribution of 50L$ or more toward the contestant

a. Minimum of 50 L$

b. Maximum of no limit! (Be Generous!:-)

3.) A voter can vote once for a given photo each day



1st Place prize ~ $40,000L ~+ Wedding package value $15,000L donated by Oceanside Wedding Planners

2nd Place Consolation Prize: $10,000L

3rd Place Consolation Prize: Jewelry for Two by "Mad About You" Jewelry Designs ~ 500L shopping spree (each store)~ donated by Audacious Designs Women's Fashion and Slick Men's Clothing Store. ~ Furniture certificate by Envision Designs

Monday, September 8, 2008

Live Play – “One’s a Pawn of Time”

A playbill arrived early this morning, shortly after I logged in SL, from Ina Centaur. The playbill announced a new production from the SL Shakespeare Company, titled "One's a Pawn of Time". The play will be presented live to residents of SL at the SL Globe Theatre. The play will run for a limited time with several performances scheduled to begin on the 13th of September and running through the 20th of September. The audience will be limited and a ticket fee assessed. The play is written by Mike Dederian and directed by Rob Knop. For more information on this and the groups other activities visit SL Shakespeare.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Open Arthole Season 2

On Sunday 31st August, Arthole reopened to reveal the new Season 2 work. The three levels in the gallery will feature:

LEVEL 1 WEST WING - PARANOIA, Watching the Skies for Planes - New version of Burning Life 2006 installation by Nebulosus Severine.

LEVEL 1 EAST WING - Injustice - An extended chance to see this work by Arahan Claveau, originally part of his super fun happy club and The love that dare not speak its name for KunstVlaii.

LEVEL 2 - XXX PRIVATE SHOW - Arahan Claveau & Nebulosus Severine have together created a disorienting, unsettling environment, incorporating audio and video into the experience.

LEVEL 3 - systems of reference - The smart talent of Selavy takes over Level 3 from Ichibot Nishi and begins residence as the new guest artist for Season 2.

See the Arthole Blog for details and announcements.