Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dancer Auditions for Ballet Pixelle


(formerly Second Life Ballet)

Ballet Pixelle has opportunities for dancers to join this dedicated company of artists in Second Life. This is a unique opportunity to blend the best of artistic and technical worlds, creating performances that stretch dance and storytelling possibilities within the ballet tradition.

The company performs original ballets choreographed by Inarra Saarinen to music created for each ballet by SL musicians. Performances are twice a week at Ballet Pixelle’s theatre in the IBM sim. In addition to the performance schedule, each ballet requires several weeks of rehearsal.

Poseballs and automatic animations are not used in Ballet Pixelle performances. Dancers move independently, enacting steps and gestures coordinated with the rest of the cast and to the music. For example, a typical rehearsal period during creation of a new ballet is 3 to 4 months with two or more rehearsals a week each lasting approximately two hours.  We all have First Lives, but to be fair to the company and the collaborative nature of our work, Ballet Pixelle must be considered a priority. Professionalism and serious commitment are required; a sense of humor is appreciated :-)

Dancers who want to test the experience have an opportunity at the Second Life 5th Birthday exhibit space of Ballet Pixelle. In the center of the exhibit space a dance floor with “follow the footsteps” shoeprints invites visitors to pick up a package of three Ballet Pixelle animations and dance by sequencing them along the choreographic diagram. This activity provides a sense of the way Ballet Pixelle dancers work in performance.

Auditions will be held Wednesday, September 28 at 5 pm SLT at Ballet Pixelle's home theatre 􀀀


Applicants should be mature in First Life and have at least six months experience in Second Life.

It is preferred that dancers know some basic ballet and theater terminology.

In addition, participants should have Second Life skills including how to change clothing and skin, transform shape including gender, and move fluidly in three dimensional space and rez basic objects.

At the audition:

Come dressed in something simple such as a leotard, preferable a solid single color. Do not wear shoes with heels. Do not wear anything with bling.  Do not wear tutus or dress as a character.

We will audition dancers individually, but other auditioners may sit in the audience.

You will be given animations at the audition. You do not need animations, gestures, or a HUD.

We welcome all interested dancers for consideration. Our cast and crew enjoy this tremendously satisfying and exciting creative process. Register your interest by sending a completed copy of the notecard in the box or send a notecard with details to Calia Cachin.

Our thanks to IBM for hosting Ballet Pixelle.

                                                 # # #

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bid4aCure’s Annual Date Auction Today in Second Life

Bid4aCure is a fund-raiser event and is in its fifth year. The group raises  money for diabetes research for member organizations of the International Diabetes Federation: Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association. Each year in Second Life the group hold its signature Bid4aCure Date Auction to raise money for  which the proceeds are shared equally between the member organizations.

I'd become aquatinted with the cause, along with Jocelyn Sands and team that runs Bid4aCure two years ago when I interviewed her for an article which appeared in the SL Newspaper. The cause itself had become a personal one for me that year and I am grateful for both the efforts put forth by Ms Sands and the Bid4aCure crew. Each year since, I have provided my support for them. Last year the team raised over 900,000, which when you take in account the global economy, it was a remarkable success.  As noted previously, the high light event of the drive and favorite of mine is the date auction. Yours truly had been on the block two years running and will again this year.

Event Date: Sunday September 25, 2011

Event Time:  11 AM PDT/SLT until it ends

Event Location: Bid4aCure Event Park

Even if you're not interested in the bidding, do stop by and make a contribution and enjoying the entertainment of the event itself. 

Hope to see you all there.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Art & Poetry Project Opening in Second Life

The much anticipated opening of “Art & Poetry”, will begin on the 22nd of September at 1 pm PDT/SLT.  The exhibition is sponsored by the Museum of Metaverse (MdM), with tomorrow’s event being but the first in a series of twenty two events to be held across the grids of Second Life, Craftworld and in Naples, Italy over the next twenty two weeks. The inaugural event will be held at Plebiscite Square, which is a faithful reconstruction of the famous square in Naples. The build was done by SIM owner Lukia Halderman and his staff. A second opening will be held at the Museum of Metaverse in OpenSim Craft on Friday the 23rd of September.  Behind the organization of Art & Poetry is  MdM Founder, Rosanna Galvani (aka Roxelo Babenco). Ms Galvani had stated in an early release of information that this first evening, “Will be full of surprises and pleasures, which will offer readers a preview of the site MdM and the most important is the participation, as the guest of honor, Luciano Somma, "the poet of Naples."

Further information on tomorrow’s event and the project can be found at the Art & Poetry blog.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Jewelry Fair 2011 in Second Life

The Jewelers of Second Life are proud to announce Jewelry Fair 2011 – The Elements. 4 sims full of jewelry and jewelry related items from some of the most incredible talent in Second Life, come together to offer a feast of jewels, precious metals and amazing treats.

Come share a moment with the amazingly talented Jewelers of Second Life as we explore the 4 Elements from September 16-25, on an amazingly designed 4 sim experience.  From the floating fantasy islands of Earth with jewels and trinkets woven into the branches and leaves, to the ruins of Fire complete with flames and jewels, to the tropical oasis of Water finding the gems hidden amongst the bamboo, and finally the serenity and elegance of the clouds far above in Air, there is plenty to feast your eyes on.

More than 100 merchants have come together to bring you this amazing and breathtaking event.  Come prepared to be amazed!  Merchants include jewelry designers, pose stores with jewelry poses as well as jewelry supply stores to offer a huge array of choices in style, design, and products.

Join us in exploring jewelry design at one of the jewelry classes offered by some of the top teachers in Second Life and even learn how to create some very simple jewelry pieces yourself.

Proceeds from Jewelry Fair 2011 benefit Oxfam International, an international charity that reflects the international nature of Second Life itself! Charity vendors, one of a kind auctions, and even Gacha machines will all be available at the fair that donate money!

Organized by Cara Ametza with sim designs and builds by the talented Angelica Leiner of Angelic Designs assisted by Roseana Pera of Pixie Paradise. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrate Art and Photography with Three Openings Today in Second Life

If you're looking for something to do today in Second Life, there are three exhibition openings that are happening a little later on the 17th of September. Even if you can't make the events that are planned, it'd still be worth the trip to see the art when you do have a chance to pop over.

The first is an exhibit at Nordan Art. The exhibition opening is today  the 17th of September and starts at 2 pm PDT/SLT. The featured artists are Simotron Aquila, typote Beck, Artistide Despres and oona Eiren. Music at the event to be provided by Nordan Art resident DJ Eifachfilm Vacirca.

The second and in her first solo show is Briawinde Magic who will be showing an assortment of fractal art,   and digital paintings. Ms Magic has a gifted eye for color and composition and tells us in her bio that she, " was formally trained in piano and voice and finds that music inspires my creativity and is a source of inspiration for my artistic works". The opening begins at noon PDT/SLT and is at the Two Shores Gallery.

The third also a solo exhibit, as well as being her first, is Isabella Alphaville. Isa as she is known to her friends will be showing her photography, all taken in the virtual world of Second Life. In her invitation she tells us, " I have tried to capture the inherent humanity of the avatar.  Rather than just a mere shell, I find the avatar in and of itself to be full of emotion, intelligence and wit". The exhibition opening begins at 2 pm PDT/SLT. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"1001 Nights" a Photographic Exhibition Opens Tonight in Second Life

The latest photo exhibition by Morgana Nagorski titled "1000 Nights" opens on the 10th of September, and is being hosted at Palais Orleans. In a sequence of twenty-six photos , all taken within the virtual world of Second Life, Ms Nagorski provides, "A glimpse into the seductive, sensual, sumptuous world of the seraglio, as depicted in the Orientalist paintings which inspired this series".  The opening festivities begins at 6 pm PDT/SLT and lasts two hours.

I had a short preview of "1001 Night"s as she was setting up on Thursday , where we chatted briefly about the exhibit.

Morgana: Hey Nazz. Tell me when you've rezzed …  only one thing I have left to do … is to make customized wine and a gift bag. I also intend to put some plaques on the wall with some info about eunuchs and odalisques and concubines.

Nazz: Your the inspiration for the theme, where did it come from?

Morgana: Harem scenes, inspired by the style of orientalism paintings … There are lots of famous paintings called Odalisque. They are nearly always reclining and I have always liked many … so first I did one like that and then I got caught up in the sumptuous sets … and just started doing more,  but then I had to do the Sultan and his mother and a couple of eunuchs. I even love the WORD Odalisque … so exotic.

The site had rezzed fully now and we paused while I moves my camera view around the first and then second floor of the gallery.  Her work had always been good and I'd enjoyed my visit to several of her prior exhibits. I wasn't disappointed, there were a range of photo's, many nudes of course, but also of the harem guards.  There was a sufficient variety of poses to give one a perspective of seeing not only the beautiful women that inhabited the harem but of the sumptuous backgrounds and personalities.

Morgana: Thank you  … What do you think overall?

Nazz: I have always admired your work … your picture of the "clown in the corner" I think is one of the very best photo's I'd ever seen in Second Life. I like the concept and enjoy your work … and there is quite a few exotic looks.

Morgana: All the girls are me of course … actually the eunuchs and the sultan are also me in the alt I use for male figures. I actually have many props and costumes I didn't use so will eventually have a second show in this theme. In that one I will have more belly dancing shots and some of the sultans being "affectionate" to some of his girls.

Nazz: How long will the exhibit be open?

Morgana: Until the 30th of October.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Body Image a Photographic Exhibition at DNA Art and Music Fusion

Cat Boccacio’s latest exhibit, “Body Image” opened a week ago at DNA Art and Music Fusion and I stopped in to take a peek early one morning this week. In a series of photo’s Ms Boccacio portrays the female avatar in a variety of different poses all with a grey background and all intended to evoke various elements of attitude and emotion. The photo’s themselves have been enhanced through I suppose Photoshop or some similar software package, but done so to better articulate the avatar’s demeanor and the emotion. The idea of exploring body image through photography is not unique, doing so through an avatar has become equally so in Second Life but few do it effectively and Cat is amongst them.

As an added bonus, there are three other floors of art at DNA. A list of artists follows:

Maryva Mayo
Van Caerndow
Kicca Igaly
sakura2 Kohime
Callipygian Christensen
bonafidenutts Aries

Timomachos Pegasi
Michaelangelo Montague

Fiona Blaylock
Neeks Karu
Antenna Rae
Chapl Paisley
nessuno Myoo
Em Larsson

"The Merry Wives of Windsor" to be Presented by the Avatar Repertory Theater

This Friday the 9th of September, at 5 pm PDT/SLT, the Avatar Repertory Theater will present the first of three parts of William Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor". The second part will be presented a week later on the 16th of September and the third part on the 23rd. The note from director Ada radius follows:


 A doctor, a parson and a judge go into a bar... will they remember the punch line? Will the lecherous Falstaff bed the luscious Alice and Meg before their husbands catch him? Fighting for the hand of rich pretty Anne are a penniless aristocrat, a wealthy idiot, and a rapier wielding Frenchman - will the parson die?

Come see Shakespeare as only AVATAR REPERTORY THEATER plays it, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR in three parts, FRIDAYS, 5pm SLT, Sept 9, 16, 23 at the New Theater on Cookie sim.  Starring Kayden Oconnell, Madame Thespian Underhill, Pipsqueak Albatros, Rowan Shamroy, Elegia Underwood, Corwyn Allen, Caliban Jigsaw, Sodovan Torok, Sam Brautigan, Em Jannings, Dolgoruky Umarov. Adapted and directed by Ada Radius. 

Avatar Repertory Theater is a project of New Media Arts, Inc., a nonprofit organization tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3). Donations may be tax deductible, depending on your tax jurisdiction and circumstances.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Performance of "Dance in Light" at Costa Rica

On September 10th at 10 am PDT/SLT, there will be a performance of "Dance With Light" in Second Life. I'd received an invitation from Medora Chevalier and she told me previously that this was to be the very last one. 

The note that came along with the invitation is reprinted below:

Dance in Light is a 45 minutes show with original music, dance, lights and particles.

It is brought to you by an international team:

junivers Stockholm: Composer, Music performer Stage and Light design (Sweden)
Medora Chevalier: Choreography, Costumes, Dance Performer (UK)
Sunshine Vayandar: Dance Performer (South Africa)
TheDove Rhode: Dance Performer (USA)
Southern Riptide: Dance Performer (USA)
Efrantirise Morane: Light Show operator (Italy)

Dance in Light's original numbers:
Dance of Life
Are You an Angel?
Carp Rock

For more information contact junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier or Sunshine Vayander

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spirit Dance Company and Celebrating Diversity - A Conversation

I knew that the preparations were underway when I had received a teleport request from Caryl Meredith.  I took it and arrived shortly afterward on the set of “Celebrating Diversity”. We exchanged pleasantries while she paused in her activities and introduced me to several members of the ensemble. All were there, busy as they organized for the dance sequence of the “Four Elements”. This evening’s performance was both a rehearsal and a continuation of the filming of the entire diversity performance as presented by the Spirit Dance Company. Ms Meredith is a co-founder of the company along with Starheart Erdhein.  The former asked me to take a seat on the left of the stage and to turn off my microphone as they finished their prep work.
As their activities continued, along with the arrival a few more cast members, I opened my notes from the interview I’d conducted with Caryl a few days earlier. We’d been joined by Lunabeam Moonites, a member of the company who had helped me arrange the meeting and due to the problems of logging into Second Life, a late and apologetic Ms Erdhein. We had met on this same stage where Caryl had set out four chairs. When I arrived, she informed me that Starheart was experiencing some difficulty with logging into Second Life. I waited for the ladies to choose their seat before I clicked and sat across from Caryl.  Lunabeam sat on the one to my right.
“Should we wait for her then?” I asked Caryl after the virtual me had settled into his chair.
“Well I don’t know, she may be having trouble and I did leave her a note. I don’t know if she didn’t get it and you know how it is when sometimes when you’re logging in and you’re crashing. So I would suggest that we just go ahead and if she comes, she’ll just step into it.” She replied.
“Spirit Dance Company, how did it begin and how long has it been around?” I asked.
“Formally about a year. Our first performance was a year ago last June, so we actually formed a few months before that and got into rehearsal. But it kind of had an evolution. It became the Spirit Dance Company … it originated as Starheart had a few ladies that wanted to dance together and they began to do little programs here and there. And then Star had a … kind of a festival. She and I … we’d been friends all along … she knew my dance background and asked if I would prepare something for the festival. I just chose a few friends and did maybe three dances in this festival and then began to help her and we put on a little show and decided … she decided that it was time that we reformat basically into a more professional production. And because of my background and experience, that began to work ... so it’s been about a year. This is our second big production. We call this three because we had one little one before that. Both star and I work together on this. However I’ve kind of became the director simply because of my background and experience and she is an assist and soloist. So that’s how it started.” She replied.
“An interesting beginning.” I commented.
“And we’ve drawn to us just some very wonderful people … a wonderful cast of about twenty one people including our understudies and it really is a co-creation of all different talents. I mean the fella who does our back grounds is incredible. We have an idea and just turn him loose. That’s basically what we do with every faction of the company ... we encourage individual creation and artistic abilities … and if we see that somebody really has something they really love to do, we encourage them to do just that. So I just tell Rex what we have in mind as far as concept and he comes up with the most fantastic backgrounds.” She said.
“Do you create your own dance animations?” I asked
“We do not do our own animations. We don’t have an animator. We simply shop a lot. We have … I am former dance teacher, ballet dancer myself, but I also dance contemporary and jazz, ballroom western, a little of everything. The only thing I haven’t done is tap, I’ve done Spanish, so my background is wide and I have a very eclectic taste. When it comes to dancing I like lots of different styles so we do not focus on ballet, we simply find those movements that fit ... I have a least 300 animation … Star has more. So we pull from what we have and share.” Caryl replied.
“One of my favorite questions to ask is, how was it that you found your way into second life?”
“Gosh, Star’s I’m sure would be completely different. Mine was is that I had a web site, with a spiritual program in which I did a special kinds of energy healing and there were some people who that used to support me on that … that said you know what you should go to second life and I said what is second life and that’s how it started. They basically brought me here and that time there was a program called mystic academy ... so I literally walked into Second Life as a teacher and a spiritual teacher with that company. I had no idea there was anything going like dancing in second life. As a matter of fact I didn’t even open my account, they came in and opened it up for me, took my real life pictures, built my avatar as close as they could to what they thought was an appropriate look. So that’s how it started … I’ve amended it a little bit since. But that’s how I came here. The dancing was a big surprise.” She responded.
“You hadn’t anticipated there would be dance or live musical performances going on?”
“I had no idea! No idea anything like that existed. It was so much fun when I did find out that the ball room dancing here was not that bad.” Caryl said in reply.
“I do admit that I have two left feet when it comes to dancing in real life. Doing so here is certainly much more pleasurable.” I commented.
“Isn’t it wonderful how everybody can be a pro. I think one of the things that is kind of exciting to me. I’ve had a vast back ground in dance and so has Lunabeam. She’s danced all of her life and so have I. She is the only other member of the company who is also a dancer in real life. What is kind of neat about it is that people who have never danced and cannot dance … some have approached me who are in wheel chairs and would love to be able to dance. They have that opportunity here and participate in something they haven’t had a chance to do.” She replied.
“I have a very good friend in here, she runs Virtual Ability Inc., and deals with physically challenged people who want to explore virtual worlds. One of the things they do comment on when they first come in ... is the ability to experience dance.” I said.
“Sure and it does give you that feeling. It’s not the same … but for me it’s the ability to choreograph. I closed my studio fifteen years ago ... my last studio and I went into writing and put that part of my life aside. But when I got here, gosh it was to fun to do it again.” She said
“Given your dance back ground in real life and here in second life, is there a vast difference in putting together a dance sequence?”
“Of course there’s major differences, number one, in order to function in real world and be able to choreograph you have to be able to do it. In here good choreography is good choreography you have go in search for those animations that are going to connect … give the expression or the feel … the interpretation of the music that you’re looking for. So I still have the same tool box, just different tools in the tool box. I have to find what it is that’s going to work to get that across. In real world its years and years of practice and knowledge and performing to know how to choreograph a particular piece of music … put the right steps together. Here it’s a matter of hunting for those pieces of movement, wouldn’t you agree Lunabeam?” Caryl replied.
“I would have to agree, one of the things that is so amazing … the thing that Caryl brings is where every single beat is choreographed to the animation.” Ms Moonite said.
“Let’s talk a little about the current performance, Celebrating Diversity. It comes in three different sets and sequences?
“Would you like to see them?”  Caryl asked
“Certainly.” I replied.
“What we’re sitting on now is Neon. It started with a song called ‘If Everybody Looked the Same’ … we wanted to give the idea of diversity the importance of accepting people for who they are and so we kind of tried to exemplify that by the costumes and letting everybody choose something. What happened was that it got so primmy that we couldn’t move, so we actually had the costumer put something together that was really unique. This set came about from that concept and the whole section of the show (Neon) actually revolves around that, showing the importance of individual creativity and acceptance. The very last song of the show is ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry, where she talks about the individual fire within each of us. So we turned the idea over to the artist and said build us something we can work with. Of course I have a staff of scripters and builders who help me put the rest of it together. This set is the finale of the show. Let me show you part one.” She said and then paused while she fiddled with the controls to bring out the next set. As it rezzed she continued; “These sets are compliments of our scripter. This is the country part of the show its simply … totally just fun. How would you define it Luna?”
“It’s like a really good party going on here with all the animals interacting … the chickens are really hilarious and the whole sequence makes me smile for sure.” Lunabeam commented.
“Dancing animals and dancing people … it’s just a little bit of country fun. It’s also a music change. It starts out with country music in this sequence which is about twenty minutes and we go to kind of new age or maybe neo classic would be a better way to describe it. The second part of the show is the four elements, it’s a ballet that I created and it has four soloists and four ballet dancers and it is like music from John Tesh and Yanni.” Caryl added.
“Then after the country sequence comes the dance of the four elements?” I asked
“Yes, earth, fire, air and water. The idea of the ballet is that each element has a different aspect … for instance fire can be warming but it can also devour … so each one of the elements goes through a soft  beginning and builds to a real high intensity … then from fire we go to air, which is the dance that Star does. In each one of these transitions there’s like this fog that comes up … its timed so that it gives just enough time so that one set is blocked out and the next set comes in. Water is next and when the fog clears you see the water. We try to make the audience feel like part of the environment. The last one is called the pillar … when each one of the elements are in balance it creates a creative force … it is the basis of all creation. So this set here, all four of the goddesses dance together and the pillar is activated.” Caryl replied.
As she spoke, she cycled through each of the sets for the four elements and I cammed out a bit to admire the artistry that went into creating them. Vibrant with color and textures, they were well designed to support the essential aspect of each element. As the last one came up I asked, “Are the special effects more difficult to coordinate in second life?”
“You know what’s really cool about it, almost anything you can think of in Second Life you can do it. In real life you are limited by your stage by the tools you have to work with … you certainly couldn’t have the pyrotechnics that goes on in Neon. It has a light show at the end ... a two minute light show. You would blow up the stage. Like how many times have you had an actual creek running through your set or build this kind of thing on a real stage … you can’t. So here, we have an opportunity to create something quite beautiful. “She replied.
“How’s the audience’s reaction been to Celebrate Diversity, have they been receptive?” I asked.
“The very first time we did the show with our side by side SIMs … this one that holds the stage is wholly dedicated to the dancers during a performance. We had eighty people across from the stage on the other SIM and very nearly crashed it. So we have limited it to fifty … and so we don’t take more than fifty people … we don’t sell it but using theater terminology we sell out every time.” She replied.
“That’s a pretty good size crowd by Second Life standards.” I commented.
“I have to tell you something that is kind of exciting. Last performance and Luna will tell about this … it was just amazing … at the end of the performance I looked out there at the audience and they didn’t move. That audience sat there for twenty to thirty minutes ... they were in awe, they did not want to leave. It was the strangest thing wasn’t it Luna.” Caryl said.
“Yeah ... it’s definitely a journey for sure. You start off laughing with the country scene and then you’re just taken away with the scenes and the dancing of the four elements … and then Neon and the fireworks. It just blows you away.” Lunabeam said.
“So by the time it’s finished … you just want to go again!” Caryl added.
“I’ve spoken to several performers in Second Life, musicians, theatrical and dancers who’ve also performed in real life and they tell me that while there are similarities there are also differences, like you don’t always get the audiences immediate reaction.”  I commented.
“I would say just the opposite, they do it electronically. There is an applause track in the music at the end of each song … so it also gives the audience the feel of what would normally happen and they applaud into the chat lines … I don’t feel that way at all, especially when they stand up for twenty – thirty minutes afterwards …  you know that they loved it.” Caryl replied.
“When you’re doing the performances is it tiring to be on the stage? Do you feel the stress of performing before an audience?”
“You know that’s another thing that is different about our company. It is a journey because none of these people outside of Luna has danced professionally or been in a professional show. So their learning something completely new as well as the fact you have to learn the technology of Second Life … you use your computer and all those kinds of things. So there is a stress level and you can only do it if you stay centered and cool. There are certain things you gotta do … a notecard to remember where you have to be at … then you have to be prepared to crash … and what do you do when you come back. All of these things have to be taken into consideration … and so yes, it is a stressful time. But you know, I’m really proud of this cast they’ve some so far and they don’t … I can’t remember anyone getting panicky this time … Luna, did you?” Ms Meredith said.
“No not at all, they were really very professional. There is quite a lot of things to do in terms of the different HUDs for the dances and the costumes for their parts. When lots of people are trying to get on and off the same time … but we rehearse really well, Caryl lead us brilliantly … and everybody does it together.” Lunabeam replied.
“I start about thirty minutes before a show, to do a little meditation to help people get centered and grounded ... get there mind focused on exactly where they need to be.” Caryl added.
“How long does it take to prepare for a new show … from when you get the idea to the first production?
“This one took five months.” She said in reply.
“That’s almost like a real life show isn’t it?”
“Almost … when you consider. I have an artist, scripter, all the dancers … I choreograph most of it but there are individuals who also choreograph. The music has to be found and prepared. The same things you do in a real life show are pretty much the same kinds of things you have to do here. So it’s a long process. We will be doing a different show on December 17th which is going to be a gala and we will have many of the favorite pieces that we’ve done in the last year and half in that show.” She responded.
“Have you seen any of the other Second Life dance troupes? La Performance and Pixel ballet are two that come to mind.”
“I’ve seen a few. I’m basically more focused on what we’re doing and I don’t really go around to the other ones that much. We didn’t tailor anything we do after what anybody else does. We simply had an idea of what to do … what we would like to do and people that we needed were just drawn to us. We didn’t go out looking for anyone. I’ve seen both and our concept is very different. We perform for the audience and our goal is to make them feel part of it… we want to pull them into not only the music, the visual of everything we’re doing. Pixel Ballet is very classical … and it sticks pretty much to a classical form of dance, of which I am trained in. I’ve actually performed most of my professional dance career as a classical ballet dancer. However it’s not what I want to do here. I think that there’s great merit in the different styles … dancing is about joy … it’s about celebration and so I like include all kinds of styles. For instance this one goes to country, semi-classical to what I would call street dancing all in one show.” She replied.
“This is definitely different then what I’d done before. The group I was in wasn’t as big as this. But I have been to quite a few performances. It’s all been very good, but I feel this has you on a whole journey and really draws you in.” Ms Moonite added.
“After this one, are there plans for another show?”
“Of course … “She replied and then laughed. “Like I said after this show, the last performance is October 1st and then through the rest of October and November we will be preparing for the gala … and then we’ll re-group. We’ll have a meeting and we’ll talk about what do you want to do … collect ideas and then we’ll focus on what we think will work for us. Star and I are of course the last word, but we want input from the group … what do they want to dance.
Just then Starheart, who had finally been successful at logging into Second Life arrived and took a seat to my left. We continued our chat for several more minutes and …
“Nazz … we’re about to begin.” I heard Caryl voice through my headset as she called my attention back to the stage and away from my notes. She told me that the performance of the four elements dance sequence was about to bein. ‘You’ve got the music queued in your player don’t you?” She asked.
I replied that I did and waited on her signal which arrived seconds later. I clicked the start and as the music began I watched as the goddess earth made her way onto the stage. Her avatar began to dance in harmony to the music streaming into my headset. I sat transfixed for the next thirty minutes or so while first the goddess of earth, then fire, then air and finally water completed their solos. Then all assembled for the dance of the four goddesses, their animations synchronized to the beat of the music. Each movement complimented the sound I heard. As the last note played I clicked the “Stand up” button and leapt from my chair to my virtual feet. I immediately typed out the chat line:
“Nazz Lane jumps to his feet whistling loudly and applauding madly”

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Celebrating Diversity Presented in Second Life by the Spirit Dance Company

Four Elements Dance in Celebrating Diversity

At 11:30 am PDT/SLT today, the 3rd of September, the performers of Spirit Dance Company will take the stage in Second Life.  This will be the dance troupe's third performance of "Celebrating Diversity. The company is  led by Caryl Meredith and Starheart Erdhein. With three dance compositions, diversity is "an exciting fusion of diversity which will ignite your senses as you are taken on a journey of expression through a dynamic mélange of dance and musical genres". The show begins with "The Barndance", followed by "Four Elements" (pictured above) and closes out with "Neon". The company has two additional performances planned, one on the 17th of September and a final on the 1st of October.